Is This New Beginnings or Is It The End? ~ Nov. 17, 2022



Each month that passes, we are seeing more of our rights and freedoms taken away. Most are either living in fear or are in a state of confusion as to where we are heading. Nothing makes sense anymore.

We are being given so much contradictory information. The mainstream media is pumping out one narrative. The alternative media is giving out another. But whatever side of the fence we sit, in our beliefs, no one seems to know for sure the destination of the collective.

The finish line is moving further and further away. And the fear mongering is like nothing we have ever experienced.

In this post, I noted how important it is for Empaths to stay out of the stirred-up propaganda. However, those who are still ‘deeply asleep’ may benefit from experiencing the intense levels of fear or anger. For one reason, it helps trigger ‘an awakening,’ and for another, they need to become aware of the truth of the world we live in.


The ‘shadowy darkness,’ that has been controlling this world for many years, is being revealed for everyone to see. The lies and deceptions are on show. Their evil has risen to the surface and is now exposed. There is no hiding from it and no flushing it away.

But just because the truth of our reality is being revealed, on a massive scale, it doesn’t mean people will instantly wake up to it. In fact, some are clearly going deeper into denial. Which is only to be expected. Discovering that your whole reality has been built on lies is not easy to face or deal with.

Those who remain in ‘slumber,’ however, are not the only ones struggling…

There are many ‘awake and aware’ people who wish they were still asleep to the truth of our world. Because, let’s face it, ‘knowing’ has not made this journey any easier. If anything, in recent times, it has caused more troubles, especially when no one wants to hear your truth, when your words fall on deaf ears, or if you are ridiculed for your ideas and opinions.

But those who are ‘asleep,’ or unaware, will become the newly awakened, and they will, in time, need your guidance. They just don’t know it yet.


During these confusing times, we are all looking for a little light to be shone on our path. We want to know what is really happening and where we are heading.

There seems to be no one holding the answers. The positive predictions, from those who are gifted, are either not coming to fruition or are not offering the support needed. This, I also believe, is for a reason…

If you are a long-time awakened, you will find those you listened to, to find solace, might not be offering you the comfort they once did. You might feel more alone and isolated than ever, and are scratching around, looking for someone else to fill the void or to give you answers. If this is the case, it is unlikely you will find anyone.


Because you have evolved beyond that.

You already have what you need within. You are just not trusting yourself and your own inner-guidance.

Looking to another for verification of your intuition is beneficial (I know many Empaths come here to my blog as a back-up to what they already feel inside.), but constantly looking outside yourself for answers will probably cause more confusion. It’s called having ‘too much information.’

That said, our intuition may appear to be playing games with us. Telling us one thing one week and another the next. I’ve certainly been having this experience. Because everything is in flux, truths can shift. What I mean by this is, and as bonkers as it may sound, what is true one day might not be true the next. (The Mandela Effect is an example.)

The old world has gone forever; and that includes how we operate within our reality. We have to be adaptive to variations and fluctuations in our perceptions. Everything is changing and nothing is set in stone.


We have to ride this one out. This really is a time for faith. Trust the process.

Many of the uncomfortable things that are occurring are not only part of a shifting world, but they are also a trigger for the un-awakened to wake up. A chance for them to see the truth.

Even those of us who are awakened will have disturbing truths revealed. However, the longer we have been ‘on the path,’ the less impact these shocks will have.


Now is the time to take control of what we can. It’s a time to control not only where our attention goes, but also our reactions.

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be dragged into unnecessary fear mongering, nor should we pin our hopes on someone or something to save us.

We need to remember our light and supremacy; really remember it. Feel the power within. Know that what we have been witnessing is an illusion of the highest order.

Fear is what has controlled humans for many years. And recently, this fear and confusion has been amped up to record levels to keep us from living within our own supremacy.

Sitting within the energy of confusion and despair, just keeps us trapped. It blocks prosperity, abundance, and any of the ‘good stuff’ from unfolding in our reality.


The world outside might appear to be crazy, and going from bad to worse, but that doesn’t mean we have to join in with the madness.

We are our own superpower.

This isn’t just about endings; it is about new beginnings. Where we are going, no one knows for sure. But trust in your own power. You are not alone. We are all in this together!

Hope this helps during these uncertain times.

Until next time.


**By Diane Kathrine


4 thoughts on “Is This New Beginnings or Is It The End? ~ Nov. 17, 2022

  1. We’ll, there’s those words again ‘faith’ and ‘trust’. Seem to be trigger words to put us back into slumber, at least to me. Because us empathy, who trusted our own feelings and family or friends are also going thru a revealing that all the ones we thought we could trust, all the family we thought lived us, is being revealed as if it weren’t bad enough we are aware of the system and gooberment bring corrupt, and inner standing to actually see that man behind the curtain and the evil deeds in the big picture of things, at least, or so we thought we had our foundation and security in trusting those we had grown up with, loved and those we built friendships with who faked their alliance and point of view…..that has been crushing for empathy, and like most empathy, we still believe there is something there, it can be redeemed, searching for acknowledgement that we were right, or that the pain caused by this system of narcissists is revealed that there’s hope for us to help them heal, but what is happening, whole this charade keeps going, and truth isn’t revealed, we empathy are being thrown under the bus, and I agree with her that we are feeling isolated, and while some have the ability to somehow still believe this is gonna work having compassion for those who have ridiculed us, and caused us so much pain, there are those of us who have had no one to turn to, while these people destroy our lives, cuz in their slumber they don’t know what you know, so were suppose to forgive them and just have compassion and try to pick up the pieces of their lives while these sleepers who in fear are still fighting and attacking us, kicking us while we are down, feeling justified in their actions because they believe the narrative, the are lulled to sleep everyday by the narrative, they can’t see the blatant slivers of truth that’s being spoonfed to them….they will not look. Then there’s the ones awake and aware, but just not yet totally because they keep saying their mantra ‘trust the plan’ ‘have faith in God, and his plan, his time….or Jesus is coming soon, and God can’t fix this without all the death and destruction?
    Trust has been obliterated, I’ve screamed and spoke about how this trust is pretty much not even possible when your pain falls on deaf ears….shhhh, don’t be afraid, God’s got this, it’s his plan, trust his love for you. We’ll, we need a pow wow with this God, I don’t like his plan, why do others wills over ride your own will or am I just the can bring kicked down the road because I state the truth and then told to have faith, God has a plan.
    What is faith anyway? When you can’t trust your own feelings or love you thought you had been certain of?
    The only one I trust at this point is myself. Now for faith in my ability to transform or transmute this on my own, that I’m working on. But for the first time in my life I’ve asked for help, and what I get is silence….except two people who are least acknowledged it, and that meant a lot, you Cindy and one other person.
    There is no one in my physical existence I can trust, my own intuition screwed by the trust I had in friend and family, I can’t make decisions about what to do next, a new beginning yes, but what or where do I go, how do I get there, who do I trust?
    So alone it is……can’t even muster it and thoughts are circular since I end up where I started. I want the sleepers to wake up from this nightmare so we can get to creating a new beginning, can I do this alone? I don’t think so, but would like to …fantasies of living in the country, by ourselves.
    I’ll never give up, but I do want to move on, and the truth is the only way. Or these sleepers in their fear and ignorance are gonna do what they do, which is take us with them down. I can’t muster compassion for them anymore, they want us to forget how they wanted to be put in camps, forced jabbed, even keeping us from working or shopping, while they return to their slumber, cuz they didn’t know, but now they will go ahead and allow themselves to be controlled by a social credit score, don’t say they won’t cuz they will….and now believe in climate change, so here we go again, meanwhile were suppose to prepare, and then <Trump makes the hyped up announcement which was so much speculation and I'm exhausted of it all. How do I carve out a safe place for me and my granddaughter while the world is crumbling down around me? So Trump is gonna run for president, wants our votes, but he's commander and chief right, but no, it's just so ridiculous, I can't even fathom 2 more years of this, where is there any community that isn't gonna be affected by this crap, and we can ride it out in safety and security? Is there such a place? Yeah, I know… *Sigh*. I try to not pay attention to any of it and live in my bubble and keep working on finding some joy, some space of my own,
    Someday somewhere, is that faith? I don't know…but for NOW….I'm working on it.
    I have no faith or trust in The plan, or anyone else. That is what I have had revealed. I gotta save myself. Now I hope I can do it.


    1. Personal survival is critical and so like the way you balance survival with (in) your own “bubble”. Love when you dwell on, think about, and then imagine how you want to be! 💕😊🌹


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