Shared by Elle From Council Of Love

As the vibratory rates are becoming more compatible,

that reunion and communion is about to take place. – Belle’Anna

We are on high alert – ready to go! – Plaed’or 

Belle’Anna, Guardian Angel Supreme, together with Plaed’or, Commander of the starship Bezeeda and Director of the Boots on the Ground Programme, Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, address the readiness of the human race to embrace the imminent arrival of our Star Family. Shared by Elle.

Belle’Anna – Guardian Angel

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna. Welcome, beloved, sweet angel of light, sweet angel of love, sparkling blue, magenta, amethyst…

Hello, my darling!

Beloved one, you are embracing the joy, you are embracing the truth of who you are, bright angel of change, bright angel of communication, bright angel of the Mother, nurturer… nurturer – this is as essential to your being as breathing.

And what you have learned and how you are progressing is that you are also not only allowing yourself to be nurtured, beloved one, but you are nurturing yourself. And that voice of criticism that has been blaring at times throughout your journey has gone very quiet, and the admiration of what you are truly doing, in seen and unseen ways, is becoming far more apparent and obvious to you.

You choose to proceed in ways that are of joy… that are of, shall we say, consideration. You have always been considerate, sweet one, of others. You have not always been considerate of your beautiful sacred self, but that has shifted and you are proceeding in ways that are considerate not only of your sacred self but of all the aspects of your being.

That is necessary as you move forward in the creation of Nova Earth, in the creation of a home that works not merely for what has been known as human race – which in fact has been so exclusive of others… really, in terms of galactic terms, quite xenophobic – but that change is underway.

Many in their hearts, in the midst of chaos, yes, have raised their prayers and their eyes to heaven and said, “Please – let there be some help.” But also what is occurring is there is a great softening, a greater opening, an acceptance when they say, “Let there be help.” The human collective has reached the point where they are willing to accept help from their Star Family. They are that desperate for relief – and I suggest that that is a good thing.

So as the vibratory rates are becoming more compatible, that reunion and communion is about to take place. And yes, I will allow Plaed’or to discuss this with you… well, I can’t “allow” him anything [laughing]… but he will discuss it with you!

Yes, I felt his nudging last night!

There is much underway behind the scenes and, might I suggest to you – it is all good news!

I’m so exhausted… Oh, my God, I am so exhausted!

But also understand, sweet one, you are also very busy at night. So there is a great deal going on. You are also integrating so much that the physical body, as you know it of course, is exhausted.

Okay, beloved. I love you. Thank you so much. Thank you for being here.

You are so welcome – and you are so loved. Turn to me. I am with you, as you well know.

I step aside.

*  *  *

Plaed’or – Commander of the Bezeeda, Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies

I am Plaed’or. Welcome, beloved.

Welcome, my love.

Where have you been? [Laughing]

From what I’ve understood from beloved Kuthumi, even he couldn’t keep up with me recently! [Laughing]

It is no surprise to any being, in any realm, sweet one, that you are feeling exhausted. [Laughing] You have been giving all of us a run for our money!

Of course, I want you to keep going. You have been patient but you are also impatient and sometimes – and I don’t mean hasty because hasty simply results in missteps or errors – but the feeling of “Let’s get this going”… you have been very busy working, talking, speaking, beaming hither and yon in order to assist, and assist with the human factor, might we say.

You know, there is a ‘belief system’, I guess you’d call it, that all of us are simply sitting here on pins and needles waiting for the humans to… well, to raise their vibrations, to raise their awareness, to be open to our presence – but that on our side all is well and good. And by and large, that is true for we have waited thousands of years for this. But that is an entirely different conversation because also it would involve a discussion of quantum mechanics and the meaning of time, and Einstein isn’t available today! [Laughing]

Even though we are prepared, even though there is great excitement, even though we tend to know not just vibrationally but practically where the readiness factor is of the human race – that has been one of the great values of having so many… millions… of boots on the ground that we are able not only in esoteric or vibratory measurement but we are able in practical, in human, what you would think of as human ways, able to gauge the readiness of the human race to accept us – not only accept us but to truly embrace us, because we’re not here just to be accepted.

If we are not embraced fully and wholly the way that not only we want to be embraced, but that we need to be embraced in order to truly share and become community, then it is meaningless. We will just continue to wait until the human race is ready. But what I come to say to you this day isn’t about “oh, you only have 12 more decades to wait” [chuckling] – quite the contrary!

The readiness, both consciously and unconsciously and in the heart-mind, shall we say, balance/activation that is there to truly engage with the Star Family – not simply for us to be saviours because we don’t want to be seen that way either – but there is a readiness, a willingness, to engage with us as equals.

We do not want to engage in any kind of hierarchical configuration. That is why, in terms of the, shall we say, the Delegations, that the Plan is not to go through hierarchical governments or governance where the power plays and the abuse of authority has been rampant.

That is why we have selected people on planet who have the balance and the authority and the wisdom – and the heart, the love – to truly work with us on an equal footing. Perhaps not an equal footing of knowledge – and when I say ‘knowledge’ I mean let us just put it in the basket of science, etc. – but it is the heart knowledge, it is the heart willingness, it is the heart openness.

And so this has actually been very clearly lined up not for some distant future but for the very, very, very near future.

Now I am not wanting to tread and give way to the… [chuckling] classified information, shall we say, from the Intergalactic Council. The reason that I am speaking of this is that even as I am talking to you – you are an enormousfilter and transmitter – so as I am speaking to you, it is also being transmitted out to the entire planet saying that we are ready.

Now is there nervousness? Yes, there is great excitement. But is there some nervousness also on the part of some of our members, our forces? The answer is Yes! Because as you well know, the human race has a strong tendency and a history of saying one thing and doing another. And so it is important that we receive back – of course it is very subtly how we receive it back – but that we receive back the ‘high’ sign… the ‘I’m ready’ sign… the ‘we welcome you’ sign from the human race.

So there is some nervousness amongst some of our troops about whether the earthlings, the Gaians, are going to say ‘yes’ on one hand and ‘no’ on the other. But that is not pervasive within our communities; it is simply on the part of some, which I know is also present in some of the Gaian communities as well.

There has been a tendency particularly, shall we say, in communities that are based in religious dogma. There have been belief systems that the human race is the Mother’s, God’s, greatest creation. It is ironic, is it not


that this group of people put such limiting ideas on the creations of Source, of Mother, of Father, of One.

So there is work being done in every sector, not to rob people of their belief systems, but to more clearly open not only their hearts but their minds to the potential of greater possibilities. So it is not that we are waiting for everybody to buy in, quite the contrary – that would take a very long time.

But what we are waiting for is that collective indicator that there is at least an openness to the potential, and that the potential is not that it is limited or aggressive or territorial, but that it is kind and loving – that it is yet another expression of love that the Mother has birthed. One does not think of plants and trees or birds – unless they are defending their nest – as aggressive, as assertive, as territorial, but humans tend to think this way.

So this is what we are adjusting; and what is assisting in this adjustment is of course, very much so, the lightworker/loveholder community – but it is also… shall we call it “the dreamers”!

We love the dreamers! They may not think of themselves as on a spiritual path, because of course everything – absolutely everything – is spiritual. But those who dream, those who wander not only amongst the stars but throughout their hearts and their heads just dreaming, without empirical evidence, just of what could be… We love the dreamers!

As you well know, the Mother herself – and this is a lesson that we learned long ago – the Mother herself has invited every person on the planet, and far beyond, but on your planet – soon to be our planet – She has invited you to dream with her, to be part of her Dream. This is not simply some pretty or esoteric invitation. It is the ability to dream, and to fold oneself into the Mother’s Dream, that holds the greatest potential for the human race.

Think of it, beloved: the greatest potential for the human race lies in dreaming. And it lies with the dreamers, those that do not look and say, “Well, this is what is possible, this is where we are, this is what we have to live with.” Unh-uh! It is the dreamers. That is why you are so busy at night – you are very much a dreamer! And you are very, very much loved.

So yes, we will be together sooner than later. And the details, shall we say, of the official welcoming will be made available shortly.


Yes, shortly!

And will these [details of the official welcoming] come through Linda [the channel]?


And you and your team and the Bezeeda will indeed be part of the Delegation?

Oh, yes! This has been planned for a very long time. Do you really think it is a coincidence?!

[Laughing] I wanted just to be sure!

Oh no, beloved one. [Laughing] We have rounded up the human beings and you are in deep love and friendship. You may not know all who are engaged in the Delegation – and Delegations, by the way – but even those you don’t know at the moment, when you meet them you will say, “Oh, I have known you forever.”

Wow! Lately, I’ve had moments of the giggles imagining myself out in nature… or walking around a corner… and there you are! Oh, my goodness!

And what you are seeing is just how easy it will be.

I have a feeling it will be!

Of course it will be, for are we not united in our hearts forever. …

And Galea is coming too as part of the Delegation, I imagine, as Communications Officer?

Yes, she is. She is very much engaged in… you know, she has been laying the groundwork with the human race for several years.

I must leave you, my sweetheart, but go with my love. I am right there. I am all around you!

And we are very busy. If you would think in human terms, think: We are on high alert – ready to go!

Thank you so much, beloved. Thank you for being here. Shall I share your message on the website, all of it, or most of it, yes?

Yes, if you wish. I am comfortable with that.

Farewell, my love.


Border Myths Dispelled with Facts and Figures; The Real Picture Emerging [videos] ~ November 28, 2018

We are at war and in times of war, politically correct language is not required or appreciated. TRUTH, however, is mandatory and it’s not being told by what is supposed to be the People’s media; by journalists or public broadcast—so it is up to us—as citizen journalists.

Those who seek to control the narrative around the border crisis in America are, as usual, lying hypocrites. We have statistics and proof from boots on the ground; the consummate authority: border patrol agents. See the interview below.

To even suggest that ALL these violent marauders are “victims” is obviously agenda-driven drivel. As some have said, they’re lucky it was only tear gas when illegal aliens have already killed one border patrol agent with rocks. Killed him, and put his partner in hospital.

Pepper spray and tear gas never killed anyone, but hopefully it taught these invaders a lesson.

If they would storm two borders, attack officials and kill those who attempted to stop them, what do you suppose they might do to YOU if they happened to want your car, your boat, your quad, jet ski, your big screen TV… or your wife or daughter? Get the picture?

Are you aware that those who stormed the border and were turned away soon broke into the homes of Tijuana residents?

We already know what the hordes of “immigrants” the globalists imported into Sweden, Germany, and other countries have done to those countries and their people. It’s living hell and the globalist governments do nothing to prosecute the rapists and murderers. They embrace the “catch and release” protocol which Trump has now banned. That’s why people in Europe are repeatedly protesting and demonstrating against their governments. They’ve had enough of that kind of a regime that does not work in favour of the People.

America is under no obligation to provide any kind of “sanctuary” to foreigners without the legal system established by the People’s government.

Worse, the treasonous media has established a lexicon of brainwashing marketing language to minimize the concept of threat and increase the concept of victimhood for these paid thugs. We have “sanctuary cities”. How pastoral.

The Sanctuary City of Los Angeles, California

This guy lives in the desert, apparently, in his truck with his dog if the stainless steel dish outside is any indication. He’s been parked here for almost two months. I see him every day, two blocks from my home. I assume he is unemployed but he is often talking on the phone when we go by on the trail.

Permanent desert dweller Nov 2018

According to the talking heads and Washington bureaucrats we also have innocent women and children seeking “asylum”; “refugees”. How desperate and needy. How do you know some of them aren’t the notorious child traffickers the world is trying to eliminate? Intelligence reports tell us many of them are—but the media doesn’t discuss that, do they?

And lets not forget the DREAMERS. Dreamers! Who writes this stuff? The mockingbird media is leading dim-witted sheep down the garden path with their hypnotic, linguistic rhetoric.

America is fast becoming a ghetto with hordes of its own citizens living in tent cities and cars—all by design. Families are existing hand to mouth, paycheque to paycheque. People can’t afford Obama’s “affordable” health care so they’re penalized and forced to pay for it anyway and get nothing at all. How did Obama last for 8 years? Election fraud—but that’s another horror story, isn’t it? It’s easy to program voting machines and pay immigrants to vote your way.

How the hell are you going to look after hundreds of thousands of poor, uneducated immigrants, America? Would you sooner allot your tax dollars to raising immigrants than looking after your own natural-born citizens and infrastructure? Your country is crumbling right out from under you and you just don’t get it.

America is a shithole thanks to previous administrations and the globalists who schemed to destroy it, and anyone who says the People owe it to these would-be “refugees” to invite them in, feed them, clothe them, care for them and educate them is a gullible idiot and it’s infuriating to watch the treasonous media in action pushing these concepts to people who watch television and believe everything they hear.

Donald Trump believes he can “make America great again.” The deep state plot to allow hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants into the country would prevent that and must be stopped in its tracks—by any means necessary or America may as well be Africa because that will be your new standard of living. Even now not everyone in America can say they have clean water to drink. It’s outrageous.

Americans need to be nationalists—like President Trump—not bleeding heart liberals who are tricked into giving away the farm to care for those they can ill afford to. Care for your own homeless; your hungry; your sick; your Veterans; your land and water first.

Immigration laws exist for a reason; to protect Americans. It’s not “racist” to cull the herd, to be choosy about who you embrace and to keep out known criminals, child abusers, rapists, gun runners, drug smugglers and violent offenders.

Over the years thousands of immigrants have already sneaked into the country, and it shows. I see it every day here in Arizona and it’s disgusting. Too many immigrants do not care about your country, the land or the people. They steal. They leave garbage everywhere; dirty diapers in mall parking lots, old furniture dumped at the side of a road—and they believe they are entitled.

How do all these people get in? The lack of a wall, for one thing. Literally a lack of a wall of any kind. Take a look at this short video below from Texas. There’s a steel wall—and then there isn’t. Nothing. It just ends. The people who live there and law enforcement deal with illegal aliens all the time and this ABC documentary from Fort Hancock, Texas is the proof—made in 2013. It’s a long-standing problem exacerbated by a shadow government that wanted to destroy a strong, rich country.

UNDER SIEGE: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX

No, this is not a new problem along the border—they have just jacked it up on steroids because the deep state traitors are desperate to execute the New World Order’s agenda and retain their tyrannical rule of the planet.

What we see today at the US/Mexican border is an outright invasion by paid thugs; planned years ago by psychopathic tyrants.

Wake up and smell the coffee, America—or kiss your country and your future goodbye. You’re damn lucky Donald Trump was elected President because if it had gone the other way, you might be seeking refuge in another country because you can’t stand living in your own any longer. The globalist plan was to trash the planet and there are few standing up to them and putting a stop to their agenda.

In this next video below we see hundreds of our friends in Britain demonstrating and if you listen, you will hear them chanting, “WE LOVE TRUMP!” Do they know something America doesn’t? The whole world knows what’s unfolding in America right now and they are rooting for us and the President to drain this swamp, because they know that once America is secured, other countries are next. For some reason Americans are living in a different reality.

I’m a tax payer in America and I say BUILD THE DAMN WALL—and FAST.  ~ BP

[D5] Nothing Can Stop What is Coming

Caravan ‘Refugees’ are LUCKY it was Only Tear Gas

Border Patrol Agents Used Tear Gas, Pepper Spray Under Obama More Than 500 Times

November 27, 2018

U.S. Border Patrol agents used tear gas or pepper spray more than 500 times from 2012 to 2016 under President Barack Obama’s administration.

According to numbers provided to the Daily Caller by the Department of Homeland Security, CS gas, commonly known as tear gas, was used by U.S. Border Patrol agents 79 times from 2012 to 2016.

Tear Gas Usage At The Border:

In addition to CS gas, Border Patrol regularly used Pava Capsaicin, which is commonly known as pepper spray, for performing area saturation associated with law enforcement operations. The numbers below describe the uses of Pava Capsaicin between 2012 to 2018. Pepper spray was used 434 times while Obama was president.

The agents used pepper spray or tear gas a total of 513 times between 2012 and 2016. A DHS spokesperson told The Daily Caller that no records before 2012 were available. (RELATED: I WAS TEAR-GASSED, ALONG WITH 60 OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS, IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE)

Read the rest of the article…


Even RT featured a segment about the border loaded with disinformation and absurd commentary.

Look at all the thumbs down for this video at YouTube—twice as many as the thumbs up. At least there are a few critical thinkers among a nation of brainwashed people who allow the media to tell them what to think.

65,891 views            365 thumbs up – 622 thumbs down

Headlines for March 2, 2018: If You Don’t Have a Label, You’re Not in the News [videos] ~ March 2, 2018

Love, Thank goodness Starship Earth continues piloting us toward truthful news. Please take a look at this article, see what news items you are not aware of, and…


Have you noticed that since the Presidential election campaigns in 2017 that labels are all the rage? We have the deplorables, the snowflakes, the dreamers, the conspiracy theorists, the deep state, the white supremacists, the globalists, black lives, the haters, the fake news…

If they can’t stuff you in a trendy box they won’t talk about you… much. 

Thanks to the crew for keeping us abreast of the hard-hitting headlines. There’s certainly no lack of colour in this revolution. 

If a second theme were apparent this week, it would probably be “betrayal”. Google, YouTube, Q, Trump… who do you trust?

I don’t know about you, but when I listened to “Zach-Anon” giving Alex Jones his update from the Q team, it sounded like fear-mongering to me, which is a slightly different tune than Q has been singing until just recently. We’ll talk more about that in a post with an intel update from the insiders on the multiple strikes against the El-ites in the last week… when Q went dark.  ~ BP

 DREAMERS March 250 Miles to Big Rally in Washington DC – Then Are Arrested Outside City Limits

 YouTube Developer Exposes Google’s Illicit Scheme Against Alt Media And Patriot Movement

Is there any question Big Brother is alive and well?  Profiling and invasion of privacy is rampant and the deep state is trying to control everything and everyone.

Suggest you read a better quality version of this leak at State of the Nation


YouTube is getting plenty of bad press for its anything-but-fair-tactics to control and censor. It seems they’ve become extremists and, like Google, feel they are worthy of deciding what is “hateful”. Empty apologies aren’t taken seriously since the actions don’t match the words.

YouTube Goes On Rampage Against Conservative Accounts; Blames “Newer Members” Of Mod Team

 We have been watching President Trump from the fence and waiting to see how his actions pan out. In the CPAC address he said “we” would not allow anyone to take second amendment rights away from Americans.

Now, his tune has changed. Has he caved to pressure from the deep state? If he follows through with this, America is in deep doo-doo.

BETRAYAL: Trump Says Government Should ‘Take The Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second’

Supreme Court Rules Assault Rifles Not Protected by Second Amendment

Fallout from the NRA boycotts is interesting, too. Now we’re boycotting the ones who are doing the boycotting.

Boycotts Work Both Ways, You Know? The List of Businesses Boycotting NRA

Here’s some fascinating background information relating to the latest school shooting and how the New World Order/Illuminati has set up our world to serve their agenda. There are no accidents, and if you think the bizarre and violent events unfolding on our planet are not something to be concerned about, you are delusional.

There is a reason we are not told about all the scientific and technological advancements made in the past six decades or more. What you don’t know can and is hurting you. We have been warned time and again by many but the warnings went largely unheeded, and as a result the People are now fighting their second American revolution—many in absentia. They’ll wake up when it’s over.

It’s Not What It Seems

Do you know what’s in your food?

No. You don’t. And this isn’t an accident, either.

There were almost zero gay/lesbian/transvestites in my childhood. I can’t think of one except Tim Curry in “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Do people ever wonder why no one seems to know what sex they are any more, and why they are literally having sex change operations? It’s insane. It’s not normal. It’s engineered. Humans are “genetically modified” more and more through many avenues. It’s now a crisis.