Tech Companies Gone to the Dark Side; Now WordPress & Mozilla | Mike Adams [video] ~ August 18, 2018

I’ve been waiting for this. After WordPress added some conditions for users recently, and I also noticed a posting of the updated User Agreement this week in the “Reader”, I suspected something is up.

We also learned this week Mozilla (Firefox) turned, so the number of traitors in the communication network is increasing if you include the controlled opposition, cointelpro and the traitors on YouTube who sold out recently and now share their disinformation disguised as Truth to their loyal and unsuspecting followers.

We have alternative platforms for most of the communication tools we use, so we’ll have to see how this plays out and if the censorship and tyranny advances.

I’d say it’s too little too late for the psychopaths, because we already know what Newtown CT was. There is so much proof of how it was pulled off and the evidence is all over the Internet so one would have to be a moron to deny it.

And we know about the pedophilia, pedovores, the no-longer-secret, secret space program, the genocide via poison, air, water and food, dangerous electromagnetic frequencies, the purposes of vaccines, the manufactured diseases, the alien hybrids, cloning, our Galactic families, 9/11, forced wars, underground bases and “hidey-holes” for the sub-Humans who think they’re “elite”, the exotic weapons burning thousands of people out of their homes and other clandestine tricks, the fake earthquakes, the abductions, using Humans for sport, the staged shootings using patsies, the strategic militarizing of police, the theft of the People’s trust funds, collateralizing our birth certificates, sending us utility bills instead of dividend statements, the subversion of most governments, the destruction of the education system, mind control and programming of the masses through technology, the monopolizing of as many industries as possible, the witchery and word spells… we know enough to ensure a significant number of awakened ones can shut down the marauders and eliminate them. They carry all of this out in the Matrix they created to enslave us and feed off of us, but we have a lot of outside (off-planet and interdimensional) help and the few remaining minions are no match for the clever plans of the Light warriors from across the cosmos.

The psychopaths are not going to shut US down; we’re shutting THEM down. They’re losing their minds, going insane with hate and fear, and they are so naive and greedy they believe the lies their up-lines tell them.

Unfortunately for them, however, many in their ranks now see the folly of their ways. They will no longer work for free. They know they will not get the money and power promised. They may get prison, however. President Trump chose to keep Guantanamo open for a very good reason.

Since the psychopaths arranged to throw so many Americans in jail for petty offenses and victimless crimes, we have AMPLE space for all the turncoats who sold out Humanity and America.

There are far too many awakened people on the planet for the fake media and cabal minions to hide the evidence of what has happened. Whatever they do, we will overcome it, because that’s who we are. We know the Truth, and the Truth has set us free.

The evil ones will not even survive in the elevated energies surrounding us as the waves bathing the Earth continue to rise to higher and higher frequencies. There may even be an organic “culling of the herd” at some point. That remains to be seen. It might make sense that just as we don’t interact with those in higher dimensions and cannot see them at their high frequency, the dark ones may soon simply fade from our existence as they remain stuck in the heavy, dark energies they perpetuate while we rise like cream.

ve,Right now, the dark is resorting to strong-arm tactics that can only soften the blow we are dealing them. The sledge hammers are still coming down, and they cannot staunch the flow of green bile oozing from their scaley little minds as they slowly implode.

Mike Adams at Natural News updates us again on the latest pathetic tactics of the dark. I think President Trump has a lot on his plate, not to mention multiple assassination attempts to dodge, but we know there is a great deal of liberation business ongoing behind the scenes that cannot be revealed just yet.

It’s possible there is already a plan in the works to eliminate the censorship and return information channels and portals to The People.

We’ll do what we can to keep the communication lines open, and when you have the Light on your side, you already have the upper hand.

Human Freedom at the Precipice: The Techno Tyranny Regime has been UNLEASHED

For those still trying to come to terms with the atrocities committed on our planet, and having difficulty accepting those in esteemed places would do what we claim, you may appreciate this video.

As Lionel Nation points out in one of his recent monologues, of course not everyone who wears red shoes is a predatory, satanic, psychopath—but in certain circles, it is a dead giveaway, if you’ll pardon the pun.

A few years ago we shared news of the shoes and even a website where one could purchase slippers. I doubt if it is still available, but now Q is red-pilling the newly awakened patriots.

There’s no time to lose in educating the masses as to what has transpired on this planet at the hands of the parasitic reptilians and their friends.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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