Headlines and Updates for August 2, 2019: Stories to Change the News Cycle [videos] ~ August 2, 2019

Q warned that the treasonous media might try to hijack the airwaves with “false flag” stories to control the narrative and push out the Epstein and other negative Democrat stories that would be coming, including possibly DECLAS.

Last night we learned of the death of Robert Kennedy’s grand daughter, and there was also a horrific story about activities of the Army—who we understand recently took control of the Pentagon from the treasonous rogue Navy.

Issues with depression don’t mean you’re going to do drugs. I certainly didn’t. Doug Hagmann’s son, Joe, had some drug issues as well, but Doug was adamant he was going to get to the bottom of his death, so it sounded like he suspected foul play.

I don’t believe in coincidences. The dark knows how to make murders look like they were accidents so we never know for sure when high profile, or “patriot” deaths are natural. In this reality, when someone is under 40 years of age, there is likely something in play demanding investigation.

Could this also be one of those narrative-grabbing stories—from the New York Post? It certainly throws the Army into a bad light, but is it true? Ethics and morality in our militaries are important if we are going to learn to trust them again.

‘Bucket of heads’ donation center sold woman’s body to US Army to be blown up

Here’s a little heads up for the Lou Dobbs show on Fox for tonight from Eye the Spy.

I highly suggest watching Mr. Fleitz tonight, Patriots.
Strongly so.

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) August 2, 2019

I had to stick this in here last moment:




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There’s so much violence and hatred on this planet. Just the way the psychopaths like it.

This is a direct result of media brainwashing and the disturbing rhetoric stemming from dems in Congress.

You won’t see this guy on @CNN or @MSNBC but you’ll get 24/7 coverage of Smollett.

The MSM report on fake hate crimes but ignore the real ones.

Narrative. Complicit. https://t.co/ASv3DldSOk

— Clandestine (@RodSneaky) August 2, 2019

The cabal has done a real number on Sweden and the attacks on women are almost encouraged. It sounds as though women can’t go anywhere alone there any more and law enforcement is in the cabal’s pocket.

Forced migration was a hideous step by the enemy and had it been prevented would have meant a much easier time for us all, globally. It signaled the intended ruination of Humanity and is wreaking havoc in many countries. The brutality is akin to the dark ages, and devolution of the Human race.

Swedish Media Refuses to Report “Dark Skinned” Description of 10 Men Who Raped Woman

President Trump’s rally was another roaring success in Cincinnati last night with record crowds. There were two interruptions from the peanut gallery, and Trump mentioned 100 degrees twice and said “hot” once that I heard. A young-looking Mike Pence (hot pants)? did a very similar speech to the one in North Carolina two weeks ago.

POTUS also repeated “the Soviet Union, when it was all together” twice, and told the viewers we will be ending the AIDS epidemic in America and curing cancer. He is intent on creating a vision in voters’ minds of a strong, free, thriving, and safe America.

The next KAG rally (Keep America Great) will be in Manchester, New Hampshire on August 15th.

RT brings us this update on Epstein and his operation at the secluded ranch in New Mexico.

Epstein’s plan to impregnate 20 girls (full show)

Looks like the 16 Marines involved in Human Smuggling (Human Slave Trade) had some help … the plot is definitely thickening!


Southeast Asia ties? Poor Bob. Pack your bags, buddy! This is gonna be close!https://t.co/xhv8jdiKac pic.twitter.com/65V7q2Hxdb

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) August 2, 2019

We also have a comprehensive report on the Clinton crime cabal where it’s obvious extreme prejudice preempted the DOJ from treating crimes as the treasonous activities they were, and participated in the coverup thinking they would bury it all forever.

They never thought she would lose.  ~ Q

DOJ Issues Immunity Agreements With Hillary Clinton Attorneys To “Dispose” Evidence

Dead People Aren’t Just Voting, This Guy Donated $2500 to Rashida Tlaib FROM HIS GRAVE!

I can’t remember the last time we had a late day sky like this full of white stuff.

On a more positive note, we have this next decode from SerialBrain2, concerning the “cleanest air” in the world and lack of chemtrails in America. He/she says POTUS has confirmed chemtrail reversal THREE times.

A lot of people are reading SB2’s decodes now, and some are saying it’s too good to be true BUT also admit the clouds they are seeing now are old school, like we used to see many years ago, and very unlike the recent unnatural clouds we’re accustomed to seeing.

Many, but not all, are reporting the complete absence or at least a great reduction in chemtrails. I saw a plane laying a bit of white stuff late yesterday afternoon, but only one pass and it dissipated after 2 – 3 hours and did not expand to create a vast milky swath like the usual chemtrails, so perhaps it was not a toxic aerosol but a healing one.

First thing this morning we had quite a few streaks in the sky and a few hazy spots but it’s welcome because any relief from the sun now that it’s a steamy August a huge boon for our morning walks. A couple of hours later there is almost nothing left.

The clouds I’m seeing these days are certainly more normal looking most of the time but I thought I saw some HAARP activity prior to the rains as well. Perhaps they were creating the systems required to bring our monsoons, which we desperately need here in the low desert of Arizona.

Post # 185 – Trump Reversed the Chemtrails: Third Confirmation

I don’t do decoding because I don’t have the time to devote to learning it, but for fun I thought I’d throw Q’s repeated, “The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT” into the Gematrinator to see what comes up. The results were interesting.

Here are a few phrases with related values:

seventeen seventy six american independence

everyone on the Patriots played like champions

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave

Culture of the United States Marine Corps

hillary clinton

Golden Knights

Some folks have their knickers in a knot over the Comey charges and lack thereof, but as many have noted, we need to trust The Plan. There is a lot of convincing showmanship on the stage along with shrewd moves and counter-moves and it ain’t over till it’s over. They’re going to get ’em all, and get ’em good. No quarter.

The evil factions who don’t have Humanity’s good in mind are going down, and they can pretend all they like to be “the good guys”, but the Light will win this 5D chess game hands down.

Speaking of counter-moves… the uncertainty in the White House takes things in a new direction.

Sun Tzu said to appear strong when you are weak, and weak when you are strong. That keeps the enemy off balance, guessing, and quite possibly with their guard down.

Trump withdraws Ratcliffe as Intelligence pick

The Red Cross is getting a lot of attention, but not as much as they will get later.

The anons are digging deep on this one, and it’s connected to so many different points on the map.

Haiti, the Vatican, the Clinton Foundation, Switzerland, Venezuela, Epstein Island… and an increasing number of places, apparently. Busy spiders never sleep and toil away, their webs to keep.

Nancy Pelosi went to Italy? Then Ghana?


Look what happened yesterday? Sending messages to communist bosses in the CARE PACKAGES? Or, receiving money, gold and blood in the packages?

Hmmm. This is getting GOOD!https://t.co/RKYp7o4XKM pic.twitter.com/RWHpBNGC7c

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) August 2, 2019

Area 17 Ground Zero digs deep and gets intel from somewhere. He also gets kicked off Twitter forever.



See more at the website: https://area17gz.com/

These people are stupid.

I know. TMI

News from the asylum…

This would be good news if we could trust it. Never say never, especially in times of war.

Regardless of the “negatory” flavour of this headline, it still puts the idea in the minds of the public, which is what they would want; to plant the seed—which they just did—in a backhanded way.

Michelle Obama: ‘There’s zero chance’ I run for president

Dave at the X22 Report usually nails it and he believes Michael is their stealth card. On the most superficial level, I just don’t believe America wants a tranny running the country—deluxe package or no. America wants transparency—but they don’t always need to know your religion or the lurid details of your sex life.

If America knows what’s good for them, they will never allow another “agency” player anywhere near Washington DC. Evah!

Bigger Charges Coming, August Is A Hot Month – Episode 1932b

It’s obvious someone has been hard at work for a long time to remove the corruption. This didn’t just happen overnight. It seems every day a dimm goes down. Whether you’re a mayor, a sheriff, or a marine, if you’re working for the dark side, you’re going to do time.

Criminals no longer have the world by the tail on our dime.

Kip Simpson reports on this Philly sheriff. (Aren’t there any Republican criminals?) Oh, right. It’s all about the optics.

Corrupt Democrat Sheriff SENTENCED to 5 YEARS in PRISON

If you haven’t seen the video clip below from the Dem debate, it’s a keeper. Go Tulsi—the only “presidential-flavoured” candidate they have. She absolutely shames Kamala Harris—and it shows. And that is why Google buried Gabbard’s ads after the first debate. She’s dangerous, because she’s not one of “them”, and now they’re calling her a “Russian operative”. Yawn. Isn’t everyone who exposes your hateful, vicious, treasonous corruption?

If we didn’t have a Trump card, Tulsi would probably make the next best president. She would need a lot of help, however, and I don’t believe under current circumstances her lack of experience would equip her to stand up to the ruthless, evil infiltration still lurking in Washington. Maybe in 2024—but after the dimms are decimated permanently, she would have to choose a new party—IF the partisan system still exists.

She has two huge positives in her favour: she’s not a lawyer, and she IS a combat veteran and anti-war after having been to Iraq.

Debate Recap: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Destroys Party Favorite Kamala Harris – Exposes Her Record as Dirty Prosecutor

Is the Q Team coming in HOT this month? When that theme emerged I thought of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”. The 70’s were so entertaining and colourful. Back then our black communities flaunted their big, beautiful, dark hair and white folk were getting perms so they could have a ‘fro, too.

Now the black people are bleaching and straightening their hair to look like white folk, and the white folk are growing their hair and letting it get all matted so they can sport dreadlocks.

The pendulum has swung to the other extreme, and Mica’s looking at me as if to say, “You’re not really listening to disco, are you?” Say what you like about disco music—it can really pick up your mood and force you to at least tap your foot. It can also get stuck in your head for a few days.

I think in some respects we are now beginning to swing the other way toward a more “au naturel” way of Being. It would be ideal if we could all be happy with who and what we are and how we look. If you’re not, there’s always a battle to be fought.

This may be the most constructive 5 minutes of your day. Laura Walker never disappoints, and these energetic updates peppered with wisdom are free, with a lingering gift of equanimity. Thank you so much, Laura.

Listen to the audio or read the report at her website: OracleReport.com where she also gave us a new 30-min audio on July 31: Taking Instruction

Many people aren’t aware of the electromagnetic effects of the planetary alignments. Armed with this information, we might feel a little more in control and a little less like a wind sock.

Have a great weekend. Furlough for the whole crew!  ~ BP

THE ORACLE REPORT | August 2, 2019 “Four Skills”

SerialBrain2: Trump, the Cabal and the Shocking truth about Iran. (Pt. 2) ~ June 30, 2019

Editor’s Note: What an amazing sequel to the first Serial Brain 2 report on Iran! The first report (shown below in sequence) gives us historical background on Iran and “who did what when” in Iran showing us how dark actions have been taken in that country.

Part 2 clearly shows further dark actions taken by the US in relation to Iran (now you KNOW why our taxes are ludicrous and phony!). Also shown are how programs played by Rothchild “bad actors” have been upended by Trump and announced by “Q”.

Thanks to Serial Brain 2 we can clearly see how the cabal (Rothshilds) create a problem (Iranian nuclear program), “fix it” by causing another war, and then sit back with loads of cash going to the dark for generating “war efforts”. Oh yes, let’s not forget the resulting destruction of Iran from war, the casualties of war and the creation of low,low vibrations among mankind (fear,hatred, loathing, greed).

My advise? Watch these videos, learn how and why war actually creates what the dark wants…FEAR, know that the spiritual tide has turned as the 99% finally gain an understanding of we ALL have been played by the 1%, and be…




Part 2

How to Ascend – Raising Your Vibration

raising vibration

Ohhh, this is a great article…especially for those who are rather new to the Lightworker scenario. In this article, Michelle Walling…a Certified Holistic Life Coach, actually gives instructions for how to raise your vibrations! When I first started learning about vibrations and the Law of Attraction through reading and listening to Esther and Jerry Hicks (www.abraham-hicks.com), I was always wondering…how do I raise my vibrational rate? No one was giving any kind of specific instruction on how to do that.

Eventually, I deduced how to do that…your vibrational rate is raised, or lifted, when you are happy! In retrospect, it seems so simple, but for a l-o-n-g time, I just couldn’t figure it out. Happy… happy…now how do I get happy? Oh yeah, that means exposure to happy people, happy events, happy music, happy food, happy clothes, or anything that makes you happy…and I mean truly happy from your heart! I  like to write and kind of teach folks about what I know about vibrations, they way they work, and how they are influencing  humanity’s future. Oh yes…and the highest vibration is… LOVE!

Need more info? Please read this article, digest, and…


Vibration is the song of life that moves atoms into patterns of form.  Everything is energy, everything is alive in motion, and the planet we live on is a conscious, sentient being vibrating at a certain song. The planet is going through a change in vibration of resonance, and she wishes to take all living beings with her. The raising of ones vibration will change the consciousness or reality that you perceive.

The mineral kingdom vibrates at a slower rate than plants, and animals vibrate slower than humans. Part of the ascension process involves raising your vibrational frequency to that of your light body and beyond. Above your light body is your soul body, oversoul, angels, Archangels and ascended masters, the leaders of the spiritual hierarchy, universal gods, and everything stems from Source (and perhaps beyond into infinity). To raise your vibration means to be with the frequency that is your true self. The Earth is moving form a place of denseness where there has not been much space between the particles. As the earth increases her vibration, more space between the particles allows for an expansion of vibration. Vibrating at a higher frequency simply allows for expansion of more light for those who choose it. Most of us came to ride the ascension wave with the planet with all of our bodies- emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental, and this has never been done before in the history of our Universe.

The science of vibration has been explored with Dr. Masuru Emoto’s explanation of how thoughts and emotions affect the vibrational resonance of water. Since the human body is mostly made up of water, the same theory applies to our vibrational level- fear, anger, and dissonant emotions will create inharmonic patterns in our bodies which lead to disease and stagnation, and harmonic emotions will produce perfect patterns of symmetrical beauty within.

How do I raise my vibration level?

The following is list of ways to raise your vibration from the In5d article “Why Raising Your Energy Vibration is So Important”:

There are many free and simple ways to raise our energy vibrations.  Here a just a few:

  1. Meditate – many people who say they don’t have time to meditate will find time to watch TV.
  2. Get out into nature – whether it’s a walk or planting a garden or bed of flowers!
  3. Stop watching TV – and meditate! … Or simply do something else that gives you a positive return of energy.
  4. Play with your pets – our pets give us the lesson of unconditional love which always raises our vibrations.
  5. Watch children playing –  try to remember the fascination of experiencing things for the first time, or the innocence of childhood
  6. Exercise – as long as your able to do so, then go for a walk in nature and you’ll get two benefits at the same time!
  7. Forgive yourself and others – none of us are perfect and there are those who either have hurt us, or that we have hurt. Forgive them but also remember to forgive yourself.
  8. Express gratitude – be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you, even if it’s a small tree in the middle of a big city.  Be grateful for the meal you are about to eat and anything else that has been blessed to come into your life, including some of the negative things that ended up being wonderful life lessons that expanded your spiritual growth.
  9. Face your fears and see them as an OPPORTUNITY to spiritually evolve – fearing anything always elicits a negative emotion.  There are reasons why these fears keep coming into our lives.  Once we face our fears, the fear disappears as this was yet another one of life lessons.
  10. Buy organic food and express gratitude before eating it – organic food has more nutrition than GMO’s, so that alone will increase your physical energy, which in turn will increase your spiritual vibrations, especially if you bless or express gratitude before eating your food.
  11. Do things or be with people who make you laugh – laughter is a very high vibrational energy, even if we’re laughing at ourselves!
  12. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels are eagerly awaiting your call for assistance, so ask them for guidance, assistance, protection and direction each day!

Daryl Anka channels a spirit being collective by the name of Bashar. Bashar tells us that the first three minutes of Beethoven’s symphony #7, movement 2 is the frequency of letting go and forgiving yourself, which will in turn raise your vibration. Music in general is an excellent way to raise your vibration, as long as it is something that you love and makes you feel good. Anytime you are doing something that you love, you raise your vibration.

Essential flower essences and oils can also help to put you in a place that allows for transmutation of energies. Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” was invented over 100 years ago and is made of five flower essences that can center you and relax you. Frankincense and myrrh are classic examples of oils that can bring your body into balance.

A combination of crystal lasers, sound, and colors were used at the time of Atlantis to heal the human body back to a perfected state. The Temple Beautiful was the place to go, and the priestesses used alchemy under the direction of Isis to target energies that needed to be transmuted in order to keep the body a certain age and in a state of perpetual health. Crystals can be cleansed and charged with intention in order to help raise our vibrational level. Don’t be surprised more of these alchemical technologies begin to surface again as the planet raises her vibration and people begin to remember how the highest form of existence is being connected within ourselves and others as well as being connected to Source.

Lovemaking is an extra dimensional way to increase your vibration. Sex with the one you love can increase your blood flow, increase self esteem, and can have the same side effects of meditation. Tantric sex takes this one step further into higher, conscious loving. Loving yourself is an imperative part of raising your vibration, and you can read more about that here.

What is keeping me from raising my vibrational level?

Some people have been on the path of awakening for many years and some people have just started awakening to the fact that we are here to raise our vibrational level in order to raise our consciousness. No matter what the level of advancement, some of us seem to have hidden blocks that are keeping us from moving to the next level. These blocks may be due to karma, fear, patterns of belief imposed in this lifetime, or may even be caused by implants.

The race of ET’s known as the reptilians are responsible for implants within the physical and etheric bodies of humans which control many emotions and responses in our daily lives. Implants are part of the incarnation process and are etherically placed within the baby’s body as part of the continual trap on the wheel of incarnation. Before incarnating, many of our recent past lives were reviewed by the reptilian workers and computer programs were written which triggered and played on fearful situations that would re-emerge in order for them to feed off of the energies. One of the biggest fears the reptilians now face is our awakening to these programs and our freedom from this control. The domination of this planet and her inhabitants is about to be freed from their claws.

There are several types of these implants and many of them can be transmuted by thought and intent and the raising of vibration. However, some of them inhibit the raising of vibration, therefore it is necessary to recognize when it may be time to seek professional help. For our discussion, we will explore physical implants of abductees, physical implants from vaccinations, etheric implants from incarnation, and etheric implants of way showers and lightworkers. The main purpose of addressing implants is not to raise fear about them but to educate the possibilities that they may exist in order to bring a balance that allows integration of self.

Abductees usually receive a physical implant placed somewhere in the body for several reasons. These implants can be used for tracking or to trigger and event or emotion within the human. Most all abductees have given permission from their higher self to go through this experience, although the person usually does not remember their agreement and therefore the aliens will block the memory of the abduction as well. These implants can be used for malevolent and benevolent reasons. Benevolent reasons involve saving races of beings who have cloned themselves out of sex organs and thus have a dying race, so they are breeding with humans. Malevolent reasons always involve feeding off of negative emotions in order for them to survive and to keep humans and planet Earth under their control. Implants have been discovered through x-rays and have been physically removed from people. Some of them survive the extraction and some of them self destruct.

Vaccines are another form of physical implant, and are imposed by the modern day version of the reptilian ET race- those who run our government. Mandatory vaccines were all part of the plan for domination and control of our children. These implants can be triggered with the emotional instability that occurs with the hormone changes in puberty and are usually designed to help the ET’s feed off of the turbulence of negative emotions. Once triggered, these implants can run like computer programs to tell our children that they are not worthy or not loved. This can obviously bring about emotions of despair and can start the spiral of depression. These implants also shut off the third eye capabilities of children.

The etheric implants placed into a baby’s etheric body upon incarnation have several purposes. The main purpose is to monitor the vibration level and to monitor the human body from within. If there is a rise of vibration to a certain level, those who monitor are triggered to go into the next mode of monitoring and destruction by activating a part of the program, or perhaps even the program of another person in their circle of loved ones.  This is very advanced technology but these kinds of implants can still be dissolved through thought and intention and help from the ascended masters and healing angels. Recognizing self destructive addictions and behaviors can trigger the self healing process and therefore eliminate these but to completely rid yourself of the more complex past life imposed patterns and behaviors, help from the higher realms may be required. The Pleadians and Arcturians are available to help those who ask for help to clear these types of implants.

Many way showers and lightworkers on the planet at this time slipped under the reptilian robot system when the computer planning system was scanning them before incarnation. These way showers had many lifetimes that led up to this lifetime where they learned how to disguise who they really were and to hide many of their special qualities in order to become invisible to the system of control. However, there are some that were not able to hide everything, and these people received the big bad boy etheric implants which require some specialized removal processes. These implants are technologies that have consciousness. They come in many forms, one of which looks like a black octopus with tentacles. These are placed within the body for tracking and monitoring purposes, as well as to replay thoughts of self doubt, depression, anger, and other negative thoughts. These implants can be the cause of schizophrenia and manic depression. The most common places for these implants to exist are in the spinal cord, where the imprinting of our DNA lies. Another place is the base of the skull, and the tentacles can reach up into the brain. People who have had past lives with psychic abilities may have a disc-like implant over their third eye. They can also be placed around the heart, liver, lungs, throat, and the womb. Clearing of these implants can be done by skilled healers and since these technologies are living beings with consciousness, they have to be returned to the light to be recycled. When they are pulled out through psychic surgery, an empty space is left which should be filled with light. Usually only way showers with important missions have these kinds of implants, and although professional help is suggested to deal with these types of implants, never underestimate the power of someone of a high vibrational level remembering who they are and what they are capable of. To read more about extraction of these types of implants, please click on this link from the Galactic Connection website.

Most of the simple forms of implants that manifest as voices, beliefs, and patterns can be dissolved by spiritual intention and ritual. Some forms of this are:

-Burning a sage or cedar bundle or smudging
-Repetitive mediation and increasing the light quotient
-Calling upon Archangel Michael to remove any foreign objects or energies
-Thought and visualization of these being removed by the angels
-Ceremony- asking the ascended masters to gather and asking for removal

Keeping the body more alkaline than acidic and strengthening and growing your pillar of light make it more difficult for these implants to function. For most people, raising your vibration is ironically the best way to rid yourself of unwanted energies and technologies, since these technologies were meant to keep us from raising our vibration.

One of the biggest tools we have as human beings is laughter. Laughter instantly raises one’s vibration and negative aliens cannot feed on this type of energy. Imagine what would happen if everyone on the planet laughed at once- we might instantly shift into another level of vibrating!

Can raising my vibration lead to ascension?

Raising your vibration allows you to be a receiver for the fifth dimensional healing energies being sent to you from our ET brothers and sisters of the light. There are many races of beings available to us that agreed to help us realize or free will to move beyond the construct of the matrix. Freedom from this matrix allows entry through the doorway to fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies. Crossing the thresholds from density to expansion and raising our consciousness is the process of ascension.

Recognizing what is happening in your life and being aware of how you are feeling is the key to consciously raising your vibrational level. Life is like a computer program, a hologram that we are co-creating. Fear is the number one culprit of lower vibrational frequency, and the beings that need this emotional energy cannot exist without stealing it from humans. Simply put, eliminating fear on the planet will eliminate those who dominate and control the planet. Recognizing what has happened to humanity since the fall of Atlantis and transmuting this fear is the key to a mass ascension across the planet. Taking your power back and winning this game of control will be discussed in part ten of this series. Raising your vibration will automatically open the doors to the knowledge and wisdom only available to us through our inner knowing.

Many times information that is presented in articles and videos are layered and encoded with a vibration that will reach exactly who needs to hear it. Some of the information will just not resonate with others. Using your discernment about what feels right in order to keep raising your own vibration is many times confirmed by synchronicity and can be felt when the truth is confirmed through your body with “chills”, inside and out. Listen to your body in order to know what to eat and what needs more attention. Rather than trying to control your ascension, going with the flow will allow for more expansion and awareness, so do not get too wrapped up in techniques but rather feel them as you read them and let your higher self guide you to the place that you need to be. Trust yourself over anything or anyone else, and keep moving forward on your inner nudges and thoughts.