January 2nd Important Headlines [videos] ~ Jan. 2, 2018

Wow…do you have time to take in and digest what the heck is going on in our world today? I sure don’t…especially after returning to work the day after New Year’s! (Yawn…)

So let’s all read/watch the information presented by Starship Earth who does a pretty good job of covering  the latest breaking news on the spiritual/geo-political front(s), “Thank You” for staying aware at this pivotal time in Earth’s history, and…


The New Year is launching with a bang. It’s really hopping out there with respect to news headlines and it’s never quiet for long so this is by no means an exhaustive list of everything breaking, but it’s what came across my desk that I had a chance to review.

We’re still hearing people asking, “Why isn’t this on TV, if it’s true?” There are three answers; either it isn’t true, or it’s a sensitive mission that would endanger people if revealed, or it might panic the masses who have no idea there even IS a second American Revolution or that a dark cabal exists. It’s not safe to release all this information we’re getting on the Internet to the general public. We have to be careful to vet what we hear and use trusted sources because the disinfo is thick and misleading, particularly to those who haven’t been awake for long.

For example… about those sealed indictments re: 9/11 in the Nevada court… better watch this one. We’d love to believe it, but it sounds bogus at this point. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, because these people are going down. The right way, at the right time. That’s not to say the 10,000 indictments we heard about are bogus. Col. Potter has just confirmed in the video below that it’s over 9,800 indictments now.

We’ve learned of two plane crashes—with Clinton and Comey ties… and multiple airport shutdowns, customs closed, and many ghost flights. High craziness both in the skies and on the ground.

I’d like to think that these recent “satellites” are sent up there to document an imminent historic celestial event… but that may be wishful thinking. I believe if they were a seriously bad thing, our friends upstairs would take care of it. We’ll see what happens on Thursday… weather permitting.  ~ BP

SpaceX Prepares Secret Zuma Satellite Launch


From April LaJune and Q… Assange is safe. It sounds as though that episode wherein a black op task force broke into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was, as I hoped, rescuing Assange and taking him to safety as he has been mission critical to taking down the cabal with a future role to play. We can’t afford to lose another Wikileaks guy.

I was certain the White Hats would protect him and Julian has my full pardon, for what it’s worth. He paid a price holed up in that embassy for several years. It’s unfortunate Seth Rich had to pay the ultimate price after Debbie Wasserman-Shultz issued the hit, if that bit of news is correct, but if there is a bright side to his death, he didn’t die in vain. It woke up a lot of people to the ruthless corruption in Washington and the Democratic Party in particular and prepared them for Trump’s actions to drain the swamp.  ~ BP

For newer Truthers, this video speaks of the historical facts behind our extraterrestrial assistance in our liberation. This is one version and as Gordon says in this Coast 2 Coast AM discussion from July 2015, it’s difficult to verify every detail but for the most part this is how the story goes and how much we have relied on our galactic guardians over the years to ensure our safety and the dismantling of the dark cabal/Illuminati.

Tom feels he has enough research to predict the date of The Event. I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but in the final video of this series, he is going to make his prediction. Others are anticipating the first quarter of 2018… so we’re watching… and waiting… and waiting… and watching… and hoping it will be very soon so the suffering on our planet can end.  ~ BP

The next video in the series


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