The Nibiru Winds Hitting Earth. ~ October 18, 2018

Jesse, from BP Earthwatch, has some very interesting information that he shares about winds from Jupiter (Jupiter wind) affecting our magetosphere and counteracting the solar wind. This occurs when the Earth is directly stationed between our Sun and Jupiter when massively negatively charged electons sweep across Earth.

What does this mean for us on Earth? Perhaps this will effect the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic fields causing a magnetic attraction of a “collisional cascade in the inner solar system” of which the Earth isย  part. As an intuitive, this information feels spiritual significant to me, just sayin’…

This message is NOT to cause fear, but rather indicate the importance of finding and holding a higher vibration of Being leading to your existence in a higher dimension (5th). If/when you choose to exist in a higher dimension, perhaps your existence will be beyond events of the 3D world? Please read this information, watch the video’s, and…



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