Who Are Our “Adversaries” in Space, Exactly? | Dr. Joseph Farrell [video] ~ December 23, 2018

This video from Joseph Farrell isn’t long, but it’s loaded. The language is everything, just as it was in General Milley‘s address to the military graduation class when he spoke of “hybrid armies” and “little green men”.

If you didn’t see that video back in 2016 it’s here.

The document discussed below and the “ambiguous” language therein is very telling, me thinks, and based on the recent attacks on California, we need protection.

Thanks to Galactic Connection for the heads up on this one.  ~ BP



The “Secret Space War” Rages on, says Wilcock; Juncker Confirms Contact with Off-Planet Civilizations [video] ~ July 4, 2016


Happy 4th of July! I found this article on Starship Earth: The Big Picture and also want to add a few lines of my own since this is such a crucial topic to “what’s goin’ on”.

The light show we here in the USA will enjoy tonight might be just local fireworks…but, there could be something else! The enclosed article from David Wilcock gives all the details about why we are all seeing the rather vivid “meteor’s” enter the Earth’s atmosphere all over the world on a continual basis now-a-days!

Now EU President, Jean-Claude Juncker gives a speech to the EU Parliment (see Sphere Alliance Message #178 What Leaders of Other Planets Did EU President Jean-Claude Juncker Meet With? ~ July 3, 2016 ) where he discusses meeting with other leadership from other planets (?), although I imagine this statement will be discounted over translation differences. Still..this is becoming a more interesting show moment by the moment.

So…sit back and enjoy the show tonight, be aware the the light show in the say may be enhanced by something other than firesworks (really.), and…


David Wilcock maintains that there is an invisible space war in our skies—hence the many fireballs—which are actually downed ships, he says. Others have denied this.

According to he and his sources, however…

Certain groups that had peacefully interacted for generations, if not thousands of years, are now openly warring with each other in our skies.

Though their ships can remain masked under normal conditions, their weapons fire cannot be hidden. They do become visible if they are shot down.

So many shoot-downs are now occurring that there is great concern that an advanced technology could come crashing down in a major metropolitan area.

He has updated the initial portion of his report and published Part 2.  Take it for what you will. 

It’s not that we don’t believe it’s possible there’s a space war… we just require confirmation, as Jean Claude Juncker revealed personal contact with leaders from civilizations on other planets in a recent address a the European Union parliament. English captions provided in the video. Thanks for the heads up, P.

Seems disclosure of the Galactics is happening pretty much everywhere—even the United States if you count General Milley’s address to military cadets about “hybrid armies” and “little green men”. Crazy times.  ~ BP

fireball smoke trail june 2

Phoenix “Fireball” June 2, 2016

Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot! (Part II)

July 19, 2016

Independent insider sources and measurable real-world data confirm the war for Full Disclosure has gone “red hot.”

New triangular fighter craft allegedly made by Boeing have created a decisive tipping-point in the wars now taking place over Antarctica and elsewhere.

We are now seeing the fulfillment of prophecies dating all the way back to the Bible and other ancient texts.

This is a very exciting time and we can “expect the unexpected” as we move forward into the future.

MASSIVE UPDATE, NEXT MORNING: Entire New Section Added! Do Not Miss it!





For those who are paying attention, it is becoming increasingly clear that “reality” is just another story we have been told.

We are so addicted to this complex body of concepts that we believe our version of “reality” to be the absolute, inerrant truth.

Nonetheless, in the post-Snowden era, we now know a secret as huge as mass NSA surveillance was occurring right under our noses, largely unseen.

Only a few lone voices in the wilderness were alerting us to the problem — and were often disrespected for their alleged “conspiracy theories.”

It is surprising how quickly most of us have settled back into the idea of things being “normal” after learning these outrageous violations are taking place.

We often feel these issues are far beyond our ability to influence as individuals. This is decidedly not the case.



Similarly, the UFO phenomenon has always been a mystery that we just can’t quite fit into a box easily.

How many are out there? Where did they come from? What do they look like? Are there good guys and bad guys? And why won’t they show themselves?

The intel I have gathered from insiders over the last 20 years reveals a vastly more complex story than most people could have possibly imagined.

Humans like us can evolve into beings who have a much different perception of time — such as where a thousand years of our time becomes like one year.

These people are still very much physical, flesh-and-blood beings — and do appear to be regularly operating all around us in our own airspace.

They can also bring us into their time continuum so that their perception becomes the new “normal” for us once we go there.



If you have seen my TV shows, conferences, videos and books, then you have a good grasp of how far-reaching and ancient these mysteries really are.

Powerful international alliances have formed and are aggressively pushing for a full disclosure of the truth.

This is a very real phenomenon. I did not realize how important our articles were to the Alliance effort until very recently — as we will discuss.

The Ascension Mysteries, arriving August 30th, is the most complete compendium of this high-level insider data that I have ever assembled.

For the first time, we have a full-disclosure overview of the hidden history of our solar system — going back over two billion years — in one single document.


Now let’s assume that “it” actually happens. Some kind of official statement is made, revealing we are not alone in the universe.

We are already getting deliciously close to that happening on a variety of fronts — including new insider intel we have come across.

However, even if we get a full disclosure of intelligent, technological civilizations being extremely common around us, we are still missing huge pieces of the puzzle.

We are still largely unaware of the spiritual reality that surrounds us and infuses our lives with purpose and meaning.



Very few can appreciate the complexity with which the ET / UFO phenomenon intersects with what we think of as spiritual reality.

Both “angels” and “demons” are very real, and are not just wispy ghosts existing in some never-never land, as common folklore may suggest.

The real story is far more interesting, and can bleed directly over into our reality — including us finding the technology and bodies of deceased “angels.”

These beings are working all around us. Certain air corridors have enough traffic that they would look like busy highways if you had the right equipment.

I am told the most recent military night-vision gear — so-called “fourth generation” — may allow you to see a little more of what is going on in our skies.

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