38 Minutes of Terror: The Hawaiian Missile Crisis—What Actually Happened and the Otherworldly Evidence [videos] ~ jan. 16, 2018

Well, this is another report of what really happened in Hawaii on Jan. 13. From this report by Starship Earth, it is clear to me that the Galactics, once again, have prevented WWIII. Please read this report, understand the stakes of this game that we ARE winning, and…


Many theories and a few obvious lies surround the January 13 event in Hawaii, and since most people alive today in the West have never been under a threat like that, it’s perhaps difficult to put ourselves in the place of the thousands of Hawaiian residents who found themselves in that unfortunate situation—some even before they were out of bed. Pearl Harbor is little more than a distant memory.

I was having difficulty imagining how I would react under similar conditions and have been examining the reports which I have shared below, some in the form of photos, such as these. A few of the photos I discovered were surprising… or perhaps not to all. Those are farther down the page.

Hawiian residents hiding children in sewers


Jesse at BPearthwatch does a good analysis based on what he knew.


In this video, James Corbett analyzes the missile alert from his station in Japan where a similar warning went out on January 5th, supposedly as a result of an error in the Earthquake warning system. The El-lites just can’t generate enough fear on the planet.


Perhaps the oddest aspect of the event was the fact that NBC news “just happened” to be touring the defense system operation at the time; kind of like the “drills” that preceded every major false flag event in recent times, including 9/11.

I doubt anyone is naïve enough to believe that someone in that facility “just happened” to push the ONE button that set off the warning. ONE button? Really? How stupid do they think we are?

And what will come of this besides the culprit operator who pushed the ONE button being “reassigned”(so they claim)?

Judge Jeannine Pirro and former Congressman Jason Chaffetz discuss the possible options and culpability.

I hope Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) will put the pressure on.

The most logical theory seems to be that it was a “Trump trap”—designed to goad the President into making an error. The El-ites have been hell bent on getting Trump out of office so their man/clone Clinton can move into place as per their original plan.

We also know they want another world war—but was there an actual war-head as some reports claim, which was shot down—or was it strictly an activated system warning?

Judging from the following excellent photos, I’d say there WAS a missile, which was destroyed. WE KNOW we are protected by our galactic families. We also know the El-ites are so close to being removed completely they are beyond desperate. They have outright threatened to destroy us and our planet if they can’t continue to dominate and prey on us as they have for centuries. They are true psychopaths in every sense of the word and will stop at nothing to continue their rule.

The following images tell us we had off-world assistance AGAIN.  Thanks for the share, L.

same image as above with colour, contrast, crop edits

Source for two above images  (Read more there)

Fortunately our galactic guardians have been able to prevent massive loss of Human life, and will continue to do so, but this IS war, and there will be casualties on both sides. We knew that up front.

What this has to do with Q-Anon’s use of the term “DEFCON 1 non-nuclear” we’re not yet sure, but someone knew in advance that was going to happen, and Q said it was necessary to release that intel when they did.

Regardless of what actually happened with regard to the Hawaiian Missile Crisis, we can be certain of one thing: some day, some way, someone’s going to pay.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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