Headlines and Updates for December 19, 2018: Change On the Horizon [videos] ~ December 19, 2018

I thought I’d begin with a tidbit of something that may be something… or nothing… but I felt it worth sharing.

With respect to the meme we shared about Martial Law After Christmas, there was a negative comment at the Captain’s Blog about it being fear porn. A  response came through shortly afterward that got my attention, and I have moderated a lot of comments in almost 7 years. It read…

  …there is more going on behind the scenes than you are aware it seems, keep an open mind.. and enjoy the show..also, there is no vibes of fear in this message.. relax  [Nice avatar, BTW]

I immediately felt this was a member of Q’s army on patrol, dispelling fear and monitoring the feedback in the blogosphere on this latest bit of info from the White Hats. It reflects the voice of reason, confidence, and an air of authority, in my opinion. It also suggests that the possibility of martial law is not bogus, but doesn’t directly confirm. Just thought you’d like to know about it for what it’s worth.

I think it’s good advice. Enjoy the show. Those of us who have been waiting for “something” to happen for years are pretty stoked. It’s hammer time. ThankQ.

As background for this latest development, you may want to read this: HERE’S “THE PLAN”!!! We are at Stage 5 of 5!!! .  There are remarks here about staying out of crowds, etc. as that is how the psychopaths like to inflict the most damage: large numbers of people in one fell swoop. We can all have a safe, quiet Christmas of contemplation, appreciation, and celebration!

You may wish to listen to this video. I like these guys. We have been prepared for this. As Q has told us, “You have everything you need”, or something to that effect.

In this video they address some of the nuances of the military op and current National Emergency in America. This also goes over some of the information at the link above, if you’re not able to read well and prefer the audio.  ~ BP

Interesting stuff from Steve at WSO about another fireball, and other fascinating images from our skies, as yet unidentified.

One of these days, we will escape from this fake matrix from hell. It’s coming, and all our questions will be answered.

Fireballs and Space Mirrors ++ Are YOU Longing for Home?

Was this another one of those, “Don’t worry, be happy” scenarios because they knew what would be happening down the road and McSally would take her rightful place in Washington despite the fraudulent election? Outstanding. I love it when a plan comes together.

Arizona Governor Ducey, Rep. Martha McSally hold a presser

Fox News
Governor Ducey appointed Republican Rep. Martha McSally to replace outgoing Sen. Jon Kyl, who was filling the seat of Sen. John McCain.

Any electronic communication exists forever, it seems. It can never be deleted, BleachBitted, trashed, hidden, nullified, reversed, scrambled, encoded, or anything that will equate to “never existed”. They’ve got it all. Forever. You’d think these thugs would know that.

ICYMI: MORE Classified Material Found on Hillary Clinton’s Email Server–Where’s the DOJ?

What Does It Mean.com site has a lot of pertinent information these days. They were down for several hours early yesterday, but they’re back now.

Dr. Salla begins his interview with the guys at Edge of Wonder with the Paradise fire and the attempt of the deep state to eliminate a “test site” for Earth Humans and another species co-existing in harmony and in a community using Tesla technologies.

The November 11 earthquake was a fascinating “coded” event, he explains, from the White Hats—in case you missed that detail in the Q posts.

I would point out that if the White Hats could create an “earthquake” with pulses every 17 seconds, what does that tell you about the technology they have? Lots of good stuff in our future, folks.

As Thomas Williams has explained, we will never initiate violent attacks, but we will retaliate. Of that you can be certain.

Dr. Salla also discusses President Trump’s background on Tesla technology via his uncle, his efforts to bring us the suppressed technologies for health and free energy, and many other related topics. Awesome intel.

For those who do not appreciate or trust President Trump or Q, now would be a good time to begin. You have no idea at this point how fortunate we are to have Trump in power, and for his dedicated inner circle who are guaranteeing our liberation.

11:11 Quake is Retribution to Deep State for Paradise Fires | Interview with Dr. Michael Salla

This is a great update from SerialBrain2 via And We Know. Nice job. Looking forward to Part 2.

SerialBrain2 – Trump, Q, Gingerbread, Stockings and GITMO. PART1

It’s Christmas, a busy time, I haven’t even done any cards, and I’m going to leave it there for now. Enjoy the Christmas season, all. Blessings abound.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for December 12, 2018: Christmas Surprises [videos] ~ December12, 2018

Q is in fine, festive form these days. I still think Q is an “it”. AI. A quantum computer. Why does he/they keep saying we’ll be blown away when we find out who he/they is/are?

Anyway, they’re having fun today, trolling the MSM with talk of Q stockings hanging next to T stockings and Christmas elves.

I’m not going to feature the chat about the wall the President had with Pelosi and Schumer yesterday as it’s everywhere. He’s a sly one, Mr. Grinch, and it put a different spin on it when I learned Trump brought in the media unannounced at the last second and they arrived just as Pelosi and Schumer did. Surprise! This really threw them off and pissed them off, and the sparring match was then available for all to see.

The dimm opponents both sounded like broken records going around in circles while Pence sat there like a stuffed shirt; the silent witness. It was painful to watch, and if I were there I would have asked for a gun so I could put myself out of my misery. I think Trump thrives on it, though.

Perhaps Nancy and Chuck need to visit this website to see all the arrests, violent offenders and drugs coming into Arizona, Texas, and other areas along the vulnerable border nearly every day. The lamestream media conveniently doesn’t cover it.

If you followed the Speaker’s later activities you would have heard the amicable Nancy Pelosi who was thrilled to be considered for Speaker of the House is now not quite as amicable as she vowed she would be to work WITH the President and takes it down in the gutter at her level to question the President’s manhood. She’s 78 years old, and cranky. Put her out to pasture. I can’t imagine people like this running America.

If you visit the channel of DarkSkyWatcher (Paul Flores) you can immediately see the “border wall” here in Southern Arizona, near the Lukeville Port of Entry, which is nothing but a low fence, where Human traffickers bring through women and children. The story is below the video. The New World Order don’t want a wall to stop Human Trafficking, gun running, or drugs.

Human Trafficking is the livelihood of coyotes and the lifeblood of the satanist global “elite” that the whole world is struggling to eliminate. The globalists want migrants and immigrants flowing at will throughout the world to create an unharmonious, chaotic and violent society to feed on and rule. They want to take from the rich, like America and Canada, and redistribute it to themselves, as they’ve always done, so we’re all destitute.

The pendulum can only swing so far in one direction before it comes back—and it’s now on the way back. They have pushed Humanity as far as they can.


French Replace Google with Qwant #GoogleGestapo Crumbling?

It appears the calendar in Washington could mean chaos for the dimms. Is the plan to keep their heads spinning so they don’t know what to pay attention to at all? They should like chaos, right?

2 Weeks Of Chaos Coming/DC/D13

I thought Jim Jordan did a good job of getting to the meat of the matter with Google’s Pichai and illustrating that they are not without political bias.

The laughs came when Pichai explained that Russians had spent over $4700 on ads. Not $47M—$4700. So??? I feel sorry for him. He was chosen to be the fall guy. I hope his salary makes it worthwhile. He may not have it for long.

Jim Jordan DESTROYS Google CEO over trying to Meddle in Elections

And it that wasn’t bad enough, Google’s Beijing office burst into flames. Symbolic? Coincidence? You can’t make this stuff up.


Fed Backed Into A Corner, WTO Next On The Chopping Block – Episode 1739a

It’s Time, [DS] In Process Of Being Removed, Court TV Back, Coincidence? – Episode 1739b