Expect Major Physical Changes With Incoming Energies [VIDEO] ~ September 22, 2019

Editor’s Note: “They” would not allow me to post the picture announcing this article, But I managed to find an old picture to use instead. Again…this tells me this article contains information “they” would rather not have released.

So…please read this article, know why you may feel the way you do at times, and BE…



by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

There is so much that is happening to most everyone on a physical level. We are in a process of changing on a cellular, molecular and atomic and sub-atomic levels. It will influence the neutron electron and proton all the way down to the ratio of the spin cycle of the nucleus.

As you begin to change, each person will be affected differently. You may not feel as hungry as often as you once did and may will eat less, sleep patterns will change and some will require less sleep and for others having going though big changes with the mitochondria, RNA, DNA they will need more sleep.

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There will be times the body will need rest for days to recoup and energize. Try to get into the sun as much as possible it will help. Drink water.

For those not aware of the evolution, it will still be happening.

You will have great difficulties digesting food. It will become very difficult on many levels. It’s happening whether you’re aware of it or not.

It will not be uncommon for the body to have symptoms that will be in alignment with (ms) multiple sclerosis. Google the symptoms, they will run in alignment what you find.

Fibromyalgia, muscle and severe joint pain. Chronic fatigue, ibs, ulcerative colitis, digestive issues, spine and back pain. Some will have a few of them others will have great difficulty with mobility and balance. Some days will be better than others.

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Sometimes, others will have more bladder issues.

Your body is and will change. You may put on more weight even though you aren’t eating, so the body has more space to retain more light.

There will be a great deal of migraines and sinus issues.

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Your hearing will be greatly influenced. It will get to such a state you will hear the music of the celestial realms.

Your sleep patterns will change. The way you dream will change as well as dream cycles.

Time will become very slippery. You will have issues with concentration and processing a thought.

There will be memory issues to deal with some will be affected with short-term memory issues and others with long-term.

Everyone will be affected with losing time from moment to moment and not remembering why they entered a room, or where they’re even going in that moment.

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You will begin to question yourself to see if you’re having Alzheimer’s. In many cases, there will be dizziness and vertigo to deal with.

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You will become chronically fatigued for no reason in a blink of an eye in the middle of the day.

You will eat something and may have to lay down just to digest it.

Much is happening in the process of evolution and it can feel uncomfortable. Change is happening and each will experience exactly what is needed for each individual.

Doctors will not have the answers but there will be many labels such as autoimmune disease, arthritis, lupus and the list of labels will go on.

There will be much that will manifest on a physical level. You will begin to feel pain that you’ve never felt before on levels that you never felt before.

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For the most part, there will be a very limited understanding to offer you the assistance and help you are looking for.

This is evolution taking place on a mass scale. We are changing as a species on a physical level. Go slow and do only what you can do. Rest when needed.

Even your eyes will be affected.

Your job it to maintain a balance state no matter what is being reflected on the outside. Breathe, deep belly breaths. Swim, epsom salt baths, infrared biomats will do you wonders. Stress will make things worse.

When you are up, go slow, be up. When you are down, be okay with being down, and rest. Try to understand that change is happening to your body that has never ever taken place before. You are becoming light.

There will come a time you will physically become semi-quasi. Part etheric and part physical.

Know that evolution is in process of taking place and everybody is in for a ride we have never ever been on before.

Don’t have any expectations just live in this now moment!

~ Rosie Neal

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Pyramid Of Death – Who REALLY Runs This World? ~ August 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: Great video that we ALL need to see sent to me by my good friend H.

We’ve all seen the “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid on the US one dollar bill but who or what is at the top of the pyramid? Please watch , learn a lot, and BE…


White Hat Takeover! ~ July 23, 2019

White Hat Takeover!

Editor’s Note: Through this article, those who are “unaware” of what’s really going on now have a big clue as to what is happening, and…why. I guess the basic question is…do you want things to “get better” in your life and all of humanity on Earth?

Actions are being taken NOW to bring positive changes about, so…please read this article, consider that Light (love, truth, information) always wins no matter what, and be…



by Teri Wade,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

If you look back only a couple years wow have things changed, this is because of the White hat takeover. They are assisting humanity bringing us to a shared timeline of Light.

The success of the White Hat takeover within the U.S Military was a key factor. Cosmic, Universal law was petitioned to help assist our species confidently trigger the shift in consciousnesses and role out a global shift towards a timeline of Light.

These top officials of the US military started to realize what was happening and decided to plan a takeover of this global Cabal who have destroyed our planet through their wars. The Trump administration was put in place by these White Hats at the top of the US military to take down this global scourge. Again, nothing is a coincidence. The placement of Donald Trump and his administration has been in the works for decades.

Basically, these White Hats gave their support to the resistance of this global Cabal. Hence, the extreme chaos playing out in the United States and the world stage. There was a secret military refusal to take orders to go to war with North Korea. Faced with an internal mutiny in the US military the Trump administration adamantly ordered them to stand down.

Cosmic law, Universal law was granted and the United States attained additional resources to help in this takeover that will help direct humanity to a timeline of Light.

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Time travelers have been put in place for this time in history and to help fulfill this White Hat takeover. They chose certain people that would be the most successful and have the most leverage to steer humanity to a successful shift to a timeline based in Light.

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Some Dark institutions are going to have to wait till after the shift to be transformed or destroyed from the outside in. However, several key institutions that were under Dark Hat leadership were targeted and taken over by the White Hat leadership. The United States government and the United States military have been taken over by the White Hat leadership.

The White Hats firstly take over and infiltrate the ownership and the Director boards of these Dark hat run institutions. ET’s are a major part of this process including technologies so far advanced and available to any human institution so resistance is futile.

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Once the White Hat ownership and leadership is onboard it’s quite a simple matter to install positions of authority and power. Optics can be very important! Meaning, sometimes existing Dark Hats are being allowed to continue in appearance of being in charge during the day. When the shift is initiated the White Hats will take action and take over for all to see.

The institutions that the White Hats are targeting are the worlds financial systems bringing in financial shifts that will defund this secret Dark government and begin implementing a Light based worldwide financial system. So, any organization that is supporting the existing Dark are being heavily targeted.

The media is another one and a key resource supporting this Dark agenda. Many of these media conglomerates are being heavily targeted. Hence, the harsh and truthful condemnation of the media from President Trump.

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After this Light based shift there will possibly be a war of words, an information battle between the Dark controlled media and the White Hat takeover media. But, there will be no doubt the outcome of this battle. Even one media conglomerate being taken over by the White Hats and switching over to truth would be sufficient. At the time of the shift the White Hats will takeover all airwaves.

The human shift into the Light is also being targeted. Meaning, those who reneged on their promise or had doubts have been eliminated or replaced. Soon, very soon, humanity will witness the greatest shift ever imagined.

A shift from the current Dark timeline to a timeline of Light. This shift will be initiated by a Human team of politicians, media and financial people all supported by the White Hat takeover of several key institutions. Again, the takeover of the United States government and military by placing Donald Trump in position was a key White Hat take over.

At the time of the shift, truth will be told to all and trumpeted worldwide the announcement of the White Hat takeover. Freedom for humanity and the liberation of our planet will be announced.

Teri Wade

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5D Shift: What Will The New 5D Paradigm Look Like? ~ July 1, 2019

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Imagine a world were everything is interconnected as frequencies of light; where you feel at peace, cherished and nurtured, where there’s infinite possibility in the day to express yourself and unfold the next highest version of you. Imagine everything working in harmony together. Imagine a world where conflict has transformed into constructive confrontation to peel away that which doesn’t serve, so as to find the next highest harmony. Imagine a place where there are always enough resources to be who you really are, and where fear and suffering have fallen away.

This is what it’s like to live fully in 5D consciousness in the New Paradigm.

My only question is, why wait?

The Not-So Truman Show

It’s time to wake up from the amnesia. It comes as quite a shock when you realise that as Homo Sapiens, you’ve been caught in an experiment by an Opposing Consciousness whose very purpose it is to control, downgrade and enslave. Ever seen the film The Truman Show? Take a moment, see the perfect metaphor of the reality game show people have been contained within……

You just know it don’t you! If you’re reading this, the delusion is already coming into view. But the Intervention is exceptionally clever. It keeps creating new episodes of the drama to bend and distort people back into the show. It could be that new ‘eco-friendly system’, where we’re all consuming exactly what we want, just as long as it has that all important “eco” stamp on the label. Yet it’s still a prison cell — this one just designed to assuage a degree of guilt about how society is obliterating the eco-systems and mercilessly exploiting other life.

Let’s wake up, it doesn’t have to be like this! Just like Truman, we can all step out of the Show!

The Grand Deception

The greatest part of the deception has been to disconnect Humanity from his multidimensional self. This primarily happens through the fourth density, playing on karmic attachment, inserting energetic implants, thus causing addiction to lower behaviourisms through lack of trust. Humanity has lost trust in the divine that the flow itself can furnish everything we need. It’s not humanity’s fault — by playing dissonant frequencies through the field via electrosmog, an eddy current in the flow — a “Truman Show” — has been created. It’s a clever way of controlling reality. And yet there’s no longevity to it. In the end all control breaks down: it’s like you’ve put an achor in the space-time-continuum, a dam in the stream, but since everything is interconnected, spacetime bends and gathers around it until eventually the anchor is wripped up. And so the Intervention moves onto another planet, perhaps it’s Mars this time — all aboard SpaceX or Virgin Galactic — with the happless Truman Show in tow. It’s just another series in another landscape, but with the same limiting agenda.

How about we step out of the show now? It’s not that difficult to reclaim your multidimensionality. I’d say there needs to be a couple of essential things landing for you: (1) the realisation that you’re in something like the Truman Show and don’t want to be there anymore (2) the daily commitment to find your authentic soul truth.

Explore this Openhand Meditation for opening and attuning the Chakras.

What Will 5D Reality Look Like?

There are many characteristics of the soul, but when you’re in your authentic soul-ray-harmonic, what people say is that it just feels ‘right’. There is a ‘rightness’ to it. That’s not right as in ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, just the sense and feeling that you’re in resonance in that moment for you. Imagine you were an ET from another constellation and you’d never seen a guitar before or heard it play. Nevertheless, you’d instantly know when a chord was being played that was in tune. When you’ve felt your soul resonance once, there’s nothing quite like it, nothing that this synthetic reality can ever replicate. So keep looking for that new chord, that new tune, keep playing it, because that’s exactly how the illusion evaporates like some distant desert mirage. Whatever the smart-phone-distraction, whatever the next social-media-must-see, keep playing that tune which is yours, and sure as the sun coming up over the ocean, just like Truman, you will escape into reality.

Discover the characterisitics of your Soul-Ray-Harmonic.

The 5D New Paradigm (actually 5D, 6D and 7D) already exists. We’re living in two worlds right now not one. And the most essential thing is that you get to know the New Paradigm yourself, in your daily living, right now. We can share reflections, yes, but you have to live it for yourself to be there. Here’s my vision-knowing, I felt to share so as to inspire…

Imgaine a world without concrete cities, highrise buildings, without cars and trains and planes. Imagine all the pollution and electrosmog gone. Imagine governments, police forces and armies dissipated. A place where there’s no war or conflict. And most essentially, a place where ALL sentient life is respected and cherished. A place where there is no requirement, need nor desire to consume another creature. Imagine the consciousness of all life here being rejuvenated in a higher vibration of light. Imagine that as you express your authentic self, light bends around you to create a vehicle for your expression. Imagine waking up for the day (you actually never go to sleep), and your purpose is to learn, evolve and grow, to experience the fullness of who you are. Imagine that as you create, you’re creating in harmony with a group of souls closely resonant on your frequency, so it feels totally harmonious. This is a brief glimpse of my knowing-sense of the New Paradigm. Crucially, I experience it as already here, already around us.

What might it look like for you?

We’re Not Waiting for Some Big “Event”

The point is that you can’t wait for the next big “Event” to realise this. Yes the planet is undergoing phenomenal transformation and transition. Over time, the old reality will steadily break down. If you’re truly honest with yourself, surely you can see it doing that right now. It’s getting increasingly dissonant with the authentic vibrations day by day, doing its damndest to shift and shape so as to lock people into another episode. But that’s just the karmic construct twisting and turning in its end game.

Here’s the crucial point — to fully shift into the New Paradigm, you have to be ALREADY living it as the karmic construct peels off. If you’re here in this reality, then the chances are that you have karma to process and so fragments of soul are bound into the old reality. It’s these that keep creating the illusions of the Truman Show — people keep getting sucked back in through distortions in relationships, careers and general living circumstances. And yet if you’re reading this, likelihood is that you’ve already had experiences of what it’s like to be living in 5D (and 6D/7D). The essential thing is that you keep digging for these kinds of experiences in daily life. It’s definitely NOT waiting for “The Event” — that’s likely just another deception. Yes there will be plenty of events in the Shift to the New Paradigm, but the point is to live it right now.

Here’s how to know you’re living 5D consciousness now, with 5 typical experiences.

Time to Step Right Out of The Truman Show

So my encouragement is not to wait. You can explore higher dimensional consciousness in every aspect of your life. Beware, there are a zillion reasons the Truman Show recreates to keep people locked into the illusion. Don’t be fooled. In your soul you know the truth. Keep trusting in the guidance coming through you. Keep checking that against the synchronistic interplay of the flow. Keep exploring and inquiring. And don’t worry about making ‘mistakes’ — I can tell you, I have only ever truly found the flow by the times I’ve mistakenly stepped out of it!

The New Paradigm is there for you right now. You know it intrinsically in the core of your being. When you’re in it, it just feels ‘right’. You’re seeing and stepping through the density, out of the Truman Show…

I know this is not always easy. There are so many blinkers to keep people locked in. But I have the privilege of meeting and working with people around the world who are steadily breaking free, choice by choice, step by step, moment by moment. Yes the density pulls you back in for a time, but it’s never long before the next wave sweeps you up again!

Come join the vibe and ride the 5D wave with Openhand in 2019!

Praying Emoji

In loving support,

Event Energies ~ September 23, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is another amazing post from Dimensional Maven from Texas who understand the spiritual awareness many are sharing. What do your guides say? Please read, and…



The sky earlier tonight… the Event Energies are always* coming thru, is what my guides said. The sky, shows that the Event Energies are coming thru by how heavenly it looks all the time.. a foreshadowing of our future 🎆🌸🌺🎆🌸