Kp Message 9-3-19… “The Journey Continues… Whatever (and wherever) that means” ~ September 3, 2019

Editor’s Note: Posting this article seems important to me because it elucidates moments of internal upheaval which seem to plague many. Right NOW, incoming energies combined with astrological alignments are pushing/pulling at the minds and heartstrings of many.

It’s all too easy to just think and imagine sailing away, but wait…we can sail away when we focus on our Higher Selves and leave this “issues” to sort themselves out as is best dictated. Not managed by ourselves in our human form, but rather influenced/managed/dictated by our spiritual Higher Selves.

It might be time to be in conversation with your Higher Self, an internal meditation many know as “prayer”. So…hold a conversation with yourself, watch your issues resolve and your inner peace return, allowing you to BE…



So I’m using this Kalalau image, but that does not mean “the journey” is going to end up in Kauai. Right now, I have some idea of what may happen, but for the moment, I’m staying at Peace in the location I’m currently in.

The “problem” with knowing BEings who can often “divine” what next steps might be, for one person or another, is that when they are asked (e.g., by me) about my own next steps, different answers (seem to) come out.

I’ve had encounters with two of such BEings recently, and after those “encounters”, I’m still not really sure what is going to happen.

The challenge is that there were some implications that I needed to move, some implied “soon”, but the pressure of that is something I’m just not feeling I can put on my Self.

Higher Self always knows what, when, and (eventually) how to DO. And until that Guidance comes from within ME, I will do nothing. The only thing I sense now is that this is a time of preparation, clearing out of the “not necessary for the next phase” items. So that’s what’s going on.

My next destination is likely a neighbor island. But for now, in this now moment, I am going to continue to in-Joy my current location. I’m not going to push, or rush, or force.

Whatever this means for anyone, well, that’s another deal. I felt it was mine to write this out, and post.

Aloha, Kp

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