Sophia: The New Humans ~ Nov. 17, 2022


It is the One.

There are things scheduled to come to pass that you need to be aware of. These things will infiltrate your regularly scheduled activities and become predominant in your minds.

It will be a major mind-shift, as your thoughts become pre-occupied with larger and life-altering changes on a regular basis.

You are not accustomed to proceeding through your days this way, and it will be an adjustment.

You are about to experience the intensity of global alteration in your lifetime. This is not something you are witnessing from a distance.

This is something you are participating in, as well as creating
Because of your level of participation, it will occupy your conscious mind.

The switch then, of which is spoken here, is from a part-time hobby of focus on Ascension – to full-time engagement.

Not only will you be told the truth of what is going on and its impact on your daily life, but, along with a remembering of your purpose and your truth, you’ll also immediately grasp your role.

Your life is about to feel a great deal more engaged than it does now. One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

For you are each here with a mission, and your life has been taking place in preparation for that mission. Without conscious awareness of specifics, you’ve placed yourselves in the precise locations with the correct people in order for you to be successful. A part of you always knew the truth, and a part of you operated from that knowing.

You have talents and experience both, to carry out a successful transference for and with the occupants of planet earth.

The change will be of massive proportions. Earth’s occupants are not used to considering how their actions impact the population on a larger scale. This is the sort of thinking that will be thrust upon them.

Once truth emerges, it will be evident that everything has been a lie and all of society has been co-opted to generate submission, obedience, slavery, and in a word – FEAR. These are not attributes of a healthy society but a sick one.

Earth’s society has been manipulated to become and remain sick and complacent. The institutions that have been set-up “supposedly” for your benefit, such as medical and educational, in fact do just the opposite. They are geared towards dependence rather than independence, illness rather than vitality, and compliance rather than intelligence.

What you will learn, and quickly now, is that you were born with the capacity for brilliance and joy. These things have been beaten to dullness through repetition, competition, slavery and debt.

As the depth of Earth’s capture sinks in, and your purpose is once again activated, your life will drastically change. Your mind will never be bored or dulled. Instead, you will utilize that unused portion of your brain to contemplate possible solutions and invent new alternatives.

In every area these are needed – food, commerce, transportation, medicine, mental health, finances, construction, faith, education, child-care, etc. This is a partial list that merely scratches the surface of what will be changing.

Your entire society will transform while you are living in it, and the process will take decades to be complete.

You are the New Humans, and you’re here to begin the process now. It will not be burdensome, but joyful. The capacity you hold is unknown to you, and once you access it, you will experience ease and satisfaction in the use of your abilities. You have come to change the world and the time to begin is upon you.

You are in for such a treat. It will be worth every step taken.

That is all.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love


25 thoughts on “Sophia: The New Humans ~ Nov. 17, 2022

  1. “Your entire society will transform while you are living in it, and the process will take decades to be complete.

    You are the New Humans, and you’re here to begin the process now. It will not be burdensome, but joyful. The capacity you hold is unknown to you, and once you access it, you will experience ease and satisfaction in the use of your abilities. You have come to change the world and the time to begin is upon you.

    You are in for such a treat. It will be worth every step taken.”

    HOLD IT!

    There won’t be anything left in DECADES….we don’t HAVE DECADES.

    And HOW the FUCK is this a ‘TREAT”?

    I am NOT willing to wait DECADES more. I don’t even WANT to be human, never wanted to. I’m going with the aliens….you folks can keep your stupid earth, the dank, urine soaked, hellhole that it is.

    And trust me, there is NO benefits, nor advantages in being human.


  2. Take 25-50 mg of Magnesium 2-3 times a week more often if you drink alcohol or a lot of caffeinated drinks. It’ll calm you. There’s no need to be so anti-human. Significant unhappiness is due to magnesium deficiency. Try it.

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      1. I wanted to be careful recommending Magnesium as some are sensitive to its properties. Some people can handle more than others and it can have a “cathartic” effect if the amounts taken are too much at one time. It is virtually absent in the modern diet bec of processing and depleted soils but it is also the center most important element in a human body’s chemistry and is involved in nearly every aspect of living. Most of the drug companies would close their doors if people had a BALANCE of MG in their system, there’d be no need for drugs legal (and otherwise). Its a number one recommendation IMO for DEPRESSION and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


  3. I see NOTHING good about being a genetically raped primate, aka human. We have pathetically short lives, we age, we are prone to disease, and living on a prison planet.

    I plan to give up both my humanity and masculinity when the ETs arrive, for neither have done me ANY shred of good, and I never asked, nor wanted to be either human or male.

    So, sorry, but that’s how it is. This has nothing to do with magnesium.

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    1. Clif High says disclosure will probably happen by July or August of next year. You may not have to wait decades, and I hope it’s donner cuz as soon as it’s revealed about the aliens, their gig is up. .


      1. Neil, keep in mind we have been programmed wrongly for at least all of our lives….the medical gangsters have been at this for decades. Our lives may NOT be short but we believe they are bec we’ve been taught that as you add decades, your health will break down. I just am learning to question EVERYTHING anymore, EVERYTHING!!!. We’ve all been given these bogus vaccines as children bec our sheeplike parents were told it would save us from disease and illness but now I’m beginning to see that these vaccines are GIVING us the illnesses and that manifest later in life. Big Pharma has figure out a way to keep them in profitable business forever …..they invent the illness, then invent the ‘med’……they virtually keep us in health prison for our entire lives.
        Remember, the MEDICAL MAFIA has been at this for a long time, ever since that Rothchild worm in 1919 or so started a campaign to deny natural cures in favor of his petroleum based lab made concoctions……that prick didnt live any longer than any others but he sure started the wheels rolling. Even our blinded doctors today have been schooled in this and haven’t a clue what real doctoring is. They follow a script they’ve been taught. Their medical education pushed BIG PHARMA remedies for everything….the MD’s of today do not know any other way to help a person heal except thru their prescription pad…..

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      2. Don’t care, Unicorn. The ALIENS live centuries, millennia, some are pretty much immortal. I want THAT, not a a handful of mere decades. And the aliens do NOT age….I’ve YET to find any encounters with old, decrepit aliens…..NONE. Aging is NOT natural. Also, I want to BE alien once again, and to become the WOMAN I was before this so-called human life, which I did NOT consent to, I was forced against my will.

        Until the day comes that I look in the mirror and see the ALIEN WOMAN I was before, and SHOULD be now, I will NOT be happy. And I want to go HOME, to my REAL home planet.

        Sorry, folks, but that’s the way it is. until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, or, as a friend of mine on Cobra’s blog, who has the same problem I do, said, “IRON BOOTS”, you’ll never understand.


      3. In my visions and so on, Unicron, the alien woman I was before looked a lot like Kim Bassinger did in the late 1980’s, and with wavy blonde hair. But I was NOT human.


      4. NOW I hope you can understand, Cindy.

        For, in THIS, so-called ‘life’, I’m more like Clint Howard, lanky, scrawny (not matter how hard I work out), bald, with fucked up teeth. Each time I look in the mirror, I feel like Golum from Lord of the Rings. I need both JUSTICE…and VENGEANCE, Cindy. To be restored and see the rat fuck sons of bitches who FORCED me into this WRONG body, and onto this rotten planet pay for what they did…and to take part in getting rid of them, as in blowing them away….is NOT asking too much, Cindy.

        Also, hope this also helps the SO-CALLED ‘awakened’ understand that LGBT people, ESPECIALLY trangenders, are NOT agents of the new world order, for I see a LOT of anti trans, as well anti LGBT on many communities who CLAIM they are of the awakened, but, in reality, are just a bunch of bigoted jerks.


    2. As far as my research on the human existence, aging is caused by entropy. Not to mention our disconnect from our genetic strands that rejuvenate our bodies. In this 3 d realm, we are more dense than the aliens environment and so everything here ages and dies.
      It’s a giant experiment, had we not been genetically altered, dumbed down and disconnected from our source and abilities, we’d be alot further along,.
      This reality is much like a video game, crude analogy I know because you can’t just put down the controller and walk away. It’s so convoluted.
      What do you remember about being alien Neil? Did you have abilities or did you use technology? From what I understand about humans and this realm is we don’t need technology to create and that is the thing with these interdimensional beings. They can’t create nor have imagination to imagine it, they must use technology or get the humans to create the reality they want thru fear, which is also some species good, the more fear, the more feeding they can do. Of course they don’t want peace or love or for us to realize that we are creating our very own hell.
      This is in part my problem cuz I’ve been going thru hell, thru not my own creation there is the collective consciousness that creates our so called agreed upon reality, which I oppose. I often wonder how or why their collective wills overide mine or even just in my immediate small life as the very thought of the things that I’ve been thru it would never cross my mind. I can’t believe that I would agree to even go thru this crap for any reason. The pain is immeasurable. They say we contract this life and I want to kick myself in the ass, why the hell did I think this was something I needed to experience? Or what the hell did I do to deserve this? My creative imagination sees no way out as everything I try ends up being hit by a wall, and can’t seem to claw my way out.
      It might be different if I wasn’t raising my granddaughter and it was just me.
      I realize that heaven would be boring, surely we could have challenged without so much pain and destruction. It’s horrible to watch loved ones get this jab, knowing what I know.
      Anyway, it’s extremely hard at this point to be in a place where I can create my space of peace and to just be in a joyful creation, those moments seem to elude me like I’m literally in the lions den and can’t relax for a minute looking for the way out of it.
      When disclosure happens here and I mean real disclosure, the gig is up, I think there’ll be many who won’t be able to handle it. I’d like to be far away from those people.


      1. 1: This is NO ‘video game’, damn it. It’s a PRISON, a GULAG. Also, I did not create my own hell. Many were FORCED against their will to incarnate here.
        2: I have memories, visions, and so on showing what I was.
        3: There is NO contracts, that’s Archon propaganda….a lot of new age folks say that, as well as that BITCH over at Cosmic Agency. Disinformation.
        4: I’ve had more than enough ‘challenge’ to last a dozen lifetimes.
        5: When disclosure and first contact happens, IF some folks freak out, because that can’t handle it, DESPITE being TOLD by so many folks, ME INCLUDED, I say LET them freak out. And if some of them want to hang themselves, because we’re neither alone in the universe, nor are the highest form of life in the universe, I will happily provide them the rope, and I also have a lot of wooded land, more than enough trees for them to then jump off of. I’ll get myself a comfy chair and WATCH all of them dangling and kicking as they hang themselves, and have myself a nice dinner with wine. The medicine might taste bad for them, but it’s the ONLY way for the patient to get well.

        I plan to become the alien woman I was before, travel the stars, and find my special someone, who I KNOW is alien, and that she’s waiting for me, and ESCAPE this P.O.W. camp of a planet, or DIE in the escape attempt.



      2. I didn’t say it’s a video game, I said it’s like one. In the matrix where we are in this prison and are tricked to reincarnate or forced to. I don’t believe in the contract thing, I can’t believe I’d sign on the dotted line for this, cosmic agency isn’t the first to say that.
        I do hope you get back to your alien self, sooner than later though if we are forced to be here like many say, and an experiment by these so called creater being that was allowed free will, good and bad…how do we escape? One person said we are being punished, must do our time but soon we’re gonna be outta here.
        Maybe it’s what we do with our time here that matters, I don’t care for alot of the pain and chaos but sure would like to create a more pleasant place to be.
        Neil, you must have been a powerful being and a threat to them. I don’t care about people freaking out anymore, I’m over the compassion just like now they want amnesty for how they wished death on us who tried to earn them about this jab…so yeah, whatever, they can freak out and do what they want with this information, I just don’t want to be around them.


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