Headlines and Updates for October 1st: Got Your SHTF Plan? [videos]

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth rolls out another comprehensive report of the latest news. Is out intended path for Eath’s humanity becoming clearer by the minute? Please read, and…



As we wait with baited breath to see if October 3 will finally be D-day for Confirmation, Declassification, mass arrests, scintillating announcements, or anything else, Americans in the know are readying for potential fallout. It’s not easy to just “watch”, as Q advises, so we will continue to share the information we have and prep everyone for what may be coming down the pike.

I can’t imagine getting up one morning (3 hours behind the East coast) and finding no video or article updates in my mail, or messages from my connected contacts.

I’m not expecting it, but if the Starship website were to go down, the backup blog is here. I’m also on MeWe.com but I don’t often go there. No time for chit-chat. I’m new and got no friends, anyway, lol.

I will always post blog updates of anything I can find unless my Internet is down—which is possible whenever it rains, and we are expecting aspects of Rosa in a tropical storm. So far, just a nice, light rain off-and-on, and no wind. It took six days for Century Link to fix our phone. They can colonize space but can’t get me a reliable phone line in hot, sunny weather. Unbelievable.  ~ BP

Q+ update…


There was also a crumb about AZ Rep. Jeff Flake and his quandary. Flake and anyone else who opposes the current administration and serving the People are risking their future as we have a “special place” for those who commit treason.

Thanks to the pointed exchange between Sen. Lindsay Graham and Judge Kavanaugh early on in the Confirmation Hearing—I don’t believe there is any doubt in the minds of the Senate as to where that “red line” is.

Unfortunately for the die-hard globalists, they don’t operate on logic. Their programing goes far too deep and they either act or re-act without thought to consequences because there have never been any. They are risking everything to take Kavanaugh down and their future is grim.

The “new sheriff” and his deputies will ensure appropriate consequences according to the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

Grassley has already chosen his side, as has Graham. They’re working for us now. Flake is just that, flopping like a fish, needing others to remind him of the consequences. He was already “convinced” not to seek re-election and what he does now will affect his ultimate destination.

The latest Q drops are here. 

(Do you like the little ‘red cross’? Signifying emergency assistance and/or corruption?)

Justice K confirmation
Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein [payment in full]
“Flake’s decision came after he spoke to senators of both parties and withstood pressure from some Republicans not to take such a step. As he considered his course of action, Flake also had a conversation with Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein], who is in charge of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”
Define ‘Treason’.
The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
Define ‘Subversion’.
The act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within?
Think line of questions re: Sen. Graham > Justice K re: ‘Enemy Combatants’.
Operators standing by.

The picture that has emerged about Christine Blasey-Ford is an interesting but all too familiar one.

CIA father, political family, high school rife with sex and alchohol, story full of holes, memory lapses, imaginary friends, possible alters—one of which is afraid to fly?—fake identity, manufactured past, probably MK Ultra victim, possibly resulting in androgynous leanings, she underwent therapy, and probably has a handler throughout this process.

Some of her story is reminiscent of the “hero” David Hogg, the 25-year-old gun control activist said to have been at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida during the mass shooting.

Ford however, is a heroine of a different sort. She presents a “victim”; a female wronged and to be pitied, much maligned in the hearing, and a worthy recipient of a million dollars in Go Fund Me donations. (Forgive me if I doubt those funds all went to the already well-compensated Ford)

She may have problems, and may have been assaulted, but I doubt if it is related to Kavanaugh. It’s just part of CIA family culture. She was nominated to “take one for the team”. Unfortunately for her, the team didn’t have her back and it fell apart. The bedtime stories never stand up to scrutiny, but they never seem to learn.

The cabal’s corrupt media has no problem vilifying Kavanaugh and judging him guilty without a scrap of evidence, raising Ford to the exhalted position of sexual child prey at the hands of a “powerful and respected man”. The objective is so obvious, and not new.

Logic and critical thinking are not required in America. The talking heads will tell the sponges what to think on the “news” programs, and the same category of players spew the narrative on programs like, The View; vile creatures I can’t bear to watch.

One Trump-hater interviewed at a rally, when asked why she was wearing a “F–k Trump” T-shirt replied, “Because I’m a woman.” Like that is an answer. The Trump haters appear to be programmed automatons who don’t think for themselves, can’t answer a question, and simply regurgitate the toxic rhetoric. Perhaps they are the “synthetics”. Pull the string and they recite their lessons on cue. Otherwise they freeze in stony silence, waiting for the appropriate trigger.

It makes me extremely uncomfortable to watch that sort of news coverage and my finger is on the mouse but it’s all part of the swampy, reeking cauldron America has become at the hands of the El-ites. The only relief is the sound of the swill circling the drain. It’s historic, and I don’t want to miss too much of it.

Was this arrest related to the ‘Chicago Black Hawks’ operation we learned of this past week?

ARRESTED! Feds Move in on Chinese Spy in Major American City, CAUGHT Scoping Something CRITICAL


Why are so many planes in South Carolina having behavioural issues? A fighter and a Dassault-Breguet Falcon 50 wrecked in the past week. Some suspect remote control meddling.

This one landed safely and then kept on going by land.

NTSB trying to retrieve voice recorder from plane wreckage after 2 killed, 2 seriously hurt

This one was a stealth fighter Marine F-35B and the pilot is believed to have ejected, but no word on their status.

Military Stealth Fighter Crashes in South Carolina

Interestingly enough, Dave mentions the plane crash and has an idea what that might have been about with respect to a Q crumb. Dave has great insight into the Q drops for September 30, as usual.

High Alert,Social Media Blackout,Comms Activated – Episode 1677b

Natasha brings us some fascinating news about the Dems and the hearing fiasco and false sexual allegations.

KaBoom!!!! Democrats CAUGHT In Their Own Slime


I don’t Twitter or Tweet, but I occasionally see posts and articles they point to worth sharing. This one is.

Maricopa County is Phoenix, AZ territory. It’s interesting that it takes a Phoenix (former) Sheriff Arpaio to establish that Barack Obama was not born in America, and now a Phoenix prosecutor to determine the validity of a fake CIA sexual assault victim primed to take down a nominated Supreme Court Justice.

A little background…

Mitchell is on leave as deputy county attorney in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, and is the division chief of the Special Victims Unit, which deals with sex crimes and family violence… Source

Rachel Mitchell, Maricopa AZ Prosecutor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

McConnell had intended to keep Mitchell’s name under wraps to ensure her safety, but the Washington Post went ahead and reported her name. The Washington Post wants people killed.  Source

In a nine-page memo released today, Maricopa County Special Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell basically just exonerated Judge Kavanaugh regarding Ford’s allegations!

Check it out at this link.

I also noted this in the Twitterverse:  #KillKavanaugh.

These people are so violent and filled with blind hatred. There is no place for them on our planet.

Seething Frog issued a strong reminder to ensure patriots REGISTER and VOTE, and ensure everyone they know does the same. He looks great in the hat, doesn’t he?

Americans need to verify they are on a registered voter list and ready to go, in case there are um… ‘complications’ that require rectification before they hit the polling stations. Leave nothing to chance.

There is a lot of chatter about the voting machines being rigged. I’m confident there is a “plan”.

The Independent Media is top drawer and continue to put out the best material ever explaining precisely what is unfolding. We do hope ‘Red October’ will mean only a solidified, guaranteed, red Republican wave, and not bloodshed. Pray for Peace.

Q: Their E _ _ _ Know NO BOUNDS.

Here is the latest decode from Praying Medic, for his many fans.

The latest SerialBrain2 read by the And We Know channel.

SerialBrain2: Saving Private Kavanaugh and the 3 Colosseum Gladiators

Tech Companies Gone to the Dark Side; Now WordPress & Mozilla | Mike Adams [video] ~ August 18, 2018

I’ve been waiting for this. After WordPress added some conditions for users recently, and I also noticed a posting of the updated User Agreement this week in the “Reader”, I suspected something is up.

We also learned this week Mozilla (Firefox) turned, so the number of traitors in the communication network is increasing if you include the controlled opposition, cointelpro and the traitors on YouTube who sold out recently and now share their disinformation disguised as Truth to their loyal and unsuspecting followers.

We have alternative platforms for most of the communication tools we use, so we’ll have to see how this plays out and if the censorship and tyranny advances.

I’d say it’s too little too late for the psychopaths, because we already know what Newtown CT was. There is so much proof of how it was pulled off and the evidence is all over the Internet so one would have to be a moron to deny it.

And we know about the pedophilia, pedovores, the no-longer-secret, secret space program, the genocide via poison, air, water and food, dangerous electromagnetic frequencies, the purposes of vaccines, the manufactured diseases, the alien hybrids, cloning, our Galactic families, 9/11, forced wars, underground bases and “hidey-holes” for the sub-Humans who think they’re “elite”, the exotic weapons burning thousands of people out of their homes and other clandestine tricks, the fake earthquakes, the abductions, using Humans for sport, the staged shootings using patsies, the strategic militarizing of police, the theft of the People’s trust funds, collateralizing our birth certificates, sending us utility bills instead of dividend statements, the subversion of most governments, the destruction of the education system, mind control and programming of the masses through technology, the monopolizing of as many industries as possible, the witchery and word spells… we know enough to ensure a significant number of awakened ones can shut down the marauders and eliminate them. They carry all of this out in the Matrix they created to enslave us and feed off of us, but we have a lot of outside (off-planet and interdimensional) help and the few remaining minions are no match for the clever plans of the Light warriors from across the cosmos.

The psychopaths are not going to shut US down; we’re shutting THEM down. They’re losing their minds, going insane with hate and fear, and they are so naive and greedy they believe the lies their up-lines tell them.

Unfortunately for them, however, many in their ranks now see the folly of their ways. They will no longer work for free. They know they will not get the money and power promised. They may get prison, however. President Trump chose to keep Guantanamo open for a very good reason.

Since the psychopaths arranged to throw so many Americans in jail for petty offenses and victimless crimes, we have AMPLE space for all the turncoats who sold out Humanity and America.

There are far too many awakened people on the planet for the fake media and cabal minions to hide the evidence of what has happened. Whatever they do, we will overcome it, because that’s who we are. We know the Truth, and the Truth has set us free.

The evil ones will not even survive in the elevated energies surrounding us as the waves bathing the Earth continue to rise to higher and higher frequencies. There may even be an organic “culling of the herd” at some point. That remains to be seen. It might make sense that just as we don’t interact with those in higher dimensions and cannot see them at their high frequency, the dark ones may soon simply fade from our existence as they remain stuck in the heavy, dark energies they perpetuate while we rise like cream.

ve,Right now, the dark is resorting to strong-arm tactics that can only soften the blow we are dealing them. The sledge hammers are still coming down, and they cannot staunch the flow of green bile oozing from their scaley little minds as they slowly implode.

Mike Adams at Natural News updates us again on the latest pathetic tactics of the dark. I think President Trump has a lot on his plate, not to mention multiple assassination attempts to dodge, but we know there is a great deal of liberation business ongoing behind the scenes that cannot be revealed just yet.

It’s possible there is already a plan in the works to eliminate the censorship and return information channels and portals to The People.

We’ll do what we can to keep the communication lines open, and when you have the Light on your side, you already have the upper hand.

Human Freedom at the Precipice: The Techno Tyranny Regime has been UNLEASHED

For those still trying to come to terms with the atrocities committed on our planet, and having difficulty accepting those in esteemed places would do what we claim, you may appreciate this video.

As Lionel Nation points out in one of his recent monologues, of course not everyone who wears red shoes is a predatory, satanic, psychopath—but in certain circles, it is a dead giveaway, if you’ll pardon the pun.

A few years ago we shared news of the shoes and even a website where one could purchase slippers. I doubt if it is still available, but now Q is red-pilling the newly awakened patriots.

There’s no time to lose in educating the masses as to what has transpired on this planet at the hands of the parasitic reptilians and their friends.  ~ BP

Suggested Weekend Listening: The Basic Formula for Control & What We Can Do [videos] ~ May 18, 2018

If you listen to these two videos you will have a solid background with which to navigate the bulk of the news coming out these days—and, you can help to grab control back for the People if you listen to the instructions at the end of the second video.

AIM4Truth’s Douglas Gabriel and Leader Technologies’ Michael McKibben explain the agenda to control and depopulate our planet in this excellent conversation about the SES and SERCO. The researchers have dug really deep and this is one of the best videos I’ve seen this past week, although it’s audio only.

It must be very difficult for newcomers to the truth movement to accept this massive conspiracy. It sounds too hard to believe, but unfortunately, there is far more evidence than we need to arrive at this conclusion. It’s important to understand the long standing agenda of the dark and the lengths they will go to for global domination of Humanity. This chat makes their long term plan crystal clear—and it’s also clear we have to DO something—and soon.

They mention FEMA Region 9. You can read more about that here. It includes California and Hawai’i, interestingly enough. Is that a coincidence?

If the effects of 5G targeted attacks sound too out there to be believable, you may want to read the latest from Alfred Lambermont Webre. Very real horrific attacks on people illustrate exactly what they can do to manipulate the human body and mind with their technologies. They are already torturing some of us, as per the examples below.

From Alfred Webre’s website, New Inside Out…

Summary of Testimony of Kelly Wallace:

  • Kelly Wallace is neurologically controlled by remote DEW directed energy weapons clandestinely controlled as described above.
  • Through V2K she is induced with negative feelings and emotions which are not her emotions
  • These are evil emotions, negative in tone and note
  • The muscles and bones in Kelly Wallace face are remotely moved around by DEW
  • Her teeth are moved around
  • Her tongue is made to curl out of her mouth and hang to one side
  • Her tongue is made to rotate around in a circle
  • Her eyes are moved around in their eye-sockets independently
  • The pain of these remote DEW torturings carried out as described above is excruciating.
  • Kelly Wallace’s Senior Citizen parents are also being subjected to similar remote DEW torturing as described herein by the parties identified herein and above.

Learn more about this here.

This is another great explanation of how we arrived where we are and what must be done—and soon, to take back the financial system and end the corruption and manipulation by the banksters. A petition comes in part 2, so listen to the end. It’s time for action. We should all be Seething Frogs.  ~ BP

Trump’s Counter Punch w/ Dustin Nemos & Seething Frog ~ May 1, 2018

Fellow Alt. Media reporters join together to discuss current events that are now unfolding and how messages from  “Q” impact public understanding. Isaac Green of Anti-School, Dustin Nemos of Nemo V, and Dr. Phrog of Seething Frog, join together in a conversation about what’s going on, and why.

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