Deep State World Collapse – Sept.9, 2022


VATICAN announcement of ALL Central BANKING system assets across the Globe in nearly every country must be returned to the VATICAN Bank. This includes all paper/coin money including Gold, silver, precious metals and minerals. ALL deeds and collection of debts connected to World banks, housing markets, loans,marketed services and debts must Returned to the VATICAN between September 1 through September 30 .

_this MAJOR announcement from the VATICAN comes at the same time ( week apart) the death of the Queen of UK Majesty had been publicly announced (but for my Q The Storm Rider subscribers I had said three months ago [they] were getting ready to announce her death and had been preparimg the EVENTS….. As we inside the Great AWAKENING movement knew she was executed years before as a warning from MILITARY ALLIANCE GENERALS that the end of the DEEP STATE CABAL was nearing. Her death was recorded and sent to [DS] LEADERS & DARK MIL. GENERALS and was a direct Warning to the VATICAN and KAZARIAN MAFIA.

_With the execution of George Bush Sr.(who planned the killing of JFK and help give massive power to the world CABAL in his lifetime and operated Human Trafficking networks with the Clintons C_A) the Q OPERATIONS began overtly in the deep state Elite world corruption rings.

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>NOW the death of the Queen insures the [COLLAPSE] of the WORLD CABAL DEEP STATE regimen. With 14 countries controlled by the Queen >including Australia. New Zealand. CANADA ….. Now these certain countries are heading into a REPUBLIC STATE

Who long wanted freedom from the British control and Queen. ( What this all means is the GDP of these countries into Trillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ >WILL STOP paying the CABAL Installed Royal Monarch regimen. Which means the holdings of the British empire and company in 14 counties around the world WILL STOP THE SLUSH FUNDS/CONNECTED TO WORLD MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS THROUGH UK. CANADA. UKRAINE. RUSSIA. GERMANY. AUSTRIA. SWITZERLAND,.NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA , SOUTH AFRICA.>THE VATICAN<

_Now with the VATICAN in FEAR of losing its assets and control through the World [ they] have asked STATE Street, VANGUARD, BLACKROCK to return assets back to the VATICAN Bank as the world [ COLLAPSE] CONTINUES.

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>}WIRES: Behind the scenes in the VATICAN top Cardinals, official’s loyal to the KAZARIAN Mafia,  Jesuits leaders and the Nights of Malta have been lockdown ( imprisoned within the Vatican Walls and can not leave the estate)///

>Military OPERATIONS have silently seized the

Chain of command in the VATICAN empire.

These chain of command from the Military order of the Nights of Malta control and had installed the UN. with KAZARIAN control.

With MONEY ceasing and quickly disappearing through EU countries …. NATO. UN. are inside a Battle to gather money…. And the INFIGHTING is out of control as Germany hides their last crates of Gold . SWITZERLAND hides gold, VATICAN asks for all assets returned and stored in VATICAN Bank. . And now with the Queen dying countries , CANADA, Australia, and several others are breaking away from the CABAL CONTROLLED MONARCHY and money is quickly running out.

>GERMANY is expected to be the first EU country to FALL in the central region with MILITARY MARSHAL LAW beginning.

>France to follow

>UK to follow




Inside the Storm of the century

Buckle up buttercups



And be sure to Stock up on foods and goods…

Shits gonna hit the fan(s)

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