The Galactics: Awakening to the NOW ~ December 22, 2019

Beloved Ones,

We are the members of your Galactic Family, who have come into your NOW to remind you that YOU are special. Yes, we mean YOU, the one who reads, and/or shares of this message with others.

We have come here into your a higher frequency of Self that directs you to remind yourself that NOW is the week, the day, and/or the minute in which YOU can begin the process of awakening to the NOW.

“What is the NOW?” we hear you say. Our answer is that the NOW is when you have released all excuses and reasons that make it “impossible” to answer the “Inner Call,” which seems to become louder and louder the more you try to ignore it OR when whenever you decide to hear it.

“After all, why would anyone want to ignore their chance to awaken to the NOW?” we hear you say. Sadly, our answer is often because too many grounded ones have completely forgotten their true Galactic Heritage.

Just as it would be challenging to remember a past incarnation in which you were/are a member of a Starship, and your duty was/is to remind the humans on Earth to remember their Higher Dimensional Galactic SELF, it is your duty and joy now, to remind the other humans with whom your share your third dimensional reality, that WE are all ONE!

Unfortunately, some of our brave warriors to take an earth vessel on Gaia may have become lost in the illusions of the third dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s Earth. Therefore, these ones may have forgotten the very Mission that thy chose to fulfill on Gaia’s Earth.

Therefore, we have come to you within this NOW to remind you that, even if you cannot remember your fifth dimensional life on your Starship, you can still visit that reality as often as you like while your 3D earth vessel is sleeping.

In fact, while your human self is sleeping, your Multidimensional SELF is coming by to pick you up and take you for a visit to your Star Ship. Of course, it is difficult for your to stay awake enough to remember your “dreams/higher visits” to your higher dimensional reality.

However, we see that more and more of you are beginning to remember some of your nightly (or during deep meditation) experiences of Awakening to the NOW of the ONE. Of course, you come from your Starships, or your higher dimensional realities, but your human self has likely forgotten that detail.

In fact, your human self will likely forget your entire night time, sleeping adventure. Fortunately, there is a “feeling” that the “awakening ones” have as they slowly, or quickly, begin to “remember” that which they had spent most of their current incarnation forgetting.

We want you to know that the “forgetting” is important so that you can maintain confidence in the 3D reality which you human self may perceive as the “only reality.” However, there is always a portal, through which you can travel to experience, and/or remember, that there are higher and higher dimensions of reality.

And, as the picture above shows, there is always a “Greeter” to meet you at the threshold into the higher frequencies of Earth’s reality. In fact, more and more members of Gaia’s humanity are beginning to remember dreams and/or meditations in which you experience a reality in which there is a higher frequency than your third, or fourth, dimensional perceptions.

At first, you may just remember “something,” but gradually, that same “something” shows up in different dreams, or different memories, or different doodles that you draw when you are “just relaxing.”

In fact, it is when you are sleeping or relaxing that you are most likely to remember that YOU are much, more that your third dimensional self can remember. It is for this reason that more and more humans are beginning to remember their dreams, and “interesting visions,” that they do not understand, but simultaneously vaguely, or even clearly, remember.

“Wow, that was a cool dream,” or “This may seem weird, but it feels like you have seen, heard, and/or recognized that being on a Starship and/or an experience that you woke up remembering. If you “woke up” and remembered “something,” does that make it real? Or does that mean that it was just a dream?

In fact, how different is a dream from your imagination? If you “just imagined” that there was a portal that you seemed to go through, how do you know if it was not “just a dream” or a “real inter-dimensional experience,” that you were somehow able to remember?

Your “everyday self” may ask, “Was that a Starship I just saw, or was it something else, and I just thought I saw a Starship? Perhaps, the important part may be that you were happy to think of “what ever it was” as a Starship, and you were happy, and fearless when you were able to experience what you identified as a Starship.

You may wonder if the Galactics are “trying out the humans” to see if they are NOW ready to be happy to see a Starship, and do NOT reach for their weapons, like they would have in the past. Does this mean that humans are becoming more open minded and/or more fifth dimensional?

Of course, you would like to have the answer be Yes-Yes!! In fact, you may have seen what looked like a Starship, usually cloaked in what appeared to be a cloud, on several different occasions. But, how can one discern between what they want to see and what they do see?

You may have thought that in order to know that you are really seeing a Starship, as opposed to believing that you are only thinking of seeing Starship, and therefore, believed it was a Starship because you wanted it to be a Starship!

We, your Galactic Family, say YES, YES, YES, please find your own inner courage so that you can begin to and/or expand your knowing that YOU are a Multidimensional Being, who is living on the Multidimensional Planet of Earth.

“Did this just happen?” you may ask.

Our answer is that once your consciousness can expand enough to perceive, and believe, that there is a fifth dimensional frequency of reality on which your own Higher Dimensional SELF presides, and from which you receive the fifth dimensional information that you are becoming more and more ready to believe and to LIVE!!

What does it mean to LIVE in the fifth dimension?

Are YOU curious about that question?

Do you feel that you have found the answers to some of the questions which you have asked your own Higher SELF?

If that answer is YES, do you share you experiences with others?

If the answer is now, are you curious to find out about these “possible experiences?”

There are many questions to be asked within this NOW of Planetary Transition into a higher frequency of resonance. Yes, “The darkest night is just before dawn!” Therefore, you will need to go inside your own consciousness and ponder the answers to your questions with your own Higher Dimensional Frequency of SELF!

Yes, YES! You ALL have Higher Dimensional Frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. In fact it is because you are a Multidimensional Being that you are able to think, feel, question, and honer that which you receive from the higher dimensions of Gaia’s planetary SELF.

Also, those of you who think of Gaia as a living being, are well aware that She is suffering every day at the hand of selfish, materialistic, and lower dimensional humans who can only thing about what they want for their self.

Therefore, we invite all of our Awakened Ones to visit us, your Higher Dimensional Galactic Family, to come into your meditations, your dreams, your questions, and your remembrances of your SELF!

Are YOU ready NOW to walk through that Interdimensional Portal to the NOW of the ONE?
When you are ready, we, the members of your Galactic Family will be there to embarrass you with-

Unconditional Love and Fifth dimensional LIGHT!

If any of you who are currently wearing a third dimensional form, wish to meet up personally, just call us with your Loving Heart and KNOW that you will Share your LIGHT

Blessings from the Arcturians.

» Source » Channel: Suzanne Lie

New Beginnings – The Arcturians ~ July 9, 2019

New Beginnings – The Arcturians. By Suzanne Lie.

July 4th represents the “new beginning” of a “new country.” Therefore, I thought I would ask the Arcturians to tell us about “New Beginnings.”

Dear Ones,

We are the Arcturians here to speak to you about “New Beginnings.”

As you are all aware, a “new beginning” follows an ending of that which you have outgrown and/or moved beyond.


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New Beginnings - Arcturians


New Beginnings

Therefore, we ask you to take a moment to ask your self: “What persons, places, situations, or thing, have I outgrown?

Whether or not you are aware of it, asking that question will direct your attention towards what you are READY to release or vastly change.

We observe that usually, humans take a long time to ponder “letting go” of that which has been important in their life.

Cintamani Jewels

If that time is based on a “life review” in which you dedicate yourself to examining what components of your life are working for you, give you pleasure, as well as give you a strong sense of purpose and clarity, then it is a very good idea.

On the other hand, if your “life review” leads you to deep discomfort, or even depression or anger, it is a good idea to find someone that you can trust to assist you through this difficult transition.

Yes, we use the word “transition”, as we have observed that humans often have difficulty with transitioning into some different than they are used to.

That “discomfort” is what needs to be addressed so that you can better understand your self and the reality that you have created for your self.

In fact, one of the primary transitions that we have perceived as a human challenge is the transition of accepting that THEY are the creators of their life.

If they can accept that they are the creators of their own life by taking credit for what has worked for them, and my forgiving themselves for the “human mistakes” that a component of “life on the third dimension.”

We, the Arcturians and all the members of your Galactic Family wish you to know that we can see and deeply understand the difficulties that are a component of living in the third-dimensional frequency of reality.

Even though some of us have not yet had a “tour of duty” on third dimensional Earth, we have all worked together to assist the ones who have returned from a third-dimensional incarnation.

Some of our returnees had a great adventure, and some of our returnees had a difficult time in the time-bound, polarized realized the reality of third dimensional Earth.

However, ALL of our returned were deeply moved by the manner in which dear Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, has been mistreated by some of the earthly beings.

We say “some” of the earthly being, as we are very happy to observe that more and more humans are taking personal responsibility for the health and welfare for the planet that they have made their home.

However, there are still too many humans who resonate to a low frequency of consciousness that do damage to Gaia on a regular basis.

Many of these humans are not really “human” in that they are the dark ones who can take a human form but do so for negative reasons.

Therefore, we remind our human representatives to look into that one’s heart to determine if it feels like love or feels like fear.

Yes, indeed, the dark ones are driven by fear, which is why they can do so much damage to Gaia and all Her inhabitants—including other humans.

Those humans who are awake and aware of their own Higher Self can easily identify these “lost ones,” as we call them.

These lost ones have often stolen their Starship from another who was docked in the lower realms of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.

However, the lost ones cannot raise their consciousness, and thus the frequency of their consciousness, beyond the Lower Astral Plane.

In fact, many of these “lost ones,” as we call them, are trying to return to the higher realms after their “time on Earth.”

However, they have harmed dear Gaia, as well as Her many inhabitants in some manner.

Therefore, according to our Universal Laws, they can only return to the Lower Astral Plane, where they will instantly receive the energy that they have sent out.

On Gaia’s third dimensional reality, one can do many harmful things to others and to the planet, but seem to “get away with it.”

However, at the end of their incarnation on third dimensional Earth, they will go into the fourth dimension.

The lowest sub-planes of the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane, which will echo and reflect those who enter, the sum-total of the energy fields that they left on Gaia.

For those who used their incarnation on Gaia to spread wisdom, kindness, and unconditional love, have unknowingly created a portal of Love and Light through which they, as well as all the others who spent their incarnation based on Love and Light, can enjoy and prepare for their wondrous experience of the fifth dimensional realities.

If and when, those who could only resonate to the Lower Astral Plane, learn to live by and share Unconditional Love with the others, they too will be able to resonate to the Mid-fourth dimension, then the higher fourth dimension, and hopefully will eventually ascend into the fifth dimension.

None of their journeys is a “form of punishment.” It is just that “energy out equals energy back.”

Therefore, those who seemed to “get away with” far too many selfish and cruel deeps to Gaia and to any of Her inhabitants, will need to remain in the lower planes until they have remembered that “they are the creators of their reality!!”

They are not being punished. But, they are receiving back to them exactly what they have put out to others, including Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

As, and if, an inhabitant of the Lower Astral Plane has remembered and chosen to live within and share “Love and Light” to the other members of that plane of reality they have found themselves in, they will advance into higher and higher frequencies of Light.

If they can remember how to resonate to the fifth dimension, they will be able to go back to their former Starship or Homeworld to continue their healing.

It is only once they have been able to return to the fifth dimension, and served in that frequency until they are totally ready, that they can experience another incarnation on Gaia.

However, if they return to Gaia too soon, the many difficult challenges of the third dimension may corrupt them again, which is why there are still “dark ones” on Earth.

These dark ones will often cycle between Gaia and the Lower Astral lifetime after lifetime.

It is because of this dynamic that living on Earth can be such a challenge.

Fortunately, there are still many humans who live in Light and Love and strive to not only heal other humans but to also hear Gaia and ALL of Her many inhabitants.

These humans are deeply honored on their crossing over into the Higher Planes.

In fact, many of the “Love and Light Humans” (as we call them) cross over during their sleep to visit their higher dimensional friends, family, and even their own higher dimensional SELF.

How can we visit our SELF?” we hear you ask. You can visit your fifth-dimensional SELF even while you living in your third dimension body.

Yes, that is, indeed, possible. All you need do is to expand your third-dimensional consciousness into your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Of course, it is one thing to expand your consciousness while you are meditating in your home, being with a group of like-minded friends, or being in Nature, but it is another thing to maintain you expanded consciousness while you walk through the many challenges of your third-dimensional daily life.

It is for this very reason that we wish to commend you for being able to “remember your SELF,” while in the grips of the challenges of daily life.

But, how do YOU “Remember your SELF during your daily life?”

New Beginnings - Arcturians


New Beginnings

Dear Readers,
The Arcturians, though me, have suggested that you – The READERS – put into the comments section:

HOW YOU remember your SELF, during the challenges of daily life?

Thank you so much for joining in with this group endeavor.

What if we ALL chose just one thing that would help us remember our SELF, and then we remembered our SELF!!

Wherever you live, in whatever country, take a long moment to



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Heart and Mind

Rare people use their mind. Few people use their heart and unique those who use both of them.

Rita Levi Montalcini

The Arcturians ~ Inter-dimensional Communication ~ March 23, 2018

By Suzanne Lie

Third Dimensional Communication occurs within the Physical World of polarities, separation, time and space. It is best perceived with your physical qualities of hearing, seeing, and smelling.

Third dimensional Communication is best achieved by listening both to what you are saying, as well as what the person you are speaking to is saying.


Fourth Dimensional Communication occurs within the Astral World while you are preparing for birth, death, and/or transmutation of your consciousness and/or physical form.

Fourth Dimensional Communication is best activated by creativity, during dreams, meditations and/or near death experiences. Fourth Dimensional Communication is best achieved by activating your creative energy field and loving your third dimensional reality.


Fifth Dimensional Communication occurs within the “NOW of the ONE” of the fifth dimension via surrendering your consciousness to your Fifth Dimensional Self, who speaks the Light Language of:

Clairvoyance, Seeing higher dimensions,

Clairaudience, Hearing higher dimensions,

and Clairsentience, Feeling higher dimensional realities.


Inter-dimensional Communication occurs while you are in a higher state of consciousness andallowing your Higher Self to communicate with you via:

Surrendering your physical form into the experience of meditation,

Experiencing and remembering your higher dimensional dreams,

Remembering your multidimensional communication by:

Transmuting your 3D communications of time and space

into your 5D communications concepts of the HERE  and NOW of Light Language

Summary from your Higher SELF,

Dear Higher SELF,

How are we doing today, or actually, how am I doing?

Am I connecting with you within this NOW or is it just my imagination?

Dear ONE,

Your imagination is fifth dimensional thought. Therefore, when you are connecting with your imagination, you are connecting with your fifth dimensional SELF. Yes, it is good to get out of your daily life so that you can discover that which you miss, as opposed to that which you are complete with, but cannot find the time to release

You may have found that if you love sharing your process with others by talking with, writing to, and drawing pictures that are evoked by you meditations, you are connecting with your fifth dimensional SELF.  

It is also helpful to get out of your daily life so that you can discover that which you miss, as opposed to that which you are complete with, but you cannot “find the time” to release. You may find that you love sharing your process of returning to your fifth dimensional SELF with others.

Dear One, please remember that your imagination is your fifth dimensional thought.  Therefore if you are connecting wit your imagination, you are connecting with your fifth dimensional SELF.

It is very beneficial if you can get far out of your daily routine so that you can discover that which you miss, as opposed to that which you are complete with, but cannot “find the time to release it.”

If you share your process with others via writing, drawing, and speaking people, as well as with Gaia’s sweet Nature Creatures, while you are also connecting with the imagination of your fifth dimensional SELF.

It is also helpful to get far out of your daily life so that you can discover that which you miss as opposed to that which you are complete with, but may have not found the “time” to release.

Remember, you just may find that you will love sharing your process with others via writing, talking, drawing, making pictures and having meditations. It is great to get far out of your daily life so that you can  discover that which you miss, as opposed to that which you are complete, but have not released.

You may find that you love sharing your process with others, as well as grounding it into the body of Gaia. Your higher dimensional friends, as well as Gaia, are also ready to share this NOW of transmutation with you.

As you awaken more and more to your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, your perception of reality will totally change. For one thing, “separation” is very different once you start seeing everyone’s, and everything’s aura.

For all your third dimensional incarnations you have seen the edges of all life that make you feel separate from all reality. It is that “sense of separation” from each other, from Gaia, and from the higher dimensions of your reality.

However, as you become increasingly fifth dimensional in your consciousness, you will begin to perceive your outer world, as being  a component of your inner world. Then, as your fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions begin to “come more and more online with your daily life,” you will begin to perceive components of reality that you have never experienced before.

For example, auras will be a natural part of your perceptual field in the same manner that you can perceive shadows in your present perceptual field. As your fifth dimensional perceptions com “on line” with your mental expectations, you will begin to see the light of every part of your physical world.

Just as humans are changing bit-by-bit every day in an exponential manner, all life on planet Earth is also shifting into a higher frequency. At first this process is confusing to the awakening ones because the “higher light” will make it much easier to perceive “the darkness.”

Therefore, we are asking our awakening one to release all judgment, assessment and comparisons until you have a deep understanding of what is occurring in your reality, as well as the manner in which you are adapting to these transitions.

We remind you that if you are waiting for a certain “time” for “things to happen,” please remember that TIME IS AN ILLUSION OF THE THIRD DIMENSION. Hence, instead of “waiting for a certain time” in which thing will begin to occur, remember that you are not on Gaia for your personal ascension.

Remember that you are not having a personal ascension in which you can “fly” off beyond the confines of the physical world. Instead, the entire physical world is right HERE and New Earth is right NOW.

Just as humans are changing bit-by-bit in an exponential manner, Earth’s entire reality is changing as well. However, as your fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions “come on line” in your human consciousness, you will increasingly perceive components of reality that your have never experienced before.

For example, just as shadows are a natural component of your third dimensional perceptions, the auras of all living beings will be a natural part of your perceptions in your fifth dimensional world.

As your 5D perceptions come “on line” you will see the light of every physical being, as well as the darkness. There will be no more hiding of ones intentions, as they will easily ready by everyone.

Furthermore, as you fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions come online in your human consciousness you will perceive components of reality that you have experienced before, such as the Galactic Starships and Galactic Beings who have entered Earth’s aura to assist ALL of Gaia’s beings with their transmutation.

This transmutation will begin with the very elements of elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. Please understand that this process is not like you are waiting for a certain TIME for things to happen, as “time” is an illusion of the third/fourth dimensions.

Instead, you are “waiting for” a certain frequency of realty for these important changes to take place. Please remember that you are NOT in a hurry for your own personal ascension in which you see yourself “flying off beyond the  confines of your physical world.

Instead, the entire physical world is right HERE, and New Earth is NOW! Just as humans are changing bit-by-bit everyday in an exponential manner. As humanity changes, their reality changes because their perceptions are changes—because their state of consciousness is changing.

Please remember that you reality is changing because your frequency of reality is changing. However, your personal changes with occur within alignment of the frequency of realty to which you have chosen, or feel you are “stuck on.”

If you think/believe that you have chosen the frequency of reality that you wish to experience by calibrating your consciousness to that reality, you will KNOW that YOU are the creator of your reality.

On the other hand, if you think that you are “stuck” on a certain frequency and what “someone else” to save you, then YOU are the victim to your reality. In other words, if you can forget about “who did what to whom” and focus on I AM the creator of my reality, and I AM on Earth to assist Gaia with Planetary Ascension.

WHO you are is measured by WHAT you give away to others and to Gaia. As your fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions come more and more online within your Human Consciousness, you will naturally feel, perceive and dedicate your attention towards assist Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension.

“Seeing Auras will become a natural part of your perceptual field, in the same manner that you can “see shadows” while in your third dimensional state of consciousness.  Please remember that expectation is a huge component of perception. Therefore, people will “see what they look for.”

Of you look for “bad news,” you will easily find it. However, if you look for good solutions for difficult situations, you will find that. It may not be as easy as finding “bad news,” as humanity is still looking down at the problem rather than looking up for the solutions.

We remind you to look DOWN for the cause and core of Gaia’s many problems, as well as the many deep injuries to her planetary body. However, to find the solutions for dear Gaia’s needs, please remember to look UP into your own higher states of consciousness.

It is within your higher fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness that you will remember the frequency of your own SELF that chose to take a human earth vessel to assist dear planet Earth, Mother Gaia, not because you want something for yourself, but because your want to assist Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension.

If you look DOWN into the fear and dissension, that is what you will find. However, if you look UP into the Multidimensional and Interdimensional Light, you will find your Purpose for Incarnation! Remember the “you” that wrote your own Mission Statement to Assist Gaia.

Remember what YOU wrote on that Mission Statement. Right NOW place “Joining your Interdimensional SELF with Gaia to assist with Planetary Ascension.” Then join your Interdimensional SELF with all other beings on Gaia who have come into contact with, as well as serve, their OWN higher dimensional Mission Statement to Assist Gaia.

What did you write on your Mission Statement to Earth?

Have you kept track of that statement and tried your best to fulfill it?

Or, did you get lost in the brier patch of the third dimension? If this situation is yours, do not judge yourself. You only got temporarily lost in the darkness because you had the courage to confront it.

Stay with your process, as the “darkest night is just before dawn.” Put connecting with  your own Higher dimensional SELF top priority in your life! Meet daily with your higher dimensional friends and beloved Gaia!

As you awaken more and more to your fifth dimensional SELF, your fifth dimensional will increasingly come “on line.” As you continue to awaken to your fifth dimensional Light Body SELF, your perceptions will shift to include more and more:

            Fifth dimensional thinking

                        Fifth dimensional feelings

                                    Fifth dimensional memories

AND the Fifth dimensional Mission Statement that

YOU created for your SELF before you entered your current earth vessel.

The more you are TRUE to your SELF, the more you will remember your SELF. The more you remember your fifth dimensional SELF who resides in the Fifth Dimension, the more YOU will become the fifth dimensional Being

that you have ALWAYS BEEN…






We are the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and ALL the members of your Galactic Family

Call us!  We are HERE NOW to assist you to assist Gaia


The Arcturians ~ Merging With Your Galactic SELF ~ March 8, 2018

By Suzanne Lie

The manner in which you will meet your Galactic Self is to remember that Perception is the product of the Perspective that you are “personally” experiencing. Many people could perceive the same event, perceived at the same time, and in the same place, but each person would have their own, personal perspective.

It often takes a great deal of introspection to trust your own perceptions of your changing reality, as well as your changing expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

When you experience and/or remember who you are in your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, you will begin to remember why you chose to take the earth vessel that you are currently wearing.

This perception of your Galactic SELF is usually experienced via what you call your “imagination.” Imagination is not bound or limited to social limitations. Therefore, your imagination, which is your own fifth dimensional thinking, will assist you to remember your own Multidimensional SELF.

You are already aware of the components of your SELF in your third dimensional, physical reality. However, you may seem to be quite different in different frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF.

For example, even your fourth dimensional Astral SELF, who you usually bond with during your dreams and meditations, is very different than your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

Your Lightbody SELF exists within the NOW of the ONE, whereas your Astral Self exists in your dreams, imaginations and creative experiences. We, your Galactic Family, commend you for your sacrifice to take a third dimensional form on a planet which is on the edge of a major transformation.

Therefore, we, are here within your NOW you to assist you to remember that you ALL have many different frequencies of your SELF that exist simultaneously within your Multidimensional SELF.

You chose to take a third/fourth dimensional Earth Body, so that you could assist planet Gaia, and so that you could ground what you have learned and experienced via your Multidimensional SELF into the planetary body of Earth.

Earth, who is known to us as Gaia, is ready to move into higher dimensional expressions of Her Planetary SELF. However, many of Her human inhabitants have created great damage to Her body, and are NOT ready to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension.

It is for this reason, that many of our fifth dimensional crew members have volunteered to take a physical form on Earth. Some were born, like all humans, and some “walked into” a body that another was vacating via the process that you know of as “death.”

We, the members of our Galactic Family, do not experience death. But we did experience “Transformation” and “Transmutation.” Many of us have volunteered to transform ourselves into a third dimensional human, so that we could come to Earth to assist Gaia and to teach Her humans the TRUTH of Planetary Ascension.

TRANSFORMATION means a great change, but within the same dimension of reality.

For example, many humans have greatly transformed their physical life during any given incarnation. This transformation prepared them for their transmutation.

TRANSMUTATION means shifting your resonant frequency into a higher dimension. We are happy to see that more and more of our grounded ones are beginning to awaken to the higher dimensional expressions of your current self.

Then, as candidates for ascension (return to your true Multidimensional SELF) you will be called on to prepare for the growing awareness of that “perspective of reality,” that you have chosen to take.

You, brave grounded ones, are moving towards a “conscious perception” of the “higher dimensional realities,” that have always existed in tandem with your physical world.

Within this NOW, you, the ascending ones, are experiencing a yearning for “something that you can’t quite define.” The reason why you cannot define it is because you are trying to run fifth-dimensional information through your third dimensional brain.

It is, of course, a good practice to align your physical consciousness with the higher dimensional potential of your innate multidimensional brain, especially when it includes  your Multidimensional SELF.

This inter-mingling of your third/fourth dimensional human-self and your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF is the first step toward personal, and planetary, ascension.

However, you must be patient with your third dimensional, physical brain, as it will be called on to activate synaptic junctions that have not been activated since you left the Ship and/or your 5D Homeworld.

In fact, one of the most difficult challenges of your transmutation into your innate, fifth dimensional frequency of reality is the realization that time and space were only an illusion of your third/fourth dimensional perspective.

From your fifth dimensional perspective, you can easily perceive and understand how YOU are the creator of your third dimensional life. You can recover that knowing because you can consciously communicate with your fifth dimensional family on your Ship or Homeworld.

Unfortunately, once you are on third/fourth dimensional Gaia, the influence of so many physical people who can only perceive life from a third dimensional perspective can make it very easy to “forget your True Multidimensional SELF” and slip into just being “human.”

However, from the fourth dimensional perspective, of your dreams and/or deep meditations you will begin to remember another reality that was based on love and light.

From your third dimensional perspective, there is time and space. Therefore, there is a “past,” which many believe they must repair, change, or even ignore.

However, while resonating to the fifth dimensional frequency of that very same reality, you will perceive everything from a totally different perspective, which will totally change your perception of reality.

In fact, if you can remember to perceive reality from the perspective of your fourth dimensional Self, in which you are more opened to new ideas, creative ventures and an inner urge to know more about your self and your reality, you consciousness will expand into fifth dimensional consciousness.

Through your fifth dimensional consciousness, your perceptions of reality will expand to encompass the multidimensional aspects of Gaia. In other words, both persons and planet will ascend.

That is, the persons who have been able to learn “Service to Others,” with “others” including planet Earth. Humanity has many different states of consciousness, which are much like the “channels” on your television.

If you desire to watch a certain channel, OR you desire to perceive a certain reality, set your attention to the channel/frequency of reality that you wish to experience. However, you can watch any channel you wish, but you can only experience the reality to which you set your consciousness.

If your consciousness is based on Unconditional Love and Higher Light, you will be able to interact—via dreams, meditations, creative works, service to others, etc.—higher dimensional versions of reality. However, as you know, there are those who wish to have Power Over Others, as their operating system. They are the humans who reveal the dark side of your third/fourth dimensional world.

These ones from the Dark Side, were able to join Gaia’s planet, first because Gaia is such a loving being, and second because they would serve as “the darkest night before the dawn.” In other words, the Dark Ones create the polarity of “power over.”

As difficult as it may seem, the dark and the light allow the ascending ones to remember:

“Where you attention is—there YOU are also.” In this manner, those who take an earth vessel have the opportunity to learn how to be the Conscious Creators of their reality,

In the same manner that you may chose what you want to eat, you consciously, or unconsciously, chose what you want to think, to perceive and to do. If it is your desire body that directs your attention toward what you want to perceive, or away from what you do NOT want to perceive, then you have placed your personal desires at the “helm of your ship.”   

What you determine you want to perceive, waits in line in your perceptual consciousness to direct your attention in that direction. Therefore, if you want to perceive a means to have power over others, that will be revealed to you.

However, as your perceptual field begins to expand to encompass the fifth dimension, you will likely look around and ask, “What can I do to assist Gaia and ALL Her life forms?”

You will also begin to have what is often called, “visions of a Higher Reality, a Starship, and/or your own Higher Dimensional SELF.”

What we are saying is that you will have a completely different perspective of life if you perceive reality via the perspective of the third, fourth, or dimensional perceptual field. Each perceptual field is very different.

Your third dimensional perceptual field is ruled by separation, and the ongoing changes of time.

Your fourth dimensional perceptual field is usually determined by creativity in your daily life, and/or your dreams and creative endeavors.

Your fifth dimensional perceptual field is determined by your inter-dimensional consciousness, and by what you promised to do during your present excursion into the third dimension.

When you resonate to a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, and you are able to expand your perceptional field beyond the third dimension and into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions where our Ships usually fly.

You will also live within the NOW of the ONE, and will able to visit our fifth dimensional reality. The challenge is that your third dimensional brain is not calibrated to consciously perceive the fourth and fifth dimensions. However, your 3D brain is capable of that perception if you can “trust your imagination.”

Imagination is the “crossover” from third/fourth dimensional thinking and perceptions. You see, how your think, what you think about, and how you respond to your own thoughts greatly influences your state of consciousness. Then, your state of consciousness greatly influences what you think and what you perceive.

Thoughts and perceptions work as one. For example, if you think, “Oh, that is impossible! I must be crazy.” Your perceptual field will shrink back down to the third dimension, and the fourth dimension while you are dreaming, meditation and/or being creative.

There is a huge frequency shift in the perception of reality when your consciousness resonates to the third dimension/lower fourth and when your consciousness resonates to the upper fourth/ and fifth dimension.

Then, as your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension, which is usually only during deep meditation, your perception of reality shifts to include the fifth dimensional versions of reality. You may have perceptions of that which many people my judge as impossible—such as seeing a Star Ship.

From the third/fourth dimensional perspective of reality to the fifth dimensional perspectives of reality is often a huge shift. This difference is:

Your Third/Physical Body only perceives the physical reality,

Your Fourth/Astral Body perceives your physical reality,

Your imagination, and your dream world,

Your Fifth dimensional/ Light Body perceives ALL the lower bodies, as well as ALL your fifth dimensional perceptions. Also, there is a major shift between your “Self Image” when you begin to have fifth dimensional perception.

Please know that just as you perceive the 3D Physical World very differently than you perceive the 4D Astral World, you perceive 5D Light World very differently than you experience the third and fourth dimensional worlds. Also, if you perceive yourself as being “just physical,” then the physical frequency of reality becomes “THE Reality.”

It is usually when you are able to move past the limitations of the third dimensional perceptions, into the higher imaginable possibilities of the fourth dimension perceptions, and into the time less/space less imaginable possibilities of the fifth dimensional world that you will begin to perceive and trust your own Multidimensional SELF.

As you allow yourself to remember, and BE, your true, Multidimensional SELF, you will begin to recover the perception of your fifth dimensional world. However, just as you perceive the third and fourth dimensions in a different manner, there is a great difference in the manner in which you perceive your fifth dimension.

It is our own innate ability to perceive the fifth dimension that we wish to recover. At least, we think we wish to recover it. Just perceiving the third dimension can be over whelming.

It is for this reason that our STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS precedes our ability to CONSCIOUSLY PERCEIVE THE HIGHER WORLDS.

Join us on this Webinar to find some answers to the questions that you are just NOW remembering to ask.

The Arcturians and YOUR Galactic Family


The Arcturians & Commander Zarton ~ Gaia is Preparing Herself for a Planetary Shift ~ Jan. 3, 2018

By Suzanne Lie




I am Space Commander Zarton from a planet that is unknown to Earthlings as we are too close to the Sun for you to imagine that we exist. However, our world resonates to the frequency of the sixth/seventh dimensions and beyond.

I say “sixth/seventh” because some of our world resonates to the sixth dimension and some of our world resonates to the seventh dimension. You have a similar situation on Earth in that some of your world resonates to the third dimension, and some of your world resonates to the fourth dimension.

Our sixth dimensional world is much like your third dimensional world in that it is where we wear a “body,” as opposed to wearing our “ethereal shape.” Again, this situation is similar to your world in that we wear our body shape while we interact with our society, as well as when we interaction with beings from realities that resonate to the fourth/fifth dimensional realities.

We see that more and more of you are becoming what we call “body wearers.” That is, instead of “being your body” you are realizing that YOU resonate to a higher frequency than your physical form.

Therefore, even while you still choose to wear a third dimensional physical earth vessel, you are remembering that you are simultaneously wearing a fourth dimensional Astral Body and a fifth dimensional Lightbody.

In other words, you are beginning to remember that you are much more than the physical body that you wear. More and more, you are remembering that your consciousness is quickly expanding to include the concept of you merging your fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.

You are even having conscious experiences of “being” a higher dimensional version of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, you are beginning to have experiences of “being” the YOU who resonates beyond the limitations of your third dimensional physical form. It is for this reason that we have decided to attempt a “First Contact” with your species.

All of us “Galactics,” as we call ourselves, who resonate to our sixth dimensional body and our seventh dimensional aura, as well as those of us who are wearing a seventh dimensional body and an eight dimensional aura, are fully informed about the ongoing transmutation of planet Earth into a higher frequency of resonance.

We have happily observed, that more and more third dimensional humans are remembering their higher expressions of SELF have merged with their higher dimensional aura. Therefore, they can more effectively over-light the expression of themselves that has volunteered to take an earth vessel, which is a of a lower frequency than the vessel they are wearing in the higher dimensions.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are aware of the fact that your planet, which you call Earth, is preparing Herself for a planetary shift out of the third/fourth dimensional realities of time and space, and into the fifth dimensional realities of HERE and NOW.

However, few of you are aware of how much your reality will change once you make the shift from your third/fourth dimensional reality of TIME  and  SPACE. Also, you may not be aware of what a difference it will make in your life, and your reality, once you release your addiction to the third dimensional illusions of “time and space,” as well as the third dimensional illusion of separation.

As your consciousness expands beyond the “habit” of perceiving reality as based on TIME and SPACE, and allow yourselves to perceive reality as being based on the NOW and HERE of the higher dimensional worlds, your perception of “reality” will be completely transformed.

More and more of you are becoming aware of the fact that there are realities that exist beyond your third dimensional physical, time and space. In fact, many of you are remembering the fourth-dimensional, astral world during the experiences that you are having while asleep and during meditations.

These realities beyond time and space are inhabited by what many of you humans call ETs—or Extra-terrestrial beings. You are, indeed, correct that we, the beings who resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond are “extra-terrestrial.”

“In your language, extra-terrestrial means: “originating, existing, or occurring outside of the Earth or Earth’s atmosphere.” However, we would prefer to call ourselves “The Multi-dimensionals.”

You see, the fifth dimension is still encapsulated in an energy-band of light. It is only when your world resonates to the seventh dimension, and beyond, which has none of the limitations that you perceive in your third/fourth dimensional Earth, that you are totally free of the third/fourth dimensional habits of perception, attention and time/space.

The sixth dimension serves as a buffer, as well as a connector, between the world of the fifth through first dimension in which form is common. You see, in our seventh dimensional and beyond reality, form is something that you wear in the same manner that you wear clothes while you are in a third dimensional body.

You may go around your home without wearing any clothes, but you would put them on if you were to go into what you call your “physical world.” In the same manner, we choose to wear a form when we communicate with those who resonate to the third/fourth dimensions.

We are pleased to see that more and more of you humans are beginning to consciously wear your fifth dimensional form. It is your fifth dimensional form that is the “cross-over” form that you will wear until you have adapted to wearing a seventh dimensional “formless form.”

In the same manner that you may choose to walk around your home without clothing, we often choose to walk around our homes with the “no-form of our sixth dimensional and beyond self.” Often we choose to “not wear a form” while we are preparing to release our attachment to our lower dimensional forms.

Just as you have a fourth and fifth dimensional form that can only be perceived by others who are also wearing a fourth and fifth dimensional form, we have a sixth and seventh dimensional form that can only be perceived by those who are wearing that frequency of form, or above.

Those of us, who resonate to a sixth dimensional form and a seventh dimensional aura are in the same process of transmutation that you are. However, you are shifting from your third dimensional form and your fourth dimensional aura, and into a higher frequency of a fifth dimensional form and a sixth dimensional aura.

Within this NOW, we are shifting from our sixth dimensional form and seventh dimension aura into our seventh dimensional form and our eights dimensional aura. We realize that our statements can seem very confusing to those who are only aware of their third dimensional form.

In fact, until one is able to accept the concept that their form is third dimensional, but their aura is fourth dimensional, it will be difficult for them to even begin to consider the possibility of wearing a fifth dimensional form, and a sixth dimensional aura.

However, a “fifth dimensional Light Form” has a form, but it undulates and shifts with your every though and emotion. Yes, you will still have thoughts and emotions in the higher dimensions, but they will be thought of as “communication,” rather than something that goes on within our body.

Gaia, your planet, no longer uses a language that has any degree of separation from Her planetary body or Her planetary inhabitants and humans. Gaia has chosen to do so in an attempt to teach her humans, who somehow became the “ruling species” on her planet, to release their need to have a form of communication that is based on:

Separation of communicators,

Separation of thoughts, emotions and words,

And separation of the time and space.

Once these separations are merged, time and space will quickly transmuting into “NOW.” Once your time and space are NOT separated into two different concepts, humans will begin to be able to move beyond the third/fourth dimensional consciousness of the separation of time and space and enter into the fifth dimensional unity consciousness of HERE and NOW.

Just as the creativity and dreams of your fourth dimensional human self can expand your awareness to embrace the fifth dimension, fifth dimensional thinking and communing can expand your awareness into the sixth and seventh dimensions.

It is the rules and regulations of a third/fourth dimensional society that often limits one from allowing themselves to think in a fifth dimensional manner. In a fifth dimensional reality the separation of people and concepts do not exists.

In the same manner that your third/four dimensional self may choose to wear different clothing from the other humans, your fifth dimensional self may choose to wear a different form than others.

Also, in the same manner that a third/fourth dimensional being can choose to change their clothes, their thoughts and their emotions, a fifth dimensional being can choose to change the frequency of their body, the frequency of their thoughts, and the personal resonance which creates what you third dimensional know as “emotions.”

Yes, we, the Multi-dimensional / Inter-dimensional / Time-less-Space-less expressions of your expanded SELF, still have a version of thoughts and emotions. However, our thoughts and emotions are NOT something we keep inside our self, as we are ALL Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient.

Therefore, we ALL can see what everyone sees. We ALL can feel what everyone feels, and we ALL can hear what everyone hears. In other words, the separation of your third/fourth dimensional world no longer exists at the frequency rate of our realty.

Yes, all beings exist within the “Frequency Band of Reality” the matches the frequency of the resonance of their thoughts and emotions. These Frequency Bands are the forerunner to prepare them to understand and merge with the fifth and higher dimensions that resonate beyond the third/fourth dimensional realities.

These higher frequencies of reality have totally different operating systems from the reality that those on Earth are now experiencing. It is for this reason that we are beginning to educate you about higher dimensional worlds.

However, more and more of the beings on Earth, we say “beings” as there are many beings who are far more evolved than humans, have remembered how to jump “frequency bands” according to their desire.

Just as you third dimensionals can switch the channels on your radio or TV when you wish to have a different experience, the higher dimensionals, as we will call them here, can switch their frequency of consciousness to match whatever frequency of reality they wish to perceive and/or interact with.

Those of you who are “obsessed” with our Star Ships are the same ones who join their “other SELF on the Ship, or on their Homeworld” when they sleep or expand their consciousness in some manner.

NO, you may not remember your higher dimensional experiences because it can only be remembered by your higher frequencies of consciousness and your higher dimensional brainwaves.

You have all chosen to keep many of these higher dimensional secrets from your Earth self because you are concerned that knowing these secrets might make your third-dimensional, physical world even more confusing.

Also, knowing this information could separate you from many people who are NOT ready to remember this inter-dimensional information. If you look back on Earth’s history, you will see that change into new concepts, new manners of thought and new kings of communication are often criticized and generally ignored.

This situation is the work of the Illuminati, who still have a “toehold” on Earth. However, the influence of these “power OVER others” groups will be diminishing more and more as Gaia’s innate frequency rate moves more and more into the fifth dimension and beyond.

There are those, of course, who will not chose to expand their consciousness enough to join the higher frequencies of reality that will be “pooping up like Spring Flowers.” That is, of course their choice. Also, there are still many planets that do not resonate to a frequency beyond the third/fourth dimension, and are still resonating ONLY to the third dimension.

We Galactics think of these planets as “Kindergarten,” for humans that are NOT ready to move into a higher frequency of reality. Often, they are not ready to make this shift  because, in the fifth dimension, they will NO LONGER have the option to live by “Power Over Others.”

Many of these persons who desire to have Power Over Others, have failed their ascension on their former homeworld. Also, many of these persons will likely “fall out” of Gaia’s ascending reality because Earth’s rising frequency will become too high for them to resonate to.

Of course, they do no want to give up their many power-over others endeavors. In fact, some of them are trying for a final “take over” within your third dimensional version of Earth. What they do not realize is that they cannot “take over” what they cannot perceive.

Since these lost ones can only perceive, and believe in, the third dimension, they will not perceive the birthing and expanding fifth dimensional and beyond realities that will be blooming on New Earth like Spring flowers.

Humanity, who has gone through many, many dark cycles on Earth, has learned that, “If you don’t perceive it, you won’t live it.” Now this works for some situations, but in order to “be the master of your perceptions,” you must “be the Master of your state of consciousness.”

To not experience the darkness and fear of your changing reality, you need to have “Personal Power over your Personal Consciousness.” If you just “put your head in the sand” you will not know how to “raise your conscious so that you can perceive higher dimensional realities.”

You also will not know what to stand up for in order to expand into your own higher frequencies of SELF. One very important key to expanding your frequency is to remember that if you refuse to participate in ANY Power Over Others situation, and chose to focus on SERVICE TO OTHERS,” you will find and expand your own Power Within.

However, if your Power Within is only used to serve yourself, your consciousness will not be able to expand beyond the fourth dimension. This is because your fifth dimensional consciousness is the “key” to opening your awareness to your Multidimensional SELF.

If you look at your Earth History, you will see that those who chose to live their life in SERVICE TO OTHERS, were the ones who became the “Ascended Masters.” On the other hand, those who chose to live their life in SERVICE TO SELF, were either taken down, or they died alone with no one who cared for them.

Dear Gaia is based on the Operating System of “energy out is energy back.” What that means is that what you put out into your world will eventually find it way back to YOU. Therefore, if you were a loving, giving person, eventually you will receive love and giving from others.

On the other hand, those who spent their lives “in Service To Self,” will eventually find that they will NOT have any one to assist them. Conversely, those who used their inner power as, “Power Over Others” will find that, eventually, the will loose their “Power Within.”

Some of these self serving persons seemed to “live the good life,” but when they leave their earth vessel during what you call “death,” their resonate frequency will only be able to merge with the Lower Astral Plane.

I, Commander Zarton, have overseen Earth for many of what you call “years.” Even if these lost ones managed to keep their body alive for many years, when they finally died to that body, their spirit could only merge with the frequency of reality that was their primary resonance while they were alive.

I wish to now inform you that I, Commander Zarton, speak to from our fleet of Starships. Many of us have volunteered to take earth vessels to assist dear planet Gaia. Therefore, we know what challenges you face on that dimension.

However, you are also alive within a NOW in which humanity could possibly experience the process of greatly expanding their consciousness. One/s consciousness has the ability to consciously direct their attention towards that which they wish to create in their life, as well as assist them to NOT participate in that which they do NOT wish to experience.

All of you humans also have the ability to remember your true, Multidimensional SELF, and, hopefully, you will assist others to remember their true Multidimensional SELF. We see that many of you are choosing to assist others to remember to remember their SELF, as well.

For that we say, “Thank you for the support that you are providing your world. In fact, we invite you to join us on our Starships whenever you feel that you need “Information, Assistance, Rest and/or Recreation.”

In fact, we see many of you visiting our Ships in your night bodies. Therefore, from all of us on the many Starships who are orbiting Gaia, to all of you who are “on assignment to assist Gaia” we say:

Thank you for your much needed planetary service.

We warmly invite you to visit our Ship while wearing your higher dimensional earth vessels, and/or during what you call “sleep.”

Blessings from Commander Zarton