The Great Awakening Timeline Split – The Separation Of Realities Is Here ~ July 23, 2020

By Diane Canfield 

Blessings Everyone,

I have been asked recently why it seems as the collective are in two different realities. It seems this way because this is exactly what has taken place.

In 2012 the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants realized the beginning of the Great Awakening. We were then given a choice of which road to pursue. Truth or continue on the road of deception and lies. It is this road that is now causing the split to occur.

In 2020 this split has become even more obvious. 2012 was the turning point and the choice was made then to seek light or continue in deception and darkness.

The Collective has split into two groups, the awakened and the unawakened. Right now the time is closing for the unawakened to make the jump into the awakened state of consciousness.

The Awakened and Truth tellers know what is happening but may now know why. This is why I am called to write this article.

The Dark players have ramped up their game since 2012, knowing the awakening/ascension was on its way.

The lower level entities do not want to the awakening to occur because this will mean they too will have to make a choice they don’t want to make. They are happy in their lower level state.

The protestors, rioters, looters are all part of the ones who believe they are of the light. They believe they are heralding in a new way of being but in the reality of LIGHT, they are self destructing and destroying their own surroundings and way of being. They are defunding law and order which is essential to human rights and the LIGHT.

Prediction: there will be repercussions to the many who are being used by the dark players in ways they did not think possible. You can not cause chaos and destruction and not have karmic debts to pay. Ascension is about removing Karma, not creating more of it.

What is happening is on an energetic level as well as a now physical level. The energetics have taken on a more concrete level.

The division of non compatibility is taking place between dark and light. These are becoming two extreme energetic states. The ties are being severed between those that are not like minded.

These can be your friends and family. They can be long time friends. There is no solution to this except for the ones not in the TRUE light to NOW step in. The time is fading quickly for this to take place.

The Division becomes more and more apparent as we see that they truly believe what they are doing is for the LIGHT. This takes place in all of social media and our day to day interactions with the two polarities now at play.

As much as many of us wanted to help those awaken that were still asleep , this time is quickly coming to a close.

I now advise to spend more time anchoring the light into your being and securing its position with in you for the future complete split that will take place. Working on your own light and strengthening it can also be a way to help those still caught in darkness.

The more of us in the light, the more chance others can join us although this gap is closing.

For those in the light and awakened you will see your psychic gifts increase as well as synchronicities.When you are able to hold more light, your gifts will automatically raise in frequency.

I am amazed at my own gifts and the higher timelines they are reaching. My prediction skills are completely off the charts as I am predicting on a day to day basis with complete accuracy. I have precognitive skills where I know what will occur daily before it happens.

Your own skills will increase, the more LIGHT you embrace and step into. The higher you raise your vibration and merge with the Creator of all things. The more you discard darkness within yourself and focus on igniting your light.

This will include not surrounding yourself with low vibration people. It will take a lot now to remain in a separate reality from them and clashing of realities will occur more often.

Having psychic experiences is one of the FIRST indications you are on the right timeline. When you raise your vibration higher and merge with the Creator, these things are automatic.

You must be able to tell the difference though between those who say they have psychic gifts but don’t and those that really do. Yes there are dark players in the area of psychics also.

If they are able to give accurate psychic readings, this is the first indication they are indeed psychic and of the light. If they have knowledge beyond this dimension this is another indicator.

My Prediction

This is the BEGINNING of a New Consciousness field unlike the Earth has ever seen before. The Great Awakening is happening on so many levels of awareness now it has exploded into the energy fields of all of those that are able to accept it. We will see more signs of this reality split as 2020 progresses. This is what the Ascension process is all about – moving completely into 5D.



Stay tuned for more to come….

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Time Travelers Revealed/ The Great Awakening Has Ascended To A New Level ~ April 24, 2020

By Diane Canfield 

Blessings Everyone,

We have shifted to a New Timeline as the dark players and dark agenda are exposing themselves.

More light is able to enter the Planet and create the NEW Earth as more dark players show their hands. This then creates a higher vibration of earth itself and all its inhabitants as more earthlings wake up to what has really been going on.

It is not enough to join the spiritual community and then claim you are awake. It will take much more than this and that is to wake up to the plan that has been going on for decades and more. This consists of the take over of planet earth by the dark forces.


Present Trump talks about the fake media and he is correct to point this out. The more the main stream media is listened to, the more a hypnotic trance can take hold and soon the earthlings are mimicking everything they hear the MSM saying. This is a hypnotic trance that is dark encoded and in place to further their agenda. I talked about this almost continually in 2016.

More are awake now than ever and we have reached the tipping point as the dark players are being exposed daily now.


Since the virus has come into play and more people are at home and having time to invest into researching. More are now waking up and starting to understand what has been taking place right under their nose but they could not see it before. This helps to build the New Earth as more beings can hold more light.

New Earth

In order for the New Earth to come fully into fruition it will take more to wake up because without waking up earthlings will not be able to hold enough light. As Truth comes to the surface, dark untruths are discarded and more light is able to be held by all beings.

Many have begun to feel the shift we are in during this past month. I predicted from the beginning this virus will have a silver lining and allow even more to wake up and this is what has taken place.

Since more are awakening we will then jump to the next level of New Earth building which is right around the corner. I will be facilitating  more events in the future to make this happen and bring even more light into all humans.

New Earth will be the paradise that Earth has the potential to be and all that we Higher Beings of Light want it to be. Many of us were brought to the Earth at this time to make sure this takes place.

NEW REVEAL – Time Travelers

Many of us are time travelers that came here specially to raise the frequency of the planet and transform it into the New Earth.

When many feel they don’t belong here, this is why. They came from a time and place far beyond this place but had to come back for this special task.

President Trump Time Traveler

I can confirm that President Trump himself is time traveler sent back to regain the power of the light forces, just at the critical time when the dark was at its highest potential to succeed. This is why many Trump supporters are so engaged with him, we planned this mission together.

We are in a spiritual war of dark vs light for our very souls. We have reached a pinnacle point of both and one must win. This time it will be the LIGHT.

For those that are weary of this fight we must hold on, it will be worth it in the end as we embrace the New Earth.

Time Travel in itself can take place in many more ways that was has been taught.


Some of my predictions over the past month and new predictions….

In my video March 22nd, I predicted the virus was made in a lab and deliberately made to take down President Trump/ruin the economy and his chance at being elected.

New Reveal- This virus was focused on taking out the older population/ much of who are Trump supporters and specifically targeting older men. Weeks later it was revealed it was made in a lab and taking out the older population/ in the beginning more men than women before the mutations occurred. 

I also predicted the virus would die out around June 1st- 2 days later President Trump revealed June 1st as the date the virus should be gone.

On the full moon of this moon.. I heard the words ” We are starting to turn the corner. ” The next day Trump revealed ” This is light at the end of the tunnel”

The virus was created for dark purposes/ it can also be destroyed by LIGHT.

I predicted the virus was lessening in potency a few weeks ago and it is indeed lessening.

The virus has an energy and even though scientifically they claim the virus is not alive, it is, as is everything on planet Earth. Since it has an energy signature I can tune into it. I have been working behind the scenes to lessen the virus and send it into the light.

New Reveal – President Trump will be reelected and in his new term many changes will take place. Many more than this first term. This will cause even more to wake up as the USA completely changes in many ways. It starts it’s transition into the paradise it was supposed to be. This will then spread out to every country on the planet and every being.

I am easily able to tune into anyone and their energy. This is one of my special gifts….along with precognition and clairvoyance.

Love, Diane

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What Is The Spiritual Zero Point Creation Field With The Light Body That We Are Moving Into? ~ February 28, 2020

Editor’s Note: Zero Point…the ultimate moment of stillness when, and where, all things become possible! This moment in NOW is exceeding blissful where time does not exist, allowing one to only feel and BE…



Blessings Everyone,

I talk about reaching zero point in many of my articles and YouTube videos. Many have asked me what zero point means. In quantum theory zero point relates to the vacuum state of particles.

I call this the baseline for all of creation. Some might think it’s the empty state, yet it is anything but empty. Just because it can not be seen and is not widely understood, means nothing.

Ascension Zero Point We Are Entering 

Zero Point is the point of all creation. It is the point of everything and nothing at the same time. It is the point in meditation and times of intense BLISS waves that I am all of everything and yet also in the void of nothingness. I am floating in space yet experiencing everything all at once. I am in this state almost continuously psychically connected and tuning in.

This is the point Humanity is reaching through the Ascension process.

Ascension is raising one’s consciousness to higher timelines of awareness. The timelines of Creation. The timeline of the Creator itself where there is everything and nothing at the same time.

Zero point is where everything is available for manifestation and nothing is impossible, all possibilities exist at once.

Zero point can ONLY exist in the moment of NOW. This means we exist where there is no past, no present and no future. We just are.

Zero point is where ONE TRUTH exists. To be able to access that TRUTH you must give up all false beliefs.

Zero Point is the same field that Alien races appear to me in person.

When you reach states of higher consciousness, you will be able to reach these states of nothingness and everything at once. Time slows down and seems to move at a snails pace.

This is where the Event of Ascension will Occur. When enough of us have reached that state and perfected it over and over again.

This is why I teach about this, to help others reach the ultimate spiritual goal of the highest awareness, where everything is possible.

The merging with the Creator into the Spiritual Zero Point Field to become complete Co-Creators. It is in this state we will ascend attaining Christ Consciousness with the LIGHT Body Intact.

Love Diane

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Energy Update: Timeline Shift Continues / Light Body Building Accelerated ~ February 1, 2020

Editor’s Note: Many are presently undergoing Ascension symptoms even as we speak as their body struggles a bit to accept higher energies, but some of humanity does not. Why is this? Doesn’t the Ascension process affect everyone at the same time in the same way? After all…aren’t’ we all ascending?

The Ascension process, producing host of physical symptoms from your body synthesizing the higher energies now streaming onto Earth, will not happen in the same way for everyone! The way you feel inside…your rate of vibration will determine just how your individual body reacts to the High Vibe energies now coming to Earth.

Generally speaking, the higher vibe you hold (the better you feel inside), the fewer Ascension symptoms you will have. Umm…this may be a YUGE wakeup call to adjust how your heart feels in this moment, learn the truth about yourself, and then BE…



By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

The  Timeline shift is still in effect as I talked about in my last article you can read here.

Symptoms Of  The Current Shift  

Fatigue/ Extreme tiredness even when waking up in the morning


Mind Time Slips/ forgetting things that normally are easily remembered 

Intense Hunger/ This  will include your pets, please be sure and give them LOTS of extra food right now 

Intense dreams which may include celebrities or passed on loved ones 



We are in a time of high acceleration of the Light Body. This is why we are experiencing the Time shifts and all of these Extreme Ascension symptoms.

The Light Body continues to build itself within us, going at a rate which matches our level of consciousness. This is why when you attain higher consciousness you will experience more ascension symptoms. The symptoms themselves though will change depending on your own level.

The Light Body itself will lead you to TRUTH. There is ultimately only one TRUTH, it is also called Zero Point/ Christ Consciousness. I reached this state many years ago, everyone will need to reach it in order for full ascension to take place.

This will take place for everyone as they discard untruths and instead only focus on truths. The Creator/  Energy Is Truth and when this merging takes place, we become Co-Creators with The Ultimate Creator.

Stay tuned for more Energy Updates !

Love DianeCopyright © This article must be shared in whole and intact with the authors name and website. Copyright 2020 Diane Canfield All Rights reserved

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Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many IN PERSON visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension/AMBASSADOR/ Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

Energy Update: Current Advanced Symptom: Leaving Behind The 3D Body For Full Ascension ~ October 5, 2019

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Its finally happening ! The Light Body is now becoming fully activated for our shift into 5D! This is the FIRST time this symptom has showed up for many in the ascension process !

Many of you have felt this most current symptom of Ascension in the past few weeks—> including myself !  What does this feel like ? It feels as though your consciousness is starting to detach from your actual body. I have also talked about this in my videos the past few weeks of myself feeling it but now others are feeling it also. (You can find my videos on my you tube channel on the link at the bottom on this article )

It will give you a floating feeling and sometimes some anxiety along with it.  It can feel as though this wave is completely overtaking the body. When this happens, work to stay clam as anxiety can kick in when it happens. It does not last long for me – about 5 minutes for each episode. You may need to go to your sacred place if it does last longer to breath through it and get back in touch with yourself.

This is a NEW symptom over the past few weeks that has come online. Since it is Brand New, we need to wait to see where this takes us. I feel it will increase to more beings over the next few months.

Be sure and ground during this time, to make sure the light body takes over the way the process is intended and not sooner than it is supposed to. Grounding has been vital during the entire process and still is.

Why is this happening? It is happening now because enough have joined the ascension process to be able to start the next phase of ascension.

It is happening because many of the upgrades and downloads to the body for the masses, have been a success.

It is happening because our DNA has now reached the level where we can start Phase 2 of Ascension!

It is happening because the dark is now being brought to light on planet Earth and this leaves room for more light to infiltrate every being on the planet.

This may mean not everyone will feel this at this time. They may feel it much later, depending on their level of consciousness and the work they have done to fully let go of conditioning, programming and illusions that come with 3D life. For anyone who is not feeling this at this time, hang on, you will.

Everyone has to feel everything in the ascension process, this is how we know we are the process, by our feelings and symptoms, there is no OTHER way. It is time to become completely real now and move on from teachings that keep us stuck.

Since I started tracking  Energy waves in 2010, I have learned not everyone feels the waves at the same time. Waves are energy specific and carry unique light codes and DNA Activations specifically for that wave.

Each person will feel the wave when they are ready for it. Everyone is not ready at the same time.

This newest symptom/ separating the body from the light body/ is preparing us for completely operating from our light body. This means a separation taking place in our consciousness of the 3D world and us. This will become more concrete towards the end of this year.

We are given plenty of notice before these changes take full effect. This is the first direct step in the transformation of our human body to the light body.  This is a preparation for our full ascension event.