Headlines and Updates for June 5, 2019: The Minutes are Ticking Down for the Dark [videos] ~ June 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: it’s quite amazing for me to watch The Plan” unfold. If you are newly awakened, please understand there are many, many thoughts out there in the “land of spirituality” regarding the details of how humanity’s major “shift” of consciousness will occur.

However…no one knows any exact details of how this will happen. One thing for sure however and is being repeated over and over is the fact that higher vibrations are required to “graduate” and make the shift. The highest of vibrations is that of love, joy, bliss and the best way to find and generate these vibrations is to listen to and follow your heart…headwork need not apply!

As seen below, the continued games, schemes, and “headwork” of the dark have been all too extensive on our Earth, and are in the final stages of being finished. So….please read the details of the dark’s demise below, pay attention to the final video giving one explanation of this all ends (high vibrations needed), and be…



While Trump is over in the UK workin’ the Plan, we’re watching DC—Doug Collins.

Monday? Was that a hint? What’s happening on Monday?

Chairman Nadler is again confused on the facts. He calls POTUS a liar when the central lie has been flowing from House Dems, who insisted he colluded w/ Russia despite Mueller’s conclusion to the contrary. Should we expect more revisionist history on Monday? #WeAreBetterThanThis

— Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) June 5, 2019

Here’s DC on the DC circus.

Collins reacts to Nadler’s refusal to drop contempt vote against Barr

Putting the lying left in their place. Go Vets!

Veterans Walk Out On AOC & Go On FOX To Tell The TRUTH After Spokesman DENIES What Really Happened

There are going to be a lot of regrets when all is said and done. Everyone had ample opportunity to do the right thing. It was a choice.

The GOP betrays President Trump again. Sebastian Gorka with Lou Dobbs

Illegal migrants crossing the Rio Grande.

What do you think? Is it true?

Chuck Schumer successfully baits Trump into committing to Mexico tariffs

Dr. Steve Pieczenik spoke out about Trump’s tariff action. He thinks it’s a bad idea.

It’s interesting, though. Despite what some might consider heavy-handed dealings in negotiations with other nations, the President usually gets what he wants: a fair deal for all, and positive action.

It’s obvious Mexico has done little to nothing to staunch the flow of illegal migrants through their country. Perhaps someone greased the palms of the current administration there.

What comes to mind is Sun Tsu’s Art of War and appearing weak when one is strong. That’s what works for Trump. Besides. Their ploys always backfire and work in OUR favour. Let them gloat.

Before libtards gloat, they might want to listen to Bernie’s update below telling us that Mexico has already held back 250,000 would-be migrants. Yup. He shoots—he scores!

OPUS 156 Mexican Tariff by Dr. Steve Pieczenik

About that 2020 election… the damage control patrol has been activated.

It’s on!

Top Trump Super PACs Join Forces to Mobilize Voters

Pssssssst!!! Remember the school shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year? SSShhhhhh… Yes, the one we’re not supposed to talk about… when police on the scene stood outside and did nothing to help after shots were fired inside the school? The corrupt sheriff, Scott Israel was fired over it. Bernie at Truth & Art TV brings us the update on the fallout and a number of other important stories.

Boom! Officer Arrested For Suspicious Inaction During Parkland Shooting!

Bill Binney has launched into high gear lately, telling it like it is. He and others have formed VIPS: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity with their initiative to set the record straight and combat the blatant lies told by the lunatic left.

The Patriot Hour created the following video. It needs to be known, far and wide, that there was no “hack” of the DNC. The information passed to WikiLeaks was a download to a thumb drive. It was not a breach by the Russians, or the Martians—it was a purposeful copying of data proving that some appallingly illegal activities regarding the 2016 election took place within the DNC.

Activity of this kind took place with every US election in recent history. Presidents weren’t democratically “elected”, they were installed through election rigging and it’s time every American knew it.

President Trump was the first president in some time elected legally through votes from the People.

It was only accomplished by hard work on behalf of Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, patriots—including the QAnon team and Trump’s inner circle and family, and other unnamed people working on behalf of Humanity to switch out the voting machines at the last minute that the deep state had programmed to spit out Hillary Clinton votes—even when the voter put the X next to the name of Donald Trump.

That was Humanity’s last shot at beating the system that has beaten them for centuries. We are now in a place to fight this battle for our freedom, with Donald Trump at the helm. If Hillary Clinton had been installed as the New World Order had planned, we could say goodbye to the Human race on this planet.

And here we are today, more than two years after our guardian angels yanked us from the pot of simmering water. The truth of it all is gushing out now, and the psychopathic left can’t tell enough lies to prevent the truth and reality from breaking through to the world.

We are seeing the ranks of the patriots swell to previously unseen numbers. They’re coming out of the woodwork; whistleblowers, activists, journalists, intelligence veterans, former military and law enforcement and medical professionals, crusaders from all walks of life acting on their impulses to see good triumph over evil.

There is a planetary revolution exploding to remove the evil that has poisoned our world for eternities. All countries are experiencing it in some form. Humanity is waking up to the truth, and it’s not pretty. We are currently embroiled in operations to break the hypnotic spell of the dark ones to bring Humanity together to fight this scourge as one.

NSA Whistleblower Says He Has Evidence DNC Was Not Hacked

Dustin Nemos did a recent interview with Bill Binney as well.

Bill Binney & Dustin Nemos on Mueller, And Godlike Mass Spying Powers of the Deep State (Fixed)

So many people were caught up in the net the psychopaths threw to spy on civilians and former news anchor and investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson is one of them. Years ago Sharyl was fired from her news anchor position at a television network for objecting to the censorship of her investigations revealing the truth about the dangerous substances in the food chain, hormones, vaccines, etc. Silly Sharyl for thinking her employer would want to air the truth about the eugenics programs.

She’s a fighter for truth and won’t back down. Sharyl is now engaged in a court battle over the illegal surveillance she and her family have endured. There is a $50K reward for information which will enable them to press forward with the case under the ridiculous guidelines of the DOJ.

She also has to live with the smear campaigns the deep state plants in the treasonous media.

Learn more at SharylAttkisson.com

$50,000.00 Whistleblower Award offered in Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for govt. computer intrusions. Please RT@TheJusticeDept won’t hold those accountable for govt. spying on me, so I’m self-funding fight for justice. @realDonaldTrump
(Reposted due to reported Internet interruptions.) pic.twitter.com/5nhDnXtI0l


— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) June 2, 2019

If you doubt the veracity of claims that a revolution is brewing to eradicate evil, consider this next example of the carnage inflicted on innocent civilians. This war is not a military war, but a civil one. Yes, America is embroiled in a civil war, as are most countries because they were all infiltrated by the evil creatures who sought world domination.

A large enough proportion of Humanity revived from their death spiral in time to find out what happened and what must be done to correct it.

Daniel tells us of another sad patriot story along with a number of other news items. He also mentions the “decode” Dave presents in his X22 Report.

For those not aware, the Civil War waged on Earth’s shores currently is between secret societies who couch their remarks in coded language, symbols and images. We share decodes nearly every day because that is how we learn what is really unfolding.

Alabama to Castrate Pedophiles, Hillary Wanting to Flee

Dave’s X22 Report referenced above is here, and he’s a great decoder with his finger on the pulse of this Illuminati war.

More Docs Unearthed, The Worse It Gets, [DS] Coded Message For Escape – Episode 1884b

James Perloff did a top notch presentation to correct history and dispel lies, as well. Sean at the SGT Report presents the full lecture with slides and video. This is NOT the history taught to us, is it? So why would we believe anything they say?

He tells us why the major wars of the past were fostered and by whom, and the appalling consequences. Nothing’s changed. They’re still at it today. Fomenting war is what they continually do.

It makes one realize that our entire history is a series of lies told to manipulate world events and the public. Sheep no more!

War and Deception by James Perloff

The truth is flowing and Thomas Williams will enlighten us again tomorrow night on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show with his news analyses, op-eds, and unique, insider intel. Tune in for music and laughs along with the serious updates on the war for planet Earth at 7:30 pm EDT/4:30 Pacific. You can listen live on Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website.

Last week Thomas referenced the “loop” Humanity has been ensnared within for millennia, shaped like the infinity symbol. He said the centre is where we will break free.

That show is here.

Yellow Rose for Texas has spoken of this exit, or escape, and tells us the exit has a very high frequency, and we have to elevate ourselves to match it before we can make our jailbreak.

Thomas revealed recently that the frequencies bathing the planet have been (manually) increased a great deal of late, so perhaps we will soon make our exit to freedom and our new Earth; the Fifth World.

I am sharing Rose’s most recent video again where she addresses questions asked by followers. If Rose’s material is new to you, you will not understand it all, but you may go back and view her older videos for more background.

Even then, you will have difficulty understanding the concepts because we have never been told the truth officially about where we are, WHO we are, how we arrived here, and who has been running the planet. I still don’t understand it all, but feel it’s the most accurate explanation thus far.

Rose speaks of the time factor, and how the dark diminishes their time when they act out; and that we, Humanity, have ample time. QAnon has also referenced the fact that time is running out for the dark, as has Thomas Williams.

The future will be a joyful ride for Humanity, and the evil, satanic parasites will not be going where we are going.

I’ve listened to this about five times now and get something new out of it each time. It probably has a lot to do with how I keep going. While no one can prove any of this, some of us just know.  ~ BP

Answering Questions about Earths Exit

Super Full Moon Tonight: The Oracle Report and Some Interesting Background [videos] ~ February 18, 2019

Laura Walker brings us a special update on this new leg of the journey via video and an email update I pasted below with plenty of good news. The planets are stacked for us now.

Daniel Cannon has some very interesting trivia on this super-sized moon and what has happened in the past that is very similar to events we’re seeing now. Kind of like a loop?  ~ BP

The Oracle Report – Special Report – Full Moon in Virgo – February 19, 2019

Special Report: Full Moon at 01 Virgo

Moon in Leo

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, process, analyze

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: 16 Aquarius – “a big businessman at his desk” (lead yourself, solve)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: 27 Aries – “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained” (return to truth, return to true self)
Wise owls, we have multiple astrological events happening as we move into the Full Moon tomorrow (February 19, 2019 at 10:54 am EDT/7:54 am PDT).  Let’s get in the gno:

1 – CHIRON RE-ENTERS ARIES AS MARS CONJUNCTS THE CHIRON POINT – Holy Chiron, Batman!  This is some massive Chiron energy that is going to teach us something IMPORTANT throughout the Full Moon phase, but primarily today and tomorrow.  So we want to be watchful and mindful even more than we normally would.

The heavenly energies teach us via the subtle curriculum and schedule of astrology.  The timing of this lesson is quite special.  This is because it is happening alongside several significant astrological aspects.

Chiron leaving Pisces and changing signs as it moves into Aries is a big deal.  Anytime an outer planet changes signs it is a big deal.  It causes tremendous shifts in energy, related to the planet and signs.

Chiron is leaving the end of the zodiac in Pisces and beginning a new cycle as it starts over in Aries.  Chiron is our Inner Warrior.  It represents self-mastery.  The energy teaches via experience – we live its lessons.  Usually, the lessons are hard won, but when we know, we know forever.

Chiron also frees us from our suffering.

Chiron in Pisces effectively doubled the suffering.

Now, Chiron in Aries takes that suffering and what we have learned and fires it up.  It burns away what is no longer needed and takes the purest forms forward.  Chiron in Aries produces treasures and then moves them into perfect place.

With perfect timing to double the effects, Chiron moves into Aries just as Mars (ruler of Aries!) makes conjunction with the Chiron Point – the degree in the sky where Chiron was located when it was discovered.  This degree, 04 Taurus, encapsulates all of Chiron’s themes (which are myriad – many more than any other planet).

Chiron rules healing, alternative healing, systems and currents of the body, the arts of war, Renaissance People, medicine and medicinal herbs, alchemy, bards, hands, the healing power of the hands, teachers and teachers of teachers,  inventors and inventions, gymnastics, jedi, Virgo, pain and suffering, suicide, self-sabotage, the hero’s journey, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The “double Chiron energy” is is one of the main reasons that makes today so very powerful and such a good opportunity for fresh starts (or regained opportunities).

We could say it is The Return of the Inner Warrior.

(Note: Energetics from 1969 will repeat in various ways over the next year.)

2 – LAST DAY OF SUN IN AQUARIUS – The Sun spends its last day in the sign of Aquarius, ending its amplification of the Black Moon in Aquarius (yay).  This is happening while the Moon is in Aquarius’ opposite sign of Leo.  So we have a “Black Moon day,” a day when people tend toward projection of their own perceived weaknesses, feelings of powerlessness, and fears about changes.  It’s a day when we need to think before we speak.  It’s a day to overcome feeling victimized by others, circumstances, and life.

(Note: It’s a super Black Moon day for those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius, but a tremendous relief is on the way with the Sun leaving Aquarius.  Remember you are undergoing a major rebirth, which comes with growing pains, but which always leads to what is better for us.)

We are already engaging the power of Chiron and the Return of the Inner Warrior, but we also have other energetics in place to overcome the feeling of powerless victim.

3 – 5 DOG IN THE TZOLKIN – It’s 5 Dog – The Day of the Underdog!  5 is love and Dog is our loyal guide and companion.  5 Dog tends to upset the balance of power where imbalances of power are in effect.  Emotional meltdowns can occur.  Ultimately, this energy wants to effect change through love.  Bob Marley was 5 Dog.

How fitting that the Sun is at the last degree of Aquarius with the Sabian symbol of “moon-lit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white.”  Bob Marley wrote “Babylon system is the vampire” which to me is “empire.,” and look at what is happening to empire/Empire.

Light is overtaking the Babylonian system of vampire/empire.

4 – JUPITER EXACT TRINE ERIS POINT – Mighty Jupiter brings us more dog energy as it discharges 21 Sagittarius, “a child and a dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses.”  Under this energetic, points of view are changed; we regain a sense of wonderment and fun; we aim for clarity; innocence prevails.

These themes are manifest under the broader context of the Eris Point – 21 Aries,  the degree in the sky where the planet Eris was discovered.  Eris is the twin sister to Mars, and both are “battlefield” energies.  Eris energy seeks to rectify chaos and strife – to bring balance to the Force, if you will.

Jupiter can takes things to the extreme, so we want to, again, think before speaking, and plan before tackling Goliath.

Ultimately, truth wins out when Jupiter and the Eris energy are together.

5 – VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN – More energy for “truthiness” comes to us courtesy Venus and Saturn.  These two can at first come off with major power and control struggles, especially in romantic relationships and money/markets.  The conjunction is occurring at 17 Capricorn and the Sabian symbol energetic of “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude,” which reveals things.
Many things will come to light during the remainder of this month (because this aspect is happening with the Full Moon and will therefore play out over the rest of the cycle).  Things that people have been getting away with will come to an end.
(Note: Saturn in Capricorn is wreaking havoc with dental issues -and working dental staff quite hard – so take care of things sooner rather than later if you are having problems with your teeth.)

6 – MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE – Over the next two days, truth flows in ever-greater abundance with Mercury (communications, messages) meeting up with Neptune (clear/unclear, illusions, spiritual connection, paradoxes) at 16 Pisces and the Sabian symbol of “in a quiet moment, an individual experiences the flow of inspiration.”  This is also the degree of the Pisces lunar cycle which begins on March 6.  Inspiration – an answer – is coming through information.
Much of this will come through recognizing what we thought was true was not.  Neptune has a way of showing this.  Again, since this is happening with the Full Moon, it will play out over the remainder of the lunar cycle.

Situations, feelings, events, messages, and insights that are happening over the next two days are also particularly prophetic regarding what we have in store during March and up to the start of the astrological new year on April 5.

7 – FULL MOON AT 01 VIRGO – When the Full Moon arrives tomorrow, we have an influx of even more intensive energy to see truth in what has been idealization, illusion, or deception.  The Full Moon will happen at 01 Virgo and the energetic of “in a portrait, the best of a man’s features and traits are idealized.”  Who is the wizard behind the curtain?  The remainder of the month isn’t going to go well for him.  It’s just not a time when he can get away with deceptions and trying to divert our attention.  There are just too many planets stacked against him.

The planets are stacked with US!  The Return of the Inner Warrior brings a shift in the dynamics of the world.  Little ones who are being born now are the Spiritual Warriors of the future who have come to ensure the maintenance of balance.

Welcome to a new day dawning.  Truth and love prevails. Prepare to watch the world change as Chiron begins its tour of Aries.

Chiron is going to Light It Up!
We are ready!

2 Occult Historic Events Will Happen 19 Feb 2019