Stargates and Portals – Genetic Realignment ~ August 12, 2019

Stargates and Portals. By Teri Wade.

Stargates and Portals are opening up more and more frequently and humanity is waking up every day more than ever.

We have entered the Age of Aquarius meaning the Divine Feminine frequency is now being felt meaning a more compassionate world.

Humanity is getting a Genetic Realignment.


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The 5th dimension on Earth will be a Tribal Space-Age existence.

Meaning, we will restore our land, clean our seas, redesign our cities and bring the mind-body spirit back online.

Our higher selves, spirit guides and the intergalactic community are watching this planet very close.

There will be no nuclear weapons detonation because direct intervention had been cleared decades ago.

The rest is up to us.

A rich and glorious planet like ours which is fertile, abundant and very rare.

Stargates and Portals - Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

Stargates and Portals

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Most planets are inhabited inside instead of on the crust.

There is more than enough for every single human being on this planet, greed is the core enemy of this planet and its people… erase greed and we erase poverty.

Trump is an Age of Aquarius catalyst, a necessary evil for this change.

Hillary Clinton would of kept us in the old 3D Matrix illusion keeping everything business as usual.

Trump is the trump card, wild card and is uniting the world against the corrupt, fascist system he represents with all it’s inherent evils.

Trump does not play their game, a catalyst for change must be disruptive.

Waking up needs a trigger and unplugging from this Matrix requires a radical stimulus.

This change meaning the triggers causing this planetary chaos will ultimately pull each and everyone of you into Universal alignment.

Stargates and Portals - Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

Stargates and Portals

The suffering and injustice that has been done to this planet and its inhabitants is astounding and to live with it is tough.

If you look back decades straight white males have been short changed, boxed in and punished and labeled as nonconformists and that is all a plan to break down the family structure.

The global elites also pushed feminism not to power the women but to get them out of the household, making way for the government to raise their children, indoctrinate them not to mention tax them.

This has been happening to America for decades… you break down the family structure you get a chaotic population in total disarray with no clear direction meaning a population much easier to control.

This is all programming… The enforced disconnection of our mind, body and soul system.

Pretty much everything that happens in our reality is planned, nothing is random in our world.

Wake Up America

The Elites plan is to turn America into a third world country. Remember, a strong America is the only thing standing in the way of the New World Order. (Henry Kissinger)

I think most of you can see this has already been happening.

When we mention the NWO (Agenda 21) we mean… one world government, one world religion (Luceferian), one world military (NATO) and one world currency (complete control and total slavery).

Their plan is to pay every single person the same exact wage all over the world for that certain job.

Stargates and Portals - Agenda 21

Agenda 21

Stargates and Portals

Why? So they can put you wherever they want to, put you anywhere in the world and the pay remains the same and you’ll have no say.

By taking away the diversity of cultures by open borders meaning…mix all populations by means of interbreeding and no one has an identity anymore.

Take away our identities, culture etc. by erasing our pasts so “they” now can create a future for us.

A species with no roots to their past are much easier to control.

This has been done to us already via religious, societal and educational indoctrination now it’s time to detach us from our individual ancestry.

The whole reason is for planetary control thru our consciousness.

When there are no borders, a one world Government can rule and control the masses much easier.

So, you that are clapping because you all are in favor for no borders… you’re all being lied to… because really you’re just making it easier for your children’s future existence into total slavery happen much quicker.

We would be ruled under a total Luciferian government. And to all you religious hanging onto the savior theory…your worst nightmare will arrive.

Many of us have been warning you that you have been completely lied to.

The rhetoric the Church spews is a total hoax just to make you passive and not a threat to their agenda.

What this “Secret World Agenda” is telling you and what they are planning to do to you is a complete lie!

You are the only one that changes anything and everything in your existence. It’s all the individuals state of awareness.

Awareness means knowledge, information and insight!

This is a reason for the term sleepers… But, we can do this, we can change what timeline we create, it’s up to us… it’s literally a fight between the Light and the Dark.


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A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is visible labor and there is invisible labor.

Victor Hugo

GaiaPortal 7-17-19… “Heterogenies are resolved in Light” ~ July 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is an extremely positive message sent to us by our spiritual friends at Eireport who use their feminine energies to assay the vibrational frequencies of the mass collective consciousness of humanity.

Phew! Long way of saying they gauge how “folks are feeling” and it seems folks are feeling better and better now that the major “push” for the Dark is just about over! Also notethe reference to “Stargates”…just sayin’!

Please read this message, understand that major differences amoungst the people of Earth are being resolved, know the increasing angst of the Dark whose evil practices are being revealed daily, and be…



Heterogenies are resolved in Light.

Sparse fields are replanted.

Stargates open for those in the movements.

Hard lines are furrowed and opened.

Headlines and Updates for June 14, 2019: Happy Birthday President Trump [videos] ~ June 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends, there is an awful lot of change being seen in our world today and no one can quite decide who is telling which “program” or “message” to take to heart. Will we believe in Cobra, or Yellow Rose of Texas, or Thomas Williams or the theories established by Fifty8 Magazine? Who to trust with our “selves”, our souls?

The details of the theories mentioned above are all a little different, but in my mind there is a common denominator that I personally cling to, and that is…Love! All theories revolve around the love and self-respect we must have for ourselves in order to stem and end our darkness of terror and fear! Since Love is the strongest and highest vibration, love will defeat any darkness, evil, or any sort of malcontent.

Humanity has dwelt under the reign of FEAR for so long, we have forgotten how to truly BE ourselves! Join me as we awaken to our truth, and that truth is…Love! And be…



First and foremost, we wish President Donald Trump, America’s Commander-in-Chief, a very happy birthday, and many more. I wonder what the astrology of this date means for a baby.

Thomas Williams was Jim’s guest on Ground Crew Command Radio this week. Below is the recording. When two warriors get together, amazing things happen; Jim, the gentle Unknown Light Warrior and Thomas, the Platoon Sergeant-type warrior who tells you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

Jim and his team battle the dark in those invisible realms many are unaware even exist; while Thomas and his team engage in hand-to-hand combat with the physical demons walking among us. Both experience regular opposition and threats but never give up, and Jim explains that from his perspective, we are “holding the line” in this battle. The show begins at the 1:46 mark, Jim does his update, and Thomas joins him after the 23 minute mark.

This is the THI show from last night. Wowzers, again, Thomas.

Independent journalist Jim Stone updates us: the battle in New York over vaccines rages on. Kudos to the People for standing up to the tyranny and setting a powerful example for the rest of America and the world.

New York just shut down the TENTH Jewish Orthodox school over vaccine refusal

Yes, not a rumor. A while ago DeBlasio ordered all New Yorkers, including Jews, to get the MMR shot. But the orthodox community has REFUSED, and has chosen to instead accept getting their schools shut down. This story developed a LOT under the radar. OK THEN:

QUESTION: WHY IS THE ORTHODOX COMMUNITY REFUSING “VACCINES” FOR THEIR KIDS? . . . . . . . ANSWER: Because they know what the shots really are, and what is really in them. How come they get to know, and CNN won’t tell the rest of us?

A great comment on this issue:

“Surprise surprise. While you are “vaccinating” your children giving them autism retard shots “they” are not “vaccinating”


The MMR shot was likely, without any question whatsoever, developed in Dimona and THEY KNOW IT. They are not going to get shot with their own weapon. The mayor is a DUFUS for not just shutting the hell up, he blew their cover BIG TIME. .


As for that promise from John McAfee to release data on nasty corrupt operatives in DC, Jim Stone has this to say…

I have not missed the recent McCaffee story

The one with “31 terabytes” of “A LOT worse than Wikileaks”. I have not bothered with this because:

Though I am totally sure it is legit, I am also totally sure McCaffee will be either dead or shut down, he may be a smart guy but he does not understand the conspiracy well enough to know YOU DON’T ANNOUNCE THESE THINGS, YOU DO THEM. He’ll be dead or rendered irrelevant so fast it will be ADIOS before word one.

So far today, Friday, June 14, McAfee has not posted what he said was coming on Friday. I see a lot there about his “McAfee Magic launch”, however, and running for president. Coincidence?

Last night on the THI show Thomas Williams also raised the McAfee issue, adding that our least favourite CIA operative/busybody/control freak he calls “Interceptor Man” jumped into the McAfee game, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Only RDS can release intel. Everyone else must be controlled and intercepted.

Steele also intercepted a “Contact in the Desert”-style initiative called “Dimensions of Disclosure” in Ventura, California in August. Quite the money maker, and you’re not going to hear much you couldn’t find on the Internet with some basic searches.

Will uninformed people think they’re going to get “intel”? There’s no real “disclosure” going on there, folks, although there are a few good heads like Bill Binney to lend some legitimacy to the operation. Why though, are these men are participating in conference largely ensconced in the extraterrestrial/spiritual community. It’s a mystery. Does everything have to be politicized? Only it if will take cash out of the truther community pockets.

They report the Early Bird Tickets are sold out.

Steele says that at the CIA he was equivalent to Senior Official Bill Binney at the NSA:

William Binney was once the man who designed the National Security Agency’s automated surveillance systems.  Source

Steele says…(had to acknowledge Q, of course because Q’s a big influencer)

Bill Binney, my NSA counterpart (I am to CIA as he is to NSA) and I have agreed to speak to the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Ventura, CA 23-25 August 2019. While most of the speakers focus on extra-terrestial and spiritual disclosure, Bill and I and Sacha Stone are there to bring them all down to Earth by discussing what’s truly going on behind the scenes of the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

Below are our tentative speaking topics, and a starter list on what needs to be disclosed.

Topic 1: The Ultimate Hack: Re-Inventing Intelligence to Re-Engineer Earth
Topic 2: I am Not Q — But If Was, This Is What I Am Predicting….

(Re-engineer Earth? Give me a break. Like we’d leave that to you. We already have that well in hand.)

Source  – Steele’s buddy Gordon Duff’s website, ‘Veterans Today’

I’m confused. Who did Jordan Sather work for that makes him an expert on anything? Oh right… he’s one of “Corey’s kids”. He knows all about the whimsical Sphere Being Alliance and the Blue Avians. You can’t make this up—but they did.

Simon Parkes knows more than most about various off-world races and he can tell us nothing about Blue Avians and Sphere Beings. No validation.

This conference is really sad to see and I’m disappointed that after all the warnings of deep state shills permeating the alternative media that people aren’t more discerning. Rather than destroying the illusion, they’re enjoying the illusion.

The “app” Thomas Williams spoke of that would reveal the true essence of people would be a wondrous thing. Can you imagine real and complete transparency for every soul? Bring on The Golden Compass! Some people desperately need assistance determining who is operating out of service-to-self, and who is service-to-others.

Aren’t we tired of living a lie? Haven’t we had enough of them?

Did you watch the Project Veritas interview I shared yesterday with the programmer from Pinterest? What an inspiring young man. That may be their best whistleblower video to date. He did what his conscience told him was the only acceptable action, regardless of the negative consequences.

Perhaps instead of paying hundreds of dollars to listen to actors provide entertainment that could well be disinformation and/or propaganda in a controlled conference environment with possible political agendas, Patriots need to sit down and figure out an action plan.

We can’t live our lives tomorrow until we live them today. We need to ask ourselves, “What did I do TODAY to make the world a better place? What can I do to make a difference?” Does Internet surfing and news-gathering or leaving comments on blogs and websites or Twitter change anything? The few are doing a lot, when the many could do more.

I don’t believe QAnon’s intention when they say, “Enjoy the show” is to suggest we sit and watch the “movie” to the exclusion of all else, leaving everything for others to do. While we are experiencing many victories, it’s not yet time to celebrate. There is work to do.

That’s my opinion, and my rant, and I’m entitled to it.  ~ BP

If you go to metropolitan California, the southern portion (around LA) you will notice a rough sea of blue tarps and ragtag tents beneath the overpasses on the freeways where Human Beings are living—but elsewhere, as well. The problem is growing and it’s gut-wrenching. The LA Times reported on it in 2015, but the powers-that-be don’t do anything about it. The numbers have doubtless increased.

13,000 fall into homelessness every month in L.A. County, report says

CLUELESS LA Times Complains About Increasing Homelessness IN MEXICO! — Ignores US Homeless Camps in Their Own Neighborhood!

Why are American taxpayers funding wonderful lives for illegal migrants when so many Americans live in poverty, don’t have jobs, and perhaps not even a roof over their head?

Kamala Harris did an interview on Spanish news expressing her heartfelt sympathy for all the migrants who are now homeless and not embraced by the United States. If she’s so concerned about the fate of illegals, why not Americans? Something is very broken in California and politicians are traitors to America.

Following up on Utsava’s tip… this two-faced politician is one of them:

Something Is Different About Joe :coded:

And that is how you drain the swamp right in front of Americans without them even knowing. Tell them later when it’s all said and done and they’ll thank you for it.


The enemy uses social media to their advantage. It is encumbant upon us to fight back. They have no problem telling us they consider our opinions unfit for their platforms, yet they lie and we have to set the record straight.

Rep Dan Crenshaw claps back at NYT writer’s false tweet

Censorship is a behemoth obstacle to getting the truth out, educating the public, and moving forward. Thomas Williams provided a couple of solid ways to fight back. The first involves what he calls “loop news” that rehashes old news presented as new. How can you do that with a death notice of a celebrity? You can’t, but they do anyway. He says they are trying to roll us back to a previous timeline. We need to “false-check” the mainstream, mockingbird, legacy media.

He listed a number of people placed in fact-checking positions in multiple countries.

At 1:30:00 in the video above from last night’s THI show, Thomas presents this challenge to all the “anons” out there. I like it. We don’t have to limit research to QAnon information and queries. Anons can research anything and anyONE who bears investigating. Who are the individuals appointed to censorship roles, for example? I know there are remarkably talented researchers out there who could unearth key data and expose them. He goes on to tell us what to do next: tell them we, the People do not accept their actions against us.

Try this on for size:

“We, the People/Anon – Fact-checker, upon our review, we declare this piece to be false; misleading; propaganda; misdirect, or lies.

You have been flagged as a rogue organization within our community as delivering news under false pretenses we consider detrimental to Humanity, and in some cases, treasonous to our country.”

Post this on any Clinton News Network (CNN), Fox, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, Facebook, or any other clown site where you see false information published. Call them out. THAT is something we can do when we’re surfing the Internet, and once it’s out there, others will think it’s a good idea and will take up the call. That’s one way we can be an agent for positive change.

Don’t miss the final, powerful portion of the Truth, Honor & Integrity show, Q’d up at the mark: 2:17:58…

FYI, Thomas recommends Sethikus Boza, of Black Earth Productions for similar content and valid history.

Thomas can’t tell us everything we can expect down the road, but reports that between now and the end of the year, he expects “to see things unfold that are potentially deemed beyond unreal.”

“It was not possible to save the All. We must all steel ourselves into a processing and healing pattern.”

This is the final battle of Light and dark. The two will be more balanced in future after this clean-up phase.

Sobering, but exciting, yes?  ~ BP

The Sun Will Not Sneeze; No “Event Flash” and No Catastrophic Earth Events [videos]

I watched this refreshingly different take a few days ago on the sun’s activity or lack thereof and the confirmation that in Brad Johnson’s opinion, there will be no singular “Event flash”, dramatic pole shift, or other events that would wreak havoc on our planet. The reason is due to the timelines we’re on now, and we understand that the negative timelines have been eliminated so it stands to reason.

He believes the Event flash to be a psyop, not discounting that many solar waves are and will continue to wash over our planet to prepare us and move us toward the higher realms. The sun’s electromagnetic waves may knock out some of our communications and power temporarily but nothing catastrophic.

He also explains what may cause the many “booms” we’re hearing all over the planet. It’s an interesting theory and Brad’s information resonates strongly.

I am and always have been of the firm conviction that Earth is here to stay and so is Humanity. I completely agree with Brad that all the Beings in other dimensions and around our planet would not have wasted their time protecting us and mitigating Earth changes only to watch us all, or nearly all, perish. He says no catastrophic polar shift, either.

Thomas Williams has informed us that some parties have taken steps to right our planet on its axis and that our climate will moderate, becoming more Mediterranean-like in most areas rather than extreme.

There is no lack of videos on YouTube or articles from many sources that claim the extreme biblical prophecies are going to come to fruition and we shall all vanish when the Earth is destroyed by comets/asteroids, solar radiation, fires, floods, vermin, pestilence, pole shifts, etc.

I’ve never believed that and I don’t believe it now. Whatever is going to happen on Earth will not threaten us as a species. We are cherished and protected, in my view. Yes, we have extreme weather and Earth changes to deal with, and many souls chose to leave the planet at this time in this way.

The more I research the more I believe that catastrophic historical events were perpetrated by those who seized control of Earth and for their personal gain. If things went awry and were out of their control they orchestrated a “reset” and started over.

On the other hand, if we’re not here long term due to destructive events, no point in fretting, as we won’t be around to suffer, will we? The reptilians’ reincarnation loop/trap has also been removed, we’re told, so if we choose to reincarnate, it will be in a place/planet of our choosing. Free at last.

There’s no room for doom and gloom. We have a scourge to remove from Earth/Terra, and it’s not so we can all die next year or any time soon. We, the star seeds, didn’t come here to die. We came here to get the job done. No fear.

We were promised ascension, and we shall have it. Inorganic or not, we have earned it and it’s happening. We will escape from this fake, prison planet version of Earth and enjoy our Golden Age.

The Stream Towards the Event |

Brad did this next video just prior to the one above, where he reads the text on the screen so no matter your preference, you can take this in. Thanks for sharing, J.  ~ BP

Earth Intelligence Report – March 2019

March 2019 ~ Earth Intelligence Report ~ March 8, 2019

By: Brad Johnson


The Earth’s energy has reached a greater fluctuation of combined energies flowing through the sun and neighboring stars as you begin your month of March. There has been a great number of solar portals, or otherwise termed as stargates placed in key areas above the orbit of your planet as new harmonious energies synchronizing and collapsing old timelines are now in effect. 

These stargates will continue to enrich the Earth with a greater gravitation of magnetic energies as you move deeper into the collective membrane leading into fourth density. These new timelines are granting a greater purpose for overcoming old paradigm events, agendas and group activity that were committed in generating a greater dominion over your planet. The tolerance for such corruption and incompatibility to the flow of innocence is no longer tolerable and such timelines are now collapsing. 

A collective hive of such stargates will continue to produce, expand and bond these harmonious energies of other timelines directly into your stream collectively for the foreseeable future. 

The idea of a massive solar bombardment, termed as a “solar flash” is something that will no longer be a part of your reality. The plan that has been generated through the galactic confederation is now in effect and all previous endeavors of great bombardment through some natural occurrence with your own sun will not play a part in your foreseeable future regarding Earth’s transition and humanity’s ascension into the next density plane of existence. There will continue to be solar activity, but not to the extent of what many have previously predicted regarding an extreme flash of coronal energy penetrating your planet. This time- line has been omitted from your current stream flow on a consciousness level. 

There are communications taking place with many of your own inner Earth civilizations in an attempt to extend the reach of a unified Earth alliance. There are those in smaller percentages that are willing to participate in sharing their own exposure to humanity when the time comes. There are also those in greater percentages that are still opposed in assisting humanity or revealing themselves to the human civilization. 

It is for you to know that in the crossing of the planes to the next density, there will be nothing hidden from plain sight on Earth. There are negotiations taking place with ambassadors and delegates meeting with the inner Earth races to generate a consensus of assistance that will also lead to technological sharing as well as the sharing of inner Earth territory with humanity in the times to come. Those that are not will- ing to be part of this collaboration of unification between the surface life and the inner Earth life, will be escorted off-planet and will join those who were committed in creating great control and corruption to humanity upon this Earth. 

It is for you to know that what you term as your Cabal or “deep state” group has in majority been infiltrated and are also being held awaiting higher levels of prosecution and deep interrogation. Those that are in remainder are allowing themselves to wander beyond the surveillance of your Earth alliance purposely. For any attempt to sabotage the collective plan of such an Alliance is only that of a bait and switch tactic that shall lead to their endgame regarding their imperialistic rule and control of this world. 

These times to come will show a great revealing of what has been created upon your planet for many centuries. These will be times of great rebellion, protest, resilience to any rule that places a veil of secrecy, in- equality and vast control upon a civilization in preparation for planetary dimensional transition. Stay close to the loved ones that are deeply a part of your life. Work to assist others and inform them of the changes that are taking place here and now. There will continue to be unrest for the duration of these next upcoming years leading into 2024 and 2025. During this time, as you collaborate, co-exist and operate as a unit, this can allow these times of great transition to become a smoother process as you become further in- formed on the happenings transpiring within, upon and above your Mother Gaia. 

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.