Operation: Faithful Patriot – Lethal Force Authorized at the US/Mexican Border [video] ~ November 30, 2018

Whatever you want to call the current ops to enforce US immigration laws at the southern border… Operation: Hot Musket or Faithful Patriot—it’s on!

As we suspected, at least some of those troops we heard were called for domestic duty appear to have been sent for crowd control and riot training—and specifically to fend off marauders we know are terrorists, gun runners, drug traffickers and worse—Human traffickers.

It seems like that first onslaught of pathetically weak “Guatemalans” comprising women and children was a “test”—possibly intended to lure America into thinking the next wave would be as easily turned away.

I’m thinking the next one will be much bigger, fierce, and ruthless—meaning, prepared to kill Mexican federales, Border Patrol officers, law enforcement and our military. It could turn out to be an “us or them” standoff.

The first battalion of “migrants” was a show of force I don’t believe more than hinted at what will follow. This is war.

The President and his men aren’t taking any chances and they have all hands on deck to secure the border by any means necessary.

This time, non-lethal force is backed up with authorization to use “lethal force”. I hope the invaders get the message from this news and reconsider their agenda.

I suspect this footage is provided to the Next News Network for that purpose, to keep us, the Patriots apprised, as well as a warning to the enemy.

In fact, this siege by the dark’s civilian soldiers is the perfect opportunity to “go military on them” and rally the troops for perhaps other activities that may need to take place simultaneously—now that the EAS cellular alerts have been tested in several commonwealth countries. Why let a good crisis go to waste?

Get the latest update on that Wall below in video number two. It’s up to the Senate now? And who controls the Senate? QAnon fans know the answer to that—but what the hell happened to Paul Ryan??? Another flipper?

At least a couple of people in the independent media have suggested recently that Trump’s people scan the Internet for feedback from the Patriots and I have long felt the Light Forces have been doing this; visiting blogs, websites, watching videos, listening to interviews and reading comments.

We have been outspoken about sovereignty, Human rights, freedoms, Rule of Law, safety within our borders, our desire for peace, and I don’t think there’s any gray area when most Americans voice their opinions on these things. They want to save their country and make it great again and I believe the powers that be are fully on board and prepared to make it so, effectively returning the power to the People as Donald Trump promised he would if elected two years ago.  ~ BP


3 killed in crash during high-speed chase with Border Patrol

Border Patrol, no matter how thinly stretched, will not lie down and play dead. They mean business.

We don’t want any deaths or bloodshed over these border wars but the law is the law and it must be upheld at all costs to send a strong message. No quarter. En garde!