4 UFO’s Take Out Satellite/Space Force/Weather Wars. ~ October 12, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is a fascinating video of a weapons-related satellite coming apart after being passed by ??? Please take a look at this video, know that off-world Disclosure IS happening, and…



Reminder of The Real Space Race. Total Domination of the Planet. Military and Weather Wars.

There’s a New World Coming; Getting Clued In [videos] ~ Jan. 4, 2018

Yep…there IS a new world coming and Starship Earth has brought a collection of current TV ads/movies that are using the truth in their advertising ploys…OMG! I don’t watch TV (and haven’t for 4 years) and thus remain clueless about how/what TV marketers are using these days to promote products.

So…please read this article, enjoy the video clips included, enjoy the heck as more of humanity wakes up, and…


I got quite an education on New Year’s Eve when we watched real time television rather than recorded shows. The advertising, in particular, was astounding, but also a movie or two. The clues are everywhere, if you know how to interpret them.

We first watched a recorded movie: Jurassic World. It picked up where Jurassic Park left off, but in this one, the dinosaurs were grown in a lab with genetics. They employed animal trainers at the park who entertained patrons by getting the dinosaurs and water creatures to perform on command. Because the wildlife was tame, people could meander through the park of their own volition, on trains or in gyroscopic personal vehicles. There were some very futuristic aspects to the movie.

As it turns out, scientists were splicing DNA and wound up with some creatures who, in a crisis, communicated with each other and made their own behavioural choices as opposed to following the Human training they’d had. They wound up attacking anyone in their path as well as each other. Oooops! Message: Genetically modified organisms are unpredictable, insufficiently tested, dangerous, and generally frowned upon.

The next thing I know, I’m seeing a commercial with the Illuminati pyramid and all-seeing eye. By some gigantic leap, marketing firms connected Taco Bell’s new one dollar menu to the Illuminati imagery on the American dollar bill and all I saw was “Belluminati” flashed on the screen. They actually say, “Illuminati” in the ad, as well as “Belluminati”. Pretty lame, but disclosure, just the same.

You can watch that 30 second spot here.

Of course there were Star Wars-themed ads all over the place on New Year’s due to the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. I almost didn’t recognize Luke Skywalker in a spot he did. If people only knew about the real star wars seething above our heads.

Not to be outdone, GEICO auto insurance used a starship captain (no, not me, lol) in their ad about lost keys. It was very amusing and a little corny, but cute.

Watch the 47 second ad, which includes an interactive invitation…

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, an ad for a movie flashed on the screen with what appeared to be two police officers in a patrol car, and in that brief second—one partner looked like a Reptilian. I kid you not. I was so shocked all I caught was a name. Bright.

I researched the title online and the film, which I’ve not heard of—is about a world where fantasy and reality meld, where Humans, elves, fairies and orcs all co-exist. Another battle of Light vs. dark. Seriously. If that isn’t disclosure, I don’t know what is. The “reptilian” is supposed to be an Orc, but really, this is breaking it to them gently.

In the extended trailer I watched, there was a lot of violence and shoot’em-up stuff and special effects, and I didn’t like the scene where Will Smith mashed the fairy, but maybe the fairy was a bad dude. I don’t know.

The worst part was when the Orc said “nucular” weapon. Like George Bush. That kind of brutality is uncalled for. Or maybe it was a typo in the script. Or intentional.


You can find a plethora of trailers and other videos for Bright on YouTube.

The reviews for Bright are all over the map. It seems people love it or hate it. And that’s the way it will go. When disclosure of our reality happens, folks will be wowed and rejoicing, in agony, or even catatonic, but it’s coming. Soon. To a planet near you. Disclosure with a capital “D”. Take the red pill now and nobody gets hurt.  ~ BP

Star Wars Sound Effects on Lyon Lake [video] ~ Feb. 23, 2016


Found this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. This is pretty bizarre folks. Thought you might want to take a look and see/hear for yourself what Mother Earth is up to these days at Lyon Lake in California.So play this video, discuss with your Higher Self, and…


Sophia – an “Ewok” and “The Force” ~ Nov. 14, 2015


Wow! The news is heavy right now as the tragedy (or, maybe not so much a real tragedy) plays out in Paris. How much more of this ugliness do we have to go through? If ever humanity needed “The Force” to be present on our side…it is NOW.

And I ask myself, just what IS “The Force”? By watching the original Star Wars as well as the trailers for Star Wars VIIthe Force projected there seems to be represented as an incredibly powerful, internalized system for doing and BEing good… as displayed through violent action?

My research and study of spirituality teaches me that Love is the strongest force in the Universe! But my version of love, which is definitely a Force, is not violent, nor promotes violence as “the way” to cause others to know my truth. Perhaps the title for this new film that is due to be released on Dec. 18, The Force Awakens, is meant to remind us that Love…for everyone…is just around the corner.

As Love awakens amoung all members of our society, violence is not necessary  to promote the use of this incredible Force. In this article, Sophia Love reminds us that Love is a constant in our Universe, and communicates with other species who know, treasure, and live with commitment to this powerful Force, and that Force is…Love!

So…please read this article, watch your internalized Force to see how it conquers issues in your life without violence, and…


Hello and if you are new here, it is good to have you with us! 
Today’s letter has been delayed as I have been investigating another newsletter service.  The decision (for now) is to stay with this one.  You’ll receive a notification if and when I switch.  The number of newsletters sent will be adjusted to make up for the delay this month, so no worries!
This conversation happened approximately one month ago.  I was tempted to release it closer to the December release date for Star Wars VII, but in light of the recent false flag in Paris, a discussion on an expansion of love feels appropriate and timely.   
I am a telepathic empath and just about every day I tap in and there is someone on the line, ready with something to say. This is a sort of “soft disclosure” as we talk about their world, their society and their physical form. 
Before connecting I make several declarations, including “Highest and Best for all concerned. Complete and absolute truth only.  Just love. Pure love. For assistance only.”  Then I see who shows up. This is verbatim. I hope you enjoy it!

This conversation took place on October 10

th, 2015 at 6:00 AM.
“Is there someone there now?”
There is.  We have something to share that may be some help to you.
Go ahead then.  Please introduce yourselves.  I sense a group.

We are, yes.  Our facility for contact is just coming into focus.  This is a new adventure in communication; our first with an actual human.  We are more bear-like in form than human in form.  Not exactly covered in fur and for us here now, the “fur” is of a darker hue.  Our faces are flat, not protruding as a bears and the ears are not the same.
We see an image you hold of a figure with very large eyes and “hear” EWOK as its name and this means nothing to us – yet our face is flattened like the ewok – we are not of tiny stature, no.
There is something we’d like to share with you, a sort of introduction to a way of life that is possible when differences are embraced and control is not necessary and yet individual process and family unity is paramount.
Our world is one that looks at life very differently.  Simply by comparison to your race.  We are a private people in that families keep to themselves.  Our concept of family is huge though.
Family to us does mean genetically joined or shared but not only that.  Family is a concept that includes what you would label “love” as an attribute.
We on this world hold each other together through heart connection.  We are not technologically connected via an “internet” but physically so, via our hearts.
Yes, we live together and apart as humans do, yet we do not feel that anyone is unwelcome.  Once a heart connection has been made, family exists.  There can be no undoing of that.
The notion held in your culture of “love” interests us.  We do not separate this “love” from an expression of communication.
By that is meant that you could say – everything we do is “love”.  There is a knowing held sacred amongst our elders that tells a story of a time before this time when things were different, and there were disruptions to this force, this component of “love” (as labelled by humanity).
This “time” in our history it was seen that disrupting the flow of “love” or the force (Italics mine, Sophia) as we called it, allowed other disruptions to surface that were not comfortable.  Things, other things, stopped as well.  These things were critical for well-being, comfort, happiness, peace and longevity.
In your understanding you’d say we became sick, we fought and in general we struggled.
What the elders hold sacred now is the knowing, learned at this long ago time, that separating “the force” from everyday life, from living and being, is an inconsistent way of proceeding.  It interrupts the flow.  The interruption causes breaks in consciousness that make room for explanations and divisions.  These are not true, but what you may call “falsehoods” – manufactured states of awareness created to explain what is a misconception.  Ego’s came from these, as did a host of troubles, all built on false notions. (Italics mine, Sophia)

These were long ago times.  To counter act the results took generations, as each new level of offspring were told of the force as the natural way to be. You may well imagine that this release of ideas, ways of being, took very many levels of family.  Today, we do not remember the times of separation.  The force is understood.
It is part of who we are to each other.  Once any bond is established via blood or contact – there is family.  All bonds are valid.  As we do not “see” anything that is not the force, we have no concept of not loving.
Do you mate for life?
We do everything for life!  There are no interruptions in emotion.  It’s all valid and continues.
How do you live?  In what sort of ways to you group for eating and sleeping and raising your young?
We do so according to convenience and interest and available family for child rearing.  It differs according to age and contribution of the parents to the whole.  In other words, what they do for the society, the family, and where they must be to do that.
Who is responsible for the new child?
We all are!!! There are needs, immediately met and agreed upon beforehand to be taken care of by those closest to the act of childbearing.  Yet once met, all children are part of the force and flow of life.
What do you think love is then?
An interesting term “think”.  We do not “think” about this emotion/feeling and give it attributes as you would a concrete object or machine.  We know this force that humans call love is a deep recognition of self.  It is felt, not thought about.
Once recognized, it is never forgotten.  Hence our method of allowing the flow of the force to propel everything.
We are  a race that remembers stopping the flow, the force, and what resulted.  We, as a result, only know now, its allowing.  This promotes peace and permits an amplification of love that would feel, we imagine, out of control to humans in your current state.  We connected now for we feel this is a state humanity will one day reach.
Are you complete then?
We could be, yes.  And we are so very grateful for this connection and would like to remain available for more.
Yes, that would be so helpful.  Thank you for reaching out.
You’re so very welcome.  Thank you.  We have enjoyed this interaction.
Note (written immediately after this conversation) –
This was such a calm contact – even – balanced – easy to stop and start.  The emotions were clear yet did not bowl me over.  Quietly powerful.
Star Wars VII  😉    “The Force Awakens”
Is it just me or is the timing & title of this film perfect?
 ... just let it in...
… just let it in…
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