Central Sun LIONS ~ VIOLET LIGHT FLAME ~ LIBERATION and HEALING ~ September 13, 2020

When one steps fully into the highest soul self and the Divine Source Self and thus out of the timeline of the 3D, one is not bound by anything anymore.

One is timeless, boundless, and thus eternal. One steps fully into the co-creatorship and thus AS ONE with the DIVINE SOURCE AND ALL OF LIFE AND BEING.

You are another me. I am another you. AS ONE.

It is in the infinite and eternal higher soul source self-state, that one finally is whole. One cannot judge – for what is there to judge?

One cannot separate – for what is there to separate? One cannot see duality – for in truth it is ONLY ONE SOURCE ENERGY! ONE SINGLE FIELD. All THAT there is – is within me and ALL THAT IS, is there outside of me.

It is one and the same!

It is thus for you a time to remember that old is long gone, and it exists no more.

The old earth, the old ways, the old patterns and the old duality and polarity.

It has gone. The illusion may still play itself out in holographic forms as many of the un-awakened souls still choose to sleep in, and play out their actors roles on non-existent stages. Be not one of them, but rather rise above it all.

Choose to completely leave it behind and then allow the incredible inner beauty and loving essence of your own soul to rise to the fore, as it is filled with Divine Source Love, Light and Power and then rise into the new embodiment, the new Adam Kadmon body, and the truth of your own soul!

Judith Kusel http://www.judithkusel.com

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