, Exploring the Nature of Our Reality | Unknown Lightwarrior and Dane Arr ~ July 17, 2018

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The Unknown Lightwarrior published an intriguing prelude to his upcoming discussion with guest Dane Arr on Wednesday, July 18 on Ground Crew Command radio. (tomorrow!)

Jim also gives us a planetary update from the perspective of the Light Forces, which is always interesting and provides added and deeper perspective to what we see and hear on the surface. Thank you, Jim.

This is a long preamble, but there is fabulous information in Jim’s update, below.

Dane will be presenting a seminar in August where we can learn more about this hidden science and physics no one wanted us to know, entitled, “Mastering the Holographic Universe”.

What really caught my attention as I read this newsletter was the part that says when we pass through a certain point, we become very small.

…Portal technology where 2 activated columns become a torsion field and you get smaller as you enter it.

I mentioned feeling small last week and spoke of the videos ‘Yellow Rose for Texas’ made where we saw a gigantic thumb and finger next to the sun. I’ve never been able to figure out the perspective of what she showed us, but since then I somehow feel like we are in a place similar to the miniature world Alice was in when she went through the looking glass. A shrunken reality.

Rose said we’re in “Server D”, and I can’t relate to that either, but there’s so much we don’t know, and folks have their own terminology. It’s near impossible to explain new and complex concepts to people who have no background for the information, so I’m remaining open-minded.

Perhaps Dane will help us make more sense of that, and you’ll find this upcoming chat as appealing as I do.

It’s becoming easier to see, isn’t it, why the El-ites had to control everyone with any influence on us, including universities, publishers, the media, the government, and by creating monopolies… because by controlling the information we get, they control our reality. The bigger they become, the more powerless Humanity feels.

As Max Igan so often reminds us, it’s easy to introduce a false reality because all it takes is one generation of dumbed-down people to shift the perception entirely.

What Dane will be sharing will sound beyond Star Trek or anything else on television, but it more truly reflects reality than the backward, outright lies we’ve been taught all our lives. It’s criminal the depth of the deception of an entire race of people. And that’s why they have to go.

Knowledge is power, and the subtraction of knowledge is disempowerment.

I think it’s safe to assume that anything we now know about space, or our very existence, is a grain of sand in comparison to the knowledge we really should have; the understanding we should have been born into that would enable us to live as free Beings. We have been living as mere shadows of who and what we are, essentially with a ring through our collective nose.

When we fully awaken and are free of this matrix of control, we will be out of this world, and that is what comes to mind when I hear the song below. Glorious, undreamed-of experiences; immortality, reaching for the stars, boundless abilities and unfettered access to information. We really have no idea, and need to expand our minds so we can embrace our new reality. “Expansion.” It has a magical ring.

It isn’t so much “space” that is the final frontier, as I see it. It is the “inner space” that we are so desperately out of touch with, and the physics involved in the Creation of all that is. Correct the mental, and the physical will follow.  ~ BP


Planetary Clearing Report, Time/Space ‘Mechanics’ & How To Make Them Work For You + Planetary Liberation News Analysis

July 16, 2018

The Unknown Lightwarrior


As if we weren’t already reeling from the mostly positive mass-energetic shifts ever since Taurus entered Cancer in mid May, culminating in an acceleration of the shift after the Thurs/Fri partial solar eclipse meditation/event …

… But now, something else happened Sunday late afternoon & night (US time) which the Teams had to jump on. It was a nasty attack on all lightworkers … and after thorough testing it turned out to be an external attack … from the physical plane, not the non-physical planes … and from a piece of technology that acts as a ‘frequency thermostat’ on all Lightworkers, especially the most threatening ones.

Which was part of the reason why this attack was so ‘loud’ for so many of us.

This technology was safely fortified in a physical underground Draco/Chimera base.

But to take it out … a similar remote energy operation/session had to be carried out to the one back in late November on the dark underground Antarctica bases. After which, in early December Cobra confirmed that 80%+ of those bases were cleared in a mass operation by the physical Light Forces.

Tune in this week’s exciting episode of Ground Crew Command for a full report … and to find out what needed to be removed energetically – via consciousness from the physical – … to allow the physical Light Forces to make their move.

This week’s special guest …

Dane Arr of Prepare For Change Leadership Dot Org, on

‘Sciet Dynamics’ [Time/Space & Holographic Mechanics]

… and how to master it.

Learn about Dane Arr’s new course…offered exclusively through the PrepareForChangeLeadership.org website to find out about the science behind The Event … and fascinating – empowering – consciousness raising things such as:

  • how our nervous system has a frequency above and beyond the electromagnetic frequencies which affect consciousness.
  • how rhodium and Iridium are used by the pineal gland to create a superconductor portal field, which – when fully activated – allows us to travel through time and space.
  • how Tachyons, the philosopher’s stone, and ormus can all be used to activate the pineal gland to help us tap into these abilities.
  • when tachyons are summoned throughout the galaxy by the power of our own consciousness, we can trigger the Event.
  • how the inter-dimensional and trans-temporal nature of consciousness makes remote viewing a scientific reality.

Dane Arr is an incarnated Pleiadian geneticist who was a member of a certain Pleiadian Lodge who visited Earth to observe the progress of the genetic experiments here. He has full recall of his past lives.

He realized a certain sector of the Reptilian Race developed genetically so as to be able to use their own psychic abilities for the mind control (and torture) of humans. When he realized that the fact that humans had such short lifetimes meant they …

… were much more connected to Source than other races, he understood that the consequences of traumatizing these people was far greater because they were so close to Source …

… and he made the decision to go into the reincarnation cycle to help humans through Pleiadian science….which (similar to what Corey Goode explains about Anshar science) …

explains things like:

  • the Anshar temporal bubble
  • the Portal technology where 2 activated columns become a torsion field and you get smaller as you enter it…

Learn about all this and more through the ALL NEW course in Pleiadian scientific principles offered at PrepareForChangeLeadership.org “Mastering the Holographic Universe”.

The intro course will be offered FREE OF CHARGE on August, 4 th 2018 and those who choose to delve deeper will learn:

  • Why the phi ratio is so important throughout the universe and what it is all about.
  • Why the Great Pyramid at Giza is a focal lens for gravitational effect.
  • The truth about the power of attraction…how it works scientifically and what are the pitfalls that we may not have been aware of.
  • Why astrology works – according to Pleiadian scientific principles.
  • How the human Merkaba Field is the result of the Conscious Organization of the causal layer values surrounding that person.
  • How the human consciousness grids and the Earth’s consciousness grids work together….and why it was so devastating for humanity when the Temple Network was shut down.
  • How consciousness survives the death of the body and exists throughout the universe.

Enough value for you?!

So tune in or download the recording of this week’s action-packed episode of Ground Crew Command. Your support network!

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What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week.

Tune in to find out:

  • US military (Trump) & British Monarchy summit in the UK resulted in the Melania no-curtsy … and surrender of the Cabal aristocratic bloodlines of Europe to the US military. Is this for real? … and are the top – primarily Italian  – 13 papal bloodlines surrendering too?
  • with the World Cup in Russia over (“viva-le-bleu”) … the Trump-Putin summit merely is the finishing touch to the pending & long planned events of … Russia kicking the Cabal out of the Ukraine … and Iranian/Russian forceful measures to make Israel follow international & human right laws, with likely cessation of the Golan heights to Syria. But what opportunity does this open up for Lightworkers, as it relates to planetary liberation?
  • with codes like- “BOD EXTQR removal sequence in progress” & “PHOENIX KEYHOLE in progress” from Cobra … get ready for further breakthroughs and (sometimes rough) energy shifts, as we march on to planetary freedom.
  • confirmed … as predicted in last week’s episode by yours truly, Supreme Court Justice pick (Neo-Con) Brett Kavanaugh was indeed chosen as fodder for the Cabal (Democrats/Neocons) to shoot down, and then Trump gets to appear as the accommodating good-guy by agreeing with them or ‘caving in’ … by picking a Supreme Court justice the White Hats wanted all along.
  • another prediction confirmed here on Ground Crew Command; the US White Hats will ‘let loose’ on European & Japanese based Cabal arrests or ‘neutralization’, straight after they’ve arrested & jailed all US based Cabal & Luciferian networks. But with the number that need to be put away (in the US alone) being more like 1 million … what can we do to indeed make sure all 1 million Cabal (though mostly Cabal affiliated Luciferian pedophiles) … are put away for good?


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The Unknown Lightwarrior


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Trump’s Counter Punch w/ Dustin Nemos & Seething Frog ~ May 1, 2018

Fellow Alt. Media reporters join together to discuss current events that are now unfolding and how messages from  “Q” impact public understanding. Isaac Green of Anti-School, Dustin Nemos of Nemo V, and Dr. Phrog of Seething Frog, join together in a conversation about what’s going on, and why.

Monday’s Heavy Headlines for January 15, 2018; Martin Luther King Day [videos] ~ Jan. 15, 2018

Here we go folks. Lot’s of news out there, lot’s of excitement in the spiritual and patriotic communities as lot’s of things are happening on all fronts. Pay attention to this comprehensive article from Starship Earth who brings us many video’s from a lot of folks who are ready for the TRUTH about all matters!

So…please enjoy this article, create time to learn more, and…


Monday’s Heavy Headlines for January 15, 2018; Martin Luther King Day [videos]

Folks are getting very excited about the news we’re getting now and what we’re seeing on the political scene as well as what insiders and whistleblowers are telling us. Q has been active and it seems like what we have wanted and needed to see for so long is finally unfolding.  ~ BP

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas said they were going to drop a doozie on Monday. Here it is. Twitter is even more disgusting than we may have guessed.

BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View “Everything You Post,” & Private “Sex Messages” #DickPics

China’s rocket launch from Friday crashed and burned.

SEE VIDEO: Rocket Explodes And Crashes To Earth!

This was reported on many channels/stations, including RT.


Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp discusses current events with Greg Hunter. This is a don’t miss video as they cover so many important issues and many of our questions.

The nameless lady at You Are Free TV brings us her update which is very well done, as always.

Cov fe’fe with Dave confirms that the natives are restless. If American patriots don’t see arrests of Hillary Clinton, etc. very soon, he says there are people with itchy trigger fingers who are ready, willing and able to get it done. (love his dog)

The holographic world continues to reveal itself.

10.29 – Arrest Coming/JFK Files/Electric Universe Solar System Changes ~ Oct. 29, 2017

This is the latest info from Jordan Sather on the current “goings on” in our world. Lot’s of speculation going on out there, and Jordan discourses on the reasons why things are happening. Be safe, be careful, and…


The CYA -To Whom It May Concern – Discussion ~ June 14, 2017

Mr. Cati is a really deep guy who has a unique way of looking at the way things happen in our society. I sense he is a former deep intelligence Army guy who is aware of the negative implications of the Deep State.

Mr. Cati makes some induced deductions from current events that you may find interesting.  My thoughts are that his ideas are not all that far-fetched; in fact, many are downright plausible!

So…take an hour and listen to Mr. Cati, you may be surprised at what you learn, and…