THE ORACLE REPORT | “Epstein the Archon” ~ August 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: Very, very good thinking from Laura Walker in this episode of Oracle Report. Epstein was/is a very important entity for the Dark and as such, it is not really important to wonder why/how Epstein is “gone” from our view.

The more important topic to consider is Epstein, as a senior priest of the Archons, has been removed physically and/or spiritually. This fact alone tells us that the dark Archonic entities who have controlled this world through their minions like the Rothchilds are , in fact, losing the battle for Earth and as the Light grows stronger, their Darkness will disappear!

So…is it important to really know what “happened” to Epstein? Not really, as Light Forces have all the “goods” on his evil practices. It is more important for me to know his presence, his spirit, is no longer being used to promote the horrors of his own darkness. The enhanced vibrations Earth is now experiencing was too uncomfortable for Epstein, the “high priest” of Darkness who is no longer in business and for this, we all need to BE…


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