Best UFO Footage, Unexplained Weirdness in Canada and Aquatic Humanoids in Thailand [videos] ~ February 3, 2019

Edito’s Note: Time to wake up my friends! if you have read the last message from Michale Love on Jan. 28 (, you will realize that the Earth will begin seeing “unbelievable” events across the globe. This is an effort to “wake up” the masses to the fact that life on Earth is not only that we we see with our eyes.

Please read the article below, watch the video’s, know that the actual dream IS our reality here on Earth, and be…



We never know from one day to the next what we will see or hear. Reality has been leaking through for some time, but the trickle is beginning to gush. These stories go into our, “The Truth is Out There” archive.

This is one of the best captures of a saucer in flight—from a drone in Utah in 2016. Check out that attitude adjustment.

Thanks, C.

Exclusive, Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Caught on Camera, New Footage Reveals

Here’s a real Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. This birder caught a flashing object in the sky he calls “pill-shaped” over North Carolina on January 25th. I hope it’s neutralizing chemtrails or something productive.

Carstairs, Alberta, between Calgary and Edmonton, is the site of an unexplained phenomenon that is disabling cars in the Co-Op parking lot over the course of a few weeks. I doubt if folks are going to want to leave their car elsewhere and buy their groceries on foot so business will probably suffer.

This next story is mind-blowing, and judging by the pathetic attempts to throw us off the scent, probably the real deal.

We know the Atlanteans did a lot of DNA experimentation and hybridizing of humans and animals and our jailors would like us to believe centaurs, mermaids and sasquatch are the stuff of myth and legend. That is questionable at this point considering all the bizarre creatures that have mysteriously washed up on our shores across the planet that don’t resemble anything currently in existence. It appears the experimentation has never stopped.

These little creatures they’re calling “Ewoks” have a unique talent. Check it out.  ~ BP

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