Late Edition for Sunday, September 8, 2019 [videos] ~ posted September 9, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, as Earth energies continue to rise (take a look at the “heartbeat of Planet Earth here…the Schumann Resonance energies), those folks operating and holding a lower vibration will not be able to handle or contain themselves.

Remember…this IS really a war between good and evil, Light and Dark and we get to witness various “tactics” through geo-political news. Why does the Light not just get the whole thing over with? This war is happening slowly and subtly in order to save humanity allowing all us to make the internal transition of consciousness up to a higher state.

Lower density holding humans (royals/Rothschilds/Vatican) use tactics (war, economic slavery, debilitating health issues) to cause the bulk of humanity to feel FEAR which effectively blocks the highest vibration of all which is LOVE! Get it? In varying degrees, our emotional system is set up to either feel FEAR or LOVE and if LOVE is blocked in your life by some type of dastardly deed caused by the Dark, well let’s put it this way…Love/Light is stymied.

Now you may start to understand the true importance the Trump/Q/Earth Alliance Team. This group is literally “saving ” Planet Earth from feeling FEAR caused by those of the Dark…the 1% (and others).

So…this may help you understand the depth of the true news presented below a tad better. I encourage you to find/view alt media of your choice, gain awareness of what’s really going on by doing your own research, know the Darkness on Earth is being vanquished as we speak, and BE…



Now that Google is under the gun, Apple has admitted they embrace the same unethical practices and they’re sorry. Laughable.

The spying is just creepy. I’ll keep my flip phone, thank you very much.

Apple Apologizes For Eavesdropping, Says ‘Won’t Do It Again’

Okay, now I’ve seen everything. This woman does indeed seem possessed, screeching like a banshee. We may see more bizarre behaviour like this as those unable to handle the higher frequencies go berserk. Probably best to not engage and just walk away, if possible.

Demon possession is real!


— Karli Bonne’ (@kbq225) September 8, 2019

Good grief—it can’t be easy for this to happen. The Golden Ray overturned in the middle of the night off the coast of Georgia. The name of the ship is interesting. Awaiting further details on the cause.

Cargo ship overturns near Georgia port, 4 crew members missing, Coast Guard says

A few more details are emerging about the dive boat fire in California. We were interested to know who was on board, as we are when major airline crashes and other incidents occur. There are two interesting connections: Apple and Disney.

The victims included an engineer for Apple who went on the trip with his wife and daughter to celebrate the teen’s 17th birthday, a special effects designer for Disney, a nature photographer, a nurse and a physics teacher from Northern California who was with his 26-year-old daughter.

NTSB starts interviewing survivors, witnesses in California dive boat fire investigation

Les Gilets Jaunes protests continue in France. Look at all those people!

43th week of #GiletsJaunes protests in France:

VIDEO: #Montpellier #Acte43

Mainstream media will not broadcast this video, so it is up to you to spread this

— Oh boy what a shot (@ohboywhatashot) September 8, 2019

This is a slow one; unlike a falling star.

Slow-Moving Bright Fireball Creeps Over The English Channel

Epstein time…

It’s coming, folks. It’s all going to come out. There is no escape for the serial pedo’s associates regardless of whether Epstein is alive or dead. They are so off the island.

Notice the language Judge Jeanine is using concerning dark and light and good and evil. “The stage is set”, she says. Indeed it is. The sealed indictments will be unsealed.

I believe the White Hats gave this story to the Judge specifically for the credibility she would lend. They wouldn’t dare fire her! Jeanine has already been suspended once, hasn’t she? So if she’s a liability, why don’t they have her run her “open” by an editor before she goes on the air to get the okay if they’re that concerned about what she’s going to say? It makes no sense. Sounds like drama to me.

Epstein Bombshell Dropped Live On MainStream

The truth is coming along nicely as we drip on the unsuspecting public. This documentary is from Sky News, Australia and without TOO much spin. How much good has Prince Andrew done for the People? Why are the royals filthy rich and the People increasingly poor?

This is a great idea from generous folks on Twitter.

To join my friend @Pulte in giving back via twitter, today I am giving $1,000 to support the Bahamas. Let’s keep this movement growing to help those in need! #TwitterPhilanthropy

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) September 7, 2019

For those confused by the Eye the Spy Twitter identities…  Click the box to read the reply.

ETS can you do me a favor. About 1 millions followers of big accounts want to know.

I have one simple question.

Were you ever a part of the RealEyeTheSpy account or is this your only Twitter account?

This will clear up a healthy debate about your origins.

Thank you.


— 3Days3Nights (@3Days3Nights) September 8, 2019

Some interesting headlines have resurfaced involving a plot to kill President Trump, involving SEAL team members.

For years now some would have us believe the website is disinfo, but they have increasingly been coming into their own—possibly by design for times such as these. You decide.

Unprecedented Court Order Zeros In On Trump Assassins Whose Top US Navy Plotters Were Just Fired

That’s it for tonight. We regret to hear the death toll in the Bahamas has risen to 43 and that will increase as recovery efforts uncover more in the rubble. Thousands of residents have been evacuated from the islands by ship and airplane and that is ongoing.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for November 12, 2018: Never, Ever, Ever Give Up [videos] ~ November 12, 2018

President Trump’s unforgettable presidential campaign speech contained the secret to his success—in life, in peace, and war. I believe it was then he told Americans to never give up, and that he never would.

He practices what he preaches, too. Congressman Jim Jordan recently said in an interview that despite the fact that many or even most of the votes in the areas where Trump did his last few rallies had already been cast, he made the effort to visit them regardless and gave it everything he had, just as he had months before in other towns. He is tireless and no one will be able to say that DJ Trump did not set the example.

It’s clear from the results of the mid-term election—that scarlet tsunami that washed across the nation—that the Republican votes poured in after his rallies. It DID make a difference.

If you’re at all paying attention to events unfolding in the news, you can see that the psychopaths don’t ever give up, either and I’m running out of words to elucidate their breathtaking activities.

They act like they are living in a bubble where they can execute their dastardly plans to steal the election untouched. Do they believe they operate behind the wizard’s curtain and that no one outside of it can see or understand what they’re doing? They don’t seem to get that they’re centre stage and putting on quite a show; a lame comedy, in my opinion.

I give them credit for not missing a step in their agenda but really? How stupid can you get? The examples of their absurd attempts to install Democrat criminals in the government is laughable. I don’t know what else to say. They certainly make life amusing as they pad their own rap sheets with mountains of evidence that will be used to LOCK THEM UP.

The fact that nearly all of America voted red is testament to the fact that a significant majority of The People responded to the messages of President Trump and are no longer fooled by lamestream media lies and attacks or the empty promises of Democrat party candidates.

That, coupled with the work of citizen journalists and intrepid, well-trained exposers like the team at Project Veritas enabled folks to get a truthful taste of what the Democrats have to offer, and what they’re keeping under wraps. They wouldn’t know honesty if it jumped up and kissed them on the cheek.

America saw the difference between the traditional, old political rhetoric (say one thing and do another) and the promise of certain change if they supported their President by electing Republicans he can work with to continue to drain the swamp and improve their lives.

No one wants vicious, spiteful people running their government. The shocking malevolence of the dimms’ tirades is counter to what The People want and need. It is repulsive, and it’s not “just politics”. Holder’s “we kick ’em” line was another brazen example of their lack of Humanity and reckless abandon to seize control at all costs.

The globalists illustrated plainly that this is WAR, and they are fighting for their survival. They don’t seem able to view themselves and their activities as we view them, however. Watching all this leaves me shaking my head in disbelief because it’s unfathomable that they and their unmitigated corruption can go unnoticed and without consequences. It simply cannot.

I suspected that if the Democrats had the majority in the House that they would go for gun confiscation again, and the shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA was the first evidence that may be the case.

There was also this… and the Maryland police are terrorizing their citizens again. How do they get away with it?

Home Resident Killed by Maryland Police Trying Confiscate His Guns

Anne Arundel County, Maryland – -( is reporting that a Maryland resident was killed by police as they tried to enforce a “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order” at 5:17 am in the morning on Monday, November 5th, 2018.

When all is said and done, however, the Republicans may wind up controlling the House after all the corruption fallout has settled. We shall see. Regardless of how that pans out, Americans will never give up their guns.

Here’s the latest on the psychopaths’ antics with respect to ballots which now appears to involve an airport shutdown, a rental car with boxes of ballots in it… unbelievable.

Suspicious Airport Shutdown Tied to Midterms Rigging in Broward County?

It seems some, at least, feel compelled to call out the corruption and take the criminals to task, however ineffectual it may be.

Dave at the X22 Report feels the election went off as it was meant to, and there is a distinct possibility he’s correct. If it’s true that Q and the White Hats have a quantum computer/”looking glass” technology running probability factors then they know within a narrow margin what will happen. They certainly seemed very pleased with the results of the mid-terms.

As Q has said, never interfere with the enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves, and in this case, it’s a beautiful thing.


Have you checked out the QAnon drops recently? There are a lot of incendiary “placeholder” posts which allude to specific future activities… if you get my drift. Posts 2481 – 2489 are all “placeholders”, like this one:

[Placeholder – OIG Report & Findings]
[Placeholder – OIG report > FBI, DOJ, & Media Coll]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Exe B_ABCs & Media Coll]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Foreign ASST_D1]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Foreign_Insert(s)_ORec & Info Diss]
[Placeholder – OIG report > FISA Abuse DIR_INDIR_Source_DIS]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Umbrella SPY & Targeting]
[Placeholder – OIG report > OTR_C_]

Is this another cabal strike from the same old playbook? Hey, it worked once. Why not try it again? That’s their creatively stifled MO.



We have a veritable buffet of weather (anomalies) along with wildfires to watch. Our Planetary Defense Commander, Thor, brings us the complicated update.

It’s windy in the (Phoenix) valley today to the point it’s blowing patio furniture over so I’m staying inside. Mica is pooped after a week on the farm and just wants to snooze. We learned a severe, parvo-esque doggie virus is sweeping the valley and he didn’t get it when the other dogs his age at the farm did, so I’m letting him sleep and adding colloidal silver to his water. He may be fighting it off. A couple of other canines in the care of our dog boarder had to go on IV so it’s critical we prevent that bug from bothering our buddy.

With respect to the odd earthquake in the Atlantic, we hope to learn if that was the psychopaths attempting to cause a tsunami or the good guys destroying another undersea base.

Red Flags, Wildfires, Odd Atlantic 6.2 EQ & Hurricane +Two Storms

I had planned to do more, but hubby needs the Internet so I’ll close with that for now. I still need to take in Thor’s update.  ~ BP

Updated…McCain, Ted Kennedy die same date, 9 years apart, from same cancer—Really? [videos] ~ August 26, 2018

Editor’s Note: What can I say that Starship Earth has not covered? He’s hiding…Please read, know the truth of “No-Names” life, and…



McCain, Ted Kennedy die same date, 9 years apart, from same cancer

Whether he’s actually dead or not—there is a gross misunderstanding of who John McCain Jr. is/was and we need to set the record straight—so he can rest in peace.

With respect to the news that John McCain died at 4:28 pm on August 25, 2018… Far too many coincidences for me. I suspect they chose August 25th specifically, since they made a point of announcing this week they were suspending further treatment of his “brain cancer” and he was expected to die within 12 days. They set the stage and then the “Songbird” ever so conveniently sang his swan song.

The cabal no doubt believe the “Songbird’s” passing on this date will somehow lend a sense of honour to his death—and many believe he would likely fake his death. Some say McCain doesn’t have brain cancer at all.

He hasn’t been seen in public for some time, and he will be wanting to escape certain extreme penalties the People would levy based on his war criminal activities, not to mention the million dollar Saudi donation to a fund he claims to have no ties to—and the arrests of deep state operatives and traitors like McCain won’t be long in coming now. It seems he’s not only a traitor, but a coward as well and can’t bear to be around to face the music designed for a songbird of this calibre.

We have also heard that deep state cabal members were encouraged to commit suicide to spare the public the angst of having to put criminals/traitors to death.

Just as the New World Order present awards like the Nobel Peace Prize to their minions like Obama—the most warring President in recent history—they would honour their own by tagging on to the glory belonging to someone else—because McCain bears none of his own.

Read more here…

or read the Rolling Stone version… he’s legendary all right. These pieces are outright nauseating.

John McCain, Legendary Republican Senator, Dead at 81

McCain the Hero? Not so fast.

There are conflicting reports of McCain’s historical contributions to Humanity and his country, and even the military call him out as the Hanoi Hilton Songbird—and a traitor. It sounds like the Senator was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has soared through life resting comfortably on the laurels of his military forbears.

Here’s an interesting headline from a website that wanted to acquaint people with John McCain when he ran for President. They mention “Bronfman”—as in the “NXIVM” Bronfmans?  There’s some interesting stuff at this website.

I take it this is the Cindy McCain the media told us was going to take over her husband’s seat for the remainder of his term if he expired prior? Like he can bequeath his Senatorial status in a will. That’s what elections are for. The People get to choose.

McCain’s trophy jewish wife and Bronfman connection

Songbird McCain

“graduated fifth from the bottom of his class” of almost 900 graduates

“Things are taking place in a favorable opinion. The United States at present seems to be standing alone.  So much is its isolation

How did a PRISONER OF WAR know this?  Did they have a pool, a jacuzzi, and a tv for him?

Why the jewish mafia wants McCain

TRY, don’t ELECT, this Manchurian Candidate whose support comes from the CRIMINAL jew mafia

NOT a natural born citizen


Son of the admiral who dishonored the USS Liberty!!

Almost sank the USS Forrestal

McCain crashed 5 jets, plus was responsible for the Forrestal fire. Surviving crewmen and those who investigated the Forrestal fire case reported that McCain deliberately ‘wet-started’ his A-4E Skyhawk to shake up the guy in the F-4 Phantom behind his A-4. ‘Wet-starts’, done either deliberately (the starter motor switch allowed kerosene to pool in the engine and give a wet start) or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft. In McCain’s case, the ‘wet-start’ ‘cooked off’ and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that punctured the Skyhawk’s fueltank, knocked the M-65 1000 lb bomb off it’s 500 lb rated mount, and touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration, along with 167 of his fellow Forrestal shipmates (including those who died later from wounds suffered). ‘Wet starting’ was a common practice among young ‘hot-dog’ pilots. McCain was quickly (they were still counting the Forrestal dead) transferred to the USS Oriskany (the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred).
Description: XA4D-1 Skyhawk BuNo 137812 experiencing a wet start (note the pool of JP on the ground and the tongue of flame from the tailpipe).

“A fire aboard Enterprise on 14 January 1969, resulting from detonation of a MK-32 Zuni rocket warhead overheated by exhaust from an aircraft starting unit, took 27 lives, injured 314 and destroyed 15 aircraft. Repairs to the ship were completed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in early March.”

Senator John McCain, War Hero, My Ass! McCain Was A Traitor!

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

Daniel Nasaw in Washington

Tuesday April 29 2008

This article was first published on on Tuesday April 29 2008. It was last updated at 04:03 on April 29 2008.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain speaks in Cincinnati, Ohio. Photograph: Joshua Lott/Getty

A US campaign watchdog has accused presumptive Republican president nominee John McCain of violating election laws by accepting campaign contributions from two prominent Londoners.

At issue is a fundraising luncheon held in March at London’s Spencer House, during McCain’s swing through the United Kingdom. An invitation to the event lists Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild as hosts, and indicates the event was made possible with their “kind permission”.

Judicial Watch, a Washington organisation instrumental in the March release of Hillary Clinton’s White House schedules, has asked US election monitors to investigate whether the Rothschilds improperly sponsored the fundraiser. US political campaigns are forbidden from accepting contributions from foreign nationals.

“The question is whether or not the Rothschilds paid for the event, the venue, the catering, or any other related costs,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

Tickets to the event cost $1,000 to $2,300, and the luncheon dress code was “lounge suits,” the Washington Post reported in March.

The McCain campaign did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Judicial Watch also complained to the US election authority, the federal election commission, about Elton John’s involvement in Clinton’s campaign. The group alleged the British rocker broke US campaign laws by performing at a fundraiser for the New York senator. The Clinton campaign argued US law allowed the British musician to volunteer his time and solicit Americans for contributions.

The federal election commission is unlikely to act soon on the group’s McCain complaint. It is currently short-handed, a result of a political squabble between the Democratic-led senate and the Bush administration, and lacks a quorum to take action.


This is the sorry SOB who wants to be President and Commander in Chief yet violated his military Code of Conduct and probably caused the lives of his fellow service members and POWs.  This is the same sorry SOB who berated the families of those service members missing in action and refuse to allow further searches for them and in addition refused to allow his POW records to be released.  That say a lot about this wannabe hero and what kind of President he would be, especially since his former captors could blackmail him because they know what he did.  No this person must not be President and he certainly is no hero, the heroes are the men who died living up to the Code of Conduct which McCain violated.


McCain’s 5½-year stay at the Hanoi Hilton (officially Hoa Loa Prison) has ever since been the subject of great controversy. He maintains that he was tortured and otherwise badly mistreated. One of many who disagree is Dennis Johnson, imprisoned at Hanoi and never given treatment for his broken leg. He reports that every time he saw McCain, who was generally kept segregated, the man was clean-shaven, dressed in fresh clothes, and appeared comfortable among North Vietnamese Army officers. He adds that he frequently heard McCain’s collaborative statements broadcast over the prison’s loud speakers.

On October 26, 1967, McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk was shot down over Hanoi. The fractures of 1 leg and both arms were reportedly due to his failure to tuck them in during ejection. According to U.S. News & World Report (May 14, 1973), McCain didn’t wait long before offering military information in return for medical care. While an extraordinary patient at Gi Lam Hospital, he was visited by a number of dignitaries, including, to quote McCain himself, General Vo Nguyen Giap, the national hero of Dienbienphu.

Jack McLamb is a highly respected name in law enforcement circles. After 9 years of clandestine operations in Cambodia and unmentionable areas, he returned home to Phoenix where he became one of the most decorated police officers on record. Twice McLamb was named Officer of the Year. He went on to become an FBI hostage negotiator. This man has stated that every one of the many former POWs he has talked with consider McCain a traitor. States McLamb, “He was never tortured…The Vietnamese Communists called him the Songbird, that’s his code name, Songbird McCain, because he just came into the camp singing and telling them everything they wanted to know.” McLamb further quotes former POWs as saying McCain starred in 32 propaganda videos in which he denounced his country and comrades.


All of the following information was given to us by our insiders who have specific first-hand knowledge of the Hillary Email scandal.  It seems that things are about to heat up.  We are told that of the 662,871 emails lifted from Weiner’s computer, 11,112 emails are Huma… and pay to play- including Saudis and Israeli’s.  Meaning Huma was the one Hillary USED to communicate with foreign leaders via email for inside information and deals via Huma’s computer.

It has been established through many avenues, but mainly through Wikileaks, that the Clinton Foundation was just a farce set up in order to perform Pay-to-Play games with multiple entities, including foreign nations.  Pay-to-play nations include: Israel, Saudis, Turks, Qatar, kazakhstan,  and the Ukraine.

Futhermore, we are told by one of our insiders that one email unequivocally  confirms Isis was created by CIA and Israeli Secret Intelligence service, with help from Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Lindsay GrahamSource



No, there is no shortage of bad press on Senator John McCain—even recently. And let’s not forget he trashed Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” every chance he got, chanting “Repeal and Replace” to thunderous applause from his constituents, then turned around and cast the deciding vote to stop President Trump’s repeal and replacement bill at the last moment—and we mean right down to the wire. He says one thing and does another. He betrayed Americans—again.

Career parasite and traitor John “Songbird” McCain flew to Europe to trash President Trump

I’m willing to bet one of those “sealed indictments” the Justice Department is coddling was written up for John McCain. We will be hearing more about this in the near future.  ~ BP

8.25.18 – McCain Dead or Faking Dead. Pressure is Tangible. Something big is coming SOON!


Editor’s note: late breaking news from Starship Earth about the “death” of no-name. Take a look and…



QAnon References “No-Name McCain”; Hands Up

This is a good video from White Rabbit News around the various Q crumbs regarding John McCain, who may or may not be dead, or may or may not have committed suicide to escape punishment for his despicable crimes.

A Starship reader says McCain is from Jacksonville, Florida which I didn’t know, and wondered if the shooting there was related in any way to No-Name.

I would say stay tuned for more revealing details about these suspicious events. I did say a week or so ago these are the dog days.  ~ BP


Wanna Go On a Trip? What If We Already Did? ~ Nov. 13, 2016



Here’s another good one from Starship Earth: The Big Picture that may take you w-a-a-y down the rabbit hole, but I know it’s always a very good idea to be aware of how different thoughts arise, don’t you?

So…please read this article, see how it feels to your heart, and…


When one thinks about all the bizarre things we’re seeing and experiencing with respect to the Mandela Effect, two suns, heavenly bodies in the wrong place, etc. it’s not such a stretch to consider that we live in a holographic world.

This message, however, takes it a little further. Okay, a lot further—and it’s so synchronicitous to find it right after I published the message from Kryon about creating our new world by abandoning the apocolypse prophecies and focusing on what we DO want by expecting the best.

Anything’s possible, I’ve said. I just never expected to hear this. It’s quite the rabbit hole. Or holodeck. Or perhaps just a very punchy lesson.

You decide. 

Thanks, Jen. It takes a fearless person to deliver a zinger like this.

What a trip! From my perspective, this puts a whole news spin on things, but I’m tired of school. When’s recess? I’m ready to play now.  ~ BP


Jen’s Intro to this message is here…


Nov. 13, 2016

Okay, my Akashic Team, please tell me why I keep seeing 911 so often. What is the reason and what is the meaning behind it?

As we briefly confirmed for you earlier, it is in regards to Genesis 9:11, which you have shared above as God’s promise or covenant with humanity to not devastate or destroy them.

By flood, is what it specifically says. And some would argue that the next devastation prophecy is by fire. So what do you want to tell those who believe in the Apocalypse prophecy in The Book of Revelation?

Do you remember who we told you wrote the Bible?

Yes. You told me the Annunaki wrote the Bible.

So consider the source, and remember how they control you.

With fear.


So, why, then, do you choose a Bible verse as your coded message to me, and now to those who read our messages?

Because right now everyone is in fear, and who do you call in an emergency? 911, right? So we’re telling you to LOOK at Genesis 9:11 for a positive message from Creator Source Energy in the Book of Creation. Most people are praying right now. Praying very hard. And this is confirmation that all of your prayers are being heard, so we are reminding you of Creator’s Promise to humanity to never allow them to be devastated or destroyed or cut off, even, ever again.

So, the message is that Creator Source Energy has our back?


I know that there is something else you want to share, and I know some people will totally get it and accept it and be on board with it right away. But you have to admit… it’s pretty farfetched for some people to grasp.

We’re certain it will be extremely difficult for some to accept, and that is fine. They will understand eventually, once their consciousness has raised to the right frequency.

I still have a hard time with it myself.

Yes. We know. BUT… you DO know, and you DO understand, so none of it will come as a shock to you. And now it is time to share with your fellow Pleiadians who are questioning or somewhat aware or who vaguely remember something of this truth.

And we are sharing this information in relation to God’s Promise, correct? I mean, we’re staying somewhat on topic here because you know how I like to try to keep things neat and tidy despite my Twainish habits of rambling.

We feel this information we are about to share is actually PROOF of Genesis 9:11 when it is interpreted as God’s Promise to protect humanity from being wiped out into extinction.

No Apocalypse, then?

The Apocalypse already happened. And humanity has already been saved.

When did the Apocalypse happen?

In 1999. Remember all of the Y2K fears?


Well, those fears manifested, and, just like in the movie The Matrix, the Earth WAS scorched into an uninhabitable planet.

And so we are now living in a computer program?

You’re living in a simulated world that looks exactly like Earth, but you are actually on board a Pleiadian ship that is taking all of you to your new planet. This is the “New Earth” many esoteric teachers have described in various books, movies, articles and channelings.

But we “think” we are still on Earth.


How did we get on the ship?

This is difficult to explain. Basically, you bilocated through the help of your Pleiadian brothers and sisters while you were in deep sleep.

And you brought all of us? Even those who are not Pleiadian.

Yes, of course.


Our mission is to save humanity. And all living species of Earth.

But you brought some on board who are said to not even be human but are shapeshifting into human form to control us.


Why would you do that?

If they disappeared, you would know that something had happened. And you would be aware that you’re no longer on Earth. Which would devastate some people into pandemonium.

I’m sure there are other reasons as well, so please elaborate.

Well, many lessons must be learned before we can hand you another planet. First, you must learn to not live in such fear that your own thoughts manifest into complete and total annihilation of your planet. This is like killing your mother, you see. And we’ve given humanity SO many chances with this, over and over again. The Atom bomb incident, for example. And further development of nuclear weapons. This is why you have been transferred to a simulated planet that is actually under the strict control of your star families. So believe us when we tell you there will be NO nuclear war. Not on our ship. We worked very hard to create this simulated world for you. Think of it as living in quarantine. That IS what humanity is under right now on this enormous ship that is taking you ever closer to your New Earth.

Okay, so… no nukes allowed. But people are still dying by way of handguns and whatnot. Why is that?

Like we said, you’re still being allowed to play out your dramas until you learn from them.

How are we doing?

As a collective? Not so great. There’s still a lot to learn. The fears are high once again, but this time they will not be able to destroy your home. You see, a planet is a living, breathing being. A ship is not so fragile. Not this ship, anyway. We have ways of deflecting your fear energies back at you. Not to hurt you, but to help you learn faster of the powers of your thoughts and fear-based energy.

So what’s the good news, then?

You survived the Apocalypse. You’re on your way to your new planet.

Okay, so, like… are GMOs really bad for us then? Are we really being poisoned by them? Because, if we’re living on a simulated planet, then I would imagine that we have to be eating simulated food?

Right. Everything is simulated. It has to be. We’re not Noah’s Ark. We tried to be. We tried to save as many animals and plants and insects as possible to create the most authentic simulation. But some things were beyond our control.

So some things were lost? Or didn’t survive?

Exactly. But humanity has survived. Despite all of your wars and brutality.

Why do we have no recollection of destroying our own planet?

Let’s just say that Creator Source Energy took pity on you and enabled us to reverse time long enough to get you on board before everything went up in flames.


Indeed. And, you’re welcome. We hope.

Yes, I hope so, too. I suppose it’s up to us who are in the know, then, to keep helping others raise their vibration and consciousness?

Yes, if you will. And we hope that you will continue. We know that many of you are so very exhausted at this time. And we do understand why. It’s not fun watching the same people make the same mistakes over and over and over again. Many ask why we don’t intervene, and, now that we have told you the truth, you must understand that we always do ALL that we can to help you. But now it is time for you to help yourselves, because we have done all we can do.

So the promise is that humanity will continue to exist, but it will be in this simulated, quarantined environment until…?

Until you’ve raised your consciousness into peaceful, harmonious oneness with one another.

Will New Earth have polarity and duality?

No. New Earth is the fifth dimension. There is only love and oneness. Those who wish to remain in polarity and duality will simply stay aboard the ship. Those who have attained a 5D consciousness will be released to explore their new planet.

Okay, so, this ship we’re on… what is the frequency?

It ranges from 3D to 5D.

Is the 5D on the ship entertaining duality and polarity? (Because some people out there are insisting that 5D still has polarity and duality.)

There is no such thing on the ship. It is a consciousness humans have brought onto the ship and are continuing to exercise through habit. Sometimes they are even using it as an excuse for their behavior when they already know better.

You’re referring to those who are awake and aware and capable of 5D consciousness…

…But who slip back into fear-based thinking and manifesting. Yes. It’s a bad habit. And that is why you’re all quarantined.

Gotcha. And how do we break this habit?

Tame the ego. Move into loving and trusting one another. Ignore the propaganda. Use your intuitive gifts.


Mass media. Old, archaic beliefs that support polarity and duality. War. Drama. Manipulation. Fear porn. The list goes on and on. You know what we are talking about.

Is there anything you can tell us that proves we are on a ship? (Because there’s going to be a few who are going to debate this.)

Then this message is not for them. They are not ready to know yet. When they are ready, they will realize this truth, and they will move forward in their ascension knowing there is nothing to fear.

You shared this info with me last winter. It has still taken a while for me really believe it, while others you allowed me to share it with were very quick to say things like, “Makes sense to me!” or “I knew it!” without the bat of an eye. I am surprised that you want me to share it with a much wider audience today. Is there a specific reason why you want me to share this information?

We believe it is time for the truth to be known. We believe humanity has a right to know that they are safe from World War III, even though propaganda is trying to make them believe otherwise. We feel it is time for humanity to start creating their own reality with their desires instead of destroying it with their fears. This is a huge pivotal point in the development of human consciousness.

Many of you are already in 5D consciousness and trying so very hard to help others get there. This message is for you, because we know that you need SOME peace of mind after these election results. But we also remind you that your future as a race is not in the hands of governments. It is in YOUR hands… and hearts and minds.

YOU are the ones who need to create something better for yourselves. Your governments are only serving themselves and feeding their own “power” now. And, yes, those quotation marks are strategically placed. The power they hold is pure ego, which is false power. The power you hold is true power, for it comes from your heart, and it is laden with love. Love is the truest power you have to rise above those you allow to make your laws and govern you. So please get busy and start spreading love. You have an endless supply, and it is only love that can unite you.

What would you say to those who fear that they have been harvested into slavery on your ship?

Dear ones, why would we put ourselves at risk by manipulating timelines in order to save you from your own destruction if we did not love and care for you? Honestly, your fears really do quite a number on you. We have nothing to do with your debt slavery system. If you do not want to be part of it, then simply stop working for others and begin working for yourself. Create your own business. Be your own boss. Or get together and abolish money and live as one human family. Why you are so afraid to do this is beyond us. Every time there is an uprising or a disaster, you see humanity come together to support one another. You saw this happen most recently with Occupy Wall Street and now you are seeing it with Standing Rock.

They come together and create their own self-sustaining communities. You have so much to share with one another, but yet you stay chained to your desks and day jobs working to pay for a home that keeps you stagnate in one place for most of your life, allowing very little time for yourself to actually enjoy it. No one is keeping you stuck in the debt slavery system but yourself.

If you truly want to make a change, then go help Standing Rock protect your water supply and see what kind of power you truly have when you come together as one human family. We guarantee you that this will bring you far greater pleasure than money and materialism ever will. Until then, know that it is your archaic belief that you must “earn” a living or a right to live. This is not so. If you did not have a right to live, you would not exist. And, if anyone tells you that you need to “earn your keep” if you want to be a part of humanity, then you simply tell them, “I’m already human, and I am already here, full of more precious gifts than any human being could ever ‘earn’.”

We see your potential, dear ones. You just need to realize it and move into your own personal power.

Remember that you are safe with us, because we love you and we are committed to you. We will never harm you or allow you to be harmed. Nor will we ever enslave you. You are free, and as soon as you begin to believe you are free, you will set yourselves free.

All our love to you!

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