Trump Attends Hahn’s Execution ~ January 18, 2023


Former FDA Commissioner and convicted traitor Stephen K. Hahn took his last breath Monday morning while standing atop gallows near Leeward Point Airfield at Guantanamo Bay. Atop the platform with a noose coiled around his neck, he peered down at the cadre of military brass that had come to witness his execution. His glassy eyes seemed to fix momentarily on each of the six officers whose expressionless faces beheld the event dispassionately; if they harbored personal animosity toward Hahn, they did not show it. They were present because they had sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and to protect the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Although the officers appeared to be devoid of emotion, President Donald J. Trump, who stood beside Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, shook his head solemnly, a gesture of disgust, as he exhaled a sigh of exasperation.

“Of all the people, Stephen, I trusted you,” Trump said. “I showed you a lot of trust, and you betrayed me. Not just me but this beautiful country. You’re a coward, the biggest kind of coward. Your lies killed a huge number of people.”

Hahn directed his last words at President Trump: “I made a mistake. You can stop this.”

Trump smirked. “This is outside my hands, and even if I could, I wouldn’t pardon you. You put yourself in big league trouble, tremendous trouble, and you’re a bigtime loser just like the others.”

When asked by Vice Adm. Crandall if he wanted Last Rites, Hahn said, “What’s the point?” and shut his eyes.

A moment later, Hahn’s neck snapped, and a Navy physician noted the time of death—1030 hours, Monday, January 16, 2023.

20 thoughts on “Trump Attends Hahn’s Execution ~ January 18, 2023

  1. I see you’re determined to continue demonstrating your utter lunacy by publishing TRANSPARENTLY FALSE stories like this. Talk about “Fake News”!


      1. Too bad your “truth” ISN’T!

        P.S. – Sorry to disappoint you, but you’re not important enough to “make my day”, though you are a source of mild amusement. 😘


  2. Ignore Shrdlu42, he/she refuses to acknowledge the happenings in Gitmo. He/she’s one of the enemy IMO and I can only hope, they’ve taken the shots and boosters and will soon disappear and stop polluting our atmosphere, useless eater to be sure. Kudos to (and!!) Hahn’s demise was a pleasure to read about and I loved what Trump said b4 Hahn was drop-kicked to where he belongs.


    1. I’m a “he”, so you can stop playing games with pronouns.

      Why should I acknowledge WHAT HASN’T HAPPENED?

      If you want to live in a delusional world, where you accept uncritically everything you read on a website like this one, don’t let me stop you.

      And by all means don’t get vaccinated. Should you die from Covid it will be a perfect “Darwinian” solution to much of what ails this country.

      Just be sure NOT to go to the hospital and demand treatment. Those who live by the sword of invincible ignorance should be willing to die on that sword!


      1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my health! With much experience as a hospital Laboratory Director, I realize what my “truth” is regarding the (non-existent) COVID virus. COVID = flu. Love you! 😊🌹


      1. “Pain is behind all Anger!”

        Does that explain all the anger posted by you, your “fellow travelers”, and the articles on this website? 😂

        “No nastiness here!”

        Shirley you can’t be serous. 😘


  3. To CINDYLOUCBP (January 18, 2023 at 21:09):

    No, madam, there’s TRUTH (which anyone of us may or may not have), and then there’s DELUSIONS and LIES, which seems to be pretty much all your website indulges in.

    Case in point, this ludicrous article you posted. Leaving aside the SLANDER hurled against Hahn (which could expose you and anyone else repeating it to a very expensive lawsuit), there’s the simple fact NO SUCH EXECUTION HAS TAKEN PLACE! (It would be grossly ILLEGAL if it had, and a true example of Tyranny.)

    Tell me, dear what “reliable source” did you get that crap from. Seems to me such an event would make the headlines all over the world, yet you can’t seem to provide even one link to where it came from.

    It claims Hahn is a “convicted traitor”. Tell me, where was the trial held, who was the presiding judge, when was the verdict rendered? (I won’t bother asking for your “evidence” that Hahn committed Treason AS DEFINED BY THE CONSTITUTION, you won’t provide any.)

    Speaking of evidence, here’s some for you. Mr. Hahn is currently serving as the CEO of Harbinger Health. Not bad for a “dead man”!

    How long will you people keep falling for nonsense like this? I’ve said this many times before but it bears repeating, Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 Election may “succeed” in the right-wing echo chamber, but it keeps FAILING in Courts of Law. Why? Because you need PROOF to succeed there, and you Trumpsters have none!

    P.S. – If being a source of scornful amusement is “complimentary”, you must really be desperate for attention! 😘


    1. You are so cute in constant defense of the ‘old guard’. These are moments of transition wi the paradigm of what was now transitioning into something beautiful and new! Thank you for reading my blog! 😊🌹


  4. To CINDYLOUCBP (January 19, 2023 at 12:56):

    If by the “old guard” you mean such “quaint” notions as FACTS, TRUTH, REASON, and REALITY, that’s far more than “cute”, it’s vital.

    Too bad you’re incapable of seeing that. So keep on living in your HALLUCINATIONS, including the one about being “beautiful and new”. Too bad there’s NOTHING new about the tripe you spew. 😘


    1. Of course, you completely EVADED AND AVOIDED my requests for PROOF regarding this supposed “execution”, or even a link to your “source”. Which is to be expected from DISHONEST and DELUSIONAL people.


  5. To CINDYLOUCBP (January 19, 2023 at 13:08):

    Since I wasn’t replying to you, how could I have expressed ANYTHING about “your health”?

    I guess you need a course in Reading Comprehension, along with Psychiatric Therapy.

    P.S. – Forgive me if I don’t buy your claim to be “a hospital Laboratory Director”, but given your track record for “accuracy” (non-existent) I see no reason to believe anything you say. But if you really want me to consider said claim, how about naming the hospital in question?


      1. Let’s hope you have taken all the shots and all the boosters….and hopefully one of your friends (if you have any), will report when you have DIED SUDDENLY. You sound exactly like those so called professionals who have praised the shots and then secretly purchased a fake vax card or received the saline solution instead of the killer formula. Either way most of us who read RoseRambles know exactly who and what you are and we do not wish you well.


      2. Thanks for your support, I will say it’s important to wish the best for all involved. In Hahn’s case, may he experience the best in another location off this Earth! 😊🌹


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