The Great Quantum Transition: Crystal – February 22, 2023


Editor’s Note: The information below may be considered esoteric, yet as a Quantum, all is possible which changes my POV (Point-Of-View). Yes, the Earth can be an entity, in the same way life on Earth can be considered as bacteria on a person!

This changes my POV to consider myself an important aspect of All-That-Is, be-ing the cause of all that I encounter, and KNOWing my ability to change my environment through manifestation (freequency = seequency) causing me to BE in..

Quantum Joy!


The Earth’s consciousness embraces its ENTIRE Multiverse (manifestation bodies) from 3D to 13D. Now, its three-dimensional physical body is undergoing a very rapid and extremely tough transformation. Its consciousness is forced to react and adapt to this, occasionally disconnecting from 3D for a short time.

On 18 February 2023, at 08:51 AM CET, new info came that sheds light on a problem. Two days earlier, Gaia had again intensified the relay of quantum flows from the Galactic Center through the inner Earth’s Crystal, which is a part of a great many neurons of the interstellar crystal network.

Coming up from inner space to the planet’s surface, the Crystal’s beams fill the Power Places and anomalous zones. Each of them also has its own crystal, connected to the others, forming a giant fractal. Within the entire Universe, billions of these particles work in unison as a single mechanism of a common dynamic reality.

All functions of the Earth’s Crystal are focused on sustaining the vital activity of the planet. This includes the run of interior thermal regime, for which the necessary level and temperature of the magma belt is constantly maintained; creation, distribution across continents and raising to the surface of minerals and energy carriers in a given volume; control of the magnetic pole and magnetosphere to protect against harmful Solar radiation for living beings; impacts on tectonic and volcanic processes by shifting lithospheric plates to their stable state and the removal of excess tension by magma ejects; climate regulation.

In addition, the Earth’s Crystal, with the help of continental crystals, supports the life of our civilization; tracks the man-made activity that is destructive for the planet; regulates the world population through climatic, tectonic and volcanic activity; participates in the program of Absolutes in our transition 4D and 5D; and stores information about all of us in its memory.

The Earth’s Crystal is the brain of the planet, although this is a huge simplification of its multidimensional nature. As the impulses in our body flow through the nervous system and its nodal points (and are processed by the cerebral cortex), and consciousness flow along the attention rays from person to person (through Souls, consisting of many aspects), so Crystals work from planet to planet, and from our Universe to others (forming unified realities).

Crystals are not only Portals, but also sentient beings who have Intelligence and live their own lives. When one of them decides to get a new experience, for example, to become the basis of a planet or a star, Co-Creators move it to the right space, where they made or it itself takes the most suitable form for the programmed functions and purposes. Then, it develops independently.

Our Earth’s Crystal should be treated as an intelligent entity, not as an instrument. Our huge mistake is that we perceive it as a computer, transmitter, or reactor. This is a profound misconception. In the ancient past, earthlings could talk to it as a living being, communicated with its Soul, consciousness and, thanks to this, developed, in turn, imbuing it with their Love and energy.

After Darks and Grays’ invasion, the Earth’s Crystal was deformed by their energies of hatred and destruction. Then, people clogged it with negative, low-frequency emotions and thoughts that have been accumulating in ALL the planet’s crystals for thousands of years. Co-Creators and their ground team spent a lot of effort to restore this space infrastructure (see – DNI, The Global Crystals Operation, Parts 1, 2, 3).

Crystals play an important role in the development of human Souls and entire civilization. Our body is dotted with crystals – from the fingertips to the heart, head and chakras. Through the heart’s crystal, we can receive information, or rather, read it directly from this energy center. The same crystal sets us to the Earth’s crystal lattice. How exactly?

As it was mentioned above, crystals emit beams that unite them with all others into a single network. Crystal consciousness is an ideal medium for transmitting information. In the body of each of us, there are crystals of intention. And any our intention has a crystalline form, structuring the space for itself on a Subtle Plane. That is, we ourselves build such a crystal around us, form an environment by it and get what we want, because we are inside this crystal.

Not only Darks, but we ourselves rewired and mutilated this mechanism with our emotional and mental negativity. And since we are all in contact with each other, the crystal faces, like honeycombs, detach or attract, unite or rearrange as a multidimensional structure.

The intention of some people echoes the intentions of others, forming a common organism, a single impulse of creation, unfortunately, toxic one, since low vibrations prevail in us. The facets of crystals, which are responsible for high aspects, are almost not involved, so the entire multidimensional structure is broken, does not work due to our spiritless aspirations and involution.

That wasn’t the only cause for the short-time decrease in Earth Crystal activity. The other reason was Gray Fog. Previously, Disclosure News narrated this phenomenon (see – Gray Fog, DNI, 5 June 2021; and The Fog, DNI, 9 May 2022).

Recall. Gray Fog usually occurs in cities. It can be of different colors, but often there is a yellowish-green shade with a smell of burning /metal/mold/chemicals. On the Subtle Plane, in the Fog are seen the substances and entities, the origin and traces of which lead to Black Archons and their Dracos-Reptilian Hierarchy.

This pandemonium is constantly replenished, and its inhabitants behave alike: sucking out maximum human energy to fuel the States’ egregores, and then, use the same energy to suppress the will and consciousness of people.

The Fog’s substance, indeed, is close to chemtrails, but it is not chemical. This is sentient energy and it serves as Portal and conduit, allowing the parasitic zoo to run 3D space and the masses. Each country has its degree of vulnerability and depends on the predation of the local egregores.

They seep into our nervous system and brain to drown out and disrupt the natural processes in the organism. Often, physiological symptoms may not appear at all. Psychological effects are more interesting to Darks, because it allow them to syphon out more vital power from us, and bringing more chaos. They suck our consciousness down into a quagmire of apathy, depression, irritability, anger, pettiness, hopelessness, desire to divide into “us” and “them”. This is usually accompanied by insomnia, cravings for alcohol, drugs and other stimulants.

Suddenly, could erupt dislike and hatred for certain people, organizations or ideas, to which yesterday our attitude was neutral or friendly. Or outbreaks of suspicion, the search for the guilty, desire to be rude, to incriminate, and to prove a case to a stupid opponent. Or, on the contrary, a strong wish to be proud, shout slogans in support, go to demonstrations, hang flags, ribbons and magic symbols in prominent places.

And, of course, fears. This is exactly what Darks seek most. If we have even the smallest scare, it makes itself felt in proportions incommensurable with the situation. Fear suppresses our Soul’s glow and vibes, and any dismay in it is fertile ground for plug-ins and possessors (see – Codes Vs. Viruses Parts 1 and 2, Disclosure News, 19 and 20 June 2021). The entities, overflowing the Fog, do not distinguish between their victims, but primarily attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers, who attract them by the aura’s bright shining.

As a support element of the Darks’ 3D Matrix, the Gray Fog affected not only us, but also Gaia, especially in the last weeks, when the power of high-frequency quantum flux via the Sun increased dramatically. Co-Creators rebuilt the Earth’s Crystal to receive energies of 5D and higher. But it didn’t work at full capacity because of us, still clinging to the old 3D System with all our might, and therefore incapable to take the high-freqs’ flows in. Those, who can, got it through temporary channels, unfortunately, not in full. Exited from the Earth’s Crystal, the 5D energy was dissipated and absorbed by the Gray Fog, and did not reach us well.

Since the beginning of 2023, Co-Creators have been intensively removing Gray Fog from the planet. This and other ops of the Light Pole against the Dark one were so successful that on 16 February it became possible to turn on the Earth’s Crystal at full power. Now, in many territories, the Fog has completely disappeared, and these places have become transparent and freed to receive high-frequency 5D energies.

The Power Places, where these energies are concentrated, are clearly visible from the Subtle Plan. There are many of them, they are distributed unevenly, and have different force. They do not coincide with the old Power Places and are absent in religious buildings. Today, their main purpose is to support Nature, the frequencies and magnitude of its processes.

Many will perceive them as signs of approaching spring and will not attach importance. But those, who will be able to get in touch with it, will quickly understand that the situation on Earth is changing globally and forever. Thus, Gaia follows strategy and tactics of Co-Creators.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria was a dramatic, negative event. As of February 19, the death toll has exceeded 45,000. But no matter what human errors and artificial factors are mixed in with it, the main driver of Gaia is the desire to quickly restore order and correct the people and Darks’ distortions that all are studied and evaluated.

With an increase in the frequency background of our space, the work intensity of the Earth’s Crystal will boost. Could we withstand it? At present, our biggest problems are the lack of vision, the state of physical and Subtle Bodies, indolence and ill-preparedness. For many of us, nothing is yet certain here, because not everyone can take the info and warnings that Co-Creators constantly convey.

This will not stop their transforming efforts. Higher Light Hierarchy will continue to cleanse the Earth’s physical and the Subtle Plan until it becomes completely free from duality and negativity, and will be fully open to new high-frequency energies. The main thing is that we understand it well and CALMLY perceive the cosmic scale and complexity of what is going on.

**By Lev


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