The Sun Will Not Sneeze; No “Event Flash” and No Catastrophic Earth Events [videos]

I watched this refreshingly different take a few days ago on the sun’s activity or lack thereof and the confirmation that in Brad Johnson’s opinion, there will be no singular “Event flash”, dramatic pole shift, or other events that would wreak havoc on our planet. The reason is due to the timelines we’re on now, and we understand that the negative timelines have been eliminated so it stands to reason.

He believes the Event flash to be a psyop, not discounting that many solar waves are and will continue to wash over our planet to prepare us and move us toward the higher realms. The sun’s electromagnetic waves may knock out some of our communications and power temporarily but nothing catastrophic.

He also explains what may cause the many “booms” we’re hearing all over the planet. It’s an interesting theory and Brad’s information resonates strongly.

I am and always have been of the firm conviction that Earth is here to stay and so is Humanity. I completely agree with Brad that all the Beings in other dimensions and around our planet would not have wasted their time protecting us and mitigating Earth changes only to watch us all, or nearly all, perish. He says no catastrophic polar shift, either.

Thomas Williams has informed us that some parties have taken steps to right our planet on its axis and that our climate will moderate, becoming more Mediterranean-like in most areas rather than extreme.

There is no lack of videos on YouTube or articles from many sources that claim the extreme biblical prophecies are going to come to fruition and we shall all vanish when the Earth is destroyed by comets/asteroids, solar radiation, fires, floods, vermin, pestilence, pole shifts, etc.

I’ve never believed that and I don’t believe it now. Whatever is going to happen on Earth will not threaten us as a species. We are cherished and protected, in my view. Yes, we have extreme weather and Earth changes to deal with, and many souls chose to leave the planet at this time in this way.

The more I research the more I believe that catastrophic historical events were perpetrated by those who seized control of Earth and for their personal gain. If things went awry and were out of their control they orchestrated a “reset” and started over.

On the other hand, if we’re not here long term due to destructive events, no point in fretting, as we won’t be around to suffer, will we? The reptilians’ reincarnation loop/trap has also been removed, we’re told, so if we choose to reincarnate, it will be in a place/planet of our choosing. Free at last.

There’s no room for doom and gloom. We have a scourge to remove from Earth/Terra, and it’s not so we can all die next year or any time soon. We, the star seeds, didn’t come here to die. We came here to get the job done. No fear.

We were promised ascension, and we shall have it. Inorganic or not, we have earned it and it’s happening. We will escape from this fake, prison planet version of Earth and enjoy our Golden Age.

The Stream Towards the Event |

Brad did this next video just prior to the one above, where he reads the text on the screen so no matter your preference, you can take this in. Thanks for sharing, J.  ~ BP

Earth Intelligence Report – March 2019

Headlines and Updates for December 31, 2018: Get Down & Dirty Time [videos] ~ December 312, 2018

The fireworks started early this New Years’ and it’s Day 9 of QAnon’s “10 days of darkness”.

A contact of mine revealed that there is some scuttlebutt that an indictment involving Hillary Clinton may have been unsealed on Friday night in New York, December 27, and that it might have generated a fit of pique that led to the event in Queens. The general consensus seems to be that the electrical fireworks were not simply caused by a solar storm or a transformer explosion. That is just the feeling many people have from the educated guesses and visuals available—under the current circumstances. Maybe our intuition serves us well.

The psychopaths have frequently attacked in various ways to express their displeasure over White Hat actions or as a rap on the knuckles in warning to stop what they were doing. It’s well understood this is how they work. Ask Seth Rich.

They also love to distract us from the important things going on with violent, shock-and-awe events.

We might consider the fact that even Simon Parkes shared the Walton video from Kenner, LA which suggests it was a very large craft over the city. It seemed far too violent for it to be blown transformers and some folks believe it was not a solar storm that caused it. Was it also related to indictments and/or arrests? Perhaps. Eventually we will find out more. James Munder did a slo-mo of the Kenner footage if you want a closer look.

If you scroll down below, we have a terrific analysis and perspective on these events you may want to take in if you wish to get to the bottom of it. Mr. Cati doesn’t do this using his coding and I think you’ll find it very compelling.

We also have footage of what is said to be craft shooting down rockets in Gaza in November. There is a major effort to stop the psychopaths from harming civilians and doing more damage when what WE want is peace.

They can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle. Earthlings have to understand that we have our own UFOs. Very few of them seen in our skies belong to extraterrestrials.

In that same vein, I have to say if you haven’t listened to the call archived by Thomas Williams from two years ago where 3 facilitators/translators enabled us to ask questions and get answers directly from the off-world Universal Protection Unit, it’s probably the most ground-breaking discussion ever. It blew my mind when it happened live and it blew my mind all over again last night when I listened again.

I find it very interesting, but not surprising, that it was all females doing this communication work. K, M, and A did a fantastic job; K being Kim-possible, or “Miss Manna”, the trustee for the Manna World Holding Trust, and M being the “Ms M” or Meghan who has been involved in the disclosure presentations alongside “M” in the series Tolec brought us.

Listening to the history of our current plight and the amount of thought and preparation that must go into resolving the issues to free us all will give listeners an idea of why it is taking so long. It’s a don’t miss event, in my opinion and I thank Thomas, Kim, M, A, and the Council for giving us this rare glimpse into our true reality. It changes everything. I hope we can witness this kind of scenario again soon.

I thought it interesting that some Yellow Vests in Paris sent a message to the lying, treasonous media. The media seems to be minimizing the scale and activity of the Gilets Jaunes protests in France. They are extremely widespread, but you can’t expect them to be as active right at Christmas.

Yellow vest protesters target French media as movement ebbs

If you can handle an abrupt change of topic, another bit of “rumour” I received that resonates is that there will be no formal announcement that the Federal Reserve was shut down or that the IRS is defunct—if they indeed are.

The President and White Hats don’t need any excuses at this point to cause a ruckus or ignite violence in the deep state/media/snowflake community so it has been suggested that without fanfare, it’s doubtful either entity will reopen. One individual, for example, had an appointment with the IRS on December 26 but when they arrived the office was closed. Perhaps that is confirmation. There was another subtle hint as well, but time will tell.

David Knight of InfoWars has suffered a severe heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with David, his friends and family. We hope his surgery went well today and wish him a speedy recovery.

Man claiming to have bomb prompts evacuation at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Holland’s Amsterdam Airport Terminal 3 Evacuated

In this latest interview, as well as sharing the latest intel and the possible meaning of recent events, Sean and Dr. Janda both tell us the outrageous lengths the deep state have gone to in their war against truth and truthers. They have struck down more good quality ‘Tubers and make it difficult to make a living. Sorry, guys. We appreciate your efforts. Dr. Janda made a scathing reply to one of John Brennan’s treasonous tweets. Why isn’t he at GTMO?????  Perhaps by now he is.

Justice is Coming, #GITMO Style — Dr. Dave Janda

Fed Exposed On Crypto & Why It Will Be Taken Down – Episode 1754a

The 1st Alarm Bell, This Will Kick Off Everything – Episode 1754b

The Kenner Louisiana / NYC Transformers Background – Discussion

This is the above-referenced report on the NYC/Kenner electrical anomalies which is very broad and involves a lot of science and past events. Mr. Cati says he is still leaving a lot out, but it’s a good start.

He barely mentions his usual specialty “coding” in this analysis but he does talk about a lot of other related issues. It might sound a little “out there” to some, but that’s where the truth is, we have learned over time. I thought it was a great presentation and very logical. Timing is everything.

Many of us could have divergent conversations about some of what he brings to the table, but for greenhorn truthers it might be new—and it’s complicated.

If you don’t have anything going on tonight and want to listen to some patriot chatter and feedback about what’s been happening and what we can expect in 2019 you might want to be a fly on the wall in this 24/7 chat/live call in show. It’s nice to be in the company of like-minded people.

Happy New Year, everyone. This show is on the road now and there’s a lot of interesting scenery coming up on our journey next year.

It’s raining here, snowing in some parts of the valley, and we finally broke down and turned the heat on. We’re expecting freezing temps tonight, and snow on the mountains in the morning; perfect for hubby’s annual “polar bear plunge”. Once a Canadian, always a Canadian.  ~ BP