A Trilogy of Transformation ~ December 5, 2019

As The Intensity INCREASES ~ December 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes…the current energy frequencies are indeed intense right NOW, and this message helps me understand WHY, because NOW I “get it”! Humans are energy, energy is light frequency, therefore …humans are light frequency! Regardless of “how” any human acts (good, bad, indifferent) ALL of humanity IS light. Perhaps we humans are a waaay slowed down light frequency, but…we are light nonetheless.

What about the “bad” humans? Well…they are light as well, but holding a distorted frequency within that seeks to block any other from learning about their true reality. Their thing is power over others, which will always fail. Thus the proliferation of “distractions” through the “time” spent here on Earth. You know…sports, gladiator games, bread and circuses, politics, money systems, wars, etc…these are all distractions to keep out hearts and minds from investigating our inner selves!

Power over self will bring your heart vibration to a higher level, yet you will continue your own journey back the the brightest Light…that of Creation. Light frequencies (photonic light) arriving to Earth are in the process of truly “waking people up”! Research WHO YOU TRULY ARE…a BEing of Light strating to recognize your true reality through our light-altered DNA. Please read these articles, learn more about the transformation in your heart, can you start to feel your power yet(?), and discover you really CAN BE…



by L’Aura Pleiadian

What flows through me now, is WAY beyond anything EVER before!

This is about COMPLETE Transformation.

The intensity of the frequencies that are modifying consciousness as light matter, have reached a momentum and level of intensity, that is unparalleled.

In order to integrate the electrical bursts of intensified light into your conscious system of awareness, continuously enter your heart space. Stay focused on your breath and in the present moment.

The intensity of the opposing (opposite) frequencies may feel like a stronger pull away from your heart and into those of fear and mental ideas of separation. Know that AS part of the switch over, (from head to heart) the seeming draw towards fear, is part of the unravelling of its energetic memory impact on light frequency as consciousness. Specifically, your DNA.

This may feel like you are being tested, it is not a test. This is the dissolving of the old ways of being and may feel uncomfortable during your switchover; as the last remnants of fear, even those at the trace level, seem to scream wildly with its energetic memory system, ending.

We are with you and have been present for you before the first civilization on Mu. We are present now as the beings that orchestrate the configuration of light frequency as consciousness, playing out through matter ~ throughout this Universe.

Many of you are now entering the final Portal, to which; all fear, all old ways, will be completely abolished, and you will know yourself as a newly birthed BEING of LIGHT ~ a risen ~ Divine Master of Form.

We are with you every breath of the way, in all moments, and now.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers. Through the highest levels of Light frequencies and in eternal love, we anoint you now and we welcome you as you enter your final portal, in this ~ your complete transformation.

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Eternal love and bliss,

L’Aura Pleiadian

source: https://thenewdivinehumanity.com/


Phase One

The first portal opens today as Cosmic Rays of Light bathe this Earth at an all time high.

The Universe is preparing itself to respond to human life in ways unimagined.

Archangels and Angels, Galactics, Light Beings, Star Systems, Masters upon Masters, Gods and Goddesses… Divine upon Divine begin gathering now…covering this Earth from one corner to the other, holding space, holding our hearts and our Souls as we prepare to make a phenomenal evolutionary quantum leap that completes this human cycle, forevermore.

As we move forward in what some have called the ‘biblical month of December,’ the clarification of Self and Self Honoring is called for in regard to the holiness that indwells within each ones body and that is each ones Holy Self.

Vital it is to turn the momentum of attention away for a bit from other beings of Light, from Planets, space ships… even of Gateways, long enough to become deeply aware and honoring of the Immensity of ones physicalized Self as being the One from which New Life Flows…

Once flowing, from the Holy Recognized the experiences upcoming shall become substantially heightened.

It is a sacred synthesis that flows then like veins of gold to the Heart of All That Is…to humanity…to the heart of Gaia…to those in the Cosmos and to your Soul…the carrier of your Destiny.

And then as the Gateways open, a stream of Light Beings…We…shall pass through as Sacred DIVINE HUMANS ready to take our rightful place in this Galaxy.

In Sacred Love,

Join us for the 12:12
Click link below.

Copyright Image ‘Heaven’ from artist John Pitre.


Art by Sequioa Arayas

Ascension Energies

All is shifting extremely fast. What we know to be true in one moment, is unified to greater precision and clarity the next moment.

FIow . . .

There is immense balancing happening between polarities. Let go of memories of the fallen polarities, this is not who we are anymore. Forgive yourselves and other selves for all insanity we have experienced collectively and keep only neutral discernment from lived experiences, let go of the weight of judgement and disappointment.

Do not look back, envision new realities anchored into balanced harmonics. Wipe out all conflict memories from your being and keep only neutral wisdom.


Those of you on galactic missions are about to be activated in ways you can’t yet comprehend. We are neutralizing galactic war timelines and clearing the records themselves so if you are still holding on to any resentment towards Nephilim or any other members of the fallen ones … be very careful with what you are imprinting the morphogenetic fields with … your consciousness is more potent than you imagine. This mission is not about you. Remember what we serve … remember who we are.
Polarity integrators, you are the miracles that are prayed for when humanity calls upon god. Be responsible in understanding that your each thought, feeling and action is a CREATIVE FORCE.
Integrate polarity through neutral presence of compassion. There is no more time to play conflict games. CLAIM YOUR POWER  ~Avatara Ananda

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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