Headlines and Updates for December 28, 2019: New Q and Legal Developments Spell Disaster for the Crooks [videos] ~ December 258, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yep…here it comes! Please read the information below and hear the truth oozing out from many holes in the dike of lies in our lives. In the words of Q…”Nothing can stop this now.”

Please read on, know soul “transparency” is the order of the new day here on Planet Earth, and prepare to BE…



Q dropped some shiny nuggets in our stockings yesterday… 5:5, Q!  Get your Q fix here.

It’s obvious to many of us, not all, that the narrative has been to direct our attention away from the crimes of the dimms and the Ukraine—not Russia—with the theatre unfolding in Washington, DC. It’s so over the top—and dripping with frosting to cover up the stench of the cow pie underneath.


Bidens and Pelosis Fighting for Their Lives

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 27 Dec 2019 – 9:26:04 PM



They are FIGHTING for their LIVES.
Good people in place.

See the terror in the eyes?As QAnon has pointed out, is it really a coincidence that FOUR Democrat families and their progeny are linked to Ukraine? Not bloody likely. If we want to know what’s going on, we need to pay close attention to the Tweets from President Trump. He’s leading the charge.

“Wow, Crazy Nancy What’s Going On?” – BOOM! Trump Exposes Nancy Pelosi and Son Paul’s Shady Dealings in Ukraine

They can no longer walk down the street without being called out.

“Can I get a photo with you? I just wanted to tell you that I don’t like what you’re doing to California.” Love it. I couldn’t make out her typical, mumbled response.


Savage… pic.twitter.com/yNsM16XRJl

— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 28, 2019

In case you missed it…

BREAKING: Epstein Met With Scientists at Military Bases in Israel; Are Co-Conspirators Finally Under Investigation?

I also found this clarification on Field McConnell’s situation posted on Timothy Holmseth’s website from December 18. I was under the impression that Kirk Pendergrass was representing Field and had filed documents on his behalf because he was providing updates but that is not the case. See more here. Field is in good hands, however, and we anticipate will be released from his fraudulent incarceration status soon.

Did you listen to that conversation with Leo Zagami and John Barnwell we posted yesterday? Wow. That was another riveting one I wouldn’t have missed. I recognized John Barnwell’s voice from discussions with Douglas Gabriel at American Intelligence Media; two of the most informed people I’ve encountered in this nearly 8 year blogging journey, with interesting roots.

That video went in many directions and gave us valuable insight into the core of the battle unfolding on our planet. Many of the folks with the best information are insiders; members of one faction or another. Who is who will get sorted out, but for now, the intel and insights they share are critical to understanding this multi-dimensional quest for control of Earth, her peoples, her resources.

It IS a spiritual war and if we don’t accept that then we fail to understand the most important component of the struggle. The real issues and our true identity and plight at the hands of evil have been kept well hidden from Humanity in recent decades.

John defined the “us and them” aspect, and got into some of the more esoteric topics. It’s simple, yet at the same time incredibly complex. They spoke of the reasons the White Hats cannot simply walk in and arrest the criminals like the Poop, Nazi Pelosi, the Bidens, Obama, Shifty Schiff, etc.

No matter our personal opinions of some of the players on the chess board—and it is a vast one—if they’re working hard and sacrificing their safety and that of their families for us, we might want to support them—at least for now.

Awake and aware People now realize that much of the “terrorist” attacks around the world are orchestrated hits by the cabal to further their agenda; usually to instigate war and fresh conflict, and sometimes for sacrifice. They have to keep the suffering, extermination, and money going to survive, and they have to appease their evil gods. It’s a cosmic chess match and Humans are mere pawns in their games. We now know who the real terrorists are, and we’re coming after them.

WIKILEAKS: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Ordered Deletion of ‘All Traces’ of Findings That Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ May Have Been Staged

Much of what we see in the “news” is distraction from the real issues. Like Human sacrifice. It wasn’t an ancient ritual that ended with the Mayans. Those running the world for centuries are pedovores. That reality will be thrust at us until the truth is accepted as fact by Humanity as a whole. The sooner the masses are aware, the easier it will be to stop.

Q also alerted us to the “book deals” making the dimms rich. Now a CEO is retiring. Coincidence?


— The Kek! Bomb (@The_Crimson_Jet) December 27, 2019

There was talk about a “missile” over Christmas on Twitter, linking Japan, and a failed attempt at a possible terrorist act by the cabal. I can’t locate that Tweet now, but Dave includes it in his X22 Report below. Simon Parkes also posted the following:

Avangard Hypersonic Missile System

Finally evidence of what I first went public with back in 2015 – That Russia has been helped by ‘Nordic’ type aliens after Putin withdrew from agreements with Reptilians.

Today – Russia announced the successful launch of the world’s first hypersonic anti missile defence system and nuclear first strike weapon – Yes even the US are not at the launch stage.

Travelling at upwards of 10 times the speed of sound in the Earth’s atmosphere with the ability to – viff – and glide it is super hard to shoot down even with energy weapons.

His hypersonic missile system called Avangard, is a direct result of off planet technology being worked up with Russian military scientists and should set every alarm bell ringing.

Answer don’t trade or make agreements with negative aliens because they won’t give you hardware that goes anywhere!


Simon’s current Connecting Consciousness video is here. Love the snow flakes. All I get is rain.

2019 12 27 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

About that abysmal Canadian “election”… Agent Margaritaville/Wounded Cheesie leaves his remarks.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat.


I dreamt
We had a Canadian election…
All the candidates were silent
About #prideophilia
Then one of them won
A slight minority
Facing 5 criminal probes
They all resigned
… wonder why?


Thanks for the tweet Andy
Thanks for the KrispyKream assed Judge pic.twitter.com/QLY6qfpR0D

— Wounded Cheesie (@WCheesie) December 27, 2019

Oh and…


This is a sign…
Time is rushing toward the https://t.co/i23IlzRGvr

— Wounded Cheesie (@WCheesie) December 26, 2019

I can’t quite make it all out; did they include the “drone assassinations”?



— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 27, 2019

Things are getting really interesting now, aren’t they Q?

Trump just retweeted a ‘QAnon’ conspiracy-theory hashtag to his 68 million followers

Dave brings us another outstanding roundup on the key moves on the chessboard, including the one just above in yesterday’s report.

[No Name] Involvement Confirmed, Durham And The American Revolution – Episode 2055b

Here’s how you get out from under and rewrite the narrative in Texas: “Search and Replace”.

Dr. Ronny Jackson for Congress

Name sound familiar? Trump’s physician. Uh-huh. Can’t go wrong.

Never forget: Epstein is the keystone.

All These Signs Point To A Global Elite Pedophile Ring, Covered Up By The MSM & FBI, Going On For Decades

Soldier on, patriots, we’re making great progress! This isn’t a season of only hope, but a deep knowing. We’re getting this done and the next year will be monumental.  ~ BP

Syria, Prophecy, and the Eris Point [Video] ~ April 15, 2018

This is a long listen…but SO very worthwhile.  Many thanks to Captian’s Blog (Starship Earth) for putting this out there. So…please take a listen, learn a lot, and…



Like everything of importance that would help us understand our reality and facilitate our abilities to be effective co-creators, astrology has intentionally been relegated to the realm of frivolous and nonsensical. That is because astrology is key in our reality and understanding it and using it for our benefit would put the enemy at a disadvantage.You don’t have to understand astrology to benefit greatly from this discussion. It is key in understanding the volatile nature of these final Mercury in retrograde energies in mid-April, and the advent of the Illuminati “New Year” beginning April 15th.Failure to understand the power of the celestial alignments and still maintain control of our destiny is akin to bringing a knife to a gun fight. Unfortunately, we weren’t educated in the Mystery Schools and are easy prey for the masters of Universal Laws.

Listen to this and see if it doesn’t shed a whole lot of Light on what is unfolding this week, despite being recorded almost ten days ago, on April 10.

When you understand the black magic the El-ites use and that timing is everything, the picture becomes clear. There were a lot of a-ha moments for me.

Laura and Phoenix put a great deal into perspective with a little time spent discussing what is unfolding; the reasons, the potential, and the bright side to come. It makes so much sense. 

Moving forward, this year will be a whole new ball game for Humanity. Let’s make the most of it and give the cabal a run for their money.  ~ CB

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Syria, Prophecy, and the Eris Point [Video]

Laura Walker – [On April 9th] Phoenix and I recorded a special audio discussing Syria, prophecy, the astrological timing involved, and the cabal’s intentions for the New Year (which begins in a few days on April 15). Many thanks to Phoenix and Liz for their extreme perseverance to get this posted during Mercury’s retrograde (which was no easy feat!).


The Sun was discharging 21 Aries – the Eris Point – yesterday and Mars and the Black Moon, were/still are making conjunction alongside. The Sun squares Pluto today, so whatever develops will be interesting. It’s epic.

I hope you find the report helpful as we move closer to a new energetic year. The Aries Sabian Symbols list is posted above if you would like to take a look in advance of the audio overview for the cycle.

The theme for the New Astrological Year is 27 Aries, “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.” Do you want a do-over, second chance, or a reboot? How might you fire up your imagination, in preparation? Pay attention to synchronicities of the heart – things that call to your true essence. Spend some time gazing at the beauty of nature. Prime the field with the highest intentions of love and harmony. Then see what happens.

It’s going to be a good year, wise owls! On with Second Renaissance!

SF Source Oracle Report Apr 2018

A Sane Perspective on Syria Strikes; Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of It | Isaac Green [video] ~ April 15, 2018

Once again, Starship Earth comes to the fore by letting us know “the rest of the story”. As I blogged yesterday, spiritual bloggers are all in agreement with the recent attack on Syria NOT being terribly significant.

Let me tell you that Syrians are partying in the street after the US led attack in Syria. Why? Because their losses from the attach were not significant! Trump is showing the strength of military movement to the cabal/Illuminati/banksters WITHOUT causing mass casualities in Syria. As usual, when it comes to the political game, Trump know what he is doing, my friend…

So…please read this sane report from Starship Earth, watch the video from Isaac Green at Anti-School again, know that truth (and love) wins the day, and…



The first filter we need to use when assimilating the news each day is whether the news is for us, the awakened, or for the sleeping masses who don’t know anything about the New World Order/Illuminati and think the world is spinning along the same way it always did—because the lamestream media defines their reality.

Unfortunately, because there are two (or more) vastly different audiences, President Trump has to address the ignorant because they comprise the majority of listeners on television and even much of the Internet news.

If the White Hats were free to tell the truth about more of what is unfolding and address only us, they would tell a different story; like Thomas Williams, Cobra, Simon Parkes, and others—but they can’t.

When you consider that there IS a war going on, for an entire planet and all life on it, and that the strategies are never revealed until after they are executed—if ever—we can’t expect to hear what’s really happening. We have to use our existing knowledge base, critical thinking and intuition. The dark would love for us to spend all our time worrying about the situation and believing WWIII is imminent. It isn’t.

Within the planetary war there is also the Second American Revolution. This is what a “new age” civil war looks like in the information age.

I certainly don’t want to spend every day watching, reading or listening to talk of war, so now that we have some perspective from several sources, I will be focusing on other things. I believe the Light is in control, despite how the mainstream media and some of the independent media are making it look.

The alternative media has been co-opted so unless you know who to trust, you could get seriously bent out of shape listening to some of it. The mind game troops are far more active than the US military is and it serves them to have everyone in fear. They want chaos, panic, hate, anger, division.

If you didn’t see it, you may want to check out my post at the Captain’s Blog showing the Galactic ship working with the US Marines’ fighter jet and the commentary from Solaris Modalis. QAnon apparently pointed to a video this week and Solaris fleshed it out and shared the images. QAnon team shared an interesting take on “official ET disclosure”, I believe.

LANGUAGE WARNING: Suggest you mute the Alex Jones excerpts. Every word. I’ll bite my tongue and say nothing more.  ~ BP