Can’t See This Message? View in a browser Twin soul Ascension Report: Return of the lion and lioness. Time for the royal marriage . ~ July 31, 2019

Dearest brothers and sisters.

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time, to share with you some essential and sacred information regarding the upcoming 8:8 lions gate portal.

Many of you are experiencing the intense energetic waves that are bombarding Earth’s atmosphere currently, and which are truly unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before. These photonic light particles are being dispensed from our central sun Alcyone and they are coming through the star system of Sirius and picking up galactic DNA upgrade codes from the Sirius star system. These are laser beams of light particles / Gamma rays which are currently bombarding the earthly plane at a truly unprecedented level.

For many of you, this Intense influx of light particles is manifesting in your vessels as somewhat unusual and challenging physical symptoms. The reason for this is that all of the places in your physical, emotional, and energetic systems where you have held onto beliefs of lack or indeed any of the 3D programming, must be identified, addressed and ultimately eradicated, as none of these limiting beliefs can be bought with you into Fifth Dimensional consciousness

It is very important that everybody holds a higher perspective with regards to what is occurring on the physical plane and it is imperative that all you who are reading these words are very very loving and gentle towards yourselves, and that you allow yourself to rest and take naps when you need to, and that you allow yourself to fast when you need to, and indeed consume light-filled nourishing food when you need to.

It is important that you stay on top of your hydration beloveds, coconut water and electrolytes are probably the most powerful antidote for Ascension symptoms as the gamma-ray photonic light particles are heating up our DNA spirals much like how a microwave heats up corn kernels to make them pop.

This is causing an extreme experience of dehydration for many, and so we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to stay on top of your hydration levels. This number one tip will enable you to move skillfully and masterfully through this 8:8 Lions Gate upgrade.

We would like to now take a moment to share some insights with regards to the current energetics that are bombarding the Earthly plane from all around our galaxy. As many of you are remembering in this Gateway, there are huge activations going on with the 144000 twin Souls star seeds with regards to the fully coming online of all dormant feline DNA. 

This feline DNA extends back to the time of the big bang – the time when the 144000 twin Souls star seeds split forth as one monadic soul group. At the very beginning of creation, as God beings, our souls evolved to an extremely high level and we took our place as part of the founder race of Lyra who are also referred to as the Guardians of this particular galactic system.

As Lyran beings, we spent aeons of time in these feline forms serving many fledgeling planets and assisting in unfathomable ways with maintaining profound levels of harmony and creation within the Galaxy.  

After aeons of time, an experiment was allowed to take place on the earthly realm which allowed mother earth to drop from being in a very high density into third-density also known as the 3rd dimension. When this occurred this activated a veil of forgetfulness on a personal and collective level for all incarnating souls into the earthly realm.  

This experiment which was allowed to take place from the highest levels of spiritual authority created a scenario whereby buy the vast majority of humanities higher DNA  strands were manipulated into a dormant state awaiting the time of the great shift from Kali-yuga to the Golden Age. 

Dearest Brothers and Sisters please know that these are the times that we have all been waiting for. The time is now for en masse galactivation of our feline DNA, and this is being reactivated by our galactic elder brothers and sisters who are intricately a part of our higher self and hold aspects of our higher self that are also incarnated simultaneously and concurrently on parallel timelines and in higher dimensional Realms of consciousness within this eternal moment of now.  

Suffice to say there is absolutely zero separation between you and your Lyran feline galactic self and higher self. You have full access to all of their spiritual powers and codes, and please know that this 8.8 lions gate is truly and profoundly activating this promise.  

Many of you are having intense meetings with your Lyran Aspects in the dream time currently, and for many of you who have very clear and open third eyes you are able to accurately perceive their presence even whilst in your awake state.

Your Lyran aspects wish to inform you of how deeply profoundly adored and loved you are,  and please know that you can call upon your Lyran Aspects in your meditation, you can ask them to come and heal you and heal any trauma that you are still carrying in your emotional or energetic field.

These aspects are master healers of the highest order and are desiring for you to reach out to them in this Gateway.

The energies are now rapidly building towards the 8.8 lions gate and our beloved channel jen ji Is being guided by us in the Higher Realms to facilitate a powerful transmission on that date working specifically with the Lyran feline higher aspects Of the of soul.

We are being called to come together on this Potent portal date to work with OUR Lyran higher self aspects to activate a profound healing ceremony for ALL.

Again we are being guided to work with Mother Mary’s magenta Ray and archangel Michael’s Blu-ray which will be overseeing this healing.

We are being called to come together to activate a highly auspicious forgiveness and atonement ceremony for any feminines and masculines in your reality who are still addicted to drama, victimhood, and continuously playing out lower timelines.

Please know that our higher self aspects is calling for us to gather on this auspicious date to send a blast of Lyran feline healing and DNA activation to these aspects of yourself who are playing out these destructive timelines. Many of the souls that we are being called to work with are a part of the 144000 who have agreed to play out these timelines of asleepness and deep forgetfulness. But please know that this all ends here and now, in this extraordinary powerful Gateway, and these souls that we are referring to, are aligning with the most extraordinary healing of their entire galactic existence.

We are also being guided to clear all lower timelines to make way for the royal marriage of the Lion and Lioness within you and without and on a vast collective level. 

This is a huge galactic ceremony that we are being asked to facilitate as our galactic soul families ground crew.  

Please know beloveds, that this is a marriage ceremony of the highest universal order which is set to entirely eradicate many of these false karmic contracts that have truly run their course.  

it is so important now that all of the 144000 star seeds release all toxic relationships and relationships that are operating from the vibration of lack and control in order to create a divine sacred Space for partnerships to manifest that are in vibrational alignment with your highest spiritual destiny.

Please see details below on how to book onto this 88 royal wedding Lions Gate transmission

Please know brothers and sisters that everybody is doing so well and we in the higher realms are actually in awe of humanities rapid progress spiritually. Please know that we absolutely adore you and that we are eternally here for you cheering you ever homeward – back to the present moment of NOW the zero point field were all timelines meet and converge. 

 in love and eternal like jen ji and the white wolf tribe 

The Storm: Is the Real Show About to Begin? No Q-incidences! [video] ~ June 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: I just cannot leave this topic alone folks…the dark are goin’ DOWN in a hurry! And they must do this leaving the grand moment for July 4 which will be INDEPENDENCE DAY, not only for America…but for the world! The domino’s will begin to topple here in the US where the Dark have been at their strongest.

Once America regains light and true freedom from the gut-wrenching tactics of control used by the Dark, the rest of the world will quickly follow. China, whose leader is meeting with Trump, Egypt, whose former Mulsim Brotherhood leader Morsi dies during his trial, Angela Merkel shaking like a leaf, and the list of Dark actors and their sudden angst goes on and on.

So…please read this report, be prepared for 10 days of darkness (maybe social media shutdown during this time?), actually be prepared for anything as the Dark breathes their final breath, and be…



Look at the images alone in this post, folks. There have been far too many Q-incidences to doubt that QAnon and President Trump are in alliance to remove the evil on this planet.

The blogosphere is a-buzz with the promise of BIG things happening this month and over the next few weeks that will be unmistakable proof of the White Hats/Q Alliance that is systematically deconstructing the olde guard.

Nothing is written in stone, of course, but we have several clues suggesting notable events, the first of which may be “10 days of darkness” which QAnon has spoken of, are soon to manifest. The ‘perfect storm’ is upon us.

Ship’s bell on JFK’s boat: “Where We Go One We Go All”

The ‘rumour’ is that social media may be taken down by the White Hats on either June 23 or 24 for ten days, until July 3rd. We saw that 8Chan post, I believe it was, in a TRUreporting video we shared a couple of days ago.

That was the reason for the miscellaneous outages of Googe, YouTube, Instagram, etc. last week. A test.

Q has suggested that the lamestream media depends on social media to dispense their propaganda and manipulate public opinion among the unawakened and at this key time it may all go black to FORCE the cabal propaganda networks to either shut up or address the real news—which may be epic if we can take the President at his word.

As we’ve shared recently, President Trump stated in his Health Care update last week that an “unrelated” but very big, very “positive” announcement will be coming in two weeks from that press conference.

We won’t know until it happens, but after 10 days, social media may go back online on July 3, at which point we are anticipating that the President and his administration will be announcing a return to the gold standard, and asset-backed currency, and if it all comes out—an end to the Federal Reserve.

John F. Kennedy gravesite Arlington Cemetary “Q”

Of course the pièce de résistance for the Patriots would be the announcement that JFK Jr. is indeed alive, and additionally that he will be Trump’s running mate in 2020, as Vice President.

That will all but shut down the lunatic left’s untruthful claims that POTUS is lagging in the popularity polls and will put the last nail in the coffin of the Democrat Party. They cannot sustain a blow such as that.

The truth is that President Trump commands far more support than he did in 2016. How could he not?

Do you think Kennedy might come out as a staunch Trump supporter we know as “Vincent Fusca” and then remove the goofy disguise and tell us who he really is? It’s difficult not to get too excited about the prospect.

Trump has already begun his rallies, which will no doubt counter a lot of the nonsense the lunatic left spews. This one in Florida tonight kicks off his 2020 election campaign and is already on air.

I can feel the electricity. We can see the crowds already lined up in the wind and rain and nothing can put a damper on the American spirit in Trump fans. They report that 100K tickets went fast and the crowds are now a little unruly and only 20 – 25K will be permitted inside the venue.

I watched them streaming into the facility rather than in the usual single file manner we have always seen in the past and they tell us many of Trump’s family are already on site. This will be an amazing rally.

President Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally in Orlando, FL: 2020 Campaign Launch 6/18/19

Can you imagine having John-John up on stage at rallies saying the same things that Trump and Don Jr. have been saying? Nuclear fission! Americans will go NUTS! (and hopefully the cabal will go into a catatonic state) The People’s civic pride and love for their nation will have patriots swooning.

If all the rumours are true, it won’t just be a fancy 4th of July fireworks, it will be INDEPENDENCE DAY and fireworks like no one has ever seen. The entire world will be watching, and it will be catchy! Patriots the world over will ignite flames of new hope in the Great Awakening and demand change of the globalists—or else.

George Magazine “Indictment Day” Will Hillary Clinton Get Busted?

As QAnon has repeatedly asked, at what point can it no longer be a coincidence?

For those not aware, that image just above is a magazine cover for George magazine, the publication JFK Jr. started almost 20 years ago. See Mount Rushmore on the left, and the “Survival Guide to the Future” article featured. We can also see the text on the right about Hillary Clinton. The editorial suggests that readers keep this magazine and pull it out in 20 years. Why are they suddenly now allowing fireworks at Mount Rushmore this year? Q-incidence? I think not.

All the above is what we are expecting, folks. Let it be so—but don’t expect the psychopaths to sit idly by and watch. Expect some incendiary incidents, in some shape or form. It will be an ugly death for them.

For those who like conference calls for getting their intel you may want to listen to the most recent intel call with Scott Mowry from the Miracles and Inspiration group from Sunday night. It was a good summary of recent intel.

The military are clearly behind QAnon and President Trump

Scott goes into more detail about the media, the White Hats’ plan, the degree of control they actually have at this point, and more. Perhaps after seeing the magazine cover above it will be easier for skeptical folks to accept that this military operation has been underway for two decades or more.

This recording is available for one week after the initial call, so until Sunday night, I expect. It’s a feel-good call, folks. If you are experiencing anxiety over what you are seeing and hearing, have a listen. Your frequency and your belief in this astounding military operation will increase a lot.

The network above just played a fabulous compilation video of all the network whores and cabal politicians stating that President Trump would NEVER, EVER be President. I love it.

Donald Trump Will NEVER Be President! Compilation

To quote one of those losers and clowns, I think it’s safe to say, “This race is already over.”Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again (not a code, as requested)

How scared are they? Another case of “dehydration”. This time, for Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel Shakes Uncontrollably at Ceremony