The Sun Will Not Sneeze; No “Event Flash” and No Catastrophic Earth Events [videos]

I watched this refreshingly different take a few days ago on the sun’s activity or lack thereof and the confirmation that in Brad Johnson’s opinion, there will be no singular “Event flash”, dramatic pole shift, or other events that would wreak havoc on our planet. The reason is due to the timelines we’re on now, and we understand that the negative timelines have been eliminated so it stands to reason.

He believes the Event flash to be a psyop, not discounting that many solar waves are and will continue to wash over our planet to prepare us and move us toward the higher realms. The sun’s electromagnetic waves may knock out some of our communications and power temporarily but nothing catastrophic.

He also explains what may cause the many “booms” we’re hearing all over the planet. It’s an interesting theory and Brad’s information resonates strongly.

I am and always have been of the firm conviction that Earth is here to stay and so is Humanity. I completely agree with Brad that all the Beings in other dimensions and around our planet would not have wasted their time protecting us and mitigating Earth changes only to watch us all, or nearly all, perish. He says no catastrophic polar shift, either.

Thomas Williams has informed us that some parties have taken steps to right our planet on its axis and that our climate will moderate, becoming more Mediterranean-like in most areas rather than extreme.

There is no lack of videos on YouTube or articles from many sources that claim the extreme biblical prophecies are going to come to fruition and we shall all vanish when the Earth is destroyed by comets/asteroids, solar radiation, fires, floods, vermin, pestilence, pole shifts, etc.

I’ve never believed that and I don’t believe it now. Whatever is going to happen on Earth will not threaten us as a species. We are cherished and protected, in my view. Yes, we have extreme weather and Earth changes to deal with, and many souls chose to leave the planet at this time in this way.

The more I research the more I believe that catastrophic historical events were perpetrated by those who seized control of Earth and for their personal gain. If things went awry and were out of their control they orchestrated a “reset” and started over.

On the other hand, if we’re not here long term due to destructive events, no point in fretting, as we won’t be around to suffer, will we? The reptilians’ reincarnation loop/trap has also been removed, we’re told, so if we choose to reincarnate, it will be in a place/planet of our choosing. Free at last.

There’s no room for doom and gloom. We have a scourge to remove from Earth/Terra, and it’s not so we can all die next year or any time soon. We, the star seeds, didn’t come here to die. We came here to get the job done. No fear.

We were promised ascension, and we shall have it. Inorganic or not, we have earned it and it’s happening. We will escape from this fake, prison planet version of Earth and enjoy our Golden Age.

The Stream Towards the Event |

Brad did this next video just prior to the one above, where he reads the text on the screen so no matter your preference, you can take this in. Thanks for sharing, J.  ~ BP

Earth Intelligence Report – March 2019

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Brad Johnson is a well-grounded channeler and spiritual advisor. I also appreciate Cindy’s viewpoint on the information coming from Brad and other YouTubers. Remember, when it is all about “doom and gloom”, it is a psyop designed to put you into fear, which is where the off-world controllers want you to be so they can harvest your emotional energies. Seek balance, inner calm, and a connection to your own Higher Self. Learn from others, but mostly from your own experience and insights.


  2. Ummmm Adronis is really mis informed lol….. cause Brad and Adronis are talking about OUR sun.. NOPE! Nobody is saying it is coming from OUR sun hahaah… Wrong haha.. it is coming from the Great Grand Central Sun not our sun.. sheesh.. so the first minute and 5 minutes in is ALL WRONG ha… and then calls out BS on everyone who says there is going to be a Solar Flash I have never heard solar sneeze lol… as if a sneeze can do anything? That sounds off? I’m not being mean it is just disinformation.. the EVENT / FLASH is not coming from OUR Sun.. get it? And that is exactly what he shows you .. so who is giving disinfo here? GREAT GRAND CENTRAL SUN Not from out solar system sheesh.. he has it so wrong here… and if all of this TECHNOLOGY is involved you know you are working with AI Not organic beings.. negative ET”s use the Technology … true organic heart centered beings don’t need technology to control our sun.. and ya… we have a sun simulator fact. So what are they controlling exactly? The sun simulator? I mean so much is NOT shared.. you have to listen also to what is omitted and what is NOT shared with the disinfo of what is shared.. it is not a huge flare it is more a huge energy wave that takes minutes to wash the earth … not a hot flash ..nobody is saying what you are saying and definitely NOT from OUR sun ha.. ummm the ones who are Draco’s or evil rulers on this planet should stand trial here where THEY made the rules and go down with their rules … death row .. or worse… they have murdered they should also be murdered … if human beings don’t have forgiveness for mass murder they should not have forgiveness either but be on death row as well. Although the truth is they have already left .. the ones who we THINK are evil are only clones .. the real flesh / blood beings have already left .. out of the public, gone.. you are seeing clones and they glitch .. anyone who appears to go to jail or be taken off planet is a CLONE!!! People need to hear the truth . They have seen this coming and have already gone. They have technology called the looking glass and see the future they have already gone .. without ANY TRIAL at all or any repercussions for the horrors they did here.. also if you are calling out BS … here is a way to prove you are legit yourself .. since you call everyone out on their BS … if you are a proficient Remote Viewer which I have taken courses and done this myself.. you should be able to remote view ANYTHING in any direction of time and space.. and you say here you remote viewed into 20 years to look at the sun activity .. seeing no “SOLAR SNEEZE” from our sun.. ok.. well then.. as a fellow remote viewer I know how to do this and if you have true ability this should be easy for you to do .. remote view a simple target presented to you .. cause you call out others BS from your Remote viewing skills .. if you can do that ..then we will hear you about your 20 year remote viewing as legit .. otherwise it is woo woo.. just as woo woo as you say all the other viewers or psychics are sharing their info…cause you got a few things today in this video wrong …


    1. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes…there’s a LOT of disinfo out there, but I don’t know the absolute truth…and I don’t think any one does. Thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned….it’s about to happen!

      Much Love….


  3. I’m the first to acknowledge that our SPIRITUAL evolution is far more important than anything that happens to our physical bodies… But there is a great deal of evidence for mass extinctions coinciding with magnetic pole shifts. I highly recommend the books listed below but feel the need to cite a few scientific studies disproving the insignificance of a magnetic pole shift as expressed in many recent articles and videos first. For an old example:
    “There is mounting evidence that past extinctions of faunal species have occurred in near coincidence with reversals in polarity of the geomagnetic field.” (Reid, Isaksen, Holzer, & Crutzen, “Influence of ancient solar-proton events on the evolution of life,” Nature, Vol. 259, January 22, 1976, p. 177)
    And a much newer one: “Geomagnetic reversal could enhance the oxygen escape rate by 3–4 orders only if the magnetic field was extremely weak, even without consideration of space weather effects. This suggests that our hypothesis could be a possible explanation of a correlation between geomagnetic reversals and mass extinction.” Oxygen escape from the Earth during geomagnetic reversals: Implications to mass extinction. Wei, Yong et al. Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume 394, 15 May 2014, Pages 94-98

    Climate cycles, Earth Changes, the magnetic pole shift we are already experiencing, mass extinctions, and “Ice Ages” would be much better understood if there wasn’t a concerted effort to hide the truth: there is a periodic cycle of cosmic outbursts involving our galactic center and our sun and our planet – everything is interconnected! This cosmic cycle causes catastrophic rotational pole shifts on Earth approximately every 12-13,000 years. “Ice Ages” happen when a region is located near one of the poles, like Hudson Bay was prior to 13,000 years ago, or like Antarctica is today.

    Consider reading books like:

    POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced
    Earth Under Fire
    Hamlet’s Mill
    When The Sky Fell
    Earth’s Shifting Crust
    Cataclysms of the Earth

    I’m not suggesting you need to prepare; just be aware. The most important thing to do with our lives is love, seek truth, and evolve spiritually


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