It Wasn’t Just a Space Ball Shaking the Ground in Michigan & Other Outrageous Activity in Our Skies [videos] ~ Jan. 17, 2018

Gosh.way too much information out there to really do the research I would like, so I AM just puttin’ these up in a frenzy (got to go to work tomorrow). Releasing this information by means of the Internet is the ONLY way we can provide accurate news about what is going on in our world right, now, so…please take a look at these vids from Starship Earth, determine your reality, and…


This story has been fleshed out to include additional reports and images of more going on than just a fireball or meteorite. Things are getting weirder by the day. Is that a space weapon? A ship that was shot down? Whatever happened, it created the equivalent of a 2.0 earthquake in Michigan and started a fire—despite MSM reports to the contrary. And what’s with that vertical beam in the sky? A comment under Tyler’s video says they saw the beam come from a cloaked ship. Do you think there’s a ‘fake alien invasion’ on the agenda? If there is, it won’t be aliens, it will be the Illuminati’s secret space program.

Tyler goes on to discuss the other recent anomalies in the news. Something is off, particularly when you don’t believe in coincidences.

And check out the “lights” hovering in the fog over Basingstoke, UK. Looks like an Earth ship, and like Tyler says, very similar to the craft involved in the Phoenix Lights many years ago which cruised so slowly and “arrogantly”—to my mind, over the Valley of the Sun here in Phoenix.  ~ BP

Radar doesn’t lie. Look at that baby over Australia. Friend or foe? Some believe enemy craft are spraying chemtrails and using holograms to camouflage them to look like commercial jets.

And since we’re looking at what’s in the sky, there is very little that’s normal or natural any more, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this next one. I need a diagram, but that honeycomb sun simulator/reflector shown here is astounding.

Mia says they wouldn’t allow Chief to upload the video to his channel. The censorship out there is unbelievable now. Both of the new Yellow Rose for Texas videos and even Adam1414’s versions are now blocked and giving error messages to me like “not viewable on this device” (a desktop PC????) and now that the user has removed the video. So, if a video interests you nowadays, you’d best watch it right away or download it, because it might not be around long.

Mia’s New Pair of Glasses
Published on Jan 16, 2018
Youtube would not allow this video up on his channel. They blocked it multiple times. So I am putting it up here because this is very important information. Give a listen to the Chief explain what is going on in our skies with these ships we’ve been talking about.

Col. Potter and his team concur that some kind of weapon was deployed to hit Hawaii. Roy will be doing an update on his channel tomorrow, January 18 to explain fully the result of their investigation.

We can expect terrorist events any day, any time, anywhere, at this point, but need to stay positive and as we’ve been warned, maximize our situational awareness particularly in places where large numbers of people congregate. Avoid them if you can. Islands are particularly vulnerable (Puerto Rico?) and Hawaii being so far from landfall would have a difficult time recovering from a terrorist attack.  ~ BP

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