Spiritual Update from Unknown Lightwarrior: Looming October Surprise (pending Kavanaugh’s confirmation) ~ September 26, 2018


Editor’s Note: Starship Earth is so correct in urging us to, at this time, refocus our hearts on eliminating negative thoughts from ourselves, from our BEing! Political events ARE playing out allowing negative and evil factions to be removed from power on our Earth which will set the stage for…?

Read more below, use your free will to make coherent decisions about  and for yourself, and…



It seems to me that what Humanity needs to be focused on at this point is showing our worthiness to ascend. We are NOT being told to sit tight, meditate and sing Kumbaya because it is time for the separation of both evil from the good, but also for those who are ready to ascend and move on to the higher dimensions to do that, while those who are not ready, to go their separate ways—at least, that is what many have suggested. I don’t see how we can all go to the same level when we are so different in vibration or frequency.

We have to show how ready we are. If we care about what happens on this planet and to this planet, and to those who reside here, we are inspired to work toward fixing it in whatever ways we can. Sometimes it’s a matter of supporting those who are actively helping. Those who aren’t assisting are making their own choices. We all have choices.

At some point, however, it seems the choice will be made for us to make the break and we will be free. It will be out of our hands.

This process is where our galactic families have come in. The Star Nations are facilitating this “inorganic” or orchestrated ascension because it doesn’t only affect Earth, but far beyond. It was impossible for us to ascend the way other free Beings of the Universe normally do because of our circumstances, so they are helping us. We were unable to help ourselves due to the despicable treatment at the hands of the marauding races, and most of Humanity is still sound asleep.

On the surface of the planet we have to do what we can to remove the evil, castrate the devils, restore honesty, love, transparency, and clean up the mess as best we can within the confines of what we are capable of doing.

We don’t know how long that will take, or when The Event will unfold, but we can’t just sit on our hands. We have to be the best we can be, and do the most we can do. Many of us are doing what we feel called to do.

There are multiple groups here helping in ways as they see fit. Some of those efforts are to atone for the negligence or intentional damage done to Humanity and our planet over the years. They present history in their own ways, provide disclosure to those who are open to it as they see fit, put their own spin on things, and in so doing they are hoping to escape retribution, or to at least lessen the punishment.

Even though our escape is imminent, since Humanity is here to advance spiritually we don’t get to pass Go and move directly to Heaven. We have to play the game, move around the board, take our lumps, do what we can to correct the problems, and see how many spiritual points we can amass before Ascension. This is my take on it.

President Trump is facilitating the cleanup to a great degree. First you expose the dirt; then you can sweep it up. Everything is unfolding as it must to get this job done, both on, above and beneath us.

The activities of the Resistance are evident in Cobra’s posts at the 2012 Portal of late. Cobra has been tight-lipped as many critical operations are unfolding, and Jim makes mention of this in his update below.

Despite how little we know, it’s clear the future will be fascinating.  ~ BP

Looming October Surprise (pending Kavanaugh’s confirmation), 144k Mass Meditation Report, ET Contact Protocols Training This Saturday with Kosta Makreas + News

September 25, 2018

The Unknown Lightwarrior

We’ve now reached a point in the planetary liberation process where it’s now getting SAFER for ET Contact of various forms. More on the exciting – how & why – in the news portion of this week’s show.

As for the Mass Arrests … It appears the Cabal is pulling every dirty trick in the book, to delay or prevent the confirmation of SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh … which needs to precede the Mass Arrests.

It is said that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will trigger the military tribunals.

So clearly … the Cabal is simply trying to prevent their arrest by creating a smoke & mirror circus around Kavanagh’s senate hearing.

And the 144k said NO.

The 144k also said NO to the darkness that was pouring through opened portals via Luciferian rituals on the equinox that just occurred … throughout mostly the western hemisphere.

The 144k Cleaned House

After the clearing of the Luciferian mess … the 144k went on the transmutational offensive, tracking back the realms, sources & layers of darkness these charming non-physical characters were invoked from.

So the 144k knew what they had to do once they were brought forth into our realm & exposed for us.

:- )

After which, healing work was done on Gaia. Here’s just one 144k member’s feedback from last Saturday’s / Sunday’s 144k Mass Meditation.

“ … It was fascinating after such a strong lead-up of at least 3 days of physical rituals and obviously more that occurred in my inner Being. I found myself diving into the Centre of the planetary heart, supported and surrounded by immense columns of white light from the 4 directions, and then we moved outwards from there into the dark arts being undertaken. I figured the other side didn’t expect that such Light would appear from underneath their altars and I’m hoping it has had the desired results. I look forward to knowing the results …”

with kind regards and much love,


” … I really felt Gaia ‘come alive’ at that moment when we completed a process. It brought me to tears …”


We made a HUGE contribution to Planetary Liberation, beloved army of light, and that helped shut down a lot of nasty things, which int turn greatly reduced the risk of further delays!

So stay tuned for the next 144k Mass Meditation notification -towards the end of Oct mostly likely – barring any major geopolitical events.

ET Contact Protocols Training This Saturday by ETLetsTalk’s Kosta Makreas & he’s on this week’s show!

There are strong signs that it will be quite safe soon to make regular telepathic, sleep-state and even physical contact with our galactic family soon. I explain why & how in this week’s broadcast.

And all this ‘coincides’ with ETLetsTalk’s online training this Saturday on the protocols of how to properly make contact with your off-world brethren.

It will be hosted by ETLetsTalk’s Kosta Makreas, a former partner / associate of Dr Steven Greer, and now head of ETLetsTalk.com.

Kosta and “ET Let’s Talk” have been establishing regular contact for years now…learn how you can get involved and establish contact on your own.

So, if you’re so guided …

Click below at 11AM Saturday to join the PFC Leadership forum on CE-5 Protocols with Kosta Makreas:

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