60,000 Sealed Indictments/Military Tribunals/Disorder. ~ November 23, 2018

Editor’s Note: (Thanks J for sending this tome!) It’s good to hear from Jesse at BP Earthwatch again, welcome back! I agree with his message, although the element of surprise cannot be discounted. I think we can all agree that it’s past-time for action to be taken against the dark forces who insist of running our lives and deciding our future. I’m sure our friends in California will agree with this concept!

So…please keep your eyes and ears open, keep your cell phone handy for emergency notices, and…



Is This What “Hot Musket” is about? Check Your Emergency Notifications on your Phone. Updates. https://www.BPHeadLineNews.Com

The Pot is On the Boil as Patriots Wake Up To a Living Hell on Earth [videos] ~ November 19, 2018

As the world takes the deep state to task, we wait with baited breath for the next move on the 5D chessboard.

Both QAnon and Cobra have been silent for some time, and when that happens, there are usually critical, sensitive operations underway.

There appears to be some intel or possibly purposeful disinformation about Operation: Hot Musket (also under another name) and since that is about military operations at a critical juncture we will not be publishing any info/disinfo about it. Personally, I don’t believe the US military would allow any information about a classified operation to leak out at any cost, but we will leave it at that and wait for approved comms about related activities. We are expecting good news soon, however.


Deborah Tavares lives near Santa Rosa, CA where fires terrorized residents and has for years been tirelessly educating anyone who will listen about the globalist plan to control where Humans live, and how many actually survive to do that.

Below is one video that covers Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). The good news is, that because of those who realized the threat, took action and shared their knowledge, the satanic sickos did not meet their objective of relegating us to pack & stack communities by 2021, as planned. Their agenda was renamed Agenda 2030, and they’re trying to hit that but they will not. They, themselves, are being eliminated now.

These attacks on California and other places like Greece this past summer are due to their fear and desperation because they know their days are numbered and at this late stage in the war they have nothing to lose.

Please take heed, people, and protect yourselves. Expose these murderers and expel them from your “government”. They are imposters.

Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed – Video

When controlling and manipulating an entire planet of people, every minute detail of your actions is critical. If you watched the video from the War Drummer revealing the fascinating details of Spike Lee’s movie about infiltrating the KKK you learned that these satanic witches and warlocks are masters of manipulation and love symbolism, numerology, gematria, incantations and ceremony. They have brainwashed most of Humanity and know how to access our subconscious minds.

I don’t know about you, but their names for the fires in California screamed mind control to me. Calling a fire that killed hundreds and displaced thousands the “Camp Fire” really made me angry. I refuse to refer to it that way.

We are considered their entertainment. They giggle and guffaw about frying us with microwaves and EMF, smart meters and directed energy weapons—and much worse. These creatures are psychopaths and are counting on Humanity not catching on and doing nothing to stop them. In their arrogance lies their downfall.

The “great awakening” is in full swing and there are far more of us awake now than necessary to eviscerate these murdering sub-humans.

The military has already provided a sample of what awaits them. Two shots to the head for Senator John McCain for treason and sedition provided the example to the remaining parasites and they are running scared, while taking as many of us with them as they can—as they vowed they would.

CALIFORNIA FIRE APOCALYPSE PSYOP: Memes, Mind Control and Mass Manipulation


Thomas Williams is one of our foremost intel sources from within the ranks of those actively on the seek-and-destroy mission to dismantle the New World Order. In the following video he reveals some of the actions of the White Hats to freeze the greedy psychopaths in their tracks.

The team fried many of the enemy’s key servers because they refuse to cooperate, stop the insanity, cease their thievery of the People’s funds, and continue to block the Humanitarian efforts to help victims of the weaponized weather in America.

The Patriots have run out of patience and are not tolerating any more stalling and BS.

Thomas does a live radio show every Thursday at 7:30 pm EST, as well as other misc. shows as required to cover current events, intel, questions or time sensitive alerts. (not sure about the schedule for Thanksgiving Day, this week.)

You can listen to future and archived episodes here, at Spreaker. com or listen LIVE here, at Think Different/The Peoples’ Club

Thank you to the Lucid Dreamer channel for the video excerpts from the Truth, Honor & Integrity Shows.

Sunday Digest Intel and Updates for November 18, 2018: That Rocky Road to Freedom [videos] ~ November 18, 2018

The awakening process seems to be moving along. At what speed we’re not sure, but reports suggest that 44% of young Facebook users deleted their accounts, and now Twitter is messing big time with their users.

Californians are definitely waking up, unfortunately not by choice.

Q’s been quiet for a few days.

Simon Parkes published his update from yesterday where he discusses at the outset his intel on global events. He begins with the financial aspect, then the fires in California and the multiple methods used to incinerate the Golden State and kill residents, then gets into “Brexit” and a few other things before the Q&A. His video is below.

He also mentioned this bit of news on his website:

Russian Favoured As Head Of Interpol

The big game / Lie that the Russians are behind everything that is evil is shown for what it is by the announcement that Interpol, the international police force want a Russian to head them!

Alexander Prokopchuk the Head of the Russian interior ministry has been told that he is the front runner after the last head was removed by the Dragon society in China for being corrupt. So while crazy elements in the media shout foul about Russian involvement in the last US election, the world police organisation is actively seeking a Russian to head them.

But why can’t the majority of Earths citizens see what’s going on ? Not for nothing are the few of us brave souls called – Awake and Aware!  Source

In followup to the video from Marfoogle News channel we shared the other day about active duty and non American military being on 72-hour notice and deployed domestically, there have been more callers adding to the intel and some documentation.

I wouldn’t speculate on what all this means but I will reiterate what we’ve been cautioned about and that is fear porn, which will be rampant now.

Everything’s cool, just relax, stay calm and alert. America, if you haven’t already prepared as the President requested, then it’s best you do so now. The way things are going with earth changes, etc. everyone on the planet should prepare as people are having to evacuate on a moment’s notice for many reasons. There are murmurs of martial law and anything could happen. Power outages, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, anything.

No one is going to tell us what will unfold; this is war. Anything could happen, any time. Obviously secrecy is paramount in military operations and we will be told only what is safe to tell us. Since the operation is called “Hot Musket”, it brings the American Revolution to mind, and no, China is not taking over America. Come on. Get a grip. The cabal is THE target. Every nation on the planet has these perverts in their sights, except perhaps Israel and Saudi Arabia. They’re outnumbered.

The road will be bumpy but we’re all in this together. Just know that a far better world is in the birthing stages behind the scenes and most of us will be here to enjoy it. We will Make Earth Great Again. (MEGA)


More scuttlebutt: this activity in Haiti.

Thanks, L.

Official COD: Multiple blunt force trauma wounds = suicide.

So… he bludgeoned himself to death? Really? Thanks, L.

Death of HHS official Daniel Best is ruled a suicide

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today did an “Uncle Gordie” update recently on the Jeff Rense show with the usual intel and perspectives from a military guy who knows stuff. They get into some interesting topics that eventually wax spiritual, alien and evil. (and true). Thanks, R.

The natives are restless and Newt Gingrich penned a letter on behalf of the American people. This is from Jim Stone’s website.



Newt Gingrich calls out Hillary’s scams (by proxy of Imran Awan)

To: U.S. House of Representatives Inspector General Mike Ptasienski

As a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and a concerned private citizen, I am alarmed by the appearance of a cover-up of serious crimes committed by a former House employee and his associates, as well as, potentially, members of the House of Representatives themselves.

I waited until after the election to send this letter so it clearly would not be seen as a political act.

To help reassure the American people that our nation’s leaders stand for honesty, accountability, and transparency, this letter is a formal request to ask for the release of the two PowerPoint presentations given on September 20, 2016 and September 30, 2016 by your office to House leadership.

The presentations provide critical information pertaining to the possible invoice manipulation, equipment theft, illicit cyber activities, irregular cyber-related login and usage patterns, and outside storage of House data by Imran Awan and his associates.

The plea agreement for Mr. Awan, court appearances, and reported conversations with witnesses connected to the FBI’s investigation of Awan and his associates’ activities suggests that the FBI (while working with the United States Capitol Police) and the Department of Justice have avoided conducting a thorough and meticulous investigation.

For example, in the July 2018 plea agreement, the DOJ stated that approximately 40 witnesses were interviewed throughout the duration of the investigation. Upon further examination, this number seems substantially inadequate for an investigation potentially involving so many individuals. While employed by the House for 13 years as shared IT employees, the Awan associates worked for more than 60 members, and in 2015, 2016, and 2017, the Awan associates were on the payrolls of approximately 40 members each year. When taking into account the members, the staff of each member, fellow House IT colleagues and peers, and additional business associates, the 40 interviews that were conducted appear to be remarkably insufficient to support the argument that an investigation of this magnitude was conducted thoroughly.

In connection with the investigation, it has also been reported that key witnesses were only contacted days or hours before the plea agreement was signed. In another case, a witness was asked to be interviewed by the FBI but was prohibited from bringing any documents. Conducting investigative interviews in this manner suggests that the FBI investigators merely wanted to be able to say that they contacted witnesses and raises significant questions as to whether these interviews were actually conducted in good faith.

Aside from the alleged criminals themselves, this apparent collective effort of willful negligence sought to protect the involved members of Congress and their staffs – at the expense of the American people who they were entrusted to protect in the first place.

The sheer scale and size of the alleged criminal activity, the potential damage it could have caused, and the continual threats it potentially poses for the United States, raises significant questions that every American deserves to have answered.

In just one of the dozens of offices where one of the Awan associates were employed, almost $120, 000 worth of equipment was written off of the House inventory, after he was unable to produce the equipment. An unofficial transcript of your office’s PowerPoint presentation from September 20, 2016 asserts that the “shared employee stated that the items were never received, shouldn’t have been inventoried, or the staff lost the equipment.” The flaw in this claim is emphasized by the transcribed statement that follows: “However, equipment could not be on inventory or have [an] asset tag unless it had arrive[d] in office and EIN had been signed.”

The member of the office in question is a member of the Committee on Ethics.

Additionally, more than $111, 000 was paid by the House Democratic Caucus to one of the Awan associates throughout the duration of her employment. Members on the Committee of Foreign Affairs issued payments to associates totaling more than $950, 000. The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence paid the associates over $530, 000, while the Committee on the Judiciary paid more than $446, 000. The Committee on Ethics paid more than $221, 000, and the Committee on Homeland Security paid upwards of $175, 000.

Close ties between Pakistan and the Awan associates were also identified, including large amounts of property that were owned but not properly disclosed in House documents. A $165, 000 home equity line of credit loan received in January 2017 was wired in its entirety – almost immediately – to two individuals in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Imran Awan pleaded guilty this summer to obtaining this exact loan illegally.

These allegations and the accompanying investigation have been kept under such secrecy that the American people have been denied their fundamental right to know what happened, who is responsible, and what actions have been taken to ensure the fair and transparent administration of justice.

The American people expect better than this. The United States Congress should be better than this.

Releasing the requested documents is essential to show that the U.S. government will require every member of Congress to answer to his or her constituents and fellow citizens for his or her actions.

If you choose to deny this request, I will appeal to the House membership to pass a resolution that will make public the two documents, and all additional documents that are related to the claims made against and his associates, investigators and law enforcement, and the House members and staffers who may be involved.

Americans deserve truthful, complete answers to the questions that have been raised surrounding these extensive allegations.


Newt Gingrich


Will it ever end? There is no reconciling this election. Throw everything out and start over. Nothing else will do.

Oops! Brenda Snipes ‘Misplaced’ Another TWO THOUSAND Ballots in Broward Florida Recount

Read that story and see video here.

More from Jim Stone… with much eye-rolling and shaking of heads… what a circus.

How they are going to finalize the steal in Florida

They are going to go over ballots the machine did not count correctly and if someone did not fill out all fields on a ballot they are going to “decide” who that person wanted to vote for and fill the incomplete portions of the ballots out for them.

You can’t make this stuff up, HEADLINE: DEM TAKES SENATE and as a consolation, the governorship goes to the Republican. That’s probably what they will do.

With respect to the fiasco here in Arizona… good news. I still think they should just trash the election nationally and start over. There were too many questionable areas. Again, from Jim Stone


The Republican party has found proof the election in Arizona was stolen and is now auditing the election, which is something they would have been jailed for during the last election.

“According to Arizona’s GOP, the investigation will examine and report the Recorder’s decision to open an emergency voting center before Election Day, voting procedures and challenges, ballot counting, results reporting process, and allegations of fraud in the election.

In the press release, the GOP stated that they hope the audit will produce a fair, factually-based report that will help them understand what happened in the elections and address the voter concerns.

AZ GOP’s Chairman Jonathan Lines has asked Phoenix attorney Stephen Richer to conduct the audit with State PLLC serving as advisory legal counsel.

GOP officials said the auditor will soon create a website where Arizona residents can submit information about the recent election that could be useful to the independent audit. The GOP will provide updates of the review’s progress and hopes to use the auditor’s final report to improve the process in future Arizona elections.

My (Jim’s) comment: Just yesterday Hillary was begging to have the consent decree reinstated, claiming it’s cancellation caused too many black voters to not vote! In actuality, too many voters were left open to prosecution for voting early and voting often. This is not over yet. It’s looking good for Arizona if the GOP is going to do this.



Something to think about with respect to the California fires… There are no accidents, but there are multiple agendas. If you doubt this, do a search on “smart meter fires” and see all the photos from across North America of “smart” meters (strategic marketing) that caught fire. Today, California. Tomorrow? It could be any one of us.

SMART meters

Now we understand the extraordinary and relentless push to get SMART meters in every home and business in America.

Even when the electrical grid goes down Smart meters are equipped with technology that provides a digital signature that can be identified by drones, airplanes and satellites from above.  It also appears that these devices can be triggered to start a small isolated fire.  Whether they can be used to start a whole house electrical fire is also a distinct possibility.


Here’s a thought: What if the psychopaths decided to use their directed energy weapons, scalar weapons or particle beams on a power station or two? I doubt they would—not yet—and not at this time of year because as Simon Parkes pointed out last year, they love raking in the money from programmed Christmas shoppers, and Black Friday and Thanksgiving in the US are a few days away. The psychopaths are desperate for cash so they probably wouldn’t disrupt our lives much just now but they have the ability to do it and if pushed too far, there’s no telling what they might do. Be prepared.


Smart meters, iPhones, televisions, iPads, refrigerators, Wi-Fi, microwaves, Alexa—technology is all weaponized, folks. We are vibrational creatures and anything with a frequency can affect us—for good or ill. Beware the company you keep.

Read more and see the video at the link.

SPECIAL: Wi-Fi Deforming Fetuses, Making Children Stupid


One last item from Jim Stone… His website is fascinating reading. He says the search engine Duck-Duck-Go is hooked up to Google (surprise, surprise) and suggested this one below for a better browsing experience which so far, he says, is looking good. Yes, a memorable name. Gibiru Love the logo.

The Captain’s Blog

Communications: Hailing Frequencies Open?

We are again having issues with our telephone lines between here and Canada and can’t talk to our folks today, and the blog has challenges, too.  A fact of life any more, it seems.

In closing I would note that some readers have confirmed they are no longer getting WordPress email notifications when a new post is published at Starship Earth.

At the same time I noticed that while subscriptions climbed rather quickly over the past few weeks, they suddenly dropped all at once so it appears the blog is being messed with.

Keep in mind that while we use the WordPress format, we are not on the WordPress platform because we have our own URL so that may muddy the waters. Number One performed all the WP updates this week so we’ve done all we can do from the bridge.

One reader reports that WordPress is no longer showing the option to subscribe for daily updates for Starship Earth so you may have to bookmark the site and visit manually. Regular readers know I publish every day with only a rare break.

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