POTUS: “I’M Q” ~ November 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Many have wondered…who is Q? Q who imparts information with such ease, urging Americans (and the world) to think. To open their minds allowing new thoughts and ideas about how life really should be. Now Trump has given lightly coded information in the video below, as to who “Q” actually is, which leads… Continue reading POTUS: “I’M Q” ~ November 7, 2019

as we shift – the trump card ~ Jan. 21, 2017

This time, which is of our own making, is asking us to make a choice. For some time now we’ve been told that this world was going to split; that there would be a 3D and divisive world that would remain, and a 4/5d unified world that would move on, “ascend”. This time is upon us… Continue reading as we shift – the trump card ~ Jan. 21, 2017