Headlines for February 2, 2018; We Are Free [videos] ~ Feb. 2, 2018

Well…all I can say is we all need to thank Starship Earth for continuing to keep us up-to-date with the many details of how our world is quickly evolving to a higher  and better state of BEing!

Please review the news accompanied by video’s highlighting the current realm of thought/fact, and even a tad of creative supposition in the last video. So…please watch , learn a LOT, and…


f you have an Internet connection or a television there is no excuse for not knowing what is unfolding on our planet. The Truth Media has risen far above the occasion and they are documenting and analyzing what is actually unfolding, despite how it may appear.

The latest episode of The X-Files featured an abandoned ship with CHIMERA emblazoned on its hull.

Another excellent Sean Hannity segment on Fox News featuring Judge Jeanine Pirro was removed from YouTube after I watched it once, and no matter who we are, there are ample personalities and Truthers in any vein that are ready, willing and able to explain the significance of all the current activities.

It came down to the wire this week, and in sudden death overtime The People scored the winning goal. America is getting a taste for just how corrupt their “shadow government” and the deep state are.

The masks are coming off and the players are revealing themselves like never before.

We, the conspiracy theorists, are now vindicated. What we said was true is hanging out on the line like dirty laundry for all to see, with much more to come.

To start off the latest coverage, we have an encouraging update from the ÉirePort gang. There are many changes ongoing in different groups across the planet, shuffling of the decks, improvements in communications, new alliances, new systems and protocols… and I wouldn’t expect it to stop any time soon. Many deep state/cabal members are jumping ship and switching sides.

Message from ÉirePort Alliance…

2 Feb

ÉirePort Alliance (formerly ÉirePort Group) has expanded in scope since the beginning of the GaiaPortal blog operations.

Recent upleveling of Planetary Consciousness frequency has enabled the formation of a wider Alliance formed among several Galactic entities that are working to free the planet called “Earth”, as well as other planets, in the so-called “Sol System”.

This multi-Galactic “ÉirePort Alliance” joins with the multi-dimensional “Earth Alliance” to finalize freedom protocols to be used during the next several weeks, months, years, and beyond.

Initial short-term protocols are now in full operation upon planet Earth.

Anticipate massive changes and please assist where called.

Thank you, ÉirePort Alliance


‘You Are Free TV’ update on multiple aspects of the latest news… including Freedom Day. I would add that you won’t have the big picture or understand the true significance of “Freedom Day” unless you listen to Thomas Williams’ update from February 1, which I shared yesterday. It’s not just about the United States; it’s a global freedom move for all sovereign Beings—but how does one explain that to one with no context for the history and gravity of it all?

Several members of the Foundation team including Thomas and “Miss Manna” have sustained multiple threats recently and been shot at. The cabal is out of their mind petrified of this take-down and removal of the deep, dark state. They are so irrelevant now their threats fall on deaf ears. No one is paying any attention to them. Sad isn’t it? They could have surrendered and cut themselves a deal years ago but they chose to continue to attack, murder and connive to retain control.

Remember the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ in the film, “The Wizard of Oz”? Well, the cabal are the ones melting as we douse the planet in Truth. Can you hear the screams of terror amidst their foul threats of death to those who oppose their wishes; to those who expose their despicable acts against Humanity? Let them scream.

This is another excellent brief overview from Sean at the SGT Report.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger expanded his territory of truth and does a great video explaining what has just happened with respect to the FISA Memo and the treasonous acts of the deep state. 

But it’s not ALL about FISA and Freedom.


We need to be firm in our intentions that the Super Bowl or “Superb Owl”, as Thomas Williams suggested, goes off without any sacrifices or false flag events with casualties. Moloch the Owl relentlessly demands sacrifices and loosh.

I wonder just what percentage of major sporting events are rigged… a few… many… all? The almighty dollar and the cabal’s sick fetishes and satanic religion dictate everything. “All the world’s a stage” for their depraved benefit.

NFL Lawyer, Who Claimed Super Bowl Is ‘Rigged’, Found Dead

You see… it’s complicated. Even long-standing Truthers don’t always understand the reality of control on the planet, or who is responsible for deceiving us. The “magic” has been played down and hidden to the point most people don’t know what a key part of life it is, which makes it easy for the controllers to get us to conjure up the most ridiculous things without being any the wiser.

Judge Anna von Reitz is well aware of who is pulling the strings of the puppets, and the masses would do well to understand that the Poop and the Jesuits are (or were) running the show, no matter what religion you are, or if you have a religion at all.

Thanks for sharing, Patrick.

Anna von Reitz: Whether to Laugh or Cry

 I haven’t watched this video yet and need to publish this post ASAP, but it was recommended. How open minded are you, hmmmm?

Personally, I think pretty much anything is possible. In fact, the farther “out there” something is, it seems the greater the likelihood that it is close to reality. We don’t know the half of it.  Thanks for the suggestion, C.

More and More Mexican Artifacts are Surfacing Depicting Aliens | Extraterrestials

Watch the video at the above link, and have a wonderful weekend as a FREE and SOVEREIGN BEING! 

Thank you to the crew for keeping me up to speed on the latest developments. I can’t do your many shares and comments justice. Closing on my new home in just over 4 weeks—yikes and hallelujah!  ~ BP

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