There’s a New World Coming; Getting Clued In [videos] ~ Jan. 4, 2018

Yep…there IS a new world coming and Starship Earth has brought a collection of current TV ads/movies that are using the truth in their advertising ploys…OMG! I don’t watch TV (and haven’t for 4 years) and thus remain clueless about how/what TV marketers are using these days to promote products.

So…please read this article, enjoy the video clips included, enjoy the heck as more of humanity wakes up, and…


I got quite an education on New Year’s Eve when we watched real time television rather than recorded shows. The advertising, in particular, was astounding, but also a movie or two. The clues are everywhere, if you know how to interpret them.

We first watched a recorded movie: Jurassic World. It picked up where Jurassic Park left off, but in this one, the dinosaurs were grown in a lab with genetics. They employed animal trainers at the park who entertained patrons by getting the dinosaurs and water creatures to perform on command. Because the wildlife was tame, people could meander through the park of their own volition, on trains or in gyroscopic personal vehicles. There were some very futuristic aspects to the movie.

As it turns out, scientists were splicing DNA and wound up with some creatures who, in a crisis, communicated with each other and made their own behavioural choices as opposed to following the Human training they’d had. They wound up attacking anyone in their path as well as each other. Oooops! Message: Genetically modified organisms are unpredictable, insufficiently tested, dangerous, and generally frowned upon.

The next thing I know, I’m seeing a commercial with the Illuminati pyramid and all-seeing eye. By some gigantic leap, marketing firms connected Taco Bell’s new one dollar menu to the Illuminati imagery on the American dollar bill and all I saw was “Belluminati” flashed on the screen. They actually say, “Illuminati” in the ad, as well as “Belluminati”. Pretty lame, but disclosure, just the same.

You can watch that 30 second spot here.

Of course there were Star Wars-themed ads all over the place on New Year’s due to the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. I almost didn’t recognize Luke Skywalker in a spot he did. If people only knew about the real star wars seething above our heads.

Not to be outdone, GEICO auto insurance used a starship captain (no, not me, lol) in their ad about lost keys. It was very amusing and a little corny, but cute.

Watch the 47 second ad, which includes an interactive invitation…

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, an ad for a movie flashed on the screen with what appeared to be two police officers in a patrol car, and in that brief second—one partner looked like a Reptilian. I kid you not. I was so shocked all I caught was a name. Bright.

I researched the title online and the film, which I’ve not heard of—is about a world where fantasy and reality meld, where Humans, elves, fairies and orcs all co-exist. Another battle of Light vs. dark. Seriously. If that isn’t disclosure, I don’t know what is. The “reptilian” is supposed to be an Orc, but really, this is breaking it to them gently.

In the extended trailer I watched, there was a lot of violence and shoot’em-up stuff and special effects, and I didn’t like the scene where Will Smith mashed the fairy, but maybe the fairy was a bad dude. I don’t know.

The worst part was when the Orc said “nucular” weapon. Like George Bush. That kind of brutality is uncalled for. Or maybe it was a typo in the script. Or intentional.


You can find a plethora of trailers and other videos for Bright on YouTube.

The reviews for Bright are all over the map. It seems people love it or hate it. And that’s the way it will go. When disclosure of our reality happens, folks will be wowed and rejoicing, in agony, or even catatonic, but it’s coming. Soon. To a planet near you. Disclosure with a capital “D”. Take the red pill now and nobody gets hurt.  ~ BP


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