X22 Report — Episode 3004: Trump Put a Plan in Motion, Deep State Just Lost the People ~ February 22, 2023


Ep. 3004a – Trump Put A Plan In Motion To Destroy The Globalist & Bring Manufacturing Back To The US

As the economy falls apart under Biden the people are going to realize who is responsible. People are now using their credit cards to make ends meet. The bankers are now meeting to push the CBDC, in the end this will fail. Trump is playing the long game and is destroying the globalist.


Ep. 3004b – [DS] Just Lost The People, [DS] 2024 Election Plan, Trump Knows The Playbook, Game Over

The [DS] have lost the narrative, they lost the people and control of information. They don’t care anymore because they know they need to move forward with their plan and Trump is counting on this. The more they do the worse its going to get for them. The [DS] is planning to cheat in the 2024 election, the [WEF] already told us to expect a cyber attack, Trump hints at WWIII. Trump and the patriots know the playbook and it will be used against them.


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