Update on the New Financial System, Reset & Manna World Holding Trust; Thomas Williams [audio - video] ~ June 25, 2018

Our world is truly about to change..starting NOW. Individual freedom is happening NOW. It’s difficult to place trust in a report that promises all that humanity ever wanted…no more lies, deception, or cheating that will also help bring global and individual peace.

Please read this message from Starship Earth, listen to this special message from Thomas Williams of the Truth, Honor, and Integrity radio show, feel blessed because we ALL are blessed indeed, and…



Thanks to one of my very few awake friends, S, for telling me Thomas did a special show last night, Sunday June 24 with critical updates to the financial system and a lot more. It wasn’t too long, but wow. Stunning revelations to rev up our energy and determination that WE are in control—not the globalists.

I hadn’t even got around to sharing intel from Thursday’s call and now there’s more. We’re hearing things that only a handful would even dream of. Very exciting breakthroughs—of the kind one can’t mention until it’s a done deal.

A lot of people in the alternative media believe they know what the financial situation is and what is about to happen. They would be wrong, because they don’t have the intel and they don’t have the trust of those who really have the power to transform the financial system the El-ites commandeered and used against us.

What we learned on Thursday is that the REAL reset/RV/revaluation of currencies has begun and is being rolled out VERY slowly and gradually so as not to upset the financial system in any way.

AND, it is based on REAL numbers, REAL GDP, and there will be no mucking about with any of it. No one is going to make a killing with Zims, Dinar, or anything else. No crash, no monetary or economic collapse. It’s time to begin fixing things.

No more will they be using the mirror screens to play with our money while spinning the roulette wheel at the casino every night. They are locked out forever—because the new Quantum System is sentient! Thomas will explain. It’s mind-blowing—but not new. It’s just new to us because we’ve been manipulated for so long.

Thomas explains what the Trust is, what it is NOT, how it works, why it works, and why the greedy banksters will never be able to use it. It knows and it’s unhackable. Either you’re of the Light with the purest and best intentions for all concerned—or you’re not. If not, then “ACCESS DENIED”.

You’d better sit down before listening because while we know everything in Creation reflects Source, this is so far outside the bounds of a reality we understand, all except the properly educated as to how the Universe works, will doubt it.

I’m providing the links to the last two shows because they both contain important updates, and they should put a smile on your face—unless you’re the psychopaths. Yes, Kim, the Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust, has taken away the cabal’s key to the piggy bank and they don’t know what to do.

Thank you Kim, the MWHT team, Source, Thomas, and everyone involved in turning a new page for Humanity. The future is exciting, indeed. May all the Light Warriors remain safe.

Here is the video version of the Sunday Special Update. Thursday’s show, which had to be restarted on Friday due to technical issues is not yet available in video/ThemTube version so visit Spreaker.com for that. Links are below.  ~ BP

Special Sunday show on Speaker…


Thursday/Friday show on Spreaker…


Global Intel Updates from Thomas Williams; Truth, Honor & Integrity Show June 7, 2018 [summary + video] ~ June 8, 2018

You’ve no doubt seen the volume of news and intel updates in a sharp upsurge so this summary will be quick and dirty. No really, it will be. Oh, who am I kidding? I can never do it “quick & dirty”. I’m too thorough and long-winded—but I’m going to try hard because Thomas had a lot of information to share—some good, some not. Mostly good, though. The news in times of war is never all good, but we’re winning big at the top end; the Big Picture!

These are only some of the key items—not everything Thomas discussed so I encourage you to listen to the show in its entirely if you have the luxury of time to do so. It’s always an interesting three hours and we never know what topic Thomas is going to broach next. He tells us there are a lot of things simmering beneath the surface and the pot is bubbling merrily away.

In no particular order… Thomas reported:

The Tommy Robinson show was fake; part of the plan to engineer an anti-muslim stance in the UK and probably to fake his death in prison to instigate Muslim hatred and war. They desperately want to create WWIII, of course.

Thomas didn’t immediately reveal that information as it was good to see people awake and standing up for something for a change. Now we need to educate them about a few additional aspects of our reality.

(The cabal’s plans repeatedly fail and backfire on them, so I saw this as a positive event, too. It was interesting to hear the views of the Toronto protestors and learn of their varying degrees of wakefulness. Very encouraging.  ~ BP)

The Tucson child sex trafficking story is typical in exposing the many ties between the Clintons, Haiti, the Clinton Foundation, pizzagate/pedogate, child sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, the Rothschilds, the Bronfmans, NXIVM cult, etc.

Cemex was awarded a business contract with the Clinton foundation for a cool $7M to build in Haiti. (To build what? The relief effort never built anything more than six literal “shacks”, if memory serves.  ~ BP)

Kudos to the guys out there putting their lives on the line, executing the searches and keeping us apprised. The police are all complicit and need to get the lizards out of society and into prison. Where are the militia?

Thomas said 160 kids were rescued before CEMEX bulldozed the site. I didn’t hear about the rescue, but it may suggest that the whole story is not getting out. You have to play your cards close to your chest, particularly when the police and mayor Jonathan Rothschild are the enemy. The VOP group intially reported they asked Craig Sawyer https://vets4childrescue.org/ to come on the double because they found kids there that needed to be protected until the police could arrive, but afterward Sawyer said there were no children there. I assume these varying accounts are purposeful for good reason. ~ BP)

As mentioned previously, the United Nations is now controlled by the Manna World Holding Trust, with Kim being the Trustee. In September of 2017, the Rothschilds only owned 6 seats on the UN Council. What was not previously not revealed, however, is that the Rothschilds threatened to unleash biological warfare on Humanity if they were not back in complete control by September 2018.

Well, as so often happens, those truly in control pulled a fast one. The virus was back-engineered using the Rothchilds’ own DNA (Draco-Reptilian) so if they chose to unleash that bioweapon, it would attack only them.

The Manna World Holding Trust remains in control of the global financial system, via the reprogrammed AI quantum computing system that works for US, but not the cabal.

The banksters have tried to regain control with a new quantum computer system of their own they set up near Wright-Patterson AFB but they have been unable to pull off their RV, hack into the system, control wire transfers, side accounts, or reset it and re-install the back doors Kim’s team removed recently.

Thomas went into a lot more detail with respect to the fun and games as they’ve been very actively trying to get their hands on finances because they have none, but they are locked out. If they log in while trying to reboot, the system knows instantly, goes into “seek and destroy” mode, and they are exposed.

The Rothschilds have been shutting down the Visa system in various countries lately trying to reset the system, but were unsuccessful so far. Thomas warned us again to ensure we have plenty of cash on hand at all times because there is no telling when the financial systems may go down and bank cards/credit cards may not work. He actually said, “final warning”.

The really good news is that no matter what the thieves do, the money belonging to The People is safe, and protected. We will not lose any money if the cabal pulls a stunt.

The Bilderberg Meeting agenda included a notation to discuss the Manna World Holding Trust and their quantum computer. No surprise there. A rumour is circulating that this may be the last Bilderberg meeting—ever.

The Harvey Weinstein law suit is logged in the court as a RICO case, with multiple parties so it is not being processed the way it sounded. He was probably a sacrificial lamb for the public. There will be some public prosecutions regarding rape and sexual misconduct but the big name players will go through prosecution in Military Tribunals and the names of those going to prison will not all be public—just enough info so we awakened ones know it happened.

Some of the pedophiles are coming forward and offering information for immunity. That will not happen. Deals are for petty crimes. Those who harm children will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. NO DEALS.

(Perhaps we could enact some new, highly pertinent laws just for pedophiles and pedovores?  ~ BP)

Now for the bad news; Thomas was given access to a number of documents and pulled some items out to share. This one tells us that the El-ites have always feared what would happen to them in the event nuclear war erupted on Earth/Terra. They gave a team the resources to develop a vaccine for radiation damage from nuclear fallout which was tested on thousands of Americans. Actually, 100,000 Americans were sacrificed when this vaccine was used on them as part of the research.

(I hope people can see why we have to eradicate this parasitic, psychopathic scourge from our planet at all costs. If we do not, we won’t be around much longer.  ~ BP)

Thomas has known about this next item for a couple of weeks and as usual, decided he had best share it. He received a message that Hawai’i might not be saved. What’s happening on the Big Island is serious. This week Green Lake, a fresh-water lake disappeared. You can learn more here. It’s not a certainty, but it’s possible that everyone may have to evacuate permanently. Hopefully this scenario will not unfold, but it’s not the kind of warning you ethically want to keep a secret, in case it comes to pass. People might want to prepare or even evacuate now if they can.

Thomas did get to a few questions at the end of the show and someone asked if the economy is going to collapse. The reply was no… as of today that has been prevented all along. It is what the cabal wants because they’re desperate to bring about a banking collapse, but they’re not in control.

A complete financial/economic collapse might be precisely what America needs to jolt the masses from their catatonic slumber but unless some drastic measure is required, it probably won’t happen.

In closing… (I told you I’d keep it short. It’s all relative. You should see the 7 pages of notes I took.)

On a lighter note (I thought it humourous) Thomas reported that according to a scale the Galactics use to measure the evolutionary/social development of various civilizations, we Humans on Earth/Terra are the most messed up, mal-adjusted, misfits in Creation.

That gives us something to shoot for, doesn’t it? Any progress at all and we’ll be golden.

Thank you to Thomas and our beautiful, loving friends upstairs who are watching over us, stabilizing our trembling, troubled Gaia as much as possible, and helping to neuter the Draco-Reptilians so we can pull off this liberation and step into our Golden Age intact. (messed up, but intact.) At least when we fall down we can vehemently claim, “We’re only Human”. We earned that designation and wear it proudly.  ~ BP

If you prefer to listen to the audio of this show or download it from Spreaker.com you can use this link.