Headlines and Updates for December 19, 2018: Change On the Horizon [videos] ~ December 19, 2018

I thought I’d begin with a tidbit of something that may be something… or nothing… but I felt it worth sharing.

With respect to the meme we shared about Martial Law After Christmas, there was a negative comment at the Captain’s Blog about it being fear porn. A  response came through shortly afterward that got my attention, and I have moderated a lot of comments in almost 7 years. It read…

  …there is more going on behind the scenes than you are aware it seems, keep an open mind.. and enjoy the show..also, there is no vibes of fear in this message.. relax  [Nice avatar, BTW]

I immediately felt this was a member of Q’s army on patrol, dispelling fear and monitoring the feedback in the blogosphere on this latest bit of info from the White Hats. It reflects the voice of reason, confidence, and an air of authority, in my opinion. It also suggests that the possibility of martial law is not bogus, but doesn’t directly confirm. Just thought you’d like to know about it for what it’s worth.

I think it’s good advice. Enjoy the show. Those of us who have been waiting for “something” to happen for years are pretty stoked. It’s hammer time. ThankQ.

As background for this latest development, you may want to read this: HERE’S “THE PLAN”!!! We are at Stage 5 of 5!!! .  There are remarks here about staying out of crowds, etc. as that is how the psychopaths like to inflict the most damage: large numbers of people in one fell swoop. We can all have a safe, quiet Christmas of contemplation, appreciation, and celebration!

You may wish to listen to this video. I like these guys. We have been prepared for this. As Q has told us, “You have everything you need”, or something to that effect.

In this video they address some of the nuances of the military op and current National Emergency in America. This also goes over some of the information at the link above, if you’re not able to read well and prefer the audio.  ~ BP

Interesting stuff from Steve at WSO about another fireball, and other fascinating images from our skies, as yet unidentified.

One of these days, we will escape from this fake matrix from hell. It’s coming, and all our questions will be answered.

Fireballs and Space Mirrors ++ Are YOU Longing for Home?

Was this another one of those, “Don’t worry, be happy” scenarios because they knew what would be happening down the road and McSally would take her rightful place in Washington despite the fraudulent election? Outstanding. I love it when a plan comes together.

Arizona Governor Ducey, Rep. Martha McSally hold a presser

Fox News
Governor Ducey appointed Republican Rep. Martha McSally to replace outgoing Sen. Jon Kyl, who was filling the seat of Sen. John McCain.

Any electronic communication exists forever, it seems. It can never be deleted, BleachBitted, trashed, hidden, nullified, reversed, scrambled, encoded, or anything that will equate to “never existed”. They’ve got it all. Forever. You’d think these thugs would know that.

ICYMI: MORE Classified Material Found on Hillary Clinton’s Email Server–Where’s the DOJ?

What Does It Mean.com site has a lot of pertinent information these days. They were down for several hours early yesterday, but they’re back now.

Dr. Salla begins his interview with the guys at Edge of Wonder with the Paradise fire and the attempt of the deep state to eliminate a “test site” for Earth Humans and another species co-existing in harmony and in a community using Tesla technologies.

The November 11 earthquake was a fascinating “coded” event, he explains, from the White Hats—in case you missed that detail in the Q posts.

I would point out that if the White Hats could create an “earthquake” with pulses every 17 seconds, what does that tell you about the technology they have? Lots of good stuff in our future, folks.

As Thomas Williams has explained, we will never initiate violent attacks, but we will retaliate. Of that you can be certain.

Dr. Salla also discusses President Trump’s background on Tesla technology via his uncle, his efforts to bring us the suppressed technologies for health and free energy, and many other related topics. Awesome intel.

For those who do not appreciate or trust President Trump or Q, now would be a good time to begin. You have no idea at this point how fortunate we are to have Trump in power, and for his dedicated inner circle who are guaranteeing our liberation.

11:11 Quake is Retribution to Deep State for Paradise Fires | Interview with Dr. Michael Salla

This is a great update from SerialBrain2 via And We Know. Nice job. Looking forward to Part 2.

SerialBrain2 – Trump, Q, Gingerbread, Stockings and GITMO. PART1

It’s Christmas, a busy time, I haven’t even done any cards, and I’m going to leave it there for now. Enjoy the Christmas season, all. Blessings abound.  ~ BP

St. Paddy’s Day Headlines & Updates [videos] ~ March 17, 2018

Molly over at Starship Earth is a seasoned journalist and does a  tremendous job at covering the current status on or globe, as well as providing background on why our world WILL and IS changing for the better on a sudden basis. Many of the spiritually inclined think our consciousness evolution is baond to change somewhat soon; it cannot come quickly enough for me!

Are you feeling the difference in the air? I AM and am inclined to believe this is for a good reason. I report both spiritual and geo-polical news daily and am seeing fewer stories to report in both areas. War, and rumors of war, are now being replaced by stories of peace which is so pleasant to see.

tptw (the powers that were)are trying  like all get-out to start a fresh conflict in the Middle East with the British leading this charge…bit it ain’t happening! Saudi Arabia and Yemen are now conducting their own peace talks. North and South Korea are making nice.

What’s next? More and more and more war,violence, and fights will be just plain disappearing with the release of hidden technologies that will make our lives easier,  cheaper, and healthier. Just sayin…

In the meantime, please read this excellent post by Starship Earth, decide where your first visit will be on the bullet train she mentions, get ready to make reservations, and…


On Thursday Thomas Williams shared some exciting intel with us on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show.

The best part for me was that the Manna World Holding Trust has already funded Humanitarian projects. The first is a global bullet train!—environmentally friendly—with the contract duly executed on March 15th. And I take that to mean that borders, passports, and the insane amount of security we have to tolerate when we fly will be a thing of the past.

This is our planet. We all live here and should not have to prove who we are every time we leave the country will live in. We are free and sovereign Beings and should be able to travel anywhere we like. When the real terrorists have been removed we won’t all be treated like criminals any longer.

Thomas also pointed out that the cost for the rail system wouldn’t be as great as we might think due to the high speed trains used in the underground tunnels beneath our feet that the El-ites didn’t want us to know about. In many cases the infrastructure is already there and may just need some adaptations. The system will provide many jobs, as well.

Imagine being able to take a high-speed train from one side of the country or from one side of the planet to the other in a fraction of the time it takes to fly. Now that’s progress! I’m a fan of any transportation that allows me to take my pillow.

Thomas said that as the White Hats, President Trump, the military and our Galactic friends push onward toward our total  liberation, the psychopaths are frantic and threatening nasty things all over the place. They threatened to take down the entire global financial system last week.

From what I see, the only ones having a financial crisis are the El-ites! Looks good on ’em. They tried twice again this past week to pull off an RV and FAILED AGAIN. They just don’t get it. Now that Friday has come and gone, things may be a little “cleaner” Thomas said.

They’ve threatened the safety of those in the trenches like Thomas, Miss Manna/Kim, the Trumps, and others, and as we can see, they have pulled off a few more false flag events.

According to Thomas, the patience with the El-ites has run out and the underlings are no longer the targets; they’re going after the top rungs now. No quarter shown. It’s being done covertly, and it probably won’t be in the news, but the upper echelons know they had ample opportunity to work with us and since they chose not to, their heads are on the chopping blocks. And high time, too.

We learned that the reason Chinese Congress voted to allow President Xi Jinping to remain in office indefinitely was a move to ensure that those who ARE interested in removing the cabal are in place as long as it takes to do so. There can be no chance that a compromised party take over, and that is why there has also been talk of Trump being in office “forever”.

If President Trump were nearing the end of his term a similar action would take place in America to ensure no rogue elements could take over. He is getting this done and under no circumstances will there be an opportunity for anyone to replace him until the dark forces are eradicated and the swamp drained completely.

If you hadn’t noticed, President Trump may joke around a lot in his addresses and say things like, “it’s possible” when speaking of colonizing Mars, but he doesn’t waste time raising subjects that aren’t important. He speaks purposefully. There is meaning in everything he says and we have to read between the lines. Much of what he says may be lost on the sleepers but we who are woke read him loud and clear.

I can’t wait for the plugs to be pulled on the MSM bots and to see real, live, compassionate Human Beings bringing us the real news. It makes me giddy just thinking about that day. In the interim, the independent media is doing an exemplary job.

Thomas said the “musical chairs” in Washington will continue, and there is more intel but he can’t reveal it yet and assured us things are moving along very nicely.

It really makes you wonder what causes people to do these insane things, doesn’t it? Normal, average Americans just don’t behave this way. As horrific as it is, the MSM is ignoring this mass killing as no guns were involved and it doesn’t fit their agenda.


You Are Free TV update on recent developments…

Hillary sustains yet another injury in India. Reports she fell in the bathtub at the hotel and broke her wrist have been refuted and some now say this injury after her falls on the steps happened away from the hotel.

Tomorrow, March 19, is the big day in Russia. It sounds as though Putin will enjoy another term. Thank goodness. He is another player we need in place long-term until the planetary clean-up is complete.

Putin rides ‘Russia First’ wave toward election victory

Zach says his identity will soon be public knowledge and he goes on to provide context to recent events in America and globally.

The threats continue…

Democrat on House Intel Committee Fires Off Ominous Threat Against President Trump Over McCabe Firing

May all who fight for the Light be safe.  ~ BP