Everyone is Talking About the Obliterated/Hijacked Civilization of Tartaria [videos] ~ February 19, 2019

The historical implications of the information below are so staggering in their proportion that I had to process it for some time before I could even speak of it. The proof is right under our noses, yet the secret persisted. Why?

We understand the controllers have long manipulated our history on this planet, messed with time and that great evil befell a high civilization. Now we are dealing with the cleanup process—and in the nick of time, if my suspicions are correct. More on that below.

What I hadn’t heard until just recently was that so much trouble had been taken to erase the knowledge of a pre-existing civilization that spanned the entire planet after a war.

The ornate buildings, towers, columns, bridges, structures and architecture we still see standing were built by an advanced people with a much better understanding of science than the marauders who stole them.

And what was stolen from us is even more catastrophic because we don’t know who we are, and we have no history to speak of. It’s all a lie.

The plundering thieves wiped the slate with cataclysms, burying power plants beneath the sea or mud floods and reducing many buildings to rubble with induced “earthquakes”.

The video discusses a web of structures that process electromagnetic energy from the air and lit multiple cities. It’s quite literally shocking to see the scale of it—and now we are largely unaware of it and make corporations rich by paying ludicrous sums of money for power supplies.

Where the infrastructure of these power plants was left intact, they continue to produce just as effectively to this very day.

The tips of just a few of the massive pyramids comprising the power structure now appear as a series of islands known as the Faroe Islands, for example.

The knowledge of frequency and vibration was used for many purposes; for healing, levitation, transportation, and to generate feelings of harmony and euphoria to keep residents healthy and happy. Ironically, now the rulers on this planet are using energy to make us sick and irascible.

astronomical clock, Prague, Czech republic

At the 1:15:23 mark in the video we see the beautiful astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world, and shows the sun and moon spinning around a flat Earth. Coincidence?

It always made sense to me that the Earth could be flat because the original data about the heavens was well understood by ancient cultures and later on the controllers altered the truth and began telling lies. Eventually, the Earth went from flat to round, and revolved around the sun, but many do not believe it any more than they believe many of the lies established as truth.

The history books and resources now available to us weave a web of deceit so grand we will have difficulty accepting the truth when we do hear it.

Wikipedia should be destroyed forever; burned at the stake for its witchery and Photoshopped images. The character assassination they present on Nikola Tesla as referenced in the video is slanderous and insulting.

We can usually tell when we are over the target with our suspicions because the media and Big Tech aim to silence us. Videos, website, articles and any mention of truth is censored or removed. Many of us have arrived at the point we know that the truth is the exact opposite of what we’re told by the current establishment.

One World Trade Center replacement tower, Manhattan, New York

When one considers the theory presented that perhaps the World Trade Center in New York grew obsolete and they wanted to update it with better tech, it takes us into the twilight zone. The evidence presented below is compelling.

The simple methods used by the previous inhabitants to collect energy and redistribute it in positive ways seems like a marvel to us only because the reality of science has been kept from us.

When the masses understand the gravity of what has transpired on this planet they will have a difficult time of it. Humanity’s consciousness is expanding and thanks to the Internet and technology, we are discovering the truths the creatures who invaded this planet never want known.

As a result, we are becoming a problem, and we understand they would like to avoid being ousted and would just as soon flood us out, burn us out, blow us up, or poison us and start over again as they have many times before whenever it suited them. They have obliterated billions of people to control the narrative.

Therefore, it is critical, it seems, that we vanquish the dark forces immediately or we will lose the opportunity to do so, forever. Success is a matter of our survival.

Is it a surprise that a mysterious group that can foresee the future arrived on the scene to help us do this? Do you feel we are equipped to win this war without “supra natural” assistance? Is it so unexpected that QAnon is attacked and ridiculed just as flat earth and the questioning of NASA space exploration is ridiculed? Everything is riding on what happens now. Our civilization hangs in the balance.

A word of caution: After seeing this evidence of the greatest deception ever conceived, we can expect a cacophany of emotion. You may come out ranting in disbelief; you may sink into quiet despair, deep regret, feel massive betrayal, intent on revenge—or ALL of the above. Some may be reduced to a quivering mass of rage. What these creatures have done to sentient Beings is unforgivable in my eyes.

Thank you, A, for sharing this video. I suspect it will be a jumping off point for much more research in this realm. We’d best get to it, before it disappears from the World Wide Web. Knowing what we now know, how can we believe ANYTHING they tell us?


Right on cue, Sean published this SGT Report video today which complements the above very nicely. If the truth matters to you, this video is also “required reading”. They discuss the cosmology of Earth and what appear to be more coverups of the reality.

They wouldn’t lie to us about THIS

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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