Is New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply? ~ August 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: Interesting article since Trump has been syaing, tweeting and inferring all over the place that America moving back to a gold standard is the only way to go. I agree and let’s think about all that the concept of a new currency will entail.

When (not if) a new american currency is put into place, this will likely mean the end of the Federal Reserve, a private banking system (despite the “official” sounding name) that garners profits, lets call that interest (called usury in the Bible and punishable by death!) which is then sent to the Royal bank in the UK. You did know we were technically British subjects until this June when Trump visited the Queen, right?

So…a new American currency is rolled out using a gold standard, the Fed is dismantled, the banking system will change (for the WAY better…little or no interest) and let’s hope the current IRS tax system is abolished. Sounds like a pipe dream? No, actually plan like this are probably in the final stages of completion. Just do your research, make YUGE plans for your future, and BE…



Have you seen the bills in the image above? I’ve had some. The purple line is a super-fine screen, if you run your fingernail over it. It’s interesting that it’s half old, half new. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Have a look at the article below from American Intelligence Media. That information might come in handy very soon…

I hope the new banking machines will soon work better than they are now. The ATM at my grocery store will no longer allow me to deposit $100 bills, so I have to drive all the way to my credit union, about 20 miles.

Twice in two weeks I have tried to deposit money at the new Credit Union drive through machine and when the option to deposit cash or cheques comes up, it won’t recognize my finger input on the screen, and sits and waits, and waits, then asks, “Do you need more time” and when I select “NO—return my card” it freaks out and tells me to contact my financial institution for assistance.

It also keeps my debit card, so I have to go into the bank to tell them and they have to go out and unlock the ATM to retrieve my card. Yesterday they hadn’t yet done their reconciliation so said it would take a few minutes and I had the dog in the car in 100+ degrees and an appointment to get to so had to return to the bank again later to get my card.

What a royal pain. Fortunately, since I was unable to make my deposit, I had enough cash to pay the veterinarian. I shouldn’t complain. I suppose we can expect little hiccups like this along the way as we transition to the new Quantum Financial System.  ~ BP

Is New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply?

The Storm: Is the Real Show About to Begin? No Q-incidences! [video] ~ June 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: I just cannot leave this topic alone folks…the dark are goin’ DOWN in a hurry! And they must do this leaving the grand moment for July 4 which will be INDEPENDENCE DAY, not only for America…but for the world! The domino’s will begin to topple here in the US where the Dark have been at their strongest.

Once America regains light and true freedom from the gut-wrenching tactics of control used by the Dark, the rest of the world will quickly follow. China, whose leader is meeting with Trump, Egypt, whose former Mulsim Brotherhood leader Morsi dies during his trial, Angela Merkel shaking like a leaf, and the list of Dark actors and their sudden angst goes on and on.

So…please read this report, be prepared for 10 days of darkness (maybe social media shutdown during this time?), actually be prepared for anything as the Dark breathes their final breath, and be…



Look at the images alone in this post, folks. There have been far too many Q-incidences to doubt that QAnon and President Trump are in alliance to remove the evil on this planet.

The blogosphere is a-buzz with the promise of BIG things happening this month and over the next few weeks that will be unmistakable proof of the White Hats/Q Alliance that is systematically deconstructing the olde guard.

Nothing is written in stone, of course, but we have several clues suggesting notable events, the first of which may be “10 days of darkness” which QAnon has spoken of, are soon to manifest. The ‘perfect storm’ is upon us.

Ship’s bell on JFK’s boat: “Where We Go One We Go All”

The ‘rumour’ is that social media may be taken down by the White Hats on either June 23 or 24 for ten days, until July 3rd. We saw that 8Chan post, I believe it was, in a TRUreporting video we shared a couple of days ago.

That was the reason for the miscellaneous outages of Googe, YouTube, Instagram, etc. last week. A test.

Q has suggested that the lamestream media depends on social media to dispense their propaganda and manipulate public opinion among the unawakened and at this key time it may all go black to FORCE the cabal propaganda networks to either shut up or address the real news—which may be epic if we can take the President at his word.

As we’ve shared recently, President Trump stated in his Health Care update last week that an “unrelated” but very big, very “positive” announcement will be coming in two weeks from that press conference.

We won’t know until it happens, but after 10 days, social media may go back online on July 3, at which point we are anticipating that the President and his administration will be announcing a return to the gold standard, and asset-backed currency, and if it all comes out—an end to the Federal Reserve.

John F. Kennedy gravesite Arlington Cemetary “Q”

Of course the pièce de résistance for the Patriots would be the announcement that JFK Jr. is indeed alive, and additionally that he will be Trump’s running mate in 2020, as Vice President.

That will all but shut down the lunatic left’s untruthful claims that POTUS is lagging in the popularity polls and will put the last nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party. They cannot sustain a blow such as that.

The truth is that President Trump commands far more support than he did in 2016. How could he not?

Do you think Kennedy might come out as a staunch Trump supporter we know as “Vincent Fusca” and then remove the goofy disguise and tell us who he really is? It’s difficult not to get too excited about the prospect.

Trump has already begun his rallies, which will no doubt counter a lot of the nonsense the lunatic left spews. This one in Florida tonight kicks off his 2020 election campaign and is already on air.

I can feel the electricity. We can see the crowds already lined up in the wind and rain and nothing can put a damper on the American spirit in Trump fans. They report that 100K tickets went fast and the crowds are now a little unruly and only 20 – 25K will be permitted inside the venue.

I watched them streaming into the facility rather than in the usual single file manner we have always seen in the past and they tell us many of Trump’s family are already on site. This will be an amazing rally.

President Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally in Orlando, FL: 2020 Campaign Launch 6/18/19

Can you imagine having John-John up on stage at rallies saying the same things that Trump and Don Jr. have been saying? Nuclear fission! Americans will go NUTS! (and hopefully the cabal will go into a catatonic state) The People’s civic pride and love for their nation will have patriots swooning.

If all the rumours are true, it won’t just be a fancy 4th of July fireworks, it will be INDEPENDENCE DAY and fireworks like no one has ever seen. The entire world will be watching, and it will be catchy! Patriots the world over will ignite flames of new hope in the Great Awakening and demand change of the globalists—or else.

George Magazine “Indictment Day” Will Hillary Clinton Get Busted?

As QAnon has repeatedly asked, at what point can it no longer be a coincidence?

For those not aware, that image just above is a magazine cover for George magazine, the publication JFK Jr. started almost 20 years ago. See Mount Rushmore on the left, and the “Survival Guide to the Future” article featured. We can also see the text on the right about Hillary Clinton. The editorial suggests that readers keep this magazine and pull it out in 20 years. Why are they suddenly now allowing fireworks at Mount Rushmore this year? Q-incidence? I think not.

All the above is what we are expecting, folks. Let it be so—but don’t expect the psychopaths to sit idly by and watch. Expect some incendiary incidents, in some shape or form. It will be an ugly death for them.

For those who like conference calls for getting their intel you may want to listen to the most recent intel call with Scott Mowry from the Miracles and Inspiration group from Sunday night. It was a good summary of recent intel.

The military are clearly behind QAnon and President Trump

Scott goes into more detail about the media, the White Hats’ plan, the degree of control they actually have at this point, and more. Perhaps after seeing the magazine cover above it will be easier for skeptical folks to accept that this military operation has been underway for two decades or more.

This recording is available for one week after the initial call, so until Sunday night, I expect. It’s a feel-good call, folks. If you are experiencing anxiety over what you are seeing and hearing, have a listen. Your frequency and your belief in this astounding military operation will increase a lot.

The network above just played a fabulous compilation video of all the network whores and cabal politicians stating that President Trump would NEVER, EVER be President. I love it.

Donald Trump Will NEVER Be President! Compilation

To quote one of those losers and clowns, I think it’s safe to say, “This race is already over.”Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again (not a code, as requested)

How scared are they? Another case of “dehydration”. This time, for Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel Shakes Uncontrollably at Ceremony

Late Headlines and Updates for February 4, 2019: Quite the News Day [videos] ~ February 4, 209

The whistleblower who outed John of God’s baby-making farm allegedly committed suicide in Barcelona. A likely story. We don’t believe in coincidences. Babies for childless couples? Doubt it.

The X22 Reports for today…

Remove The Globalist Systems, Then Control The [CB] – Episode 1783a

[Old Guard] Exposed, The Truth Overshadows The Propaganda – Episode 1783b

We’ve heard about civil asset forfeiture before and it needs to be addressed nationally. It’s not illegal, we’re told, because there’s a loophole. The corruption within law enforcement has to stop. Ben Swann explains the problem with this predatory behaviour by police.

Sometimes all you need is a headline…

The NFL Suffers Worst Super Bowl Ratings in a Decade

Heavy rains are wreaking havoc in multiple countries. In the video from Bolivia near La Paz you can watch a mountain side slide down the canyon where the road used to be.

People have died here in Bolivia, in California, and other places from excessive rainfall.

The Watchers

I keep hearing about MS-13 gang members murdering people; like two young girls in New York.

Police: Suspected MS-13 Member Fatally Shoots Man in Head on NYC Subway Platform

Unfortunately, in Tijuana, Mexico where the caravan was stopped, there were many murders. It’s a deplorable situation. How do we “defuse” these programmed “animals”?

Tijuana: 218 Murders in January 2019

It’s an uphill battle to clean up the ethics in Washington. It will take time.

Judicial Watch: Senate Ethics Committee Gives Sen. Cory Booker a Pass for Purposely Violating Rules to Try to Torpedo Kavanaugh Nomination

This is going down a slippery slope.

Utah State Rep. Steve Handy (R-Davis County) is pushing red flag legislation that will allow courts to order the confiscation of firearms from certain gun owners.

“QAnon: A Message to Patriots World Wide” by Michelle – 6.26.18

6/26/2018 02:11:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, News, Thoughts

Entry Submitted by Michelle at 1:46 PM EDT on June 26, 2018

Hi dinarchronicles family!

I wanted to share this outstanding video and a wee bit of Intel.

This is a must listen from a beautiful young man who is spot on. A great video to share with those you are trying to wake up.

I got goosebumps and feel so much inspiration and love today for the global patriots..Gods Army…thats all of us and Trump, Q and the whole Alliance! God win this epic battle have no doubt!! Read comments below his video….love them!

According to the person I know who is well connected in this GCR process to The Elders, top bank people, US treasury people, White House, and Reno people, it is well under way and tier4 is very soon. This is real and it’s happening..


Funds are moving and projects are getting started.

I remember Doug Jones saying on the Landa Global calls this is how it would roll out…funds for projects first and then exchanges. We are sooo close friends!

Other stuff I have heard….

Robert David Steele was told that 15000 people had huge funds ( 1 billion each I think he said) to start projects and getting Good things going. Leo Wanta was meeting with Trump about giving his trillions to the US to build that high speed rail system.

Trump apparently is putting 1 Trillion into the economy. He is well on track to getting the Trillions back that were stolen. He’s the man!! Just love him.

The Jeremy Hanson radio show is excellent. Libertyone TV.

This show is excellent covers the steps that have been taken for the reset.

Enjoy and keep believing my friends! Patriots fight!
Everything will change very soon!

Much love and God Bless,
Michelle from Canada

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3.7 – #HRCVideo/BOOM/Gold Standard?/”Conspiracy Theorists” ~ March 7, 2018

Jordan Sather brings us his on-going coverage of recent news events which includes more “Q” coverage. Other issues are addressed as well including cargo containers “accidentally” dropped from a ship off the coast of N.C., Nazi influences in the US, the possibility of video tampering exists , HRC video, as well as other topics such as missing children from Haiti.

So…please watch this video, get a feel for what is going on out there, know that Truth wins, and…