Twin Soul Energy Report ~ 2018, The Golden Age of Twin Soul Reunions ~ Jan. 2, 2017

By Matahari

Dearest beloveds

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in the aftermath of your holy season of en masse Christ consciousness activity with the most exciting news to share with all of you beloveds who so avidly follow these energy reports.

Dear ones there are huge, and we mean huge shifts taking place on Gaia’s etheric plain currently, and this is largely due to the stirring and awakening of the sleeping dragons who have now awoken from their long prophesied slumber.

The white dragons represent the earth’s fifth dimensional kundalini energy, and at the exact time of the winter solstice in the northern Hemisphere, the Dragons were awakened at their nodal points at Stonehenge In the United Kingdom. The awakening of these dragons activated a shift in the entire earth Ley line grid, and due to this shift the Earth has now fully aligned on all planes of consciousness with her highest Christed self timeline.

These huge shifts that are occurring within the nodal Dragon points on the Earth are being experienced as the earth upgrading in the higher dimensional realms, and this is why the portal of Avalon is being fundamentally activated and upgraded by the shifts that are taking place in the earth’s Dragon/ley lines. The portal of Avalon is experiencing this as an energetic marriage and merge with the fourth dimensional mystical realm of Avalon.

This shift is affecting the entire earth Ley line grid and all of this is perfectly on cue with the return into the constellation Capricorn of the planet Saturn, and its imminent conjunction to the powerful planet that is pluto, please know dear ones that this is a highly auspicious moment in our generational timeline that foretells paradigms shifting possibilities and probabilities for many at this time. Dear ones this is huge for the collective consciousness of Gaia and the repercussions are being witnessed by many many of you who are drawn to the vibration of these sacred words.

2018 is an extremely auspicious year and will bare witness to the full sacred union of many first wave genuine bonafide twin souls. This is a living prophecy that is being actualised at this time.

So much of the magic of 2018 will be largely due to the Divine feminine rising up to lead the divine masculine, through sacred  invitation to enter the holy temple.

The Queen has risen and is rising in the collective consciousness as we speak, and the Divine feminine is remembering that she promised her divine masculine energy that she would step forward to claim her holy crown that mother father God had always kept safe for her awaiting

his/ her holy daughter to claim – symbolic of her divine Heritage,knowing and remembrance that she is a sovereign being.

Once this is truly awakened within the divine feminine, just as the Queen bee emits her fragrance to attract all the other bees to build the colony, this is exactly what occurs when the Divine feminine steps forward to receive her crown that had been waiting for her to claim all along, she becomes utterly and unapologetically magnetic on all planes of consciousness to the Divine masculine energy.

Dearest ones you are all sovereign beings, sons and daughters of mother father God the most high. Known by an infinite number of names yet all is the one creator being that you are and you are the mighty and holy offspring of.

2018 is the year of enmasse spiritual awakening and is it is imperative that the wayshowers step forward now to be the leaders and community builders they have come here to be. The next stage of the ascension of Gaia rests on your shoulders dear ones, the ones whom are drawn to these sacred transmissions, as you are the leaders, wayshowers, and new paradigm teachers who have incarnated with a specific mission to assist the collective consciousness of humanity to fully awaken and claim their inherent sovereignty..

Dear ones, You whom are drawn to these sacred words. Please know that the next stage of the Ascension of Gaia is dependent on the choices that you make in each and every moment. The choices you make whether to identify with the narrative of the egoic consciousness which is perpetually seducing you into believing that you are beings of lack and limitation, or whether you choose to go entirely against your egoic consciousness and claim your sovereign powers to choose where you focus your all mighty attention and intention on.

As we have stated over and over again, enlightenment is not a passive process it is an active choosing process which you must be all vigilant to in every single moment. Divine feminine please remember who you are, please remember who your parents are, remember the divine being that you are, and that you always will be, and step forward as one who is radiating and illuminating those codes of remembrance to All those who step forward into your sacred field

all is well dear ones

In love and light Matahari Ji and the white wolf tribe



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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2 Responses to Twin Soul Energy Report ~ 2018, The Golden Age of Twin Soul Reunions ~ Jan. 2, 2017

  1. Ryan 1111 says:

    Passed my tribulation. Operating in the fifth dimension! Time to build the new world. The old power structures will crumble, it is up to us to show everyone that it is our choice as to how painful this change will be. We must learn to let go of the old, which is no longer serving us and embrace the new, the unified world. Eastern & Western culture merges together and we realise we already had the missing pieces we were looking for. Take your freedom.


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