Final Week Before the Solstice; Stay Focused, Align the Codes ~ December 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: (Thanks E!) This is a wonderful message giving us a real type of “energetic grounding” as the energies swirl and dance around us. Yes, choices abound with thoughts and ideas calling for recognition from many different directions in our minds. Consequences will arrive based on the thought you choose to hold NOW.

Pay attention to YOU, your SELF, and your HEART. The Solstice brings the opportunity to BE where you have chosen. Choose wisely amount these affairs of the heart, and BE…



More and more are figuring out how this works and realising the power of experiencing all that is known and all that is shown.

And as we continue to move through rapid vortexes one after the other after the other we ride flashes of memory of the whispers we once would ignore, we always knew, we were always shown and now many more are Seeing the choice taken to ignore and the perceived consequences it brought, consequences soon to be seen with crystal clear vision and the gift of freedom unfolds

But remember, as we realise, as we shift and make the Promise to Self to always take the guidance and act, speak and breathe our truth we move through a release, however this release appears, for some it will manifest with physical connections, for some it may be some peace of mind and the physical body begins to show up the pain of avoidance chosen. What is important is to hold the most expanded awareness as to what is actually happening here, if it is “sickness” you think you have then move the thoughts to the dis-ease held through avoidance is making itself known for the release, for you to become aware how an area of the body has been holding this discord, supply and support the body with everything those whispers from within are guiding you towards.
Pay attention to all the body tells you, research the meaning of the ailment, realising the light connection of the physical experience and the programming held that creates it, consciously being aware in every moment and providing for the experience everything requested.
If you are releasing emotions through dissolving attachments to people then allow those tears to fall, let it all go, and come back to self, the love you seek out there is the reflection of the lack held within, turn it all around, love, nurture, be kind and care for self as you would an another, it won’t take long before you begin to feel supported by self through the attention you learn to give within before giving out, and life will cease to be this constant inside out churning mess of loss that it has forever seemed to result in.

When its promised that we will from this moment on follow the guide that knows and shows we create a connection, we show trust and it begins to heal the separation, the inner knowing, the funny vibrations the dreads that spring to life, perhaps not appearing how feared and envisioned but the result or finale always ending with the same reverberation, the same feeling.

It’s a pattern, of separation and that is all

It’s now a choice, now that it’s been brought into your awareness.

And from here that Promise to Self can be made and the release moved through super quick, with light speed, because the alignment can now take place, you know and now it can be experienced from that space of knowing, the mind climbs onboard and shifts the perception of the experience, the physical responds in the energy of self love and the new template installs as the phsyical rapidly shows the release move through cleanly, crisply and quickly as opposed to how things used to work.

The magic of heart mind coherence, the feminine guidance with the attentive and ready to action all requests masculine energies within, the unification.

As we move through the last vortexes of 2019 pay attention to the symbolic messages reflecting like jewels in the light, so many little tweaks and choices that can be made to continue the power ups along the way that rapidly shift the life experience into miracle opportunities.

Be aware of the restriction, standing in the way of those whispers, it’s not recommendable to be learning to follow the I knows through the next paradigm, it will feel more harsh, more desperate, now is the time to make the solemn vow and to follow your guiding star from this moment on.

Honour all phases and stages, stay patient with self, use loving words and correct those distorted irritated thoughts should they arise, cancel out word spells of sickness and pain and simply love and nurture as you would your babe in arms. The ache that a parent has for a child when the temperature soars, is only a part of the parent saying what about me, why is the care not equal, without you, the child is alone, one way or another, mentally, phsyically or energetically, it is crucial Self is realised as the core of the reality and without the core nothing exists as it once did. The dynamics changed forever and the programs forever continue to split and hold bugs.

Prepare beautiful light family, this Solstice marks a beginning that will mean nothing will ever be the same moving forward, the last Christmas as we have known it, before we take our quantum leap or our quantum dive, depending on which is chosen. What goes up must come down and what goes down must come up, there is no right or wrong, we all experience the cosmic laws the same, but there really won’t be one like this again, staying observant with this thought will bring forward a gush of gratitude and assist those resistant of the Now to come back home in each moment.

This is the final week before Solstice, stay focused, align to the codes we are surfing and make this count.


An abundance of new Sacred Fields available to move into 

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Affecting the Trajectory of the 2020 Timeline ~ November 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh yes…this message carries within it a nugget of gold! Forgiveness means to forgive the other person, right? Wrong! While forgiveness IS about about releasing the perpetrator from their action(s), the major (and most effective) benefit of forgiveness is releasing yourself from that which has caused you pain.

This internal pain which you may carry from your broken heart, or the promotion which has eluded you, or the theft of your valuables, IS the dark part of you needing to be released allowing you the freedom to soar within yourself. Of course, we all know that internal soaring will lead to external soaring as well.

It is of some thought that your particular life path may have included the opportunity for pain so that this important “soul growth” lesson could be realized. (Just sayin…) So…forgive, forgive, forgive with the total release of that within that holds you back, and more than ever once this darkness has been released, BE…



I was given an important message today and it was requested that I share.

My team explained to me that we are at a critical choice point on our journey. Our choices affect the 2020 timeline collectively and our own individual timeline. What they explained was that in order to bring in the timeline that holds more magic, more abundance, more of stepping into our creator selves we need to practice radical forgiveness.

We are being asked to forgive it all and most importantly ourselves. Wherever we are holding unforgiveness is where we are holding density and separation within our form, within our own creation.  It can appear as sludge or goo in the body that light struggles to penetrate.  Forgiveness of all is the path to our freedom, the path to our embodiment.

Forgiveness does not mean that another person is right or moral. It does not mean that who or what is needing to be forgiven should escape the consequences of their actions. It certainly does not mean that forgiving someone or something means that you need to change your boundaries. In fact, forgiveness is not for them… it is for you. It is about you setting yourself free. It is about you irradicating the density, separation, trauma, and pain from your body.

Forgiveness has to go through all of our layers. The mental, emotional and physical. It is essential to let it go from the physical body, down to our very DNA. We know that trauma changes our DNA, forgiveness at the deepest level will change it as well.

We have heard this before, it is not a new message. Yet there was an urgency to what I received. We are in a very powerful time period. We have the 12:12:12 (3-3-3) gateway, the winter solstice, and the powerful days of 1:1 and 1:11. Each one building upon the other. Each one providing opportunities for us to heal our separation and to heal our internal duality. Each one provides us with a choice point. Can we let it all go? Can we forgive it ALL? Can we in our forgiveness of self and others embody who we are in our entirety?

We are being asked to completely shift ourselves and by doing this, the trajectory of the 2020 timeline, collectively and personally. We are being asked to let go of the pain and embrace the magic within.

Thank you to all who share and support this work. Your assistance is invaluable. Sending you my love.

Jenny Schiltz

KejRaj ~ Solar Waves Triggering Divine Memory ~ October 26, 2019

Channeled By:

Editor’s Note: Nice, nice…this article is yet another confirmation that the business of life on Earth will not be “as ususal”! Please read, go within to learn what your heart is telling you, and BE…



Channeled By:


Greetings! From heart to heart with great love in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you. 

Today we begin by asking the independent web media to stop feeding the negative timelines. Major false flag attacks will not be allowed to take place, period. Those days are gone. The Cabal is no longer in control. 

The Alliance, yes this includes the lightworkers as well, are in control of this new reality. Clean up your act and know your role. 

It is now a time of peace and prosperity for the whole world. Mother Earth herself will not permit any action on her thrown that even slightly alters negatively the 5D frequency reality. 

This week more SOLar waves are hitting the Earth. For some this energy will be used for deeper cleansing and releasing the last vestiges of the old. 

For others it will trigger their “divine” memory, and activations of their High Heart and the Soul Star Chakra. Thus begins the true awakening of the Starseeds. 


The Pleiadians ~ What is Close to Your Heart? ~ September 16, 2019

Pleiadian Transmission By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come to escort you into an entrance of the many mirrors of self, of the past, and of the future.  you each sit at the crossroads of your life.  What this means is that as the time tracks change in the upcoming period, it is important to view your life from a new vantage point.

For too long now you have endured what you were suppose to endure, have done what you were suppose to do.  You have come to a point now where you must either remain upon the cross of old or free yourself.  It is time to release your “suppose to’s” and your “should haves” and gain entrance into the highways and the byways of your future.

Each of you plant many thought seeds per day.  Thoughts that you know for certain will not bloom.  Thoughts that you wish would bloom, and thoughts that you sit upon to keep from blooming.  It is time as the farmer of your life, to take responsibility for the seeds you plant.

It is not a time of wishful thinking.  Wishful thinking is like throwing seeds upon a hill during a rain shower.  Hoping and wishing that the seeds would take root upon that hill, but knowing they will run as the water flows.  Many of you throw seeds in your life planting in the hills and the dales of confusion.

Between now and November 11th, it is important that you pay attention to what you plant via every thought and intention.  Many of you are settling for.  It is as sitting in an old comfy chair made of stickers and nettles, one can get use to anything.  Life has been so hard you are beginning to get comfortable with all those thorns.

Change is full frontal on the planet earth at this time. it is demanding,  pushing and  prodding everyone out of there comfort zone. As 2019 comes to an end You will come into clarity why so many circumstances and people, pushed you to make choices that you were not comfortable making.  These were life and soul choices part of the grand design.

The peoples in your life, are your teachers.  Acknowledge them as such.  Many of you are in relationships that your soul is demanding to let go of but your humanness is not comfortable in doing such as yet.   so you hold on as riding a wild horse not wanting to let go because that would hurt more, but staying on for the ride of your life.  It is either a time of accelerating to higher love or a time of letting go of what is.  You are finding much aggravation within your self, within your life, within your businesses.  Everything on Earth is upping the wattage in vibration.  There is no way that anything can stay still in this frequency.

These powerful energies come to show you that all that you have dreamt all that you have held close in your heart, and all that you have yearned for has been there all the time, under the surface of a cloudy world filled with illusion.  These words were necessary to help you understand that it is time to keep holding on.  Many of you are about to give up.   We ask you to hold on, what is dear to your heart and dear to your life,  hold on just a little bit longer.  Do not toss your life by the wayside like a paper cup.  Hold onto what you dream and what you know to be truth in your heart.

People are becoming more of themselves than they have ever have.  People are standing strong in their personalities and strong in their belief systems not swaying, as they have in the past  One that is truly strong in their spirit will not be influenced or swayed or bothered by the opinions, of another.  You are given this time as for a rest as the time of the eclipses enter.  Allow yourself to take time for self in these upcoming months.  Do for you!  Do not wait for another to be in agreement with you.  Do not wait for another’s day off. Do not wait for another’s okay to come into yourself You are opening new doorways for yourselves.  You are not waiting for others to open it for you any longer.  You see the door.  You see the handle.  And you are brave enough to walk through.  Do not be as a big oak tree and stay planted where you are and expect the rest of the world to walk by you.  Very little of the world passes by the oak tree.  So the oak must learn to walk and go forward, to merge and mingle with other trees and other energies.

The time doorways of prosperity that have been closed for a very long time, begin to awaken and reopen.  You have been trained by life to expect less, to take less, to be less.  Now it is time to be trained in wealth and abundance.  For each of you there is a secret panel in your soul.  It is an energy that has not been activated.  It is a part of you that you do not even know about.  That secret panel will be opening up inside of you, for you to see something about yourself that you never knew.  This will be of a joyous knowing.  Humans hold the contract on fear.  Most people are very afraid of many things from spiders to sharks, to alligators, to each other.  These words were groomed for your ears only. We are the Pleiadians and we go.


Jesus ~ Many Ways To Wisdom ~ July 25, 2019

Source: John Smallman

The signs of humanity’s most wonderful awakening are clearly visible, as ever more choose to engage in contemplative or physical activities to assist in this most marvelous event. The awakening process is proceeding apace, and there is no one on Earth who remains completely unaware that something of great importance is occurring. A great release is in progress as much buried or denied anger, resentment, bitterness, and hatred is arising into people’s conscious awareness and shocking them. There are very few who have not buried or denied aspects of themselves that arose and were acted upon when they believed that they were under attack, physically or psychologically. These aspects that are not in alignment with your true nature – Love – have to be released because they are effectively the screen or veil which hides your true nature from you, leaving you feeling separated, abandoned, and unloved.

Love is the life force that flows through your human forms, and it is immensely powerful when you allow It access. You cannot shut It off completely, and you would not want to because death of your human form would follow. However, your unloving attitudes and beliefs prevent you from having full access to Its enormous power – the power to move mountains! So you can understand why you have to release these blocks in order for you to awaken, and that is what is happening now all over the world as people find seemingly shocking and unconscionable memories of past thoughts and actions, which they had denied or buried, arising unexpectedly into their awareness. This brings with it a sense of guilt and shame. This too must be released.

First, you are the beloved children of God and are, therefore, eternally and infinitely loved. Second, because the environment in which these seemingly shameful thoughts and activities occurred is unreal, they did not really happen. Yes, to you in form, it certainly seems that they did, but that was all part of the unreal nightmare from which you are in the process of awaking. You need to forgive yourselves for your own apparent misbehaviors, and you also need to forgive all others for theirs. God has forgiven you, knowing, as He does, that nothing untoward has occurred, and that you remain His beloved children who have made some errors that are being most perfectly corrected and released.

You have all been children, and many of you have had children yourselves, so you are very well aware of the difficulties and problems that arise for a person as they grow from infancy to adulthood. You all understand that things will be said and done that are painful to experience, and that cause suffering, guilt, and shame. But you also know that you have learnt lessons from these experiences that have proved to be invaluable. Being in form as a human is an ongoing learning experience, and as lessons present themselves, are learned and understood, maturity develops, leading eventually to a certain amount of wisdom.

Wisdom understands that lessons need to be learned and understood, and it knows that accidents, misbehaviors, and vindictive words and actions will occur as part of a human’s learning experience, as a person progresses along the path of spiritual evolution, the main path which a human, prior to incarnation, planned and designed, in order to be able follow it and learn the desired lessons. And that wisdom understands that shaming and blaming are not in the least bit helpful to an individual. Wisdom – your spiritual support team – offers gentle guidance to you at all times, if you choose to listen to it, and always encourages you to trust yourselves when you operate from integrity, and to forgive yourselves for any errors you make. The errors are lessons that you needed to learn, and you should not judge yourselves harshly for making them, or for allowing them to occur, and most definitely do not take on that useless and most painful burden – shame – because it serves no useful purpose, and only leads to enormous reluctance to engage fully with life as you move forward, when that is precisely what you incarnated to do.

Errors are inevitable, they are an essential aspect of your evolutionary process. To evolve is human, and humanity has been evolving since the moment of apparent separation. As long as you are in human form you will be capable of evolving, because evolution is an ongoing and endless process for those in form. However, many are distracted from doing so either by the many alluring possibilities with which life in form presents them, or for fear of making errors, of being wrong. Hence reincarnation is always available, in order to engage with new opportunities for your spiritual evolution.

Often when an entity leaves human form behind and returns to the non physical realms it is amazed and shocked to realize how many wonderful opportunities for spiritual evolvement were presented to it that it either did not see or chose to ignore. Do not concern yourselves about this, because it most certainly does not lead to harsh judgment or punishment when you lay down your physical forms – that is utterly impossible in Reality where there is only Love.

What happens is that a most loving being greets you warmly, completely and utterly accepting you, just as you are, and guides you as you make the choice either to reincarnate into form or to remain in the non physical realms. There is no pressure, judgment, shame, or blame, just a most loving welcome as any suffering and regret is dissolved and healed.

To transfer from human form back into the non physical realms is always a great joy as the Love that is All That Is embraces the one returning Home. However, while in form it is essential to use every opportunity with which that state presents you to further your spiritual evolution, because those opportunities are only available to those in form, and, as I said above, when an entity leaves form behind and returns Home, it is often shocked when it becomes aware of the many wonderful opportunities it did not see or chose to ignore.

Therefore, while in form live fully as a human, and empower your evolving spirituality by daily going within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and setting the intent to be only loving whatever may arise in your daily lives. Doing that brings you peace and contentment, and an inner intuitive knowing that you are on your path, and living the life that you planned before you incarnated. And that knowing gives you the strength, motivation, and enthusiasm that makes life a joy, and demonstrates to you the immense value of a human life experience.

Your loving brother, Jesus.