The Pot is On the Boil as Patriots Wake Up To a Living Hell on Earth [videos] ~ November 19, 2018

As the world takes the deep state to task, we wait with baited breath for the next move on the 5D chessboard.

Both QAnon and Cobra have been silent for some time, and when that happens, there are usually critical, sensitive operations underway.

There appears to be some intel or possibly purposeful disinformation about Operation: Hot Musket (also under another name) and since that is about military operations at a critical juncture we will not be publishing any info/disinfo about it. Personally, I don’t believe the US military would allow any information about a classified operation to leak out at any cost, but we will leave it at that and wait for approved comms about related activities. We are expecting good news soon, however.


Deborah Tavares lives near Santa Rosa, CA where fires terrorized residents and has for years been tirelessly educating anyone who will listen about the globalist plan to control where Humans live, and how many actually survive to do that.

Below is one video that covers Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). The good news is, that because of those who realized the threat, took action and shared their knowledge, the satanic sickos did not meet their objective of relegating us to pack & stack communities by 2021, as planned. Their agenda was renamed Agenda 2030, and they’re trying to hit that but they will not. They, themselves, are being eliminated now.

These attacks on California and other places like Greece this past summer are due to their fear and desperation because they know their days are numbered and at this late stage in the war they have nothing to lose.

Please take heed, people, and protect yourselves. Expose these murderers and expel them from your “government”. They are imposters.

Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed – Video

When controlling and manipulating an entire planet of people, every minute detail of your actions is critical. If you watched the video from the War Drummer revealing the fascinating details of Spike Lee’s movie about infiltrating the KKK you learned that these satanic witches and warlocks are masters of manipulation and love symbolism, numerology, gematria, incantations and ceremony. They have brainwashed most of Humanity and know how to access our subconscious minds.

I don’t know about you, but their names for the fires in California screamed mind control to me. Calling a fire that killed hundreds and displaced thousands the “Camp Fire” really made me angry. I refuse to refer to it that way.

We are considered their entertainment. They giggle and guffaw about frying us with microwaves and EMF, smart meters and directed energy weapons—and much worse. These creatures are psychopaths and are counting on Humanity not catching on and doing nothing to stop them. In their arrogance lies their downfall.

The “great awakening” is in full swing and there are far more of us awake now than necessary to eviscerate these murdering sub-humans.

The military has already provided a sample of what awaits them. Two shots to the head for Senator John McCain for treason and sedition provided the example to the remaining parasites and they are running scared, while taking as many of us with them as they can—as they vowed they would.

CALIFORNIA FIRE APOCALYPSE PSYOP: Memes, Mind Control and Mass Manipulation


Thomas Williams is one of our foremost intel sources from within the ranks of those actively on the seek-and-destroy mission to dismantle the New World Order. In the following video he reveals some of the actions of the White Hats to freeze the greedy psychopaths in their tracks.

The team fried many of the enemy’s key servers because they refuse to cooperate, stop the insanity, cease their thievery of the People’s funds, and continue to block the Humanitarian efforts to help victims of the weaponized weather in America.

The Patriots have run out of patience and are not tolerating any more stalling and BS.

Thomas does a live radio show every Thursday at 7:30 pm EST, as well as other misc. shows as required to cover current events, intel, questions or time sensitive alerts. (not sure about the schedule for Thanksgiving Day, this week.)

You can listen to future and archived episodes here, at Spreaker. com or listen LIVE here, at Think Different/The Peoples’ Club

Thank you to the Lucid Dreamer channel for the video excerpts from the Truth, Honor & Integrity Shows.

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