THE ORACLE REPORT ~ September 11, 2018

This is a special report combining Tuesday and Wednesday, as we have the major astrological conjunction of Venus opposing Uranus at the Chiron Point.  This is technically in effect through Thursday.

When planets “contact” Uranus, we have shocks and surprises of various degrees, sudden changes, and accidents.  Things happen fast.

When Venus contacts Uranus, these things center around relationships, values systems, feelings of security and comfort, and appearance.

Venus-Uranus oppostion is an exceptionally strong astrological aspect and has a tendency to produce big events in people’s lives and in the world.  Heightened anxiety, insomnia, sensory overload, and breakups of different kinds of relationships can occur (breakups are meant to be under this dynamic).  Breakthrough ideas, love at first sight, and the introduction of new people into our lives also occurs. (Note: This Venus opposition Uranus is connected to March 27-29, 2018.  Think back to what was going on for you then.  These things are coming to fullest light now.)

Uranus rules electricity and lightning, and per the Electric Universe Principle, will significantly amplify the storms that are whipping across the oceans.  With hurricanes during a Venus opposition to Uranus, great destruction could come to homes (and foundations of things in general).

The issues of security and safety are already strongly imprinted on 9/11 and are unconsciously triggered by the energetics.

In the contemporary era, hurricanes that are allowed to strike land are false flag operations because hurricanes can easily be created/enhanced or sheared off/busted apart, or driven back out to sea.  The technology for this has been utilized for decades and was mentioned by the Secretary of Defense in 1997.  Florence could be 2018’s 9/11 False Flag.  We could be seeing a primary component of next month’s New Moon Sabian symbol of “a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction” and attempts by the cabal to create chaos from which they create order (and distraction from events happening in the swamp of DC).

The overall energetics are trying to take us to a better “place” emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  (The Sun is discharging “a caravan of cars headed for promised land.”)  It is also a day to make various plans and preparations for the future. (The Earth is discharging “a table set for an evening meal.”)

A heaviness may pervade the day, as the Moon is approaching square with Pluto (exact time of the astrological aspect is 6:30 pm ET/10:30 pm UT).  This occurs while the Moon is discharging “a gang of robbers in hiding,” and Pluto is discharging “a child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag full of groceries.”  (This will also put more pressure on the global pedophile and trafficking ring.)  If the heaviness starts to set in on you, take a deep breath.  Practice releasing the energy and emotions to lighten them.  Remember that Pluto brings transformation, and we want transformation of our world more than anything.

Exact opposition of Venus and Uranus occurs at 4:40 am ET/8:40 am UT.  Venus will discharge “a house raising party” (groups of people raising the roof), and Uranus will discharge “steps up to a lawn blooming with clover” (taking it to the top and higher views).  So things rise to a higher level.

Overall, We the People, rise to the occasion.  There is a silver lining to all that happens, which becomes visible in the future.  The Venus-Uranus opposition occurs in tight conjunction with the Chiron Point, the energetic of 04 Taurus, and brings great teachings from plights of pain.  It’s intense, and you may feel it keenly.

At 2:15 pm ET/6:15 pm UT, the Moon will enter Scorpio, and ramp up the already-present heightened anger levels that we have with Mars making conjunction with the Black Moon.

At 5:50 pm ET/9:50 UT, the Moon will oppose Uranus, increasing the chances of accidents, so take precautions and remember that Uranus puts us where we need to be when we cannot get there ourselves.

At 6:30 pm ET/10:30 pm UT, the Moon will conjunct Venus, tapping on the issues of love, beauty, comfort, and security.  Think before speaking.  Be careful what you wish for.

With Uranus, we expect the unexpected.  Stay safe, wise owls, and prayers to all in the danger zones.


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