Headlines and Updates for November 12, 2018: Never, Ever, Ever Give Up [videos] ~ November 12, 2018

President Trump’s unforgettable presidential campaign speech contained the secret to his success—in life, in peace, and war. I believe it was then he told Americans to never give up, and that he never would.

He practices what he preaches, too. Congressman Jim Jordan recently said in an interview that despite the fact that many or even most of the votes in the areas where Trump did his last few rallies had already been cast, he made the effort to visit them regardless and gave it everything he had, just as he had months before in other towns. He is tireless and no one will be able to say that DJ Trump did not set the example.

It’s clear from the results of the mid-term election—that scarlet tsunami that washed across the nation—that the Republican votes poured in after his rallies. It DID make a difference.

If you’re at all paying attention to events unfolding in the news, you can see that the psychopaths don’t ever give up, either and I’m running out of words to elucidate their breathtaking activities.

They act like they are living in a bubble where they can execute their dastardly plans to steal the election untouched. Do they believe they operate behind the wizard’s curtain and that no one outside of it can see or understand what they’re doing? They don’t seem to get that they’re centre stage and putting on quite a show; a lame comedy, in my opinion.

I give them credit for not missing a step in their agenda but really? How stupid can you get? The examples of their absurd attempts to install Democrat criminals in the government is laughable. I don’t know what else to say. They certainly make life amusing as they pad their own rap sheets with mountains of evidence that will be used to LOCK THEM UP.

The fact that nearly all of America voted red is testament to the fact that a significant majority of The People responded to the messages of President Trump and are no longer fooled by lamestream media lies and attacks or the empty promises of Democrat party candidates.

That, coupled with the work of citizen journalists and intrepid, well-trained exposers like the team at Project Veritas enabled folks to get a truthful taste of what the Democrats have to offer, and what they’re keeping under wraps. They wouldn’t know honesty if it jumped up and kissed them on the cheek.

America saw the difference between the traditional, old political rhetoric (say one thing and do another) and the promise of certain change if they supported their President by electing Republicans he can work with to continue to drain the swamp and improve their lives.

No one wants vicious, spiteful people running their government. The shocking malevolence of the dimms’ tirades is counter to what The People want and need. It is repulsive, and it’s not “just politics”. Holder’s “we kick ’em” line was another brazen example of their lack of Humanity and reckless abandon to seize control at all costs.

The globalists illustrated plainly that this is WAR, and they are fighting for their survival. They don’t seem able to view themselves and their activities as we view them, however. Watching all this leaves me shaking my head in disbelief because it’s unfathomable that they and their unmitigated corruption can go unnoticed and without consequences. It simply cannot.

I suspected that if the Democrats had the majority in the House that they would go for gun confiscation again, and the shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA was the first evidence that may be the case.

There was also this… and the Maryland police are terrorizing their citizens again. How do they get away with it?

Home Resident Killed by Maryland Police Trying Confiscate His Guns

Anne Arundel County, Maryland – -(AmmoLand.com)- Foxbaltimore.com is reporting that a Maryland resident was killed by police as they tried to enforce a “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order” at 5:17 am in the morning on Monday, November 5th, 2018.

When all is said and done, however, the Republicans may wind up controlling the House after all the corruption fallout has settled. We shall see. Regardless of how that pans out, Americans will never give up their guns.

Here’s the latest on the psychopaths’ antics with respect to ballots which now appears to involve an airport shutdown, a rental car with boxes of ballots in it… unbelievable.

Suspicious Airport Shutdown Tied to Midterms Rigging in Broward County?

It seems some, at least, feel compelled to call out the corruption and take the criminals to task, however ineffectual it may be.

Dave at the X22 Report feels the election went off as it was meant to, and there is a distinct possibility he’s correct. If it’s true that Q and the White Hats have a quantum computer/”looking glass” technology running probability factors then they know within a narrow margin what will happen. They certainly seemed very pleased with the results of the mid-terms.

As Q has said, never interfere with the enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves, and in this case, it’s a beautiful thing.


Have you checked out the QAnon drops recently? There are a lot of incendiary “placeholder” posts which allude to specific future activities… if you get my drift. Posts 2481 – 2489 are all “placeholders”, like this one:

[Placeholder – OIG Report & Findings]
[Placeholder – OIG report > FBI, DOJ, & Media Coll]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Exe B_ABCs & Media Coll]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Foreign ASST_D1]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Foreign_Insert(s)_ORec & Info Diss]
[Placeholder – OIG report > FISA Abuse DIR_INDIR_Source_DIS]
[Placeholder – OIG report > Umbrella SPY & Targeting]
[Placeholder – OIG report > OTR_C_]

Is this another cabal strike from the same old playbook? Hey, it worked once. Why not try it again? That’s their creatively stifled MO.



We have a veritable buffet of weather (anomalies) along with wildfires to watch. Our Planetary Defense Commander, Thor, brings us the complicated update.

It’s windy in the (Phoenix) valley today to the point it’s blowing patio furniture over so I’m staying inside. Mica is pooped after a week on the farm and just wants to snooze. We learned a severe, parvo-esque doggie virus is sweeping the valley and he didn’t get it when the other dogs his age at the farm did, so I’m letting him sleep and adding colloidal silver to his water. He may be fighting it off. A couple of other canines in the care of our dog boarder had to go on IV so it’s critical we prevent that bug from bothering our buddy.

With respect to the odd earthquake in the Atlantic, we hope to learn if that was the psychopaths attempting to cause a tsunami or the good guys destroying another undersea base.

Red Flags, Wildfires, Odd Atlantic 6.2 EQ & Hurricane +Two Storms

I had planned to do more, but hubby needs the Internet so I’ll close with that for now. I still need to take in Thor’s update.  ~ BP

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