4 UFO’s Take Out Satellite/Space Force/Weather Wars. ~ October 12, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is a fascinating video of a weapons-related satellite coming apart after being passed by ??? Please take a look at this video, know that off-world Disclosure IS happening, and… InJoy! ________________________________________________________________________________ Reminder of The Real Space Race. Total Domination of the Planet. Military and Weather Wars.

There’s a New World Coming; Getting Clued In [videos] ~ Jan. 4, 2018

Yep…there IS a new world coming and Starship Earth has brought a collection of current TV ads/movies that are using the truth in their advertising ploys…OMG! I don’t watch TV (and haven’t for 4 years) and thus remain clueless about how/what TV marketers are using these days to promote products. So…please read this article, enjoy… Continue reading There’s a New World Coming; Getting Clued In [videos] ~ Jan. 4, 2018

Star Wars Sound Effects on Lyon Lake [video] ~ Feb. 23, 2016

Found this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. This is pretty bizarre folks. Thought you might want to take a look and see/hear for yourself what Mother Earth is up to these days at Lyon Lake in California.So play this video, discuss with your Higher Self, and… InJoy!

Sophia – an “Ewok” and “The Force” ~ Nov. 14, 2015

Wow! The news is heavy right now as the tragedy (or, maybe not so much a real tragedy) plays out in Paris. How much more of this ugliness do we have to go through? If ever humanity needed “The Force” to be present on our side…it is NOW. And I ask myself, just what IS… Continue reading Sophia – an “Ewok” and “The Force” ~ Nov. 14, 2015