January 18, 2023: It’s All About Winning, And We Know Who Won [videos] ~ January 18, 2023


The big morning news has to be around the Scuttlebutt that Trump will be coming back to Twitter, and if he does, we have expectations such as “My fellow Americans… the storm is upon us”. Is it just more fake news? Are the White Hats taunting the deep state?

BREAKING: Donald Trump is preparing to come back to Twitter and Facebook – NBC News report


As we know, one key objective of the Alliance was to flush out the embedded DS assets within the Patriot groups, military, everywhere, and that is partially why it has taken so long.

What should @realDonaldTrump‘s first Tweet be if he returns to Twitter?

— Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) January 18, 2023

The Cyber Attack theme won’t go away and the Davos crowd claims it’s a very real threat. So what are they up to? Maybe the cyber attacks are all going to be on them and their enterprises because the Patriots are in control. Link to Telegram.

Powell has Covid as we hit debt ceiling and now in Davos talking catastrophic cyber attacks. The narrative is being set for sure!

If the seas get rough in the coming days we can rest assured that brilliant minds in multiple realms agreed the liberation of our world from the evil grip of the satanic pedophiles cannot be done in a better way.

It is indeed stormy in America with tornado warnings in the mid-west over the past few days and wave after wave of rains in California which translates to heavy snowfall in the mountains and could mean even more flooding if sudden high temperatures ensue.

Social unrest is worldwide as the People rise up and take back their power.

Trains, flights cancelled in France on Thursday in strike against pension reform.

Most trains will be cancelled in France on Thursday, with flights also affected and Paris’ subway heavily disrupted, as part of a nationwide strike against the government’s plan to make people work longer before they can retire.


We know the Earth Alliance has arranged for the illegal Income Tax to go away, as well as other taxes that incrementally skim our livelihoods from us. We don’t know the timing or precisely what the flat tax will be, but the idea keeps seeping out there into the group consciousness to get people used to the idea.

The following is another expected result of the massive redistribution of wealth on the planet. I think this is planting a seed rather than a capture of something that has already happened; to get people to not only accept with an open mind, but to open the imagination to create.

I’m so tired of hearing, “Not in my lifetime” when I raise these issues. Few can conceive of it because they don’t have the knowledge to understand that it is not only possible, but imminent, and we have President Trump’s Executive Order 13818 to thank, at the very least. It’s not an across-the-board cancellation of all debt, but a lot of it. Careless or greedy debt will probably still be the responsibility of the debtor but we’ll see what happens.

There is plenty of positive news on the tide now. You probably heard about this truth from Ukraine from an unlikely source.

BREAKING: Zelensky’s top advisor Arestovych resigns after interview stating Ukrainian air defense caused apartment building strike disaster in Dniprohttps://t.co/um43HkwQcE

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) January 17, 2023

I can’t recall if I linked to SGAnon’s File 36 so here it is. Excellent material and recommended. 36 min.

Saudi Arabia, Biden & Delaware | New Island Hellhole Coming to the Public Awareness | Operational Scopes Enormous

In case there was any doubt, Covid was a “plan-demic” so they could force the experimental gene-altering “therapy”. Therapy is a term with a generally “beneficial” connotation to most of us but the actual definition only links it to the treatment of a disease or health condition. It’s not about being a positive thing, but could be. In this case, it has had catastrophic results for many who either chose to take it or were forced to take it for whatever reason.

🔥 Sen. Ron Johnson says Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former 30-year Senior VP at Pfizer, warned him that Pfizer lied about their mRNA shots:

“I know these people. I was educated with them. I know what they know. I know they are lying to us. I know they know they are lying to us.” pic.twitter.com/AoXj3SwSDY

— kanekoa.substack.com (@KanekoaTheGreat) January 18, 2023

The good news is, while they initially told us the damage from the jab was irreversible, now we are hearing there are ways to mitigate or reverse the damage; to detox and support the immune system. We suspect there is technology that will render us like new again but we don’t know how long it will be until those are released and available to the public. The dark has to be under control so they can’t sabotage healing chambers, med-beds, etc.

Sanity may be retained despite the dark’s attempts to lock everyone down again. I doubt if many will take China’s lead. Perhaps the high number of deaths in China are the synths, the CCP, clones and “others”. It could be used, however, to cast blame on the CCP for genocide. They have killed many of their own people over the years.

Ron DeSantis has announced that Florida will prohibit all vaccine and mask mandates throughout the state including all schools, airports & places of work.

Do you support this?

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) January 18, 2023

Let’s not expect too much, too soon in the sanity department.

🚨#BREAKING: Gunfire erupts at high school basketball game

📌#DelCity | #Oklahoma

Watch as spectators run for cover as gunfire erupts at Del City High School during a basketball game with another high school multiple authorities are on the scene and currently investigating pic.twitter.com/W5pOYBa9Gu

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) January 18, 2023

The crew shared a terrific old video I never saw in my earliest days of this blog. It’s excellent and maybe even more pertinent today.

We may have clarity on Eli’s barking and obsession with the home behind us. Once nightfall arrived I could see that their television wasn’t on. They appeared to have staged their back patio with plates on the table, the grill wheeled over where it’s never been before, and there has been no activity over there so I believe they are away.

I suspect they installed some kind of security system that Eli can hear or sense. They could have saved some money and used a timer to turn the TV on and off. It’s a dead giveaway because it’s normally on every night and it’s the one thing they didn’t do.

That concludes today’s post.  Happy Hump Day.  ~ BP

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