Update on the New Financial System, Reset & Manna World Holding Trust; Thomas Williams [audio - video] ~ June 25, 2018

Our world is truly about to change..starting NOW. Individual freedom is happening NOW. It’s difficult to place trust in a report that promises all that humanity ever wanted…no more lies, deception, or cheating that will also help bring global and individual peace.

Please read this message from Starship Earth, listen to this special message from Thomas Williams of the Truth, Honor, and Integrity radio show, feel blessed because we ALL are blessed indeed, and…



Thanks to one of my very few awake friends, S, for telling me Thomas did a special show last night, Sunday June 24 with critical updates to the financial system and a lot more. It wasn’t too long, but wow. Stunning revelations to rev up our energy and determination that WE are in control—not the globalists.

I hadn’t even got around to sharing intel from Thursday’s call and now there’s more. We’re hearing things that only a handful would even dream of. Very exciting breakthroughs—of the kind one can’t mention until it’s a done deal.

A lot of people in the alternative media believe they know what the financial situation is and what is about to happen. They would be wrong, because they don’t have the intel and they don’t have the trust of those who really have the power to transform the financial system the El-ites commandeered and used against us.

What we learned on Thursday is that the REAL reset/RV/revaluation of currencies has begun and is being rolled out VERY slowly and gradually so as not to upset the financial system in any way.

AND, it is based on REAL numbers, REAL GDP, and there will be no mucking about with any of it. No one is going to make a killing with Zims, Dinar, or anything else. No crash, no monetary or economic collapse. It’s time to begin fixing things.

No more will they be using the mirror screens to play with our money while spinning the roulette wheel at the casino every night. They are locked out forever—because the new Quantum System is sentient! Thomas will explain. It’s mind-blowing—but not new. It’s just new to us because we’ve been manipulated for so long.

Thomas explains what the Trust is, what it is NOT, how it works, why it works, and why the greedy banksters will never be able to use it. It knows and it’s unhackable. Either you’re of the Light with the purest and best intentions for all concerned—or you’re not. If not, then “ACCESS DENIED”.

You’d better sit down before listening because while we know everything in Creation reflects Source, this is so far outside the bounds of a reality we understand, all except the properly educated as to how the Universe works, will doubt it.

I’m providing the links to the last two shows because they both contain important updates, and they should put a smile on your face—unless you’re the psychopaths. Yes, Kim, the Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust, has taken away the cabal’s key to the piggy bank and they don’t know what to do.

Thank you Kim, the MWHT team, Source, Thomas, and everyone involved in turning a new page for Humanity. The future is exciting, indeed. May all the Light Warriors remain safe.

Here is the video version of the Sunday Special Update. Thursday’s show, which had to be restarted on Friday due to technical issues is not yet available in video/ThemTube version so visit Spreaker.com for that. Links are below.  ~ BP

Special Sunday show on Speaker…


Thursday/Friday show on Spreaker…


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